My Funny Friends and Me - 3
Published May 5, 2011

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Welcome to the Miraculous Chapter 3! Yay! We've crossed the "I can't write beyond Chapter 2" barrier :D Rejoice!

Note: Chapter 2's cover was changed and is in the process of being resubmitted :]

Kay, enjoy!

Welcome to the Miraculous Chapter 3! Yay! We've crossed the "I can't write beyond Chapter 2" barrier :D Rejoice!

Note: Chapter 2's cover was changed and is in the process of being resubmitted :]

Kay, enjoy!
‘What an uncivilized thing to do! Eavesdropping…’ Samantha winced and paced to and fro. She didn’t mean it; she never meant to. Now she’s just scared. All of a sudden, her room didn’t feel safe. But where else would she go? She tried to keep on thinking; tried to keep herself awake. But alas it was too late; she already ate her ‘tainted’ snack. Suddenly everything went dark. She felt herself falling on the plush pelt rug. She remembered the sensual aroma of her grandfather’s peppermint oil on a patch of fur. She remembered being dragged into in a car that smelled of women’s perfume. She remembered being alone in a room full of crates. “Where am I? I demand an explanation!” She shouted.
“Be quiet!” Someone shouted from downstairs. “Be glad we didn’t tie you up, princess!”
Samantha was about to retort back when a hand patted her back. She turned and saw a woman, clad in black with her face half burned and the rest covered by a mask.
“All right listen,” the woman whispered as she knelt down beside Samantha. “You have to wait until they’re all drunk and asleep.”
Samantha didn’t buy it. “You look familiar. Still, why should I trust you?”
“I don’t have any excuses as to why you should trust me. But if you want to get out of here, just sit still and wait.”
“You still haven’t answered me. Who are you?”
The woman said nothing and simply gave her a ‘smile’ before going down the ladder. Samantha wasn’t sure if it was a smile, the woman’s eyes appeared curved up but you can never be sure in dim lights.
Samantha waited and waited until she heard the sound of snoring and smelled the stench of alcohol reeking from their mouths. Then, the woman appeared. Samantha’s heart raced. She wasn’t sure if she could trust this person or not.
“Why are you helping me?”
The woman took of her mask, then took a white lace headband out of her pocket and placed it on her head. Samantha stared in shock.
“You…you were…”
“I was your Nanny.”
Samantha gaped, what was going on? Her Nanny, ‘Nana’ had worked for her for a year now.
“Don’t get me wrong, I needed the money.” Nana said as she tore the headband from her head. “Anyways, I didn’t know the Countess was a child, before I knew it I was already employed at the manor so there was no turning back.”
Nana breathed heavily, she knew she was risking a lot. She walked towards the fire exit window and opened it.
“This has got to be the worst place to keep someone.” She chuckled. “Out this window is a fire exit, you can get out from here. I don’t have much of an idea where we are so I can’t give you directions.” Then Nana tossed a bag to Samantha’s feet.
“Change of clothes. Change into them after I fix your hair.”
Samantha couldn’t help but tense the whole time Nana fixed her hair. She might as well be on her guard. By the time Nana finished, Samantha ordered her to leave then changed her clothes and went out the fire exit.
A few steps later, she reached the ground. It was dark and she prodded the ground when she stepped on something slippery and fell on her bottom. The landing hurt but she suppressed the moan looked around. At her front was a gate and at her back was a beat up old car. She went for the gate since she couldn’t squeeze in between the car and the wall. Not wasting any time, she scurried in the alleys, letting the buildings hide her. It wasn’t sensible to go on the main road. As she ran, she listened for pursuers but she could only hear the sound of feet splashing about, her heavy breathing, the thunder turning on its cloudy bed and the sound of her heart banging against her chest. Then a horrid warm feeling came. Her vision began to sway and a sickening acidic sensation boiled in her stomach. It hurt. But she kept on running. She ran and ran, until a mere pebble brought her onto her knees. After running for what seemed like forever, she dropped to sit in the wet cold puddle to catch her breath and looked at the building before her. In her blurred vision it looked like a restaurant. It had a warm welcoming glow that made her feel at ease. She walked towards it, only to have the door opening just in time. Thunder clapped and lit all the shadows in her face. The rain was masking her tears of relief. The man in the door way stared.
“Pardon me…” she whispered while she shivered.
Before she falls for suddenly fainting the man rushed over to her, scooped her into his arms and ran back into the building. Then everything went black.
Everything was dark and cold. Then warm; soft pure cotton sheets against her alabaster skin and a slight feathery touch of fur. Samantha felt like she was in heaven. Was she dead? If heaven felt like this then its all right, she guessed. But what’s this, the cloudy bed that she was lying on is shifting, as if little feet are walking all over her. She woke with a start. No Nana, no crates, no alleys, no rain – not Zeke’s bedroom either. She looked around and recalled how she snuck in another, more feminine room. When you’re lady, waiting for further instructions is just not done in a man’s room. It’s unheard of! Then, the footsteps began again: small graceful footsteps near her feet.
“Meow,” it was Adele – shifting into a comfortable position. Noticing that the little girl was awake, Adele jumped out of the bed.
“Oh, hello,” Samantha whispered as she cautiously reached her hand towards the cat. Adele looked at her thoughtfully. Then, in an instant, Adele placed her head under Samantha’s hand, purred and rubbed herself against the child’s arm. She liked the little girl. She smelled refined, unlike that dope of a redhead downstairs.

