A Day in Wonderland - Final Chapter!
Published Mar 27, 2011

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It's finally here! MurfeeL's A Day in Wonderland is almost over! Can you hardly stand the thrilling suspense!?

It's finally here! MurfeeL's A Day in Wonderland is almost over! Can you hardly stand the thrilling suspense!? Last time, we left during the climax of Iracebeth Heart's incredibly irascible decision to have the Mad Hatter guillotined!--not for failing to invite his friend the March Hare to his early morning tea party (the reason these poor folk are all at Mushroom Rock Road Park instead of at home in bed in the middle of the night), but for failing to stop his daughter Sophie from eating all of the Queen of Hearts' tarts! The Madd Hatter, dragged off by the Cheshire Cat, cannot believe he is going to be treated this way, all for some FOOD! But WAIT! The cry booms through the entire park, as bells ring, trumpets blare, and someone in the back plays a mean chord on the banjo! Who is it, disturbing this trial? Why--with the coming of the glorious dawn it is none other than Iracebeth's own sister, Mirana Diamonds, and she's brought along her entire White Army to storm the gates! But hadn't she been left for dea--passed out--by the White Rabbit, when he suddenly came to life waaay back in Part 2!? Mirana makes her intentions immediately known. Soft of voice she says evenly: I have come to speak in the Madd Hatters defense. Iracebeth is anything but even-tempered. How did she know they were here!? Mirana could only smile, a lovely thing to behold on this fine morn! My dear sister, she explained away with a careless wave of the hand, It is called a 'deus ex machina'! The March Hare was furious as well, and threw his teacup. Blast! That annoying narrator is always messing things up for me! First no tea party, and now no execution either!? I've been gypped! Mirana said coolly, No, actually the android machine Alice called me on my cell phone. The ringing woke me up from my terrible slumber. She told me that she was behind held under arrest by a blue caterpillar, and that if Madd wasnt rescued she would be replaced by some strange doll from Estonia--wherever that is! Iracebeth, at that moment, completely saw red. What the deuce, that machina! Off with her head, too! Mirana stepped forward, jaw squared with resolve. You will not harm the android Alice A-Teen65, and you shall not harm Hatter, either! The Hatter is a dear fellow, a kind and honest soul who, like myself, would never hurt a fly! He does not deserve to be punished for the narrators mistakes. Release him, or I and my knights, rooks and hapless pawns shall raze this park to the ground! The March Hare and Madd Hatter were equally perplexed by this declaration, and for a moment all was forgotten as they tried to make sense of Mirana's nonsensical chatter. Raise a park to the ground? Raise a--my what a paradox! I have never heard such a thing before! Iracebeth could only roll her eyes. Not raise! Raze! They did not understand. Huh? Iracebeth could only growl in irritation, Never mind! Mirana looked the March Hare in the eye. What say you, March Hare? Will you release the Madd Hatter? I'm not holding him--the Cheshire Cat is. Will you not have him guillotined, March Hare? Mirana sternly glared at the Hare, until his gaze faltered, and he gave a great sigh. RELEASE HIM, Cheshire! Neither he nor Alice will be harmed! Alice is escorted to the Madd Hatter, who is overjoyed that she has acted with incredible loyalty and saved her masters life! She is a good android after all! She will not be replaced. But what about ME!? The ventriloquist doll Kerli had all but been assured that she would have a place in Wonderland as the Hatter's new servant! Be quiet! Alice commanded, ceasing the doll's sobbing in an instant. We all have our place in the world, whether it be in the world of wonders, unders, and all of those in-between! I may not be the original Alice, but in my heart I know that I belong at The Hatter's side, no matter what I am called or what dress I am clothed in! My job is to serve, and I have learned my lesson completely! What about you? What is your REAL place, Kerli! How can you expect to be the Hatter's assistant when you have such an amazing career ahead of you!? And when's that new album of yours coming out; MurfeeL's been waiting practically two years already! Go home and get to work on another single! Mirana came with a White Army--you can at least come back with an Army of Love! The doll Kerli felt that her heartstrings had been cut. You are right, Alice. I need to get back to the studio. My fans need me, and my lace is beside them. The Madd Hatter could only interrupt: Well, actually, it's above them, when you're performing on stage! Everyone could only laugh at that. Well, all's well that ends well! What started off as a tea party hosted by the Madd Hatter ended as a tea party thrown by the March Hare, but while this one did cause much heartache and trouble to put together, in the end it was a far more splendid affair, with much galumphing and futterwacking. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! They chortled in their joy. Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe; all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe. TRANSLATION: And did Alice serve everyone as a good little android helper should? Of course she did. The End!

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#1murfeelMar 28, 2011

Ahhh! ^-^ I'm glad that's over! \:lol\: On to the next project! \:rah\: Thanks, everybody, for sticking with me till the end \:wub\: I love you all! \:wub\: *hugs and kisses*

#2ChlozztaMar 28, 2011

That was amazing good job Murfeel

#3ByzantineGirlMar 29, 2011

<strong>\:rah\: \:rah\: I LOVED IT!!!! \:wub\: I was so happy that Mirana who seemed so fragile, came to *the aid of the party* (forgive the pun!) and sorted everything out.&nbsp; I also loved how you used the chess pieces that you created to great effect.\:\) &nbsp; I also learnt that Kerli is an Estonian recording artist so like Alice said she has her amazing career to go back to.&nbsp; I'm so glad that Alice is not going to be replaced but I think she should have a day off every now and again! \:P Loved all the words you chose *O frabjous day! And the last picture - a classic ending.\:\) From reading previous comments this was obviously a featured story so many, many congrats to you, GREAT WORK!!! I'm sad it's finished - so what's your next one going to be about??? Steph xox \:D </strong>

#4MangioMar 30, 2011

Thanks for an amazing read, murfeel \:wub\: Loved your insanity, the characters on the other hand i suspect don't \:D Glad Mirana came to the rescue and the Queen of Hearts does have a heart \:P Glad Kerli has something to look forward to and our android, Alice is being good \:wub\: Wished it didn't end ~

#5RatRaceRobMar 31, 2011

LOL, Murfee L-- this was a wonderful fun fest, loved your version of the curious characters and your madd text, made all the better by that, ah, <em>fabulous</em> caterpillar getting the final line \:P ... I've long been a big fan of Wonderland, and now I'm a big fan of you, too \:wub\: \:rah\:

#6sara_ashleyApr 7, 2011

<strong><em>thank you so much for this amazing read Murfee \:wub\: anyway i love all in this story and it really makes laugh with your text and the choice for yours characters are just amazing too and your version too is amazing \:D !!! </em></strong><strong><em>I'm just a little sad that is finished and what's next now ??? and love the story too and your ending is a good reference on the Looney Toons lol \;\) anyway I am just a big fan of Lewis Carrol with Alice in Wonderland and now I'm a fan of you too \:wub\: \:D xoxo Sara</em></strong>

#7eviOct 7, 2011

Lovely story!\:wub\:

#8P.J.MM.VIPSep 14, 2020


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