The Veronaville Chronicles (Intro)
Published Apr 26, 2011

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Welcome to my new story. This time it's Veronaville. Many people asked to write about this neighborhood and it seemed logical to continue chronologically. I knew a lot abou Pleasantview and Strangetown because when the Sims 2 game just appeared I played them a lot and read everything there was to know about the characters, theories and anything else. But Veronaville never fascinated me, so I'm sorry if the intro will seem a bit dull... And some of the pictures found in game already seem to have a very poor quality... Probably a leftover from my video card problems some time ago... I am very sorry for that, but the new ones seem to be fine, so it's only a few.

If you are new to my stories, I should say that the Chronicles series is more about "how I play my sims" than an actual story, but I try to keep it as interesting as possible to everyone out there.

Welcome to my new story. This time it's Veronaville. Many people asked to write about this neighborhood and it seemed logical to continue chronologically. I knew a lot abou Pleasantview and Strangetown because when the Sims 2 game just appeared I played them a lot and read everything there was to know about the characters, theories and anything else. But Veronaville never fascinated me, so I'm sorry if the intro will seem a bit dull... And some of the pictures found in game already seem to have a very poor quality... Probably a leftover from my video card problems some time ago... I am very sorry for that, but the new ones seem to be fine, so it's only a few.

If you are new to my stories, I should say that the Chronicles series is more about "how I play my sims" than an actual story, but I try to keep it as interesting as possible to everyone out there.
So we all know the basics. There is the Capp family, there is the Monty family and the families have been fighting for years.
First we visit the Capps. You can see Consort Capp in the background. His wife Contessa is dead, so is one of his daughters. Consort lives alone with three grandchildren, left to right: Juliette, Hermia and Tybalt. Juliette is secretly in love with Romeo Monty, as you can see her telling this secret to Hermia. A forbidden love... And Tybalt is strongly against it, he carries on with the families' hate towards one another.
The only reason I can think off why this whole war between families started is, well... cherchez la femme, look for a woman. In this picture we see younger Consort on the left, while on the right there is Patrizio Monty, kissing Contessa, who we know later married Consort. And this is their (Consort's and Contessa's) daughter Cordelia, putting Juliette and Hermia to sleep with her husband Caliban, and you can see Tybalt as a child too. The girls in this picture are probably Hermia and Juliette, though I have no idea who is the girl in green. And the boys are Tybalt arguing with Romeo Monty. Family fight continues over the generations... Here is the Monty family. Patrizio Monty didn't stay single after all, he married Isabella and they are still together after all these years, they're on the left. On the far right you can see Mercutio, and on the front there's Romeo, thinking about Juliette. Patrizio's and Isabella's son Claudio is dead, so is Claudio's wife Olivia, so they have to take care of their teenage grandchildren Mercutio and Romeo. It is said that Patrizio never forgot Consort's broken promise. It is known that they used to work together and here we can see them fighting. I don't know if the "promise" is about Contessa or the business, but it's obvious both things went wrong and we know the result... This is Claudio Monty marrying Olivia. It says something in the description about Isabella knowing a secret how to make perfect Baked Alaska. The family mourning both Claudio and Olivia. There is one more family in Veronaville - Summerdream. Oberon on the top left, Titania on the top right, Puck on the front (thinking about Hermia) and the girl's name is Bottom. Oberon and Titania playing together as children. So they most probably grew up together. They are in love as adults, but not married, but the game says they both want to, yet somehow they grew apart for unknown reasons. I know, complicated... This is probably Puck with his real parents, giving him up for adoption. Both Puck and Bottom are adopted children, Oberon and Titania don't have children of their own. And here we can see Puck in the hottub with Hermia, Juliette and (probably) Romeo. Puck is in love with Hermia, so it would make sense that there are two couples.

