Gardener's Dream - Chapter 48
Published Apr 1, 2011

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We can't change other people's minds when they are made up.

We can't change other people's minds when they are made up. Dill was sick and tired of his old kitchen. It was breaking down constantly and the tap was leaking no matter how often Dill checked it. The sound of dripping water was driving him crazy, quite literally. To calm himself down, Dill went jogging. While jogging he called the local kitchen company to renew their entire kitchen. He even got it on half the price because he agreed to tell everyone how good his food tasted when it was cooked on the company's counters. - What 'az 'appened 'ere? I go on town for a moment to get a new baseball and when I come 'ome, my kitchen eez gone! Dill, explain, s'il te plaît!
- I wanted a new kitchen.
- Oui, I can see that but could you not consult me first?
- You weren't home and the tap was leaking.
When Eggplant came home he couldn't help wondering the change in their kitchen. He firmly believed that his father had gone crazy, simply bonkers! Eggplant decided to go out tonight. When Elderberry would come home there would be a war because Elderberry hated such extravagant spending.

Yes, maybe he would take Ella to the movies...
Elderberry didn't enjoy the change in the kitchen but she let it be. After all, it was her birthday. But in the fear of her reaction all the family had gone hiding and so Elderberry was left to celebrate all by herself. Usually she wouldn't have minded this solitude but for the first time in her life, Elderberry felt quite lonely. Was she really going to spend her entire life all alone? Feeling stressed up and confused, Elderberry decided to change into some more comfortable attire and get some peace of mind by painting. Three paintings later Elderberry was still feeling rather unusual. Strange, since usually painting helped Elderberry calm down even when life was kicking her head... Elderberry decided to give up painting for a while and head out for a stroll in the forest. Unfortunately it was too chilly for jogging in her underwear but still, Elderberry was desperate to find some peace inside her head. Why was she so restless? What had changed? Why wasn't her life enough anymore? Egg and Ella had been going steady for months and things were advancing nicely. Being a good son, Eggplant had listened to his father who had told him to take it easy and get to know Ella before rushing into anything. However, the more time Egg spent with Ella, the more determined he became. Yes, Eggplant wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman.

So one evening after work Eggplant nervously called Ella and asked her to meet him at the beach.
- Egg! I've missed you so much during these days...
- I missed you too dear, work has just been a bit hectic lately
- I understand...
- Ella...
- Yes?
- Umm... I asked you to come here tonight... Oh heck, wait a sec!
Ella watched as Eggplant knelt down in front of her.

- Egg? What are you doing?

Ella giggled. This was way too obvious.
- Oh my creator! Egg!
- This engagement ring once belonged to my mother and grandmother. I would be honored if you would accept it... Ella, will you marry me?
- Oh my creator! Oh my creator!

Ella could do nothing but scream for a moment.
- So, what is your answer?
- YES! Yes, yes and YES!
- Hahah, I take that as an affirmative

Eggplant smiled at Ella who couldn't stop laughing and jumping and screaming. He hadn't expected Ella to be that over-joyed but he sure didn't mind.
- Ella, I hope you don't mind but I had my mother arrange a family dinner for the all of us...
- Oh, nice! When?
- Umm... Now...
- Now? But Egg! Now I don't have any time to go change into nicer clothes!
- You are beautiful as you are, trust me, they are going to love you...
Dommithilde took a good look at her future daughter-in-law. Pretty girl, but quite lame and absolutely no sense of style. Ella was very obviously a native islander in her soccer shirt.


Ella gulped. She had heard and read plenty of stories about evil mother-in-laws but she hadn't thought that her own future mother-in-law would despise her so whole-heartedly. It was very obvious that the old French lady thought that Ella wasn't good enough for the worthy Eggplant Garden.
Dill on the other hand was very happy with Eggplant's choice. Ella seemed like a decent young lady, albeit her sense of style needed some major improvement. As Dill served the family some drinks, he gave his son a little nod and smile.


Elderberry sighed under her mother's stern look. That fake smile on Dommithilde's face told Elderberry enough. Her mother was most probably cursing Elderberry for not finding a nice husband. At this age she should already be a wife and mother to couple of small children. Oh how nice... Elderberry cursed her brother inside her head.


Ella had never felt this helpless. This family was far from ready to accept such a plain middle-class Galaadian into their almost royal family. Ella looked at Eggplant for help but Egg was oblivious of everything.
Eggplant smiled when he saw Dommithilde staring at Ella. His mother was obviously very fond of her already. This dinner had been a success, Ella had been properly welcomed to the family and Dill had already told that Ella would move to the house so that they could arrange the most lavish Garden wedding ever. While clearing the table, Dommithilde gave a angry look at Ella who had decided to get a glass of water without asking anyone. Dommithilde couldn't believe her eyes, who did the girl think she was, already acting like that lady of the house! But if that gold-digger thought that she could just march in like that, she was wrong. Dommithilde was still the lady of this house and she was planning to live many, many years still. She just couldn't leave her precious house into that little girl's hands.

Dommithilde was sure that Ella would never remember to polish the roof tiles.
- So sis, what do you think of Ella?

