Our Dream - Part 1
Published Apr 28, 2011

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Hey everyone!
Well, this is one of my last stories I’ll be posting on TSR –after this they’ll be two or three left (one of which will be a 3-5 part story). I hope you enjoy this!

Hey everyone!
Well, this is one of my last stories I’ll be posting on TSR –after this they’ll be two or three left (one of which will be a 3-5 part story). I hope you enjoy this!
Do you ever get that feeling in the back of your head when you remember something you’re suppose to tell, or you forget something really important? It’s like a dull throbbing, a gentle sensation that can get annoying after a while. Well, I get it all the time. I’m always remembering and forgetting something, but it’s not an object. It’s something that never goes away… It’s something that always in front of me. I’ve known it since… I’ve known it since the day she was born.
“Dad, are you here?”
I turn my head towards her, giving her a false smile as my eyes strayed to the wall behind her. “Hey, you’re home early.” “Yeah, my teacher sent us out early. The teachers are having some important business meeting or something, I can’t really remember.” I hear her walking over to the couch. “What are you watching?”
“The game,” I replied back, avoiding her eyes and smile. “They’re losing…by six?! How can they?!”
“I don’t understand why you like that sort of stuff,” she said, sounding like she was frowning.
She sat next to me. I could feel her staring at me. For me, this was always awkward. For her, I had no idea.
She spoke up. “Dad, when are you going to get me a proper bag?”
This time I looked at her, a frown creasing my eyebrows. “What? I told you, soon.”
“But when’s soon?”
“Why’s it so important?”
She looked away. I was glad, feeling a little bit more relieved.
“…No reason.” She replied after a moment.
Another moment of silence passed. Again, this was feeling awkward when she stared at me again. I did my best not to look at her.
“I love you”
I didn’t respond. She sat there, smiling at me…Then she got up and left, taking her books and bag with her.
That is why I have the dull sensation in the back of my head. I never responded to her when she said that. I couldn’t…
I use to wish I was a better father, but then I gave up. I realised that it was better this way. That there was no other way to deal with this situation. She’d be happier this way, I know she would…
Mrs Burston walked in. “Good morning class!”
All the children turned towards the front, their keen eyes on the teacher but their voices droning as they all spoke in unison “Good Morning Mrs Burston.”
The lesson began. She didn’t really pay any attention in class. She never did really. She’d just draw small notes across her page and in her books. The teacher got mad at her, but she didn’t really care. She always felt unmotivated, always like she was missing something… “Hey, Damien! Anyone in there?! Dude!”
I shook my head, knocking myself back into reality. “What, Bran?”
“Geez, what’s up with you? You’ve been out of it lately,”
“It’s nothing. I just…The anniversary is coming up soon.”
Brandon offered me a sympathetic. “Forgot about that…” Silence fell between us. He spoke up again, only this time I wished I didn’t have to hear what he said.
“You gonna tell Naomi this year?”
“What do you think?!” - That was a little harsher than I intended – “It’s better if I don’t. Trust me on this.” Brandon just rolled his eyes and said “That’s what you always say, and yet you still come to work looking as though you’re desperate to tell someone something.”
“Hey, whatcha guys doing?”
I turn to her, thankful that she came just at the right moment. “Nothing really.”
“Didn’t sound like ‘nothing’. The manager could hear you from upstairs.” She whispered.
“Well you can tell him that that’s how we work!” Brandon yelled, deliberately pointing his comment to the manager upstairs.
“Hey, do wanna get fired again, Brandon?!” she shouted.
“Now who’s yelling, Vanessa?” I commented sarcastically.
“Stay out of it Damien!”
“Hey, shut it! I’m trying to sleep!”
We all turned towards the door. He came lumbering out, obviously tired. “What’s up with you guys?”
Vanessa turned apologetic. “Sorry, David, it’s just these two loud-mouths. How come you’re tired?”
“My landlord kicked me out of the complex. I spent all night trying to find somewhere to stay,” he said with a yawn.
“Oi, you know you can come stay with me, right?” Brandon offered.
David shook his head. “Nah, I found a place. It’s alright…”
Silence fell over us. It was a common silence. It was something we all hated. We wanted to stop it, but yet it always came back. It was something we had never grown use to.
“What happened to us guys?” Vanessa spoke up quietly.
I shrugged. “I don’t know…”
“Alright, backstage crew! Get yourselves up here!”
And with that, the silence just got worse…
“So did you tell him?”
Naomi looked to her friend, sadly. She shook her head. “No, I tried but…he was ignoring me again.”
“But if you don’t tell him, you’ll get in trouble,” Jennifer said.
“I know…but…” She trailed off.
“You’re afraid to tell your dad?” Tina said, sitting next to the two girls.
They both turned to her. Naomi simply nodded. “Yeah, I am…I just don’t know how to say it. It’s so hard...especially when he ignores me.”
“You still have to try though,” Tina said, sounding like she was an all wise woman.
