Gardener's Dream - Chapter 47
Published Mar 24, 2011

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The spring is in the air... and it didn't jump out of the chair...

The spring is in the air... and it didn't jump out of the chair... Eggplant Garden was progressing slowly but surely on the musical career. He didn't like the start so much, having to work for bands who played worse than he did but it was the only way, as Eggplant had decided to make it to the top without his father's help. There was also a very significant downside of working late on the evenings. Eggplant was quite often stalked by the vampire population on Galaad but he was lucky to have one in his family.

- So Raf, any luck in the job market?
- Not really... Besides, mother won't let us work in any place.. She has to first check them for aliens
- Hahah, dear old auntie Dash
- Old indeed... She has been quite weak lately, which is another reason why I'm not working... Jere doesn't have a clue why mum is so frail but as a vampire I can sense it
- I'm so sorry to hear that... Can't believe she doesn't have much time left
- I'm more into the more classic music... I know I started with the guitar but I'm not going to become a rock star, Grandpa
- Do what you want to do, dear boy, it is your life, not anyone else's
- Aww I will, Grandpa
- Now, there is something I and your grandmother Cherry want to say to you...
- What is it?
- You have to find yourself a wife.
- Umm.... why? I'm only going on 19!
- Yes, son, but your sister, the heiress, is doing lousy job in this factor... She is getting older, but she is only thinking about herself and what I have seen and heard, she doesn't even like romance!
- But what can -I- do about it?
- Nothing, but we need at least one great-grandchild...
- Sigh...
Elderberry was indeed concentrating on herself. She didn't think she was the center of the world but she didn't want anyone else in her life, her family was enough, and quite often too much. Besides, Elderberry enjoyed her life as it was, just work and some relaxation every now and then. Of course, quite often she felt like she needed a vacation but even more often she realized she didn't have time for it. Nor was she going to arrange time for vacations. Dommithilde was waiting for Dill at the front door when he got home.

- Bonsoir, chri, 'ow was your day?
- Busy... Where are the kids?
- Out, we 'ave the entire 'ouze for ourselves...
- Hmmmm... I like that...

Dill kissed his wife passionately.
Suddenly Dill's phone started ringing. Dommithilde sighed. Usually these calls meant that Dill would have to switch into his swimming trunks and go to another indoors pool party. - Why deed you turn eet off?
- I'm not going anywhere tonight, darling
- But what will your manager say?
- I don't care at the moment... I have plenty of other things on my mind
- What kind of things?
- Let's go to the bedroom and I will show you
Dill loved Dommithilde tremendously even after all these years. If he had ever regretted marrying her, those regrets were long gone.

- Good Creator, Dommithilde you always manage to make my heart skip a beat...

There was someone to make Eggplant's heart skip a couple beats as well. And that sim was no-one else than Ella, his high school friend. It had took Eggplant months to gather the courage to ask the young woman out and when he finally did ask her out, Eggplant was shocked to hear that Ella was just as excited to go on a walk with him. After having walked for hours and hours, Eggplant and Ella stopped without even noticing they had done so. Eggplant took Ella's small, soft hand and looked into her beautiful eyes.

- I've really enjoyed this walk with you, Ella
- So have I, Egg
- I... I really like you Ella
And then, surprising even himself, Eggplant planted a kiss on Ella's lips. It was like magic. - I have composed a song for you...
- Aww, Egg, that is so sweet... Would you play it to me?
- Of course! Just let me tune my guitar... Ouch!
- What happened? Are you okay?
- One of the strings broke! Ugh, I hate it when it happens!
- I'm sorry I couldn't play the song to you...
- Aww it's okay... You know, it's getting quite late and...
- Would you like to grab a bite? The dinner will be on me!
- Oh, I'd love to!
After the dinner Eggplant and Ella spent some time making out under the stars, ignoring the annoyed sims around them. - I have had a great day, Egg
- It was a blast... We should do that again
- Definitely
- Ella... Can I ask you something?
- Of course, go ahead
- I really, really like you, Ella... Would you be my girlfriend?
- Ooooh Egg! Of course, I would love to!

Eggplant was so happy that he kissed Ella again. Things were definitely going well.

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Thello29Apr 5, 2011

great chapter this one!\:D

spitzmagicMar 29, 2011

Wonderful chapter. Congrats on it's feature too...awesome \:rah\:

hilaldilaraMar 28, 2011


Ben72006Mar 26, 2011

Egg and Ella are So cute together. I hope Dash boys stay in touch. Dill and Dom are showing they still love each other. Elderberry may not find that love and not find it until it to late.

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