The Strangetown Chronicles (Part 14)
Published Feb 21, 2011

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So, as I promised, here is the 14th part of Strangetown Chronicles. I hope it makes up for the wait at least a little :)

So, as I promised, here is the 14th part of Strangetown Chronicles. I hope it makes up for the wait at least a little :) Everything was going great in one of the Curious families. Eve was going to marry Neptune and her twin brother Adam was going to marry Felicity. The girls became very close friends while living under the same roof and truly enjoyed planning the wedding together. Adam was climbing the career ladder in military. And Neptune became a police officer. With money rolling in it was now finally the time to consider buying all the stuff for the party. The girls went shopping together, of course. All of them liked the idea of a double wedding. Here are the boys on the big day, nervous a little... Here comes the bride. This is Eve. And Felicity. Lovers dancing. After all they've been through Neptune and Eve finally truly together. The older couple first. You may kiss the bride... A happy couple. Just married. Oops... night came. Sorry for the dark pictures. Adam and Felicity, happily married. Bella finally got the chance to meet Felicity in person. Eve cut the wedding cake. Feeding her husband. Ophelia also came to see Adam and Eve, who showed up on her doorstep as children, happily marry. You can also see Felicity's mother Crystal in the background. Adam and Felicity, happy together. Adam never thought any girl would like him, with that face he inherited from Nervous Subject... But there she is - so pretty and all his. Felicity saw his good and loving heart and doesn't want to ever be apart from it. Neptune and Eve were both secretly nervous that Arielle would come and try to ruin the wedding somehow. She just couldn't get over the fact that Neptune was marrying another woman. But luckily all went well and they were just enjoying eachother's company without knowing what else is to come... But the inievitable was set in motion already. While Adam was asking Felicity would she like to have a child already... ...Eve began suspecting she's carrying one. Soon after Neptune went out jogging... unexpected guest picked just the right moment to visit Eve. Eve wasn't happy about it, she didn't want to even talk to Arielle, there was nothing to say. Or was there? Arielle stated that she's pregnant and the baby is Neptune's. She agreed to all the tests possible as soon as the baby is born, but for now they just had to take her word for it. Eve didn't know what to say, but Arielle didn't even wait for her reaction. She did what she came for, now was time to leave and let things happen naturally. Adam was very concerned about his sister. Even though she said she didn't believe a word of it, the news have obviously shocked her. Eve coudln't focus, became more distracted and even burned dinner as she couldn't think of anything else... Neptune noticed that something is wrong with his wife and asked what happened. She told him everything about the visit. Neptune told her that it's just another lie, he hasn't even seen Arielle since they were teens, except for a few accidental encounters while shopping. Their relationship was over long ago and Eve didn't have anything to worry about. Even if Arielle was pregnant, Neptune was sure it wasn't his baby because nothing ever happened between them that could lead to this. Eve wanted to believe her husband. After all she had another life to take care of. Now was just the time to tell Neptune she was pregnant too. With a baby that was undoubtedly his. Soon it started showing. And what do you know... There were now two pregnant ladies in the house. Next day Neptune called his cousin Jupiter to tell the news. Jupiter was so happy for him, he already knew the joy of parenthood. Cameron was a cute little boy, yet they grow up so fast... One day he's playing in the baby chair... ...and the other day he's a flying baby! (joke) ...and the other day he's just about to learn walking and talking. Celeste and Cameron. Proud father Jupiter with his son Cameron. Cameron inherited many of his father's facial features, yet where does the blond hair come from? Jupiter's - black, Celeste's - red... That's probably his grandfather's (Jupiter's father's) Vidcund's genes showing. I was just about to say "And here's the grandfather!", but then I noticed in disappointment that it's not Vidcund, it's Lazlo, Jupiter's uncle... He just came in unexpectedly. You know, one of those glitches when a sim just comes to visit and lets himself/herself in. Monica never came to visit her grandson. Ashley was so sorry that her mother almost never talked to Celeste and didn't even go to visit her nephew... She loved her mother, they had some great time together, but she was too narrow-minded often... Even when Celeste called her and invited over to meet Cameron, Monica said she's not interested in any alien-babies that her daughter had with an alien. Sometimes it seemed the only "person" she truly cared about was the cat Prince, but sadly he was very old... And wasn't going to be around for long. Monica couldn't bear living without him so she kept the grave in the living room, just to feel his presence and pretend he's still around. So caught up in her own world she barely noticed how Ashley was all grown up and dating already... But it was good for Ashley. As there was no telling how Monica would react. Ashley was dating one of the Picaso twins - Andrew (on the left). His parents died a while ago and now he was only living with his older sister Maria and her boyfriend Trent Grunt, who was always talking of his plans how to make more money and completely renovate the house. But the robotics shop he wanted to open had to be delayed... Lightning accident in the balcony where Trent was working. Not only Andrew was looking for love. His twin brother Julian had his eyes set on Opal Smith. Wasn't long before they became a couple. Seeing lots of stray animals running around Julian finally surrended to their misery and decided to adopt a dog. Everyone agreed for as long as the dog stays outside and Julian spends enough time in training. If he was living here, he might have as well be useful! Maria was so proud of her brothers. They were nice boys, training and studying hard enough, soon to go to college and start their own lives. Maybe then she could also start an actual family of her own... Trent's twin sister Trixie was almost considering getting a place of her own also... Young Brianna was in the center of attention all the time... And everyone seemed so interseted in her future... Trixie felt a little abandoned. As if adults don't need care and support! Crystal and Lazlo Curious were happy that their daughter Felicity was now finally married. Yet a tragedy was about to stirke the family... Vidcund lived a long life but no one lives forever. Now there were only two of them left, Lazlo and his wife Crystal. Of course, there was still their younger child Asher, but he was about to grow up and leave very soon. Their biggest joy was when Felicity came to visit. Asher already was feeling independent, grown up... and started showing interest in girls. Who knows, maybe something will bloom between him and Rebecka Rusewicz? Buck and Jill. I'm sorry in advance, but you will see A LOT pictures of them. It's one of my favorite families. Their daughter Tivona was showing a lot of interest in nature, just like her parents. She spent almost all of her free time into studying it. Jade, however, still had no clue as to what he wants to do when he grows up... TV and video games were just fine of an activity for him. Mother and daughter, very much alike. Jill and Jade. Jill. Isn't she pretty? When she was a teen I had no idea she would end up like this. Yet time flies by. I'd like to still think of them as a young couple, but... Buck is old already. Buck Grunt, old, but still adventurous. Yes, you're pretty, Tivona. Just as pretty as your mother. Breakfast time. Not only grownups get old. Jade finally entered his teen years. Mother and her son. The only short moment while he's older and she's still young. Because Jill is about to become old too. My favorite couple... I'm almost sorry to see them grow old. Now that she is retired, Jill dedicated herself to keep the garden pretty. Obviously there was too much work for the gardener, who was coming only once in three days. It needed constant attention. Just like her father loved it, so did Jill. She wanted to do all the best to keep it blooming. Maybe Tivona would also take over one day... Remember Lionel? An orphan boy who never knew his father, his mother never loved him and now she's dead. He had a difficult childhood... Now he's on his own. He has plenty of money inherited from his mother and from Prof. Zaitrarrio, who cared about him a lot. Technically he's not an adult yet, so he should have a grown up looking after him, but he likes things the way they are. So he only hired a butler, so he could say there's someone taking care of things around the house. His cousin Alan comes to visit once in a while. Lionel could move in with him, but Alan has just started a family and Lionel doesn't want to be a burden. It's fine as it is, really. Alan still comes once in a while to ask if he needs any help with anything. Too bad Lionel isn't doing quite good at school... There's not even a chance he could go to college. With all that homework he neglected for so long... Even if he does his best now, there's not enough time for a decent improvement. As if that's not enough, his mother's former lovers still come by once in a while. He has to force them out as they don't want to believe that Chloe is gone... Soon Lionel has to become an adult and face the real life with real responsibilities. But he's ready because there is her. He got all dressed up pretty for her. He planned the private party for her. Anais is older than him, but they were so close as teenagers, maybe it could all continue. Maybe he can be a good man and be a good father, like his own parents never were. Because Anais' father also abandoned her. Because she understand. They would not make these mistakes, they would make it all better... And they don't need to hide any more. He's a grown up, he can make his own decisions. They don't have to hide, there are no parents "about to come home". The house is all his. And they can feel free to spend the night together...

