On Her Own- Reunion (3)
Published Apr 23, 2000

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It was 5 minutes until 4pm. Cole stood at the square, he kept looking at this watch and was growing more nervous as each minute approach. All the while still getting anxious because it seemed as though his clock was taking it's time.

It was 5 minutes until 4pm. Cole stood at the square, he kept looking at this watch and was growing more nervous as each minute approach. All the while still getting anxious because it seemed as though his clock was taking it's time. He kept adjusting his clothes. He had changed shirts several times before leaving his house. Maybe this is too formal he thought. Again adjusting his pants and picking the small lent off his shirt. It wasn't shortly after being there that he saw Sonia walking towards him. Behind her was Anna.
As she came near his smile widened nervously.
Cole: Thank you (he smiled to Sonia)
Sonia looked over at Anna who was looking a little puzzled.
Sonia: I'm doing this for her (she whispered softly)
Sonia: Anna. I think you remember my friend from the other day. I thought it would be nice to meet him. Anna, this is...this is Cole.
Cole glanced at Sonia and then looked at the little girl.
Cole: Hi Anna. It's nice to meet you again.
Anna smiled back at him.

Sonia: You know mommy. He looks like the prince.
Cole: The what?
Sonia: The prince. It's a bedtime story my mommy always tells me. It's about a prince who saves a princess from a mean dragon. He has red hair and blue eyes. Just like you.
Cole looked back at Sonia.
Cole: Well I hope he is brave.
Sonia: Oh he is.
The little girl went on to explain the bedtime story. How the maiden was locked away in a castle tower and the prince had come to save her. In return, she taught him how to love and care about people and he showed her a world outside of the castle.
Anna: It's my favorite story. I think you look just like the way my mom describes him.
Cole: Well that is a wonderful story. I am happy you shared it with me. You are a wonderful story teller. My mother used to tell me all kinds of stories when I was a little boy.
The little girl smiled in delight.
Sonia: Well. I have to go to the market really quick and pick up some things. Why don't you stay here with Cole while I'm gone. I will be back really soon.
Anna looked at Cole and then nodded.
Anna: Sure mommy.
The market was just outside the square. While Sonia went shopping, Cole and Anna went to sit down on a bench nearby. At first the both of them were quiet. Cole was so nervous being next to his daughter. He had so many questions but didn't know where to begin. He had taken over companies, presented multi- million dollar business deals, was a key guest speaker at a number of conventions, spoke 5 different languages, and he couldn't even talk to a 7 year old girl. Cole: favorite color is blue. What's yours?
Anna: Blue. I liked yellow second.
Cole: So your birthday is next month. Do you have any plans?
Anna: Not really. I want a butterfly party.
Cole: Butterfly party?
Anna: Yeah. Butterflies everywhere. That's my favorite insect.
Cole: Well, then you should have butterfly party.
Anna: I know but mom says I have one every year and I should think of something else.
So I'm thinking a caterpillar party.
Cole laughed.
Cole: Smart.
Anna: It's something else.
It didn't take long after that before the both of them began talking more.
Anna told him about school and her friends in 1st grade.
Cole: And what did you do?
Anna: I made him eat paste!
Cole laughed again.
Cole told Anna about what it was like when he was a boy. And all the trouble he got into when he was her age.
Cole: I broke my arm 2 times in the same summer. The doctors thought my parents were mean me. But really I was clumsy and kept falling out of our tree house.
Cole talked about his home in Connecticut and what he did there.
He couldn't help but stare at her when she talked to him. He looked at her long sometimes. He wanted to hug her. But didn't want to frighten her. He liked to make her laugh, he eyes twinkled and there was a small dimple on her cheek. Just then. She something caught her eye. She looked over next to them with delight. She put her finger over her mouth and pointed over to the side of them. Both of them looked over. And slowly walked to the other end of the square. Cole and Anna walked over to a flurry of pretty yellow butterflies.
Cole led the way but was having trouble catching one before they would flutter away.
Anna stepped in and taught him how to catch one.
Anna: You have to be still and gentle. And soon they will come to you.
It only took a few moments before her advise paid off.
Cole: Hey look at that!
After wards Cole and Anna played tag.
Anna: I'm the fastest girl in 1st grade. But all the boys are faster than me.
Cole: Phew! You are hard to keep up with.
He always made sure to stay a few feet behind to make the chase last longer.
By now the sun was beginning to set and Sonia had arrived back from shopping.
Sonia: Did you have fun with Mr. Cole Anna?
Anna: I sure did mommy. It was fun. I told him about my school and my friends and how I made Ronald Goth eat paste. Then we saw butterflies, played tag, and ate ice cream.
Sonia: Looks like you had a full afternoon. It is getting late and time for us to leave.
Anna: But what about dinner?
Sonia: I bought groceries.
Anna: But Mr. Cole-
Cole: I thought it would be nice if the two of you had dinner at my house.
Sonia: We can't possibly intrude on your day.
Cole: It's no trouble. I don't live that far from here. It would be my pleasure.
Sonia gave him a hard stare.
Sonia: No Cole. We can't. You've seen her. (she said quietly)
Anna: Mommy pleeeassseee! He says he has a big screen tv I want to see what his house looks like. Please mommy!
Sonia looked at her daughter.
Sonia: Let's go before it gets too late.
After dinner the three of them sat in his living room to watch a movie.
Cole: It's good to finally have good company over to the house. It's gets lonely sometimes.

Throughout the movie Anna kept looking over at Cole. There was something familiar about his face, but she just couldn't remember. Every now and then she did notice that they did things alike. Same gestures. Same laugh. And by the end of the movie, Anna had fallen fast asleep on the couch.
Sonia: We have to go.
Cole: Oh let her sleep the night.
Sonia: Cole we can't. We've stayed long enough.
Cole: It's too late for the both of you. I have extra rooms. You can leave in the morning. Just look how peaceful she is. Let her sleep.
Cole carried Anna into the extra bedroom. Sonia placed a shirt on her to sleep for the night. She went into the other guest bedroom down the hall
Cole stood looking at the little girl sleeping. He pulled the covers over her shoulder and slowly walked out.
The next morning Anna walked into the kitchen while Cole was cooking.
Cole: Good morning Anna.
Anna: What are you making?
Cole: French toast.
Anna: That's my mom's favorite. Can I help?
Cole: You sure can.
Together Anna and Cole made the french toast. And when they were done, they sat at the table and ate and talked more.
Anna: How do you know my mom?
Cole: We met a long time ago. She was working and I was a customer where she worked. She was very nice to me.
She listened closely as Cole talked about how they met. He skipped a lot of the truth to not give out too much information. But always spoke fondly of their time together.
Again, Anna stared at him a little longer than before. She watched when he scrunched his nose and how he gestured about something exciting.
A few hours later Sonia had finally awaken.
Sonia: I can't believe how long I slept. I didn't want to get out of bed. What are you two up to?
Cole: Trying to teach Anna here how to play chess. But I think she has been hustling me all along.
Sonia: Well it's getting time for us to go. Say goodbye Anna.
Anna: Aw Mommy. I've been having so much fun. Can I come to play with daddy again? Cole: What did you say?

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anura32May 3, 2011

Awww... That is sooooooo sweet. Is there gonna be one more chapter.

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