Gardener's Dream - Chapter 49
Published May 21, 2011

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Get prepared for a party...

Get prepared for a party... Over a year has passed in the Garden household. That year has been filled with wedding arrangements and other hassle. For Ella, the young wife-to-be of Eggplant Garden, it has been a bumpy ride. Her future mother-in-law has done her best to complicate things with the wedding and Eggplant.

Ella couldn't quite believe she had made it through that year, even with Dommithilde plotting against her. But now it was finally time for the wedding, and once Ella was Eggplant's lawful wife, there was no way Dommithilde could ruin anything...
Ella was so nervous. She knew her hair and dress looked absolutely beautiful but she knew that everyone's eyes would be set on her today, and beautiful wasn't enough if she was to get them to her side. Ella knew she shouldn't feel like this on the morning of her own wedding but this wedding was the final battle of the war between the current and the future Mrs Garden. The current Mrs Garden, Dommithilde was thinking along the same lines in her bedroom.

- 'Ow do I look, chéri?

Dill sighed.

- Wonderful, love, but remember this is not your day... It is our son's wedding day, please behave yourself...
- 'Ow do you mean? I always behave, eez eet my fault eef that girl 'as no manners?

Dill sighed again.
Eggplant's wedding day started off in a rather interesting way when his best men came to drag him out of the bed. Unfortunately the poor lads had forgotten that Eggplant's sister also slept in that particular room.

- How dare you just barge into the room?! Are you two out of your minds?! Get out of the room NOW or do I have to pay you to do so?! OUT!

Eggplant had to fight hard the urge of grabbing his phone and taking a snapshot of the whole absurd situation. But then, he was rather sure his sister wouldn't have appreciated it.
- I am very pleased you could make it Rafael, Eggplant and I were unsure if you could attend the party because of your ehm... condition...
- Hah, it's okay, of course I could make it to my baby cousin's wedding, especially since Berry will most likely remain single.. Got to make the most of this wedding..
- Umm... Well, good to see you here...

Dommithilde frowned at the sight of Ella talking with Dasheen's vampire son. She could not believe that Dasheen had let her son turn into a vampire, for all that Dommithilde did have couple vampire friends. Well, Dasheen was now long gone, her funeral had been attended by the whole Island, so popular had the crazy woman been. There had even been flower wreaths sent from abroad, even as far as from The Pennylane Institution of Psychiatric Services from America.
- Dommithilde, did you sanitize the chairs as I told you to do?
- Oui, I deed... 'Ow so?
- These chairs are filthy, full of finger prints! No-one must sit down on these!
- Mais chéri... They are just finger prints...
- I -insist-, they are a serious risk for everyone's health... Do you think we should get the gas masks?

Dommithilde chuckled. One point for the current Mrs Garden...
Elderberry sighed. She had been home for just a week and already she wished she hadn't come back. But there was no way she could leave again, Dommithilde had made it very clear.

Elderberry felt a sense of relief when she saw her cousin Jere. He was always such a sweetie, he certainly would cheer her up a bit.
Dommithilde was doing last-minute check on the decorations while Eggplant and Ella were waiting for the guests to calm down so that the ceremony could start.

Dommithilde felt a twinge in her chest. This wedding was far more lavish than hers had been, and now the Gardens actually had a nice house, albeit it still being a work in progress. That Ella was going to marry into a far more affluent marriage than Dommithilde had, and it made Dommithilde very annoyed. If only Eggplant had made a better match...

Without her even noticing, Dommithilde had almost grabbed the bride's bouquet to her own hands.
- Ladies and gentlesims, would you all please take your seats.. ehm, places so that the ceremony can finally begin!

Dill was so excited. His son was finally getting married, and to such a nice girl too.
- Are you nervous?
- Why would I be, Egg?
- Oh, just asking... I'm not nervous either...

Egg and Ella both knew that they were both lying. They would have much rather gotten married in a small and simple ceremony, instead of this pompous hassle. But Dill was paying so they had had to listen to his opinion too.
- 'Ow eez eet going 'ere? Elderberry, deed you really 'ave to wear that dress? I bought you a much nicer one...
- Mum, I bought this dress especially for the wedding so you can stop whining...
- Mon Créator! What eez 'e doing? 'Az 'e gone mad? Jere, do something about your brother! I knew eet waz a bad idée to invite 'im, 'e eez causing a scene!

Jere and Elderberry sighed in unison.
- Yes, I am a vampire! For Creator's sake, so are all those sims over there! And no, I'm not going to lure you into the backstreet to drink your blood, I don't think I would even find you very tasty, for your information!