Thank you for reading. Please comment! Since I'm in the mood for writing, I'll try to release part 15 as soon as possible, in a matter of weeks probably. There's not much left till I finish the "50 days" in Strangetown, possibly only the 15th part and it will be done... So get ready for a new series of chronicles soon! Please let me know if any of you are still interested.

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#1helda12345Feb 21, 2011

This story is fab!! \:D \:wub\:

#2snakiFeb 21, 2011

I love your stories! Please keep writing.

#3-kalisa-Feb 21, 2011

I am still interested! \:D I'm happy that people are still writing Sims 2 stories \:\) Arielle is mean \:mad\:

#4martoeleFeb 21, 2011

I had to laugh a lot about the 'flying baby' joke and afterwards the pile of homework brought many memories back to the Sims 2. \:wub\: I liked that game very much and I cannot bring myself to delete it. Now and again I start playing but I cannot keep that up for long because you have to use more cheats to make it look natural when they visit other lots.... \:\)  You, just continue writing Chronicles because they're nice to remember how the Sims used to be.... \:rah\:

#5martoeleFeb 21, 2011

I forgot to congratulate you on the feature of part 13! \:cool\:

#6aimeeisasimnutVIPFeb 22, 2011

Please keep writing the Chronicles you do a great job!\:rah\:

#7simliciousFeb 23, 2011

<em>It was very good writing... \:\) </em>

#8MangioFeb 23, 2011

Just one more chapter to go... \:\( It brings back so many memories \:wub\: Glad to see the chronicles are still strong and going.. can't wait for more \;\)

#9darkfairyFeb 23, 2011

nice \:\)

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