Welcome to the Childhood (4)
Published May 3, 2011

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Welcome to the Childhood (4: The Good, the Badly, and the Friendly)

((Author’s Note: Caught up on your reading of the series “Occasionally Yours,” by TSR’s Spladoum? If not, you’ll probably want to do that soon. This series and that series are on the very verge of… ah… hooking up))

Welcome to the Childhood (4: The Good, the Badly, and the Friendly)

((Author’s Note: Caught up on your reading of the series “Occasionally Yours,” by TSR’s Spladoum? If not, you’ll probably want to do that soon. This series and that series are on the very verge of… ah… hooking up))
Valley Elementary School, 3:00 PM
The students in Miss Crumplebottom’s first grade class are awaiting the bus to take them home for the day. Although it is only Thursday, they will all soon be enjoying a long weekend. Valley community schools have the day off on Friday (May 20), in observance of Doolittle Day.
For the holiday tomorrow, Dahlila “Lil” Bachelor has invited the entire first grade class to a party at her house. Jules Simanski and his classmates, Leo Sekemoto and Henry Hatch, are discussing this while they wait for their bus. Which is late. As usual. [Leo:] “My parents are going to take me and Jules to the party after we go to Sam’s graduation.”
[Henry:] “I get to go early because my mom is making all the food. She says the party is going to be like a carnival!”
[Jules:] “I’ve never been to a carnival before. What’s that like?”
[Leo:] “It should be fun, Jules. Even though the girls will be there, too. I just wish we could start summer vacation when the big kids graduate. They’ll be done with school forever and we still have to go for another two whole weeks. How’s that fair?” Jules is too excited to concern himself with another two weeks of school. Tomorrow will be a great day. First, he will be going with his family to the big kids’ high school to watch Windy (and Leo’s brother Sam) graduate. Then he will be going to his first away-from-home party, and it really doesn’t bother him at all that the girls will be there. Speaking of girls, there is one girl in class that doesn’t ride the (usually late) bus with the rest of them: Holly Porter. Jules has been wondering about this for some time.
[Jules:] “Why does Holly ride a different bus, do you think?”
[Leo:] “She rides the orphan bus. It only goes to the orphanage.”
That word again. Jules hasn’t figured out what an ‘orphanage’ is yet, but at least now he knows there’s a special bus that goes there.
[Leo:] “You still don’t know what an orphanage is, do you? That is so weird, Jules.”
[Henry:] “He doesn’t have a big sister or big brother like you and me, Leo. I learn all kinds of stuff listening to my sister talk to her friends. They talk a LOT.”
[Leo:] “Jules, an orphan is a kid with no parents, and an orphanage is where kids with no parents go to live.”
[Jules:] “But how does a kid have no parents?”
[Sandi:] “It can happen three ways.”
Sandi French, Lil Bachelor, and Cat Urbano have decided to join the conversation. Much to the discomfort of Henry and the annoyance of Leo, the girls haven’t seemed to need an invitation to do this ever since last Monday, when Jules talked to them about what they want to be when they grow up.
[Sandi:] “You get to be an orphan if your parents don’t want you.”
[Lil:] “Or your parents are bad parents.”
[Cat:] “Or your parents DIE.”
Jules’ eyes widen. He knows his Grampa and Gramma Simanski died and went to the graveyard before he was born. But he’s never really thought about what that must mean for his Dad or his Uncle Jesse. [Sandi:] *sings ominously* “No one cares for you a smidge… when you’re in an orphanage.”
Before learning the meaning, Jules had thought ‘orphanage’ sounded like it might be a bad word. Now he knows it is.
Friday, May 20: Doolittle Day / Valley High School Graduation Day
Rose Tint Your World Beauty Salon, 8:00 AM
Several weeks ago, Windy Whistler made arrangements for a pre-business hours appointment with Peggy Sue Primrose, beautician and owner-operator of the Rose Tint Your World Beauty Salon. Windy is getting herself a graduation day makeover, with a very singular purpose in mind: Winning the romantic interest of Jesse Simanski.
[Peg:] “Let’s get started, shall we? What look are we going for?”
[Windy:] “Um… something attractive?”