Other guests awkwardly looked away. Certainly they had heard rumors of the drama surrounding the Garden weddings but they had not expected it to be this juicy.
Poor Ella! Her wedding was going like nothing she had planned or expected, yet she was trying to remain calm and keep the smile fresh on her face. Once again she thought that they should have just eloped. - I need a drink... or two

Ella whispered more to herself than Eggplant. This was all too much. Ella wanted to run away, not from Eggplant but from all the flower arrangements, guests she did not know, her ever-judging mother-in-law. Especially from her mother-in-law.
- Hey, sweetie, don't worry, everything will be alright... I love you
- I love you too, Egg, but this is all so... I don't belong here
- Hush, you belong here just as much as I do... Don't fret, I'm here and we'll get through this show together... just smile, you look gorgeous!
Dill looked at his son whispering something to Ella. They were such a sweet couple, and Dill knew that Ella would make a perfect wife for Eggplant. She would never cause any troubles like Dommithilde had caused Dill. They would live their lives in a happy married bliss, and have plenty of grandchildren to carry on the Garden name.
- Are you ready, Ella?
- I... I guess... Oh my Creator is this really happening?
- My dear Ella, I still remember the day I first met you at school. I must say, I didn't think much of you, but who does at the age of eight? However, when years passed and you grew up to become the gorgeously hot and beautiful woman with an amazing personality, my eyes were opened. I know you so well, my love for you is eternal and today I will make you my wife in the presence of my family and friends. What was once a daydream has now become reality. I will love and cherish you as long as I live. Eggplant slid the golden ring on Ella's finger and she did the same to Eggplant. Both of them could hardly hold back the tears of happiness. They had both forgotten all about the guests watching them, this was moment was only for Egg and Ella. - Now, wife, we must kiss... got to give all what they came here for...
- Must we?
- Yes... trust me, it will be okay

Ella was so nervous. She had never gotten used to being affectionate in public, and all the eyes were on them. Eggplant squeezed her hand and then drew her closer.
The guests cheered and clapped as Eggplant and Ella exchanged their first married kiss. The wedding had been such a beautiful affair so far, and Ella was a radiant bride, a true princess. The Galaadians were content, this was exactly what they had expected. - So, how was it? Not too bad right? I love you so much Ella...
- I love you too Egg... I'm so happy
- So am I, Mrs Garden...
- Mr Garden...

And they smiled at each other.
Dommithilde could not bear to watch the ceremony. She had to fight hard the urge to run to the couple and drag her son aside to tell him what a mistake he was making, but Dommithilde knew that her son would never forgive her if she did that. Nor would Dill, he had told her to behave for her own sake. If Dommithilde did anything to ruin the young couple's moment, she would move back to the basement with Dill while the couple would move into the master bedroom. There was no way Dommithilde would let -that- happen! Yes, Dommithilde was highly disappointed in her son, but she could not blame Egg. No, it was Ella's fault. - Bienvenue to the family then... Madame Garden...
- Thank you, Dommithilde, I appreciate all the work you have done for the wedding...
- Oh, eet eez alright... No need to thank, I would 'ave done eet for anyone

The two Mrs Gardens smiled painfully at each other and nodding coolly, Dommithilde left Ella standing alone.
Meanwhile, Eggplant was deep in thought. During the wedding arrangements he had come to see that Ella and his mother did not really get along. Furthermore, he had realized that Dommithilde was treating Ella in a way that could hardly be called civil. It made him sad, as he had wished that these two women would like each other as much Eggplant liked both of them. It was tearing him apart that the two most important women in his life both wanted him entirely to themselves. They were like little children fighting over a toy. - Hi there married man... How are you feeling?
- Happy, I guess... How did it go?
- Well apart from being overly emotional and not very manly, you did fine... nah, just kidding, I'm happy for you, mate
- Hah, you're next, just wait! Maybe I should pair you up with Berry...
- Oh Creator no! Although she doesn't look too bad in her underwear...
- Congratulations Ella, I hope you and Egg will be happy together!
- Thank you Elderberry... I was so nervous, how did it go?
- It went perfectly, no need to worry about it... I wouldn't have worn that dress but it's not even that horrible on you.
- Aww thank you... I love your dress, is it a new one?
- Yeah, Evan bought it for me...
- Evan? Who is he?
- No-one. Forget I even mentioned it.

Ella looked as Elderberry hurried away with a strange expression on her face. For a moment Ella considered going after her sister-in-law but maybe it was better if she didn't. After all, Elderberry could be very... Elderberry.
- Krhm ladies and gentlesims... I would like to propose a toast to my cousin and his newly wed wife! We are very happy to welcome her to the family and... oh... where did everyone go? Oh well... umm... never mind then... - You are so beautiful... can't believe I got the most beautiful girl on this island to marry me..
- Don't be silly, darling... I'm the lucky one here, marrying a good name and money.. and an extremely handsome sim too...
- Handsome? Me? Liar... but the most beautiful one I've ever seen!
- I'm not lying, Egg, you are the most handsome sim in the whole universe... at least in my opinion, but then, I don't even see other sims... I could hardly care less about their looks when I have you... I have eyes only for you
- And such pretty eyes too... everything about you is pretty, my dearest!
- How do you know that -everything- is pretty?
- Well, I will know... tonight...
- But Egg!
- Now Rafael, I 'ope you are sorry for thee way you behaved earlier on! Causing a scene at your cousin's wedding! Your mother would be so ashamed of you!