To sum it up... The description says that the Summerdreams have cast a spell romance on the youth of Veronaville to reunite the families. What comes out of it we will see soon... I was tempted to make Veronaville a themed old historical neighborhood, but I must admit that it would take a lot of time and dedication and I am both too lazy and too busy to do that. But I have made some of my own adjustments to the pre-made situation that you will see later on. Other than that, there are still a few families that don't have pre-made pictures, but are just as important, so I will introduce them with what I have.
Here is the very big part of the Capp family. The woman in the red dress is Goneril, Consort's daughter. The man in red is her husband Albany. The teenage girl on the left is Miranda, the girl in pink on the right - Desdemona, the boy - Hal. Goneril is holding little Ariel. Albany wants a big family. Having 4 children already isn't enough, he wants more! He also wishes his children loved each other more... Goneril really wants a career and more financial stability, but it's obviously complicated to achieve in the current situation... It says in the description that little Ariel is afraid to be lost and unnoticed in such a big family. Also that Desdemona (in this picture, on the right) wants to be like her big sister Miranda. Miranda (on the right) is described as rebellious and wanting to get out of her parents' house as soon as possible. She doesn't seem to care much about the fighting between families as she has a crush on Romeo's brother, Mercutio Monty. There's not much about the only boy Hal, except a slight hint that he should be a knowledge sim when he grows up. Another part of Capp family. The woman's name is Regan, she is also Consort's daughter (Goneril's sister). It is said that she wants to make her own path in business, without her parents' money. On the right (the man in a suit) is her husband Cornwall, also an aspiring businessman. The man in the front, in a blue sweater, is Regan's brother Kent. Cornwall doesn't like that Kent is living with them, especially since they are only starting their independent lives, having no jobs and so tight on money. Kent is also described as a black sheep in the family, the only person who doesn't care about making money and has a passion for knowledge. He also has absolutely no interest in the fighting between families and a big passion for Bianca Monty, who we will meet next. Bianca Monty, daughter of Patrizio and Isabella Monty. Finally starting an independent life. She always felt a bit overprotected from the world by her parents and brothers, now she is finally out in the real life, looking forward to start a family some day. And the last ones. Bianca's brother Antonio Monty and his twin children - Beatrice and Benedick. Antonio's wife died young, as it is said - under mysterious circumstances that are somehow connected to the fighting between families. Veronaville is the only neighborhood of the base game three that I actually played along with the messages suggesting actions when you fist enter. I followed them all... Except for none have shown up in the main Capp family. I probably broke something [again], but I knew what's supposed to happen and it was almost accurate... Juliette had Romeo visiting her. Risky, I'd say! But you know, young love... In the charm of the moment Juliette asked Romeo to go steady and he agreed. Who knows how will it end, since they are such an impossible couple - Juliette being a family sim and Romeo a romance sim. But for now they're happy. By original Consort Capp should have come and shoved Romeo away, but it was Tybalt who decided to fight him. Bad day for Romeo... Making a commintment to a girl he's unsure of and ending up beaten by that girl's brother... Poor Juliette. Tybalt is so passionate about the whole fight thing. Only Hermia understands her wishes of everyone getting along peacefully. Almost the same story at the Monty ranch. The game suggests that Romeo wants to invite Juliette over and make out with her. She comes with company! Both Hermia and Tybalt. Unsurprisingly Romeo's brother Mercutio insults Juliette. (By the way, did I mention Mercutio has a crush on Hermia?) Tybalt stands up for his sister and starts a fight with Mercutio. Tybalt wins! Following these events there's a party going on hosted by the Summerdreams. With all the youth