Lost and Found - Chapter 5
Published Apr 20, 2011

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The two girls meet eachother... But why? And what are the consequences?

The two girls meet eachother... But why? And what are the consequences? Juliet stood on the front porch of her new house in Riverview. It was a beautiful pink and white cottage, dotted with flowers and wooden arches. It was pretty, but already the girl missed her High Rise apartment in Bridgeport. The thought that she would be stuck in the middle of nowhere for at least a few years made her scowl. It was bad enough that her mother and father had decided that she the only way she would be allowed to go to the elite college, The Phillipe Trez College, was if she passed her last exam with high grades - at least an A. Luckily she had and the thought of a rich, stuck up college cheared her up. She fell asleep quickly on her new, and luckily pink and purple, bed. Juliet woke up the next morning in a fowl mood. The bright sun and green grass were working on her nerves like a cheese grater. The next day was her first day of school and she hadn't done anything to prepare. Firstly, she thought, I have to get my hair done and that stupid school uniform out of the way. So that's what she did. Charity stared at her reflection in the mirror with a nervous expression. Her hair was a complete fail and the uniform looked like she had peed on it. In short, Charity thought she would rather die than go to the new school. She had gotten into the college with a scholarship and she knew that any person that got into the Phillipe Trez College with a scholarship was severly down graded. It pained her to think what all the arrogent people would do to her. However, even if she could pee in her pants (or skirt for this time) she wasn't going to step down. If she did, she knew her father would be angry with her. Charity walked into the living room and gave her father a hug.
"Bye dad," she said, laughing as he squeezed her tightly and wished her good luck.
The clock on the kitchen wall said she was 5 minutes late. Great, Charity thought, I'm going to be late on my first day of school. Juliet looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction. Luckily, she had had time to go to the hairdressers the day before after buying her school things. The uniform annoyed her but she knew that she would be able to pull it off. She pushed her hair out of her face as her mother called her for breakfast. Waffles, she thought with disgust, I'd rather have a salad for breakfast than those disgusting pieces of fat.
"Hurry up, Jules! You don't want to be late for school on your first day!" her mother shouted.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming!" She replied.
Half an hour later she was sitting in the baby pink car she had gotten for her birthday just before they moved to Riverview. She remembered throwing a tantrum for not getting the red convertible she had wanted, but now realised that a red convertible would've been too expensive together with the expenses of the college. Charity stood in a small group of teenagers infront of a stern looking man. Already, some of them had said behind her back that she looked tacky. The only one she'd gotten a smile from was a blue haired girl who she recognised as Suzie Jeffers, the daughter of the Mayor. Another one, a blonde, she knew was Perpetua Pearls, who insisted she was the neice of the queen. The boy she didn't recognise.
"And that was how Phillipe Trez founded the school. You may now go to your lessons," the man ended.
Charity stayed behind for a second.
"Would you happen to know where the toilet is, please?" She asked.
"Of course, dear. Just down that corridor over there, first door to the right," he explained.
"Thanks," she said, and made her way down to the bathroom.
Juliet ran down the inner courtyard of the school, she was late and she knew it, but she didn't mind. She had heard from someone that when you were early you had to listen to some boring speech from the headmaster, and she wasn't in the mood for that. "Hello, and who might you be?" an elderly man asked as she walked in through the door.
"My name is Juliet Suns. Please accept my apologies for being late, sir, but I had some problems," Juliet replied.
"Yes yes, well, you best go to your lessons. And I am Mr Yung, the headmaster. Now, chop chop!" he said.
But instead of going to her first class, she walked straight to the bathroom. She had noticed through her reflection in the window that her hair had been messed up a bit. She scowled at the bathroom door as she heard a flush. Great, she wasn't alone. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw someone stepping out of the toilet and thought she was dreaming. The girl that looked strangely like her looked at her strangely.
"Who are you? And why do you look so much like me?" the girl whispered, scared.
"I am Juliet Suns. And who the hell are you?"
"I'm Charity Paystone. Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? Making me scared by making someone look freakishly like me?"
"I don't exactly know... But what I do know is that you must be some kind of clone of me. I know! We must be separated twins!" Juliet exclaimed, excited at her discovery.
"Okay... That's weird... I never thought I'd be related to the daughter of the most famous actor ever," Charity said, uncertain of what to think.
"Oh, don't worry. We should go to my house after school and ask my mother about it. She knows everything!"
Charity thought this was stupid and something a seven year old, not a seven-teen year old would say, but she didn't complain. She had always wanted to know who her mother was and this was her opportunity to find out.
"Fine," she replied.

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_Timberlie_Apr 26, 2011

When will be next chapter?

urm0mApr 21, 2011

Their Mum is in for a shock :P

_Timberlie_Apr 21, 2011

Wow, it must have been strange: you meet someone who looks like you... I hope their mother will explain everything. I'm waiting for next chapter! \:\)

freeloloApr 21, 2011

i liked it am wondaring what her mum will say ????? \:\)

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