Under the same Moon - 11
Published Feb 17, 2011

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In the previous chapter:
- Cynthia and Jeremy went through a very difficult moment and Jeremy learned a lesson.
- Jane thought Alejandro was blind and wanted to make sure….

Many thanks to the TSR-artists for their wonderful C.C. A special thanks to Fredbrenny for 'Alejandro' and to Mangio for 'Carmen'.

In the previous chapter:
- Cynthia and Jeremy went through a very difficult moment and Jeremy learned a lesson.
- Jane thought Alejandro was blind and wanted to make sure….

Many thanks to the TSR-artists for their wonderful C.C. A special thanks to Fredbrenny for 'Alejandro' and to Mangio for 'Carmen'.
Jane was too surprised to even react as she would have done usually. For some seconds she was speechless. Then Alejandro asked: “Do you really think I wouldn’t recognize you? I was aware that I was being observed. I’m used to that and I don’t pay attention to it. But when you came closer, I recognized you right away. I know the way you smell; I don’t know if it could be a perfume or if it’s you…but I know I would recognize you anywhere….” He let go of her and stepped back. “Now that you found me, may I invite you to have lunch with me?” Very much to her own surprise she didn’t hesitate to accept his offer. Still being a bit confused, Jane became aware that she really was hungry after that long walk. She followed him inside. He invited her to sit down and he prepared lunch. Jane thought that he was admirable because her father never, ever did anything at home but of course, she had to admit that they had staff for the housekeeping. After lunch, Alejandro said: “Seńorita Jane, please let me see what you look like!”
- “Why should I? I thought that you recognized me anyway?”
- “I recognize your voice…, your scent…; I can even notice your emotions.
It's because of that... I sense you are a beautiful woman... I'd like to sculpt you...”
- “How on earth are you able to make sculptures…?!”
With a smile he answered: “Very easy; I have a very good memory but I have to see the model first. Would you give me permission to have a look at you, Seńorita Jane?”
‘Heavens! What do I do now? It would be rude not to let him!’ She hesitated….
- “Don’t worry mi querida seńorita…; I know that I can be pushy, that’s what my mother always tells me, but I would never… ever… do anything to offend you…!” He smiled seductively.
Jane swallowed and had the nerve to say: “Go ahead…, you may take a closer look at me.”
Alejandro was very delicate when moving his sensitive fingertips over her face. He seemed to enjoy it and when he reached her shoulders, he took his hands away. – “I knew that you would be beautiful, Juanita. You made an involuntary movement when I touched your nose. No motives to have a complex… It gives you personality. I like everything I’ve seen up to this point. When Alejandro had taken his hands away from her, Jane felt if though she wasn’t complete anymore. She would always remember that moment when he first touched her face.
- “Alejandro…”
- “My name sounds like music in your voice! What is it, you want to ask me?”
- “No…, I just wanted to thank you for this lunch but I really have to go now….”
- “I will walk you home….”
- “That isn’t necessary….”
- “I insist…!”
- “Your mother’s right…, you are very pushy!”
They walked all the way together and when they arrived at Jane’s home, there was a short silence. Then Alejandro asked “Would you give me only one little kiss…, please? I promise that I will not kiss you back… yet!”
…And Jane gave him a little kiss very near his mouth and he kept his word… but he still stood there enjoying the memory of that magical moment, long after she had gone inside.
Jane had closed the door and leaned against it; her hands covering her blushing face and wondering how she had dared to kiss him.

