The Strangetown Chronicles (Part 15)
Published Feb 28, 2011

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Those who check my blog know that I had some technical problems... My hard drive and video card are safe, so nothing is lost except for the text I have already written... I had to rewrite half of the story, because I haven't saved all of it. Anyway, I did my best and here it is.

Thank you all for your comments and kind words. I'm happy to state, that it is obvious people are still interested and still want to read my chronicles. So I promise to continue writing them :) This is the final part of Strangetown for now, as I will move to Veronaville next. But this part also contains a special feature on the Arielle-Neptune-Eve conflict. Thank you again everyone, I love writing these stories, but it wouldn't be half as enjoyable without all the readers that take time to stop by and say something.

Those who check my blog know that I had some technical problems... My hard drive and video card are safe, so nothing is lost except for the text I have already written... I had to rewrite half of the story, because I haven't saved all of it. Anyway, I did my best and here it is.

Thank you all for your comments and kind words. I'm happy to state, that it is obvious people are still interested and still want to read my chronicles. So I promise to continue writing them :) This is the final part of Strangetown for now, as I will move to Veronaville next. But this part also contains a special feature on the Arielle-Neptune-Eve conflict. Thank you again everyone, I love writing these stories, but it wouldn't be half as enjoyable without all the readers that take time to stop by and say something.
Sylvia just got back from college and looked over her room, completely unchanged since she left... She felt she outgrew this girly pink furniture, celebrity posters and other things... But it had to do for now, before she either decides to stay and renovate or move out to her own home with Otto. Still some things she missed a lot, like her puppies. And, of course, her father. Who seemed to be doing quite well, despite his wife's recent death and his daughter leaving him alone because of her studies. He tried to make it all look as if nothing happened, or maybe to prove Sylvia that he can take care of himself. He was always a good cook, that's undeniable. They haven't talked about Erin's death at all. Cyd wanted to know all about Sylvia's college experience and future plans. Otto was another person to miss Sylvia a lot. They haven't seen eachother for a while, as he was older and graduated sooner. Sylvia decided Otto and her father should finally meet. After all it was all official and a wedding wasn't far behind. Cyd and Otto got along very well, which was a good thing, one problem less to solve. Other than that she still coudln't decide on many other things... Where to live, when to get married, what about the dogs - if she moves, do they stay... But those were pleasant worries comparing to what was about to come. Erin's dog Pinkie was old. Everyone was surprised with her liveliness already, but time had to come eventually. Porthos and Pinkie. Good thing the house was full of other puppies. All of them needed care and attention, their little tails wagging could put a smile on Sylvia's and Cyd's faces anytime. And it was something to keep busy. Otto and Sylvia now were officially engaged. And Otto's mother Ophelia just kept thinking how grown her children are... Ophelia and Johny were old already, and the question how much time is left was creeping into their thoughts once in a while. Johny wished he could see all of his children marry... Will they make it? Breakfast at another big family - Hart. Hart children were also growing up so quickly... The youngest Theresa was already going to school. The oldest and the youngest of the Hart siblings - Shannon and Theresa. Who is about to become even older... Theresa grew up to a teenager. Jessie Pilferson was still using the same old method to check if she's still attractive - woohooing one man after another... Whether it was a gardener, a mailman or even the private school headmaster... Which made Samantha shut off from the world more and more... She missed her daddy and wished he was alive. Or at least that her mother could replace him. Her boyfriend Frances has a nice mother... Why can't hers also behave? One of the reasons Samantha took up ballet and got a job as a backup dancer. It gave her something to do, somewhere to go, and took her mind off things. She loved her mother, she really did, but things were too confusing to understand. And maybe she was afraid to become like her one day. Without realising that Jessie is slightly jealous inside that Samantha has what she lost long ago - youth and beauty. And the last family we have to visit is mayor Wrightley and his wife. Even in his old age, mayor Guy Wrightley is still working. He hopes to live until the day when his daughter has graduated from college and can take his place. Vivian learned as much as she could from her daddy, and being just as friendly and popular, hopes to continue his work one day. It seems she always knew what she wants from life, unlike her little brother Daniel. Even as a teenager he only knows he wants to be popular, but still hasn't decided how to achieve it. But one thing I have already settled up for him. Hannah Grunt is also a private school student, so they met and became friends as children... She's a little older than Daniel, but that hasn't stopped them from evolving their friendship into something more. Maybe they're lucky and it's for life? When Guy is working and children are at school, DJ spends her time at the computer. She met Guy at college, she saw him make impossible ideas become a reality, she is the person who knows him better than anyone... So why not use her journalistic skills and write a book of memoirs, what's it like to be mayor's wife? Daniel and Hannah started meeting even more often now. They are officially a couple. What better thing to do on a sunny afternoon, than look at the clouds with your "one and only" by your side? The book is finished and a bestseller. Right now it takes a honorable place in the family bookcase. Maybe one day it will be even considered Strangetown's history? Vivian brought a friend home from work, or so she says...

