Bubbles - chapter 2
Published Mar 23, 2011

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Welcome back at the Bluewater Inn!

The first weekend is coming to an end. What will our guests take away from their stay?

You know... I want to share with you that this is my 60th story. :WUB: In marital years that would be diamond! I also want to and have to say thank you to so many people! Maris for creating Bubbles, Nora, Wesley and Barry. You did a wonderful job! April... My English teacher :D Thanks! And of course all of you GREAT CC creators out there. I would not be playing this game if it weren't for you!

Welcome back at the Bluewater Inn!

The first weekend is coming to an end. What will our guests take away from their stay?

You know... I want to share with you that this is my 60th story. :WUB: In marital years that would be diamond! I also want to and have to say thank you to so many people! Maris for creating Bubbles, Nora, Wesley and Barry. You did a wonderful job! April... My English teacher :D Thanks! And of course all of you GREAT CC creators out there. I would not be playing this game if it weren't for you!
It had been a restless night. The sun was just up when some of the guests went to get some sleep. Jozef crashed on his bed and was in dreamland in a second and a half. That half second he thought of Nora Winters. Barry woke up with a sore back. He was still wearing his shades He must have been really tired after spending half the night in the hot tub. He had been thinking about Wesley Damen. That guy was certainly not his type, but he was just a sweet man with a good heart. Barry had a plan. He had to check something first though Time to hit the shower and get to work! No one was up yet. Barry heard some noises coming from their private bathroom. Bubbles was up and would be making a start at breakfast soon. He found Wesley at the pond.
You are up early
Yeah! Have to catch them when theyre fresh! Before 6 am is the best time I reckon Read that somewhere
Well cook our catch tonight whaddaya think?
I think I could eat fish every moment of the day. But hey sounds good. We grill them?
You sure love to fish dontcha?
Yeah I think its my Life Time Wish to catch all them perfect fishies Too bad I stay in the city though I should be making new plans about my next trip
OK Lets go in Im hungry.
I gutted and cleaned all fish already Bubbles It was perfect to sleep in the tent. I could hear them fish wake up!.... AH! Good morning Jozef! Good morning! Did you have a good time chatting with Nora last night at the campfire Jozef? I saw you two getting along pretty well!

Nora stiffened
Oh yes, Miss Bubbles ahem had a lot to talk about .

Morning all you lovely people Oh I slept great! lied Nora.
Morning Jozef, I hope I didnt keep you up too long last night?
Barry thought it was wise not to mention he had seen them two hugging the night before. It seemed they wanted not to share with the group. Hmm oh well. It was not any of his concern either. Its nice Nora I see you are wearing some color! Love that scarf you are wearing
Thank you Bubbles I think its the Tropical atmosphere of my room I am exposed to.
Wesley felt he needed to join the chit chatty conversation, but couldnt think of anything to say
My everyone was so friendly and polite!
What are your plans for today Nora? Maybe you care to join me shopping? I do have an extra bike
Oh erh I think I was going to do some reading up. Tomorrow afternoon I should be on my way. I have an important meeting coming up on Monday. I hope you dont mind?
OK Wesley Say it? Youve been chewing on it I have seen it. It was not just that grilled cheese sandwich you were chewing on something else too. Now Tell Nora be a dear whats on your mind? I think you look lovely this morning Nora. You must have had a wonderful nights rest. Barry knew where Bubbles kept Dr. Enqvists phone number now might be a good time to tell her where it was.
Jozef! Please pick up that fork!
Oh dear Yes he was going to take Wesley out today. He had to show him something.
You know Nora, I know its not any of my business, but you seem a little edgy around our other guests. Is there something thats bothering you? Oh Hi Jozef!
Well Nora began to say You are right Its none of your business really
Bubbles tip toed out of the kitchen Geez Now, she should not worry about that. They were just ships passing in the night her guests Maybe she should really give Evan a call. She needed to arm herself against this kind of behavior and not let it get to her.