When Cynthia woke up that morning, she was feeling great. She slept really well and was full of energy to start a new day. As they couldn’t use the washing machine, she washed all the clothes by hand and had them drying in the garden where Jeremy had previously put up some lines for that purpose.
So far, Jeremy hadn’t shown up and, as a matter of fact, she was pleased with that. She saw there still was some work to be done in the garden but didn’t feel like it at the moment. She went all the way upstairs, to the top of the lighthouse and for a while just enjoyed the view.
Jeremy had slept very long, and after breakfast he went into the garden. He started to work there but was too restless. He remembered the dream he had during the night and it felt if though it had really happened.
In the dream Cynthia was dressed like a Goddess and she had prepared diner. It was all very romantic with lit candles and all. After dinner he drew her gently close to his body and then he kissed her.... She didn't resist... Oh… good Lord..., what a kiss…!
What on earth would he give for another kiss like that one…! He lifted her up in his arms and just as he wanted to take her to his bedroom, she vanished…. It had been an illusion. His own desire had inspired his imagination! No…, he definitely did not have the patience to work in the garden…. He changed and tried to free himself from his frustration by breaking tablets, not being aware that he was being observed from the top of the lighthouse. Cynthia saw Jeremy make his way into the garden. He looked around and started to pull some weeds, but it seemed that he didn’t have the patience today. He looked a bit nervous. She saw how he started to do some training.
He looked good. As a matter of fact, he was younger than he showed. It must be because of his grey hair. Raphael told her that Jeremy became an adult on the island. That was after she had been there...; meaning that he would be even a few years younger than she was. She felt relieved that she didn’t have to feel his yearning for her.
She went downstairs because the garden needed to be taken care of, and someone had to do it. She said ‘good-morning’ and he mumbled something for an answer. He seemed different from yesterday. She didn’t notice him paying much attention to her, and… she didn’t know how difficult that was for the man. Jeremy soon felt ashamed that Cynthia was working alone in the garden so he started helping her and tried very hard to keep his mind on other matters.
Now and again he observed her from the corner of his eyes and he wondered how a person who looked as fragile as she did, could have so much inner strength and how she had been able to keep him awake all night. She acted if though she didn’t know anything about it. He thought ‘I will see to it that she won’t be able to keep me awake anymore…; I know now that I have to put my mind on other things and then she cannot reach me….’
Raphael from up above smiled over the two people who were taking care of the garden without knowing which step would be taken next in their spiritual growth.
Back home in Sunset Valley, Dawn Nightfall received a phone call from Mrs. Leechi, Carmen’s mother. The woman had heard that Aunt Dawn was looking after children and she told her that she had to go to her home country to take care of her sister. She would have to be away for about 2 months and she asked Dawn if she could take care of Carmen. The girl had to attend school and couldn’t come with her. Dawn told her that she would call her back in the afternoon to give her an answer. First of all she called Cynthia to ask her if she would be staying much longer on Lighthouse Island and she told her the reason why she wanted to know. Then Cynthia said that she wouldn’t mind if Dawn would take care of Carmen and she even gave her permission to prepare a bedroom for the girl until Dawn could go back to her own house. So Dawn called Mrs. Leechi back and told her that Carmen was welcome. Dawn had organized a picnic in the garden as a kind of a ‘welcome party’ for Carmen. When Risto asked if his mother would be away much longer, she answered that she didn’t know but Raph looked at his brother and said: “She’ll come home tomorrow afternoon”.
Dawn looked at the boy and didn’t say anything but when the two brothers were alone, Risto asked him: “How can you be so sure, Raph?” His big brother answered: “Because Dad told me so!”