The fur felt almost like silk, relaxing and welcoming. The sweet act made Samantha relax and less afraid. She picked the cat up and hugged her tight. They were quiet for a moment, until Samantha broke down and cried softly. Adele was warm, soft and alive and she was too! Samantha’s heart felt heavy, crying never felt so painful! Where was she? Who were they? What will happen? Can she go home? Was she even welcome at home? She didn’t know and she was scared. She was a noble, yes, a countess; a young lady of status and power – but in reality she is but a child. She felt her grip tighten as Adele squirmed. She let go and tried to seize her tears, forcefully silencing her whimpers. Soon all was quiet, until muffled sounds approached from outside the room. Then there were footsteps and the door swung open.
“What a day!” Said Emily as she stretched her arms with her eyes closed shut. “First the fashion week in Milan, then a bad hair cut and now this,”
Emily sighed and rubbed the back of her head. Every fiber of her being was hurting and tired. She blankly stared at her pitch black room. Then a shadow shifted.
“Who’s there?”
Adele walked towards Emily but Emily wasn’t convinced. She flipped on the lights and immediately saw a sobbing figure beside her bed.
“Oh! Who – you poor thing, what’s wrong?”
Emily rushed towards Samantha, kneeled down and rubbed the child’s back. “How ever did you get here?”
Samantha looked up, fought back tears and tried to answer as appropriately as possible. “I’m…I’m…Sa-Sam-” she hiccupped.
“It’s okay darling.” Emily soothingly whispered. “Do you know how to get home?”
Samantha thought for a moment. Home spelt danger for her. She wasn’t sure if she can call it home. “I…I don’t want to go home.”
“Well, why not?”
Samantha’s stomach grumbled.
“I guess we’ll know after you’ve eaten. Come on.”
Yes, Emily has a heart.
Huzzah for those she spammed last installment! :D least she was more formal. Not to mention more understandable haha!

Okay, that's it for now :] Thank you for reading! I'll see you guys in the next installment.

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wasabichiApr 15, 2012

great start shelby! please do continue writing. i'd like to know what will happen to poor poor Kelly \:rah\:

orlov VIPMay 10, 2011

The poor little thing! Betrayed by people she knew!!!! But I have to say. . .what the heck is going on here. . .who are those people sitting around the table getting drunk? Why was the nanny working for them. . .is there a geo-political reason for the kidnapping. . .a coup?!I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!\:wub\: \:wub\: AND silly me, I had read Chap.2,at the same time as I so I thought it all one chapter!!!!\:P So, sorry for bugging you about it!&nbsp; THANKS for the story!&nbsp; <strong>THEN WHAT HAPPENED. . .</strong>

Yu3May 10, 2011

Awwww \:eek\: Samantha. Poor girl. \:\( On the bright side: the scenery looks very fitting in all of the shots. \:\) Went through the chapter... once just to read it/look at the pictures, and a second time to really look at the pictures, since you always have lots of detail going on. Super job as always! \:wub\:

carpediemSnMay 9, 2011

<strong>I love this story. \:\)</strong>

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