Sooooo.. Nora.
What!?... Are you going to hear me out again?
It seems to me you have a hard time listening. You hear us speak, but you are not listening at all.
Wow. The way you just insulted that lovely Bubbles I am really sorry you have no one at home whom you can talk to. No one who ever puts an arm around you. I know why you are like this Its to shield yourself. You dont want to get hurt, and therefore you will hurt others. Ever thought about therapy? Hey I am a grown man. Been there, seen it all So hit me OK? Leave other people alone! I really think you should apologize to Bubbles. . Nora was dumbfounded. Jozef just gave her an icy stare.
She went to her Tropical room and took a nap. She packed the clothes she had been wearing and wouldnt need anymore.
She sat down and thought long and hard
I must say I was kind of shocked when you lashed out at me. But I figure now that you apologized I will forget all about that. You only have one more day Nora, I really hope you are enjoying your stay. Let me know if theres anything I can do.
No Bubbles. Theres nothing you can do more than you already have. I was wrong, I am really sorry.
. So.. What do you think Wes?
Wow. Lots of water Barry Lots of it. I can see fish jump out of it. Let me get my rod
Have you looked around Wesley?
Huh?...No! I am focused on the fish!
What if I told you this place here is for sale? It might be a great start for you. Setting up a Fresh Fish Distributor Center for all restaurants and Hotels and Inns here in the neighborhood What do you think?
I cant afford that Barry Simple as that.
But see heres the plan. I could afford it. Me and Bubbles could. If you would pay us rent until you are ready and earn enough with your business you could buy it from us.
We would get fresh fish for the Bluewater Inn for free from you. You pay us Monthly rent, as you are doing now too. And make a future for yourself How about that?
I could live here Thats for sure. I think thats a very good plan Is it for sale? Really?
Oh yes I could go fishing every single day! I I! YES!!! Would you??? Would you do that for me?
Barry glanced over the ocean. He could hear Wesley think.
Sure Wesley. Lets sit around the table and talk business tonight. I talked to Bubbles about it this morning. I also know the owner is selling cheap. The cabin needs a lot of work, but you are a handy man It has everything you need, we have some furniture if you like. You can use that. How about it?
Yes Wesley was ready to make a commitment. He would commit to a regular life and a job. He would fish, make money with that and have his own place well first he would pay rent But eventually, it would be his. They talked business They signed papers. Wesley paid them 4 months in advance. Heres to your future Mr. Damen! That all your fish may be fresh and good! I will need some Lobster next week. How about it? STOP! . Thats close enough! Any closer and youll see my wrinkles!
JOZEF!!! How about a goodbye hug my friend! I feel like the rainbow touched my soul!
Jozef was sad. How he despised that Winters woman at first, but then how she crept under his skin. Yes they kissed. It happened just like that. It was like a magnetic field you couldnt escape. He felt less bitter after that. As a matter of fact, he called his old buddy Jeff Haily about putting together a band, maybe with that awesome drummer Tadd Pole. They had been playing together before. There was talk about forming a band before. It was time the band would be a fact. They would perform at every club, every lounge and every bar. That was his destiny, not writing some dull autobiography. That could wait until he was older and grayer. If he had only learned one thing this weekend, it was that life was too short not to follow dreams. And he intended to do so Hey Blue Girl whats with all that luggage!?
Oh Jozef let me get that! Wesley added. Nothing ever could get him out of his euphoric mood.
Ill be on my way too. Just let me say good bye to you now!
They said their goodbyes, and Jozef found himself alone with Nora then. You take good care of yourself, colorful girl!
Oh Jozef! Yes Yes I will. Be sure to send me an invitation to your first gig. I am definitely going to be your groupie!
With those last heartfelt words, Nora left.
Are you OK Jozef?
Oh yes I sure am Bubbles
OK lets say goodbye to our fisher man then!.
Wesley had mixed feelings He felt like he had kin now. This was his family. But then again, he was very, very anxious to start his new life! And He could come back and visit his family any time he wanted. It wasn't tears in his eyes, it was the bugs and the sunlight oh, and the wind OK Bubbles Now let me ask you how to get to your Bluewater Inn
Kenny heard the man say Bluewater Inn, He saw the taxi leave. It probably dropped that man off here. He was apparently calling someone to ask for directions.
Bubbles theres a new booking Hes a 3 nighter GREAT! Name is Kenneth Steel. Oops That email is from some days ago. He will be here tonight! We need someone to check bookings regularly! We didnt even confirm!
Panic At least they had rooms available.
Car pulling up on the driveway Thats him already?
It was after midnight, when two new guests arrived at the Bluewater Inn.
No time to sit back and relax for Bubbles and Barry. Their B&B was becoming a hot spot!