attending... Risky at least. But love is in the air (sorry for the angle, it's set up like a basement of some sort, couldn't zoom in any more) and Puck finally decides to show his feelings towards Hermia. They kiss for the first time and decide to go steady. Too bad for you, Mercutio. Following the example of the young ones Oberon decides to nurse the fire between him and Titania. They seem to have lost feelings to each other, each one of them burried in their own activities... But maybe it's time to change it. Or at least try and fix things. Oberon proposes to Titania and she accepts. Yet like I said, the party was risky at least... Mercutio starts a fight with... Juliette? This time Tybalt is just watching. Maybe he's too tired to fight any more today. Either way there seems to have been some complaints about the party being too loud so a police officer comes and sends everyone home. There is a theory that Oberon and Titania couldn't have their own children and that separated them eventually, that they hoped adopted children would make the family feel complete but it didn't work... But I have my own theory why the flames have faded a little. And why they are still sleeping in separate beds, even after the engagement. They are really hiding something from each other. But sooner or later it will be too obvious to ignore... I like to think of this picture as "You don't respect your parents who died in the name of our family, protecting our honor and fighting against our sworn enemies!". Which by the way sounds even more convincing with Consort's daughter Cordelia floating around. It's obvious she died young and died in the fire. Not a very natural death indeed... And Juliette almost did the same thing just while cooking dinner for the family. But other than that there is not much going on. The three siblings get along quite well, even though they are so different. Tybalt is all about "defending the family name" and being against the Montys, Juliette strugling between remaining loyal to her family and being happy following her heart and Hermia silently supporting Juliette, even though keeping most of the thoughts about it to herself. Maybe it will be at least a little easier for Juliette when Tybalt goes to college quite soon? As for other part of Capp family, Cornwall was still arguing if it's really a good idea to let Kent live with them. They barely had the money to pay for the new house, it had only the most needed furniture and their low-level jobs weren't making a fortune... Luckily Regan was climbing the career lader surprisingly fast, coming home with promotions every day for the first few days. She seemed to do this so much better than Cornwall, which probably annoyed him too. She even wondered sometimes if he really loved her or was this marriage for the money... It's rumoured about the whole Veronaville, that most marriages are not out of love but the "right" people marrying other "right" people, something that "fits" with the family. That's why the relationships of spouses there are quite low at the beginning. Kent wasn't happy either, feeling unwelcome... When he finally got the job as a teacher, which he really wanted, Kent started thinking of moving out on his own. But it would still take a while to earn enough money to do so. The situation was even worse with the other Capps. Having such a big family, no jobs, big unfurnished house that barely fits all the children's beds... And even with that Albany wanted more children. And now that Goneril has finally got a job as a lawyer it really troubled her, how another pregnancy would affect her career? But the children grow up so fast and at least they require less and less direct attention. Little Ariel will start school soon... (sorry for the PJs, they had no money for a changing table to dress the toddler into everyday) And Hal is already a teenager, fully capable to take care of himself. Make no mistake, Goneril loves children. This she did on her own, without me directing her. It's just the balance in life she is seeking. Enough is enough. Meanwhile Miranda was taking care of her social life. She had a crush on Mercutio and decided to tell him how she feels. Spring is in the air in Veronaville and... They ar now officially going steady. (Please ignore the slight misunderstanding that he just kicked over the garbage can of Miranda's family. You know, teenagers, mood swings...)