Naomi turned away from her friends. “I…I don’t know him at all. How can I talk to a complete stranger without knowing how they will react?”
That comment left her thinking, a silence fell over the group.
“Have a good weekend everyone! Don’t forget, the talent quest is on in five days,” Mrs Burston said as the children rushed out.
Naomi was eager to get home, to start practicing…
My phone rang. I moved away from everyone to outside. I checked to see…an unknown number? I answered it. “Hello?” “Mister Rogers, this is Kate Burston.”
Naomi’s teacher? “Eh, why are you calling me?”
“If possible, could you come in to the school? I have to discuss Naomi’s current grades and approach to the classroom.”
I froze. What was she doing this time?! “Fine, I’ll be in soon.” I hung up and walked back inside. “Hey, guys, I gotta run!”
I arrived in less than ten minutes. This felt like a waste of my time. Then again, this was Naomi, she was a different story all together… “I’m finding that she is always distracted,” she said, struggling to find the right words.
“What? You mean looking out the window or something?” I asked.
“No. She doesn’t do any work. For example, today instead of writing down the capitals of the world, she scribbled these silly little musical notes and drawings all over her page. I think that her friends, the bullying, the fact that you are-” “Wait, bulling?!” I said, too loudly. She was being bullied?
The teacher looked surprised that I didn’t know. “She’s been bullied by two other children in the class. They call her names, and I’m not sure what else, but I think it might be affecting her grades.”
“What are her grades?” I asked, still wanting to know more about the bullying in the back of my head.
Kate sighed. “Mostly D’s…only a few C’s.”
Now I was really frustrated. The grades and bullying weren’t a good mix. I tried to control myself as I asked. “What are they bullying her about?”
She looked away. She was obviously sad. “Naomi has a lot of potential,” she said “just not in the classroom. I’ve heard that she’s excellent on the violin, but…she doesn’t know, about you, does she?”
I shook my head.
“She’ll tell you when she’s ready, about the bullying.”
Silence surrounded me again as I exited the classroom.
“Hey, you’re home late!” she said running to the door.
I sighed. “Yeah, guess I am…” I suddenly felt helpless. She was getting bullied, but she wasn’t telling me anything…
She began walking away. I spoke up. “Naomi…”
She stopped and turned around. From the corner of my eye I saw she looked like she was beaming with joy as I called her back. “Yes, dad?”
I sat down on the couch. She joined me.
“Is there anything you want to tell me?” I asked quietly.
I saw her face fall, but didn’t look at her. She looked away from me. “No, there’s nothing.”
“Can I tell you something, dad?”
I nodded. “What is it?”
She was nervous. I could tell by the way she wrung her hands in her lap. “I, um…I’ve entered…I’ve entered the talent quest!”
Shock made my eyes go wide. For the first time in a long time, I looked at her for more than five seconds. “What?!”
She looked surprised. “I-I…entered the talented contest.”
“Why did you do that?!” I yelled, standing up. This was bad, this was really bad! What if she found out? What if she gets told by someone else? I couldn’t let her go into this!
“I-I-I wanted to p-play in front o-o-of everyone!” she stammered fearfully.
I couldn’t look away. “You can’t! You can’t go into that contest! I FORBID IT!”
With that she scurried away, sobbing as she did. Her door slammed.
The silence crept back again…
I collapsed onto the floor, sitting there and feeling like a lifeless heap. But this was right though. This was the right thing to do… wasn’t it? “Did you tell him?” Naomi remained silent.
“Hey, Naomi, speak to us…”
Silence was her only response.
“If you’re gonna keep acting like this, we won’t sit with you anymore.” And with that, they left.
From the corner of her eye, she saw her tormentors approach.
“Alright, let’s move, move, move! Off stage now!!”
We all ran off before the show started. We took a moment to regain our breaths. Once the concert started, we were able to talk.
“Man I hate that guy!” Brandon said.
“You’re not the only one,” David and I said in unison.
We heard them announce the singer’s arrival. Millions of screams sounded. Thousands of claps were made. The crowd was huge…
“Ugh, out of my way, backstage!”
He, the most awful singer in the world –Shane Smoothlove - walked past us, pushing Vanessa out of the way when she didn’t move.
She fell forward in front of him, letting out a loud yelp as she collided with the ground. “Lady, I know you fancy me, but that doesn’t mean you have to grovel on your hands and knees to get my attention. How about midnight tonight, after the concert, ‘kay? My place?”
We made an attempt to go help her, but Brandon stopped us. “Hey, what do you think you’re doing you punk?!”
“Excuse me, but who are you to talk to me like that?” Shane said, turning to Brandon.
Brandon rose up to the challenge. “And who are you to push her over and try to sweet talk her?!” He looked as though he were about to raise his fist at him.
Vanessa stood up. “I’m fine.”
“Brandon, calm down,” David said.
“Stand down!” I shouted.
Brandon didn’t move. He looked like he was about to raise his fist. Then back down, still glaring at the singer, who was looking fearful a moment ago.
Smoothlove walked off, his nose high as if he had won the battle.
“I could have taken him,” Brandon grumbled.