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#16badangel^^^Mar 25, 2011

Great chapter, Fred! \:rah\:  Lol at Barry sleeping with his swimsuit! And at Jozef's expressions! I do wonder what was the turning point in Nora and Jozef's relationship. And new guests already Bubbles and Barry sure have a lot of work to do! :rah!

#17magikcalMar 25, 2011

Another awesome chapter!! \:rah\: 

#18simsjeanieMar 26, 2011

Oh - can't tell you how much I enjoyed to read this chapter! \:wub\: I loved seeing Nora changing from black and white to some colours; I loved seeing Jozef deciding to found a band; and I loved that dear Wesley can do what he loves most: fishing! I'm sure the BBB will serve the best fish far and wide! \:wub\: I love Bubble's kitchen and her brother. And I'm looking forward seeing your next chapter. Girl, you have great ideas! \:rah\: But the very best are these screenies that make me feel like being there - in rl! \:wub\:

#19orlovVIPMar 30, 2011

How very kind, and generous and compassionate Bubbles and Barry are! Wesley has a HOME!!!! But I am left to wonder what will happen to Nora and Jozef, I hope they come back ,or we get to drop in on them where ever they happen to be. . .will she be a groupie, something more ( I hope)  will he really get a band together . . .oh, so many questions! I Love Serials! Thanks for doing this!\:wub\: \:wub\:

#20MangioMar 30, 2011

Congrats on the feature, your 60th story already \:eek\: Please don't retire just yet \:D \:wub\: I'm glad Wesley found a beautiful spot beside the ocean. Glad Bubbles and Barry chipped in to help. I didn't want our lovely characters to leave... Nora and Jozef were just hitting it off! The screenshots were amazing, someone really needs to check their computer \;\) Evan and Kenny.. i wonder how they will go. B&B is certainly making a name for itself. Can't wait for more \:rah\:

#21Black PearlMar 30, 2011

<span id="result_box" lang="en"><span class="hps" title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">Oh</span><span title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">,</span> <span class="hps" title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">great</span> <span class="hps" title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">story</span><span title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">!</span> <span class="hps" title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">beautiful</span> <span class="hps" title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">screenshots</span><span title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">!</span> <span class="hps" title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">thanks a lot</span><span title="Нажмите, чтобы увидеть альтернативный перевод">!</span></span>\:wub\:
i like it!

#22HaagjeApr 1, 2011

Very very very very good, and very very very good story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#23Jennifer_RApr 21, 2011

Wonderful job again Fred! \;\) This is becoming a very entertaining story and the two new guests at the Inn I'm looking forward to meeting. Wonder who they are and why there here. I have questions, lol! Onto the next.... \:wub\:

#24FlatterApr 24, 2011

Pic 4 with Barry waking up with his glasses still on - priceless \:D Big-eyed Jozef starting at pic 8 when the evening before was mentioned... Your clutter is great again, giving colour to each pic!

#25ShelleyBJun 21, 2011

Wonnerfull, wonnerfull, wonnerfull..... I, too, think screen 10 is my favorite!! I wasn't sure what direction Barry was going to take in this chapter, but it will be great to add another "regular" to the B&amp;B in Wesley. He looks so much like the weekend fishermen living around here!! I love him!! \:D

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