P.S. At first I thought it's weird, pairing him up with Miranda, since he's a Monty and she's a Capp... Even though he had a crush on Hermia Capp... But it says in his description that he doesn't support the fight between families. Then what does he have against Juliette? I have no idea. Oh well, teenagers, mood swings...
Back at the Monty family Patrizio was spending time with Isabella discussing food. It is sayd in the sims wiki that they own a restaurant... But I have nothing to prove it, even though I have plans of making one for them to own! But nothing is as good as it could be. I missed the exact moment when it happened, but Patrizio died. Leaving Isabella truly miserable. She would wake up at night and speak of her dead son Claudio (Mercutio's and Romeo's father), or of the baby grandchildren she wants to have (possible some day from Bianca)... ... And as if that wasn't enough, a burglar broke into the house right after Patrizio's death. Maybe he was after the inheritance?

P.S. For a moment I thought he would steal the bench on which Patrizio and Isabella used to sit. But no, he just took a painting... And quite a cheap one...
Even the ghost Patrizio is crying. I don't know why... Could be countless reasons. Maybe it's because of poor Isabella. Maybe because of the theft... Maybe he's sad because he died without resolving his issues with Consort. Or maybe it's the opposite, knowing that his children are not interested in continuing the fight... Despite the recent loss, another part of Monty family was doing fine for the time being. The twins were growin up fast and were soon going to be able to take care of themselves, so Antonio wouldn't have to worry about leaving them alone at home when going to work. Here are they as teens, as they grew up... ...and as they look now. Bianca Monty was feeling lonely. This whole "out on my own" thing was nice, but something was missing. She really wanted a family... She started calling Kent to come over more and more often until one lovely spring day... She gathered all her courage and kissed him... which was her very first kiss ever! The next day, when Kent came over for dinner, he also had a surprise for her. Wasn't long before he moved in. Kent didn't want to cause tension between Regan and Cornwall, he felt he was an unwanted house guest. And both Kent and Bianca didn't really care about the whole fight between families thing, they wanted everyone to live in peace and maybe this would be a good example. As for Summerdreams, the secret meetings took place... There were decisions to make that would influence the whole future of Veronaville. Titania had some mystic roots in her family... The elf ears don't come out of nowhere. She knew some simple tricks, mostly love ones. Like those she cast in Veronaville recently in hope to reunite the families. And her activities didn't go unnoticed. More power, greater power was being offered to her. What she didn't know, that Oberon was often visited by someone too... Meanwhile children where very excited about the engagement. And it didn't take long before the wedding actually happened. Oberon and Titania at last took their relationship to the final step. They were meant to be together for a long time now. Cheering for the newlyweds! Cake time. This was the most exciting for some younger couples, like Puck and Hermia. And soon after that Titania was visited again. Things were different now. Titania was sensing something different with her. She knew she was pregnant... A little miracle, her own child. Coming into this hostile world. She would do all it takes to protect it. Titania has never felt so weak in her whole life... She wanted that greater power. She needed it. Her unborn child needed it. Her body started to feel warm... ...and suddenly she was floating in the air... ...feeling slightly different. Her first spell with the new abilities lit the whole house in a pretty and protective light... Telling the world a new witch was born, a good one. She thanked Celeste (the witch who gave her the powers) and promised to use them only in good intentions. Titania felt safe now. But no one had to know of it just yet... The changes weren't yet obvious and there was no need to rush with the news. As she was thinking that to herself, something else was happening behind her back. Oberon took the offer proposed to him. His body felt like being stung by countless little needles for a moment... ...and then he was suddenly a new man. His first spell brought an enormous storm upon the house, with heavy rains and lightning. He thanked Angie and started planning what to do next... This was a different kind of deal. He never admitted to himself, but he was slightly jealous of Titania's magical past in the family. Besides, it was always the women... Always the women getting more power, being stronger, better at it... He devoted his life to knowledge, to studying and never even came close to compare with her. Now he, a MAN was being offered new incredible power. He didn't care much where it came from. It was his now, that was the only thing that mattered. In all these big events like parties, weddings, magic stuff... And both Titania and Oberon rushing off to their nocturnal jobs every evening... Little Bottom was actually alone at home when having her birthday. Slightly lonely... Wishing to never be lonely again. She would do anything to become popular. Which isn't going to be too difficult, having such an amazingly pretty face. She just needed the right haircut... this is much better. Normally she would get her face painted, like the whole family. Being a part of it... But for now she just wants to be the part of a big world out there. And with all those things happening so intensively, maybe no one will notice. And this is where I leave you. Tell me what you think! I personally think it turned out better than I expected. I never really found Veronaville interesting, now it is, because I made it so. That phrase in the description of the Summerdream family, that they cast a spell of love on Veronaville... It kept spinning in my head until I came up with this idea of constant fight between good and evil. The balance. One part wanting to maintain the chaos, the destruction, the fightings... And another working towards peace and love and happiness for all equally. Both needed to make a balance. I really put my heart into making this introduction, at least the second part, where the gameplay really begins, so I hope you like it. :)

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#1MangioApr 27, 2011

What an enjoying intro \;\) \:wub\: I really love how you play and annotate.. can't wait for more

#2martoeleApr 27, 2011

Yes, I agree with you.... I wasn't very fond of Veronaville myself but you gave it indeed an interesting twist. \:D It's nice to see those old simmies back! \:cool\:

#3martoeleApr 27, 2011

Oh... and congratulations for having made it to the Sims2 index page! \:cool\:

#4-kalisa-Apr 27, 2011

The Veronaville Chronicles! Finally!!! \:D About Veronaville... Isn't it weird that the families are supposed to hate each other but Kent loves Bianca (and vice versa), Juliette loves Romeo (well, that's nothing new :P), Miranda loves Mercutio and so on... And the Summerdreams are friends with both of the families... Complicated... I like it how you turned Titania and Oberon into witches, very interesting \:\) The last and only time that I really played with my Veronaville I went Shakespeare-crazy and found the story of Veronaville absolutely fascinating, named all the babies after characters of Shakespeare's novels and Antonio Monty opened a bakery called "Capp-Cakes" just to tease the Capps \:P Hoping to read more soon, congrats on the feature! \:D

#5muiseApr 28, 2011


#6CloudwalkerNZApr 29, 2011

Good intro \:rah\:and suprisingly long for a intro \:\)

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