Valdemar and Daisy were happy. Little Daniel was already a toddler and a cute little boy. He took after his father but had the color of Daisy’s eyes. Both of them were working and when at home, they hardly had any privacy. As a matter of fact they were pleased when Jane called them to say that she would stay overnight at her girlfriend’s place. Daisy talked about it to her husband and she wanted Val to tell his sister to move to a place of her own. Valdemar wasn’t very happy with that task: “How can you ask this of me, Daisy…? Jane is the only family I have. After a few weeks, Daisy really got angry with her husband and she made him choose between her and his sister. It wasn’t really a fair choice because Daisy told him that they would sleep in separate rooms until he had talked to his sister. …The tyranny of the weak gender!
Meanwhile, Jane was dreaming about having her own place…; a house like Alejandro’s would very much appeal to her. She didn’t know how to explain this to her brother. Perhaps he would think that she was being ungrateful if she went away, but Jane felt that she needed something different. Anyway, she didn’t say anything. How could she…? He was the only family that she had….
Alejandro was a happy man. After that afternoon that Jane had found him in the garden, he felt that his destiny was just around the corner. It was hard for him not to call her every hour of the day…, which was exactly what he would have done if he would have followed his heart’s desire.
Jeremy slept better now. Now that he had understood that the energy follows the thoughts, he was adapting himself to that knowledge. This time it was Cynthia, who was having a hard time…. She felt separated from everything, she didn’t feel the happiness in her heart when hearing the birds sing; the wind in the branches of the trees didn’t say anything to her. She only was aware of her own feelings. Those feelings told her that she missed the impacts of the world on her senses. The shield that Raphael had created around her was becoming very heavy.
Raphael knew this; he felt sorry for her but this was her battle, and she had to fight that one out by herself. If he would help her with this, then it wouldn’t be a real test.
Even at night, Cynthia felt that she couldn’t contact Raphael anymore. She was completely alone and was having a real hard time. ‘I don’t know what is worse…, this solitude… or being exposed to Jeremy’s energy! Right now, I would love to feel some human warmth around me!’ At a certain point, Cynthia didn’t want to continue with this… emptiness…. Alone in her bedroom, she cried: “I don’t want this anymore! Raphael…, I’m so sorry if I disappoint you but I will try to break through this shield you have put around me!” Turning from one side to another, she wondered how she could do it. One way or another she wanted to be free from that shield. Suddenly she had an idea…. It must have been about 3 am when she jumped out of bed. She removed a picture of Raphael and her from its frame and looked at it. Then she did something unexpected...; she cut the photo into two separate pieces and put Raphael’s piece into the closet. ‘Am I acting childish?’, she thought. Then she went to have a shower and when she came out of it…, she felt her own ‘self’ again…. She sighed with relieve; went to bed and slept … very pleased with her own decision. Next morning, she went to the garden where Jeremy was working and said: “Jeremy, I’m going home. If there’s anything I can do for you, you know where to find me…. No, you don’t have to take me there. I made a phone call to the Rent-a-Boat Agency already, and they will come and pick me up in a moment.”
Jeremy was confused about this sudden change. She had been so smooth those last few days. He didn’t know what to think about it. He saw her leaving and didn’t even wave good-bye…. Yes…, he was sure…, from now on life would be easier for him! He wouldn’t have to take care of his thoughts…; he would be able to fully enjoy his dreams; he could let his imagination run without anybody around…! That was what he thought…!

To be continued…

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#14fabrizioammolloFeb 19, 2011

Very well done! Very cute screenshots about Jane and Alejandro, I enjoyed very much reading about them. I agree with Rob, Daisy has being unfair, but we know that Val has to be pushed... \:P Anyway it's about time for the twins to live indipendent lives! Congrats Margo, totally deserved featured!!! \:rah\:

#15sara_ashleyFeb 19, 2011

amazing story Margo \:wub\: \:D

#16sara_ashleyFeb 19, 2011

congrats Margo and you are very deserved featured \:wub\: \;\)

#17dreamjuiceFeb 19, 2011

Great story as usual! Alejandro and Jane so need to get it on.

#18-kalisa-Feb 19, 2011

Great part Margo! And congratulations on the feature \:rah\: \:D \:rah\:

#19webdznrFeb 21, 2011

What a fantastic story! I read all the chapters today and I am hanging on my seat for the next!!  BRAVO!  And congrats on the Composer title! Completely deserved!!! \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#20YrS92Feb 21, 2011

Beautiful chapter Margo, very enjoyable\:wub\: Daisy and Val \:D Oh dear... And Alejandro is rather hot in that mysterious way.. Can't wait to see how the relationship develops with Jane \:\) Wonderful work\:rah\:

#21schoolgirl2coolFeb 23, 2011

This is really good! ♥

#22FlatterApr 24, 2011

What a ... erm ... touching moment when Alejandro "saw" Jane's face, and very lovely described. Read it twice. I really like the way you write. But I wonder what will happen with Jermey and Cynthia - they don't seem to have an easy way to communicate with each other about the important things... good thing the next part is out already \:D

#23ShelleyBJun 25, 2011

Sorry I "missed the boat" to congratulate you on being awarded a Composer badge; it is well deserved! \:D Again, marvelous screens. My favorites were 14, 15, and 18. I feel so sorry for Jane and Val; both needing to address their living arrangement, but neither wanting to for fear of letting down their sibling. Ah, families . . .  I wonder at the symbolism of Cynthia cutting her picture with Raphael into two separate pieces. Could she be feeling strong enough to move on, now?  ... reading more to find out ...

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