But the story (techincally) is over for now. You've lived 50 years in my Strangetown with my sims, see them get marry, have children, be happy or sad... And now it's time for me to move on to Veronaville. There are more neighborhoods with other sims, who want their stories to be played and told. I will come back to Strangetown eventually, some day.

But don't click away yet!!! I think I owe you some explanations... I couldn't fit the Arielle-Neptune-Eve situation into the 50 days and some of you may have figured things out, some may still be confused, so here it is, starting in the next page... A summary of their story. To explain some things and refresh your memory.
When you first enter Strangetown, you know it's not such a friendly and welcoming place as Pleasantview... The Beakers are a couple of scientists, keeping a sim (Nervous Subject) hidden in their basement, performing experiments on him, doing sim-DNA research. We won't try to understand whi Nervous or how he got there. But the experiments are only experiments, that's why they sometimes go wrong... And one of their experiments did go wrong, leaving Circe Beaker unexpectedly pregnant. Genetically the father was Nervous. And the experiment revealed a suggestion that he's prone to having twins, since Circe had two babies. Intended to be subjects for future experiments, the twins were called Adam and Eve.

Note: technically I just used boolprop to make her pregnant with his baby without ever woohooing, but I didn't choose twins, they just happened.
Now Nervous had to share his small basement space with two babies and somehow manage to take care of them... The Beaker's plans changed when Circe was suddenly pregnant again. This time the baby was Loki's. Their real biological descendant. Meet Arielle Beaker, Eve's half-sister. Loki was very happy to have a child of his own and Nervous understood that this baby will be loved and cared for. He understood the situation his children were in and that his fate awaited them too... He was worried and suddenly felt the will to change something. His first idea was to gather something from the laboratory and run to the police with evidence. But that was a wrong thing to do... Instead of gathering evidence, Nervous accidentally released an unknown virus upon himself. But what would happen to the children if something happened to him? He had to do something. Busy with Arielle, Beakers weren't as careful as usual, so Nervous took Adam and Eve and ran away. It seemed he walked through almost the whole town until an old house with a cemetary in the back yard caught his eye. It felt familiar, it felt safe. Nervous didn't know that his mother Olive Specter lived here, he couldn't remember... Yet he was drawn here. Now Olive's niece Ophelia was living here with her family and she had no idea Olive ever had children. That secret was buried with her in the back yard. But being a mother herself Ophelia felt sorry for Nervous and his children. Besides, this house was almost a shelter already. Bella Goth, a woman with amnesia was living here with her, as she had nowhere to stay. Bella quickly fell in love with little Eve. Ophelia had a growing family that needed more space. Besides, the cemetary made her feel uncomfortable, since childhood... But she didn't want to sell the house to just anyone and this was the opportunity. Ophelia moved out with her husband Johny and their children to a bigger place and just left their old house to Bella and Nervous. They could keep it for as long as they wanted. Bella and Nervous soon developed warm feelings. They both knew nothing of their past, their origins, their families... They both have been through a lot, they could understand each other's pain so well. To both of them this was a miracle. It was like having a real family. Adam and Eve grew up thinking of Bella as their mother. It would have all been perfect, but Nervous died one day in the Cemetary. His heart was too weak to take the scare of a ghost... And Bella, still grieving, had to deal with another situation... At the moment of his death she was already pregnant, yet still unaware of it... Now she had four children to take care. Another twins - Logan and Scarlet.

Note: I didn't aim for twins, I'm telling you, Nervous Subject is prone to having them...
Now Adam and Eve had only Bella. And their younger brother and sister... Daddy was gone and thei never knew their real mother, Bella had to replace them both now. Time has passed and all grown up Arielle Beaker, who never felt scarcity of anything, met a handsome alien boy Neptune Curious. She liked him. And she always got what she liked. But it's a small town, one public school... It was just a matter of time when Neptune met Arielle's half-sister Eve Goth (Nervous had no real last name, so Bella gave hers to the children). Eve fell in love with Neptune, but he was already seeing Arielle, so he rejected her attempt to kiss him. But only for the first time. Eventually Neptune fell for Eve's tenderness. She was so nice, so different from Arielle... Neptune left for college in doubts. He cut off all communications with both of them saying he has to figure out what he really wants. He spent four years of studies in solitude. Yet when he came home from college and went shopping on the very first day for new clothes, the first person he met was Arielle. Fascinated by his manly looks, how he's grown up, Arielle realised he has to be hers and she will do anything to achieve that. Yet Neptune asked her to finish school, go to college, graduate and then they would decide what to do later.

