Gardener's Dream - Chapter 51
Published Aug 13, 2011

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The circle of life.

*After a long break, the Gardens are back*

The circle of life.

*After a long break, the Gardens are back*
Dill had prepared Dommithilde's final resting place all by himself, hoping it would bring him some comfort or closure. He missed his wife so much, for all that she had become so bitter after Ella had joined the family. Dill did not understand why, and he wished that Dommithilde would have had the time to explain it to him. Perhaps he could have helped her to get over it, and help her to become a real friend to Ella. So many things he should have done, so many things he should have not done, so many things he had wanted to tell her... but it was too late. Ella woke up to a grim reality. She was married, not that it was a bad thing, and thanks to her, her mother-in-law was dead. Ella tried to remind herself that it really was not her fault that Dommithilde was dead, but that tiny little voice in her head kept on repeating this one line.

"You are not good enough to be a Garden wife."
Trying to get some peace of mind, Ella decided to take a stroll to the town, hoping it would give her something else to think about. At first everything went fine and Ella felt a little bit better, but then she ran into Rafael.

- Have you already heard the news? About Mrs Garden?
- Yeah, Berry called us this morning, she didn't sound too happy... But then, I already knew at your wedding, I could sense she was dying
- True, you're a vampire after all..
- But how are you doing, Ella? You don't seem like it's your honeymoon, what's wrong?
- Oh, nothing, I'm fine... Egg is working tonight, but old Mr Garden isn't, so I decided to get some grocery shopping done. Of course we're all very sad about Mrs Garden passing away but we manage

Ella's face was aching for faking smiles. Rafael frowned because he could very well see and sense that Ella was lying but it was not his place to say anything.
Back home Ella avoided Dill to her best ability and decided to concentrate her attention on more pleasant things, like the new computer game she had bought. Computers were Ella's thing, she had always been good with them, and she enjoyed spending time with them. Perhaps it made her a little geeky, but no-one who saw Ella on the street would ever believe that this pretty young lady was actually able to hack all the computer systems on the island, if she wanted to. - I missed you so much today, baby, work was no fun, I should've been home with you, it's our honeymoon after all!
- It's okay, Egg, you can't help that your boss is the most inconsiderate sim on this planet...
- But Ella! She's my boss, you can't say such things, what if she finds out?
- Do you see her here?
- No, but...
- I think you are concentrating on wrong things at the moment, love, it's our wedding night after all... well, almost...
Egg chuckled and drew Ella closer, kissing her softly. She looked so amazing, even more amazing than usually, and she was all his. - I love you Egg
- I love you too Ella... are you sure you want to do this?
- Yes... we are supposed to get your father an heir after all...
- Hush, I don't want to think about my father when I have the love of my life in front of me, in such extremely hot lingerie...

And Egg kissed Ella again.
The kisses soon got more and more passionate and eventually Egg's suit found itself lying on the floor while the newlyweds enjoyed their belated wedding night. Next morning Ella and Egg did not get out of bed until noon. Ella smiled happily while eating her brunch salad. She could not stop smiling, last night had been amazing, just what she had hoped her wedding night would be like. Granted, her actual wedding night had been a nightmare but perhaps this honeymoon would turn out to be nicer than she had expected the previous day. - Ugh why did I eat that salad, it must've been spoiled or something...

For the following month Ella was unable to keep any food in, she was feeling worse than she had ever felt.
- Ella, I think you should visit the doctor, you haven't been able to keep any food in for couple months, it can't be a food poisoning
- But I'm sure it'll pass soon, there's no need to visit the doctor
- Well, I sure think there is. You have been eating so little and that little comes up within the next couple hours, but still you have gained weight and all these backaches... Honey, please, go see a doctor, I'll come with you if you want to
- Fine then, but I bet it's nothing serious
Ella lost that bet. The doctor informed the happy couple about the pregnancy with a wide smile on his face, leaving Ella and Egg staring at each other. They were going to become parents, and so soon too. Not that they were not happy about the news, but for some reason they had not expected it to happen so soon, but the more they thought about it, the more understandable and obvious it became. All the symptoms had indicated to a pregnancy but Ella and Egg had both been too oblivious to consider it.

After the initial shock Egg had been only excited but Ella was not sure if she was happy or not. She was not sure if she was ready to become a mother to a tiny baby, but there was no way back now. Unfortunately babies could not be returned within 30 days of purchase.
Elderberry Garden was not a happy sim. There had been very few even relatively positive moments in her everyday life after her return to Galaad. Her life was all about work once again, she had no social life, no real life anymore. Only work, work and work. It was the only thing that managed to get her thoughts away from Evan. Every single time his image lingered into Elderberry's mind, Elderberry would wince from pain. She missed him so much but she could not return. She had been gone for months now, Evan was probably worried sick, but more probably he was mad at her. Elderberry had thought about calling him several times, she had already dialed the number but every time she ended up pressing the red button. She could not call him, she was too embarrassed to face the pain in Evan's voice. Unfortunately Elderberry did not have work 24/7, her boss had not agreed to let her work 98 hours a week. So when Elderberry was not working or sleeping or eating, she was working out. Occasionally both Ella and Dill joined her, but Elderberry would have preferred her solitude. She was in civil terms with her father, as they both regretted the harsh words they had exchanged that evening, but neither of them was ready to make the amends. Yes, Dill regretted his words. He could see that his daughter was not happy, but pride and shame kept him from letting Elderberry off the hook. He did not even understand why Elderberry wanted to leave Galaad so badly. But, Dill had not seen the hidden wedding ring and photographs of the two little baby boys. Having reached the fame and glory of a star-actor, albeit being known only on Galaad and couple neighboring islands, Dill was living his dream. He visited the best of the clubs and lounges, got the best drinks for free, and the owners often even contacted Dill's agent and asked if Dill would be so generous to have a drink in their lounge or bar, they would pay for it, of course. But in the end, Dill was having too many drinks, too many nights out partying. He was no spring chicken anymore, his years seemed to burden his shoulders even more than before. Death came into Dill's nightmares regularly. The death of Dommithilde still haunted Dill, but lately he had also had dreams of his late mother Cherry telling him it would soon be his time to cross the Line as well. Move to the Other Side.