David looked outraged, flinging his arms in the air. “Would you stop! What do think ounching that guy up would have done?!”
“What the hell were you thinking?” I said, my voice somehow remaining neutral.
He turned on me. “What would you have done? Nothing! You didn’t do anything just now, did ya?!”
“That’s because he has common sense!” Vanessa yelled.
“Hey, I just saved your butt! This is the thanks I get?!” he exclaimed in frustration.
“I was fine, you didn’t have to get involved!” she retorted. “I can take care of myself. I’m not a little girl!!”
“I know that, but is it really that bad that I care?! He was treating you like trash! I’m not gonna stand by and let ANY man do that!!”
“Why do you care?!”
“We all care!” David yelled. “Don’t go accusing him for caring!”
“I didn’t see you standing up for her!” Brandon turned on David.
“I just stood up for you just then, and this is the thanks I get?!” David yelled back.
“Everyone, just be QUIET!” I yelled.
But it was no use.
Before I knew it, we were all arguing with each other. We were yelling over each other, letting out all of our frustrations and madness from the past. This is what it was all building up to. This is what we were all trying to hold back. It was this anger that we were all bottling in, and now we were releasing it.
For once I wish that the unnerving silence would come to smother this argument to nothing.
She closed the door behind her when she arrived home. She went straight upstairs and took hold of her violin. Without a second thought she played. She played not knowing what the piece she playing was. She found the notes on a scrap piece of paper outside of one of her dad’s friend’s houses.
She didn’t ask if he played an instrument. She just took the paper home and played it. She was enchanted by the tune the moment she started playing it.
She closed her eyes, seeing the notes behind the closed eyelids. They flowed from her to her fingers and the strings of the violin. She was in her world of freedom and longing. Longing for something to fill the emptiness in her heart…
Sadly, the piece came to an end. She paused, the violin falling to silence. The door opened. Dad was home…
The emptiness sudden got a lot bigger.
“Wow, cool haircut!”
Naomi looked up to the crowd on the other side of the playground. She saw from afar that one of the boys had gotten a new haircut. It looked a lot like her dad’s.
She always liked her dad’s haircut. She thought it made him look so unique and cool. She remembered when she was younger that she wanted to get the same haircut…
…but when she went, he stopped her. He told the hairstylist to give her the usual. She didn’t understand why. She didn’t question his authority.
She thought she should have done that a long time ago…
“Hey Naomi!”
She fearfully looked up. The boy with the new haircut…her bully. “Y-Yes?”
“You haven’t admired my new haircut,” he said with a grin.
“She was silent for a moment, then said. “I-I-It’s great…”
“I look cooler than your dad now,” the boy boasted “He’s one of the those guys that my mum hates, but she let me get this haircut, because I told her I’d look better with it!”
Without warning Naomi stood up. “My dad is so much cool than you!” Where did that come from? Why was she so angry right now?
“What?” he asked clearly surprised.
“My dad is the best ever! He looks so much cooler than you, any day! You’re just jealous that he looks cooler than you with the haircut!”
Suddenly, the bully stepped up to her. “You know about your dad right?”
She froze. “What?”
“You know what your dad was, right? You know why he has this haircut, don’t ya? If you don’t, then sit down and be quiet!”
What her dad was? What was he talking about? To her, he was talking in riddles. All around her, the kids were watching and now they were talking about her dad. She couldn’t understand what they were saying. Her head hurt, it burned. She sprinted away, grabbing her school bag along the way.
She heard the teachers call out after her. She didn’t turn back.
She collapsed when she reached her room. She panted and gasped for air. Sweat formed on her forehead, tears were welling in her eyes. What did he mean? Was he joking around?
…Something crinkled down the hallway.
She stood up, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She walked out of her room into the hallway. Her eye caught something down the end. She walked towards it, curious. A piece of paper? She bent down the pull it out of the door. It was jammed. This was dad’s private room. She wasn’t allowed to enter…
…But maybe for once, she would have to go against his authority, just this once…so she could be noticed by him for once!
…She opened the door…
…to find…
An empty room with some strange posters on the wall, an old TV, the window open and a bookcase with old books, and video tapes taking up the top and bottom shelves.
The paper flew away; she caught a quick glimpse of what was on it. Her eyes widened. She was about chased after it but tripped. She looked back seeing a thin black cord leading to the cupboard.
What was he hiding? Was this was the other children were talking about? Would this get her the attention she desperately craved? So many questions ran through her head. Only one answer was left for her.
Open the door.
She stepped to the door, her fingers shaking. Without a second thought… …She opened the door. Continue onto part 2, it should have been published today as well. :D