[Peg:] *laughs* “I’d be out of business pretty quick if I was in the habit of making my customers unattractive. Throw me a bone here, girlfriend. Attractive to whom? Are we talking a specific guy, specific type of guy, or just all-around fem fatale hottness?” Windy fidgets uncomfortably.
[Windy:] “Uh, a specific guy.”
[Peg:] “My, my. Do tell. Good guess I know him?”
Oh, Peg knows him, all right. Peg and Jesse have known each other since they were six years old. More to the point, they’ve been the urban definition of “friends with benefits” whenever the mood struck since they both graduated Valley High School. If anyone knows what will make Windy attractive to Jesse, it’s Peggy Sue Primrose. So the advantages of full disclosure are high. But awkward. Much.
[Peg:] “Come on. Spill. He can’t be that bad.”
[Windy:] “No, he’s not bad… it’s just… well it’s… Jesse Simanski.”
[Peg:] “Wow.” *pause* “Really?” *pause* “Wow.” *pause*
The last pause stretches out into incredulous silence, until Windy can’t take it anymore.
[Windy:] “Is that all you’re going to say, Peg?”
[Peg:] “Oh, no. There’s plenty more where that came from. One, he’s eight years older than you. Two, he’s known you since you were a preteen. And three—I think we need a drum roll for this doozy—your dad will probably knock him into next week if he even thinks about what you’re wearing under those cute hippy clothes.” [Windy:] “I’m eighteen now and old enough to date who I want!”
[Peg:] “Even if you get your dad to agree with you—big IF there—what are you going to do about the rest of the list of Oh Noes? After all these years you don’t need me to tell you Jesse Simanski is squirrelly in the head, do you?”
[Windy:] “How can you say that? You’re supposed to be his friend!”
[Peg:] “No amount of friendly love or affection changes the fact the name ‘Simanski’ has been synonymous with ‘nuts’ in this town for a long time now. And honey, are you planning on a major change of hair color today? Because I’m looking at some very non-Jesse-type blond here.” [Windy:] “I’d really rather not… I was kind of thinking he was over that? I mean, he was trying to date Eve Elfman recently, and she’s as blond as I am.”
[Peg:] “Really the exception that just proves the rule. What is that—strike number four? Good thing we’re not playing baseball or our butts would’ve been warming the bench back at three.”
[Windy:] “Peg, I’m in love with him. Will you please help me?”
Peg sighs. She knows Jesse Simanski very, very well. Perhaps not so well as Jono and Dani, but fairly stated, nearly so. Certainly well enough to know there probably isn’t a makeover in the world that will get Windy what she thinks she wants.
But Peg isn’t in the business of shattering a girl’s hopeless romantic dreams on her graduation day. Quite the contrary, in fact.
[Peg:] “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get a makeover move-on!”
The Simanski house, 9:00 AM The Simanski family is preparing to attend the graduation ceremony of Windy Whistler. Immediately following the ceremony, Jesse Simanski is planning to drive to the city of Foxgrove, where he will ultimately meet Gwen Glover for the first time. But what he plans to wear to that event is currently a subject of contention with his sister-in-law, because she can’t in good conscience let him pack that outfit without trying to talk him out of it.
[Dani:] “Jesse, you can’t wear that to a classical symposium.”
[Jesse:] “Sure I can.”
[Dani:] “It’s a formal event. That is not formal attire.”
[Jesse:] “Says you. I say it is.”
[Dani:] “Jono? A little help talking sense into your brother here?”
[Jono:] “He can wear whatever he wants, Dani.”
[Dani:] “What? Are you looking at what he’s planning on wearing? They’re not going to let him in dressed like that!”
[Jono:] “According to the invite, Jesse’s a VIP. Which means they’re going to let him in no matter what he’s wearing, and he didn’t get Gwen’s attention wearing a suit and tie in the first place. If he wants to wear that, let him wear that.”
[Jesse:] “Hah. Bros over bad clothes. You are so owned.”
[Dani:] “…”
Valley High School, 10:00 AM
The students of Valley High School’s most recent graduating class are assembling in the auditorium.
Among this year’s graduates are Denny Elfman… Sam Sekemoto… and Windy Whistler. [Jules:] “Lookit, Dad—everybody looks all grown up now, don’t they? [Jono:] “Yep. Funny how that works, huh?”
Seeing the arrival of the Simanski family, Windy’s heart skips a beat. Jesse is about to look right at her. The butterflies in her stomach are winging around like crazy and she can’t help but hold her breath. This is it. Jesse will see her differently, she’s sure of it.