Note: she just was there when he came in, the game did it, I just played along.
He bought a small house to live alone, didn't even go back to his family. He still needed time to think. But when Eve finally moved to college, he came one day to visit her. Saying he knows now that she is the woman he needs in his life, that she has all the qualities he always missed in Arielle. And since Eve gladly accepted all his apologies, soon he came to visit her again. Now they were engaged. After college Eve moved in to live with Neptune. Now they were finally together and no one would separate them. Or so they thought... But Arielle couldn't live with it. Her mind was set on Neptune, as a goal that has to be achieved no matter what. And she wanted her ounger brother Russel to help. She was never good at science... But he was. Eventually Arielle found her parents' notes. That's when she learned that Eve was her sister... They had the same mother... It shocked her even more. This was a war now. And these news gave her an idea how to bring Neptune back... All she had to do now was convince her brother to help. He still hesitated. It was a great scientific practice opportunity, but he was unsure if he could do it... After all, it was messing with a sim's life... Yet the scientific enthusiasm got the best of him. When he came to Neptune asking for a DNA sample, saying he is doing some kind of an alien research, Neptune didn't suspect anything wrong. After all, him and his cousin Jupiter where the only real half-aliens currently living in Strangetown. Soon Russel moved to college and joined the Secret Society. There he had the best in his life opportunity to use the newest technology and come up with a theory why the experiment went wrong and how could he repeat it. Meanwhile in Strangetown Neptune and Eve were getting married. Happier than ever, still sure that nothing is going to separate them ever again... But Arielle had already begun her plan. Russel still was unsure that he is doing the right thing... But he was a scientist, creating a new life... It was something so new... He used the DNA he got from Neptune and made Arielle pregnant with baby, who's father, genetically was Neptune. Perfect plan.

Note: technically, again, I just used boolprop. So Arielle is really pregnant with Neptune's baby, but they never woohooed, so he has no idea it can be his.
Just a day after the wedding Arielle came to visit Eve and said she is pregnant with Neptune's baby. Of course, Eve didn't believe a word. And Neptune told her it's all really lies. He didn't know himself... And soon Eve found out she's pregnant too. With a Neptune's baby. Really Neptune's baby. So there we have it. Two sisters, yet only one of them knows they are sisters. Both pregnant, both from the same man. Yet one naturally, the other scientifically. What will happen next? I have a plan. And you can make your own theories while waiting for me to continue the story... I hope you enjoyed it. (One more picture!) And well, what do yo know, Arielle was such a cute little girl, when she was little...

That's it now. Really. Thank you everyone who has been with me through all the Chrnoicles. Please comment, leave any thoughts you have, I'm always interested. And start looking for Veronaville Chronicles, some time soon...

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#1-kalisa-Mar 1, 2011

Fikcija, I'm almost sad that this is the last part for now \:\( But I'm eagerly waiting to read about your Veronaville \:D Arielle sure was a cute toddler. I guess Loki and Circe spoilt her, giving her everything that she wanted, and now that's the result. Hoping to read more of your stories soon!\:rah\:

#2aimeeisasimnutVIPMar 1, 2011

Sad to see Strangetown go but can't wait to read your next one! What a mess for poor Neptune can't wait to see where you go with them!!\:wub\:

#3martoeleMar 3, 2011

That was a good last part of your Strangetown Chronicles. I liked especially the 2nd half of this part. \:\)  Congratulations for having had this story featured on the index page. I didn't read it right away because your chapters are very long and one has to find the moment and time to read them.

#4MangioMar 3, 2011

I will miss Strangetown... it seemed like a nice place to play \:D Poor Neptune.. he's gotten himself into a lot of mess. Arielle really doesn't want to give up the fight.. wouldn't believe they'd be sisters in the first place \;\) Glad that everything is okay now \:wub\: Can't wait for more

#5kjw19Mar 19, 2011

cant wait to find out what happens with Arielle and neptune and eve \:\)

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