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#1FikcijaApr 29, 2011

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you!!! I missed you and your stories so much!!! Thank you for continuing writing!!! \:rah\: Okay, I'm back to earth now \:D At first I didn't notice it was your story, I just chilcked because I liked the cover. When I started reading at some point I thought the writing style is similar to yours... And when I finished reading the story and checked who wrote it - it's you! Great start, very intriguing and I'm off to read more! \:rah\:

#2kanzenApr 30, 2011

Your story is very interesting plot-wisem I like it! However the way you write it is not quite polished. So far I haven't seen any grammar mistakes but if it weren't for the images to act as guides, the readers will get confused. Heck, even with the images I got lost at some point. I suggest that you write things more descriptively and use indications that you will change scenes - like "meanwhile at their house, that same time at Naomi's school etc." I hope these help. Keep it up!

#3GirlGamer12Apr 30, 2011

Nice story!

#4urm0mApr 30, 2011

Great start \:D

#5CloudwalkerNZMay 1, 2011

Awesome beginning \:wub\:

#6fabrizioammolloMay 1, 2011

Very catchy story.

#7clairepitts1994May 26, 2011

Okay first of all I absolutely LOVE your writing style!! \:D I'm so glad you're writing again on tsr if only it be for a short while. I liked the way you jumped between scenes and didn't find it difficult to follow at all, and you created such intrigue that the reader couldn't possibly stop after reading the first screenshot. On to the next part!!!!

#8johndenverJun 30, 2011

good start \:\)

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