Rafael was wise to remain quiet. He apologized for his behavior, and went away with the woman he had had some trouble getting along with earlier on. It had turned out that while the lady was scared of vampires, she was also very attracted to them, and Rafael certainly did not have any problems with letting her examine his fangs in private.
Dill was washing his hands for the tenth time. All these people bringing germs and dirt into his home, it was unhygienic. And those chairs! What a disaster! - So you're back from Bridgeport... planning to stay here, are you?
- Yes... There was nothing wrong with the office in Bridgeport but there are some other... eh, factors.. yes, I'm going to stay in Galaad for now.
- Well, I am genuinely happy to have you back in our office, Elderberry! You are a valuable employee and the whole office has missed you.
- Glad to hear that. Anyways, I'd better get back indoors...
- Yes! Certainly... Send my congratulations to the happy couple, will you... Magnificent party indeed!

Elderberry sighed and watched her cousin chase one of her father's co-workers. Yes, she was going to stay here, it was the best for everyone. They were better off without her, living in Bridgeport. She would have only brought them trouble.
- Mrs Garden, I just wanted to thank you for inviting me and my brother... oh, and I'm sorry for his behavior, he never really learned to behave properly in formal occasions as our mother refused to let us attend any in the fear of the aliens abducting us.
- Oh, please, call me Ella... Mrs Garden is my mother-in-law, and to be very honest, I wouldn't like to be confused with her.
- Okay, Ella, I understand, she's even scarier than my late mother! But Raf says you won't have to deal with her much longer...
- How do you mean?
- Oh, Raf knows these things, being a vampire... He can -feel- it... But anyways, beautiful wedding, I know you and Egg will be very happy together!
- Thank you Jere... I hope we will see you often here
Dill was mixing drinks for the remaining guests. He was very pleased with the wedding so far, it had been a success. And nothing would go wrong anymore. What a splendid event it had been! Eggplant was rushing to catch his carpool. His boss had been very unreasonable and she had not given him a day-off, for all that it was his wedding day.

In the hurry Eggplant forgot to lock the gate as he should have...


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#2martoeleMay 22, 2011

Ah....oh....! What will happen now that he left the gate unlocked? \:rolleyes:  Very good chapter, Senja and again full of humoristic touched as your stories always have. Lol. I like as well the reference to Rob's story \:D . It's a pitty that we didn't learn much about EB but I suppose that's normal. It was Ella's wedding day. Congratulations on the feature \:cool\: Let's hope that I can send this comment now \:confused\:  .

#3martoeleMay 22, 2011

*humorous touches* \:o

#4Anakin StupaineMay 22, 2011

Amazing improvement on the house there! \:D Ella looks absolutely stunning! Typical Dill and Dommi with their responses... \:P Hint of vampires there, nice cliffhanger... \:\) Great chapter altogether! Hadn't expected any less however... \:wub\: Great job!

#5spladoumMay 22, 2011

I loved the wedding, but what is this cliffhanger you've left us with?  Ack!  Hurry back and update soon! \:eek\:

#6spitzmagicMay 22, 2011

hahaha great wedding..great chapter...I enjoyed it.  \:D Looking forward to the next one to see who or what came throught the gate \:eek\:

#7fredbrennyMay 22, 2011

\:D Seems to me Egg forgot to ASK a day off for his wedding day. Now... what about that gate?  \:eek\:
What's up with Elderberry??? What happened in Bridgeport? And with Evan? Dom is the mother-in-law from everyones nightmares. and Dill? He maybe should tell his wife to put a lid on it \:P She is NOT being fair. Lovely wedding, lovely chapter. \:wub\:

#8RatRaceRobMay 23, 2011

Oh, no and woe... Dasheen is gone... PIPS surely sent the biggest funeral wreath of all... *sniff* \:\( !!! ... but at least her sons live on in hilarity... how could I stay sad with frame after frame of LMAO-- what a wedding, most of the tears in my fur are from laughing... but perhaps that is the best way to celebrate the life of Dasheen? \:wacko\: \:P \:wub\: Congrats to another bride and Garden groom -- many happy and hilarious returns for us all \:D \:rah\:

#9fabrizioammolloMay 23, 2011

Haha! Fred could be right... it happens! I have the feeling that Elderberry is being unreasonable... It is obvious that she had been happy in Bridgport but she isn't at home. She shouldn't care for what her mother want and live her own life. After all, whenever Dommithille have been caring for what anyone else wish? \:mad\:

#10MangioMay 26, 2011

Why did you leave the cliffhanger? What a wonderful wedding scene \:rah\: Ella and Eggplant are really romantic and so very stunning \:wub\: Congrats on a well deserved feature, can't wait to visit our favourite humorous Gardens again \;\)

#11Ben72006Jun 3, 2011

congrations on newly gradens. Hopefuly dom Get it soon. To bad to hear that Bashneen is gotne.

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