Elderberry took long sip of her drink. She needed another one, quite badly.

- I'm sure you two will become best friends!
Elderberry looked away. This was the end of her peaceful life. Now that Eggplant had found himself that boring little Ella in that ugly soccer shirt, Elderberry knew that her parents, especially Dommithilde, would start pushing her into a marriage. She was the heiress after all, she was supposed to produce the next generation to rule this family. The next morning Dill and Dommithilde were having a serious discussion over a chess game.

- Do you think we should arrange the party in the Cherry park, where we got married as well? Although I'm not sure if the city counsel has still replaced all those benches you stole...
- Shh, Dill! I 'ave changed... But I do not like that girl Eggplant eez marrying... She eez not good enough for my baby!
- But love, Eggplant thinks that Ella is good enough for him and we should respect his choice. I'm more worried about his age... But I suppose we can't stop, especially since Elderberry is so uninterested in getting married or finding herself a husband...
- Do you think she could be intérestée een women?
- No, she's just completely uninterested in any other sims apart from herself
- Mais chéri! She eez our daughter!
- Who is failing in the most important task in her life...

Dommithilde sighed. Perhaps she should talk to Elderberry...
Dill was busy as a bee with the wedding arrangements. He knew that the local press would be interested in the wedding as it was the only major social event on Galaad in years. So he had to get everything perfect. Luckily Dill had more than enough time as Eggplant had agreed with Dommithilde that a long engagement would suit the young couple best. Dill had no doubt that Dommithilde was going to do her best to get Eggplant to see that Ella was not the right choice, at least according to Dommithilde Garden. Eggplant on the other hand was busy with his career as his boss liked to keep him over-worked. Eggplant didn't mind though, he got paid well and being nice to his boss would get him better chances for the promotion, and it would also get him another ally in the vampire society of Galaad. The only thing that Eggplant didn't like was that while he was at work, he had to leave Ella at home with just his family there. Eggplant didn't understand why but Ella had been complaining how Dommithilde hated her. Egg had noticed nothing that would indicate that so he had caused the couple's first major fight by saying that Ella was simply delusional. Hopefully Ella would get along with Elderberry who had reluctantly agreed to take Ella fishing. Elderberry was having a hard time bonding with Ella. The young woman was simply too different from Elderberry. Ella understood nothing about economics, she loved spending time with other sims and telling them her funny jokes. To Elderberry Ella was simply a pretty bubble head, no wonder why Dommithilde disliked her so much.

- So Elderberry, are you seeing anyone? It would be nice to have children at the same time, right? Cousins playing with each other.

Touché. Elderberry winced. Was this torment ever going to come to an end?
Elderberry sent Ella home alone, and stayed at the park to meditate. It was very hard to find the zen inside her but eventually Elderberry reached the ultimate peace of mind. A realization flushed over her. She needed to get away from Galaad, even for just a weekend. Hadn't this woman sent the company some discount coupons for a new B&B in Bridgeport? What was that woman's name? Oh yes, Bubbles Bluewater, owner of the Bluewater Inn... Elderberry had some business associates in Bridgeport so this trip wouldn't be just for fun... Somehow Elderberry knew that this trip would change her life...

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#6Ben72006Apr 2, 2011

They great. I hope that Ellla and Eggpant might have Twins. Elderberry... need to understand she loonging for that someone.

#7Midnight222Apr 3, 2011

Oh a crossover story! Very sneaky \:D I've just remembered, I havent polished the rooftiles for a while! LOL Great chapter. Who knew upgrading a kitchen would cause so much trouble. I love how blind Egg is to the troubles between his mother and Ella. I wonder what realizations Elderberry will discover!  Thanks for your wonderful, creative imagination. Im looking forward to the next chapters! \:rah\:

#8skittlegirl82Apr 3, 2011

I have loved all the stories. I finally caught up. Wow, though poor eggy he hasn't noticed aything. Well, I hope things get better and everyone likes Ella. She seems nice. \:rah\:

#9fredbrennyApr 4, 2011

\:D \:D \:wub\: Finally read the chapter! great! I Think the screenies look amazing and I can't wait for Elderberry to arrive for a well deserved vacation. Albeit she is staying for one week only, at the B&B, it definitely could change her life forever \;\)
Congrats on the feature too!

#10hilaldilaraApr 4, 2011


#11Thello29Apr 5, 2011

this chapter of your story was quite complex. I like that! keep up the good work!\:D

#12RatRaceRobApr 5, 2011

Some Garden drama with the usual rofls-- Wonderful!  To think that the wearing of that one soccer shirt --and the drinking of the water without asking-- could be the root of this future Garden couple's troubles in paradise!  An excellent chapter --screens and story-- all around \:P \:wub\: \:rah\:

#13So BlissfulApr 7, 2011


#14Anakin StupaineApr 7, 2011

That is SO cute! \:wub\: The whole chapter was just so funny! Now where will Elderberry end up? \:P Keep up the amazing work, sunshine! \:wub\: \:rah\: x

#15astroparagnosteApr 12, 2011

I realy loved it and must have been hard and a lot of work bravo \:wub\: \:wub\:

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