But every time Dill woke up, he shook his head and firmly decided that he must have eaten something weird before he went to bed.
So Dill went on with his life just like he had been doing for months. Waking up on the morning alone in the bed, grabbing some breakfast with heavily pregnant Ella and then dress for work. Once he exited the house his main task was to avoid the paparazzi who were even more eager to meet Dill Garden now that he was a widower.

Every woman on Galaad wanted to become the next Mrs Garden.
After Dommithilde's death, Ella had been the one to look after the garden, but being pregnant she had been forced to neglect it for quite a while. Dill could not bear to look at the garden his mother and wife had loved so in such a pitiful state so he took the day off to do some extensive gardening. Later that day, on the evening, after having enjoyed a wonderful autumn salad he had prepared from the fresh products from the garden, Dill felt a strange sensation take over his body. - What is happening to me? - Dill Garden, a pleasure to meet you at last, we are all big fans of yours on the Other Side

A panic took over Dill. What was the Death doing in his kitchen, talking to him? It could not be his time yet, he had not even met his grandchild, the future Garden heir or heiress. It was not fair, he had so many things to do still.
But the Death knew better. It was indeed Dill's time to step to the Other Side, his wife and mother had been waiting for him for a long time already. The mortals would survive the loss, and in this case, Dill's death might be a relief to some of them. Yes, as loved as Dill had been, he sure had made things complicated for his family. The Death was curious to see if the mortals would ever be able to make things better, but even if they did not succeed, he would meet them face to face one day in the future. The waves crashed against the cliffs of Galaad. Dill Garden was dead but the night seemed unchanged. After all, whatever we do with our lives, the Death will come to us one day and all that will remain is the memory of us. The life will go on for the living. Elderberry found the urn in the kitchen when she was looking for a late night snack. Her first reaction was shock, which was soon replaced by the mix of relief and sadness. She had never gotten the chance to tell her father about Evan and the boys, about why she wanted to go back to them, and now it was too late. Why did her parents have to die before anyone had the chance to make things right with them?

But now, Elderberry was free to go if she wanted to.
Ella did not cry over the death of Dill. Of course she was sad that her father-in-law was dead but she was also relieved. Now they would finally be free to live their lives as they wished instead of doing what Dill wanted them to do. She would be able to raise her child the way she thought was best, instead of turning the child into a complicated Garden. Yes, it was better this way. The only one truly mourning for Dill was Eggplant, who had not seen all the trouble Dill had been giving the family. All Eggplant could think was that his beloved father was gone, and that his child would never have the chance to meet his or her grandparents, just like Eggplant had never met his.

How could the Gardens survive without Dill?

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#1ShelleyBAug 14, 2011

\:rah\: I'm so glad to see the Gardens again! It's sad to see Dill move on, but he had a good life and will be reunited with his wife. \:\)  The "E" Gardens (Elderberry, Egg, and Ella) are just beginning their lives, though, and it's exciting to think what will become of them. They each have so much potential. \:D Great chapter! \:wub\:

#2spladoumAug 14, 2011

Elderberry, what the hell? \:P Put some clothes on, woman ... \:D  The paparazza hanging around in the wedding dress just waiting to make a move cracks me up! I really hope Ella and Eggplant come to an understanding--I almost think that their very different opinions of the D generation is going to cause issues in the future \:eek\: Great chapter, good to see the Gardens again!

#3sleeplessAug 14, 2011

Jee...sait kirjoitettua tämän! Hyvin tehty \:wub\:

#4otto-moe-billAug 14, 2011

Another piece from our very talanted storyteller. What's next for the "E's"? \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#5fabrizioammolloAug 14, 2011

\:eek\: Boys? How much have Edelberry been "on holidays"? We left her when she was going to move in with Evan, did they have the time not only to marry but to have children too? Nobody on Galaad was worried about not having seen her for so long time, and she managed to keep her job as well? We know she has family issues, but how could she leave her husband and sons without a word? Badly done, indeed Edelberry! Now take the first plane and go back to your family \:mad\:!

#6fredbrennyAug 15, 2011

Elderberry.... go and be with your family... Evan is heartbroken. You need her to get back to them! Before he finds another woman \;\)
Now... I wonder about the F generation \:\) \:D

#7Ben72006Aug 18, 2011

Very good and can't wait. When did Edeberry get married have two boys? That is someting I sure hope she goes back to her family and wee see so of the pictures of her boys are family in the future as well as the up coming F generation.

#8RatRaceRobAug 19, 2011

Aw, Dill has left us *sad rat face*... but soon another Garden will be born *excited rat face* ((Egg and Ella-- good that you know you may not return your incoming infant within 30 days of purchase LOL)) ... and OMG Elderberry got married and had kids but then went back to Galaad?! *\:eek\: rat face*  ... Thank you for this latest visit to the Gardens-- wonderful to see them again, as always \:P \:wub\:

#9MangioSep 6, 2011

The Gardens are a strong bunch \;\) \:wub\: I hope Elderberry can know happily find some peace in her life with Evan and her little boys. Poor Eggplant.. i'm sure Ella will do a good job raising the kids. Congrats on the feature \:rah\:

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