[Jesse:] “Whoa, Windy!” [Jesse:] “Do you look taller or what? I can’t figure out if it’s the shoes or the hair…”
[Dani:] “Jesse! Just tell her she looks nice and stop teasing her.”
[Jesse:] “Windy, you look nice. And I got you the zbox special edition Zombies Ate My Classmates for a graduation present. We so have to play that as soon as I get back from Foxgrove.”
He is exactly the same. How is that possible? What is she doing wrong?
[Terry:] “You better get up there, Win. Ceremony’s about to start.”
[Jesse:] *snickers* “Jono. Look at Principal Koffi. Isn’t that dude like 100 years old now?”
[Jono:] *snorts* “More like 107. He was about 100 years old when he graduated our class.”
[Dani:] *giggles* “They really should force that man to retire. It would be just awful if he keeled over in the middle of handing off a diploma.”
Principal Gobias Koffi successfully presides over another Valley High School graduation without keeling over, and the graduates are free to mingle with family and friends. The moment she leaves the stage, Windy is looking desperately around for Jesse. She’s decided she’s just going to have to tell him how she feels straight up. But Jesse is already gone. The Bachelor House, 11:30 AM
Following the graduation ceremony, Jules and Leo are dropped off by Leo’s parents at the home of Lil Bachelor. They are the last two guests to arrive.
Jules meets Lil’s parents and Lil’s little brother, Michael, Jr. The Bachelor house is even larger than the Sekemotos. All of this is very fascinating to Jules until he is directed into the Bachelor backyard, where the party is in full swing. Swinging like a scene straight out of his worst nightmares.
[Jules:] “AAAHHH! No! Don’t touch me! Stay away from me!”
Terrified, Jules looks wildly around for assistance, but he doesn’t find any. Because his classmates are not afraid. They are amused. Jules does the only thing left for him to do. He runs away. [Holly:] “Jules? Are you okay?”
[Jules:] “No. I’m not okay. There’s clowns. Everywhere. And no one thinks they’re scary but me.”
[Holly:] “Why do you think they’re scary?”
[Jules:] “We have one living in a picture at my house. He’s… Badly. He makes bad things happen. But everybody was laughing at me, and now I don’t think anybody will believe me about Badly.” [Holly:] “I believe you, Jules.”
[Jules:] “You do?”
Holly nods her head solemnly.
[Holly:] “I’m scared of something everyone laughs at, too.”
[Jules:] “What are you scared of?”
[Holly:] “Water. Not the kind you drink or take a bath in… but the big kind. The deep kind.”
Jules thinks about the sink monster and understands this completely. He’s not afraid of water… but he can surely see why someone else might be. [Jules:] “I wouldn’t laugh at you for that.”
[Holly:] “I’m glad you wouldn’t.”
[Jules:] “I wish everyone was like you and me, Holly.”
[Holly:] “Me, too, Jules. Me, too.”
[Dani:] “Windy? Something’s happened at the children’s party—I just got a call from Dunya Bachelor—she said Jules is all upset but with Jesse gone we haven’t got the truck, Leo’s parents were supposed to bring Jules home—”
[Windy:] “It’s okay, Dani. I’ll pick him up.”
[Dani:] “Would you? Would you please? I’m really worried about him—”
[Windy:] “No problem. I’ll go right now.”
The Simanski house, 1:00 PM
Within 30 minutes, Windy has brought Jules home from the party as promised.
[Windy:] *low voice* “The theme at the party was clowns. Apparently Jules is afraid of them.”
[Jono:] “Jules? You want to talk about what happened?”
[Jules:] “Not here. Not in front of Badly.”
[Jono & Dani:] “Badly?” [Jules:] “Badly the CLOWN! He makes everyone mad! He makes everyone say the bad words! He makes everyone want the DIVORCE!” . . . ! ! ! [Jono:] “Jules… you think the clown in the picture made all that happen?”
[Dani:] “Oh, Jules…”
Years ago, when times were good and Jules was still an infant, Dani found a painting titled “Ironic Clown” at the local consignment store. It was priced to sell, so Dani bought it cheap and brought it home because she thought it was funny. They all thought it was funny. For awhile. But no one in the Simanski family has seen that painting in a positive light for a long time now. They say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. But sometimes it’s okay to go ahead and burn a little of the Badly anyway. ((Special Thanks to:

* Ominous singing of little Miss Sandi French credited to “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” from the musical “Annie”

* TSR artists: Riccinumbers (Simanski (gen I & II) portraits), Spladoum (Jack Daniels t-shirt, Captain Hammer t-shirt), Kyta (Tilly and Z@pp sets), IN3S (female EA shirt w/o necktie), Frisbud (various children’s clothes), Sims2sisters (children’s high and low-top sneakers), Dgandy (suitcase), Tdyannd (clown art, carnival games, circus patterns), and CycloneSue (craptastic wooden pallets, burnable Badly)

* MTS artist: Rudrakali (salon posters)

* TSR’s Spladoum for on and on-going crossover collaboration, which is about to reach critical mass…

* All those excellent cc creators already credited in this series (and/or my previous series)

* Much thanks and humble apologies to all cc creators that I’ve failed to credit by name, here or elsewhere

> Readers-to-the-end-credits—Thanks most to all of you, for your time, your patience, and your all-around awesomeness… I can never type my appreciation enough))

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#20fabrizioammolloMay 5, 2011

How cute Jules is... The poor child is coulrophobic. Could the little rite Dani and Jono performed dispel his fear? I loved it! \:wub\:

#21ohgodcaitlynMay 5, 2011

I wish I had your skills of getting such great screenshots! I mean you must take a million in order to get the right faces, well you must teach me your way! (:
Hahah, anyways, another great addition! I love it and can't wait for Jesse and Gwen to meet.

#22MangioMay 6, 2011

Poor Jules.. \:wub\: I'm glad they burnt 'Badly'. Will there be happy times to remain for this family? Guess Windy still hasn't captured Jesse's attention. Will it be late? Congrats on the feature \:rah\: The screenshots are absolutely wonderful and drool-worthy. \;\) Eagerly waiting for more

#23martoeleMay 9, 2011

oh my.... the kids' conversation is really fantastic...! \:D  I feel so sorry for Windy...., she really is a nice girl...  But the one who really stole my heart is Jules.... \:wub\:  His remarks are priceless and the conversation with Holly promises to be the start of something lasting....! I'm very pleased to see that Jono and Dani decided to destroy the painting of Badly.... \:rah\:  No need to remind you that I love all the images and I congratulate you on the feature! \:cool\:

#24xxCloexxMay 10, 2011

I just stumbbled upon your stories a couple of weeks ago and I have to say you are very talented to say the least! I'm a big fan! I'm also happy seeing your story mixing with the occasionally yours stories...the two are my fav and I just have to say thank you for well..everything (:

#25YrS92May 15, 2011

I have been slacking horribly lately but finally I took the time to comment on this amazing, wonderful chapter \:rah\: This story is truly getting better by each chapter \:wub\: I was so happy to see the Simanskis burn the evil clown Badly, suits the scary things just fine \:D Needless to say, I am also terrified by clowns \:P Oh poor Windy \:\( As cute as Jesse is, I think she'll be better off without him... there are plenty of other hot sims around \;\) Super \:rah\:

#26MinraedMay 15, 2011

love love love this series, now to tackle Occasionally Yours before it's too late

#27mogan44May 15, 2011

OK I am super late reading because I've been so busy lately.  AMAZING chapter as usual.  Your stories are better than watching TV!  Holly is a cutie, I hope to see more of her in the future.  I hope poor Windy gets over Jesse soon before she gets her heart broken.....she could move on to Sam Sekemoto maybe? He's cute!

#28Desu BaloneyMay 16, 2011

I was scanning the comments on this, and was shocked I hadn't commented yet. o_O SHAME ON MEH AND MAH HORRIFYING MEMORY. Lol, well, for starters, I thought this chapter, as well as all the others, were awesomely epicified, and adorable, and the screenshots were adorable as well. You just make the screenshots so...PERFECT. *_* They match EXACTLY what they're saying, like the expressions and such, if that makes sense. And I think Windy is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. She's so pretty~! ^_^ Can't wait for the next part!!

#29ShelleyBJun 22, 2011

Jules is completely right about those evil clowns!! They'll drag you down the drain and torture you forever!! (Not really. Just a book I read once . . .) Jesse's on his way to see Gwen--I'm excited for him, but I think Dr. Eve is onto something as she mulls over Jesse's confusion between real women and those of his imagination. Gwen is great, but can she actually live up to the expections Jesse has placed on her? More reading . . . \:D

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