Before The Aftermath... part 1-3
Published Jun 14, 2011

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Hello and welcome to my story, Before The Aftermath!
This chapter is actually three chapters, but they aren't that long, especially chapter 3, so... they're together. I could do them as one, long chapter, but they have definitive starts and endings, so I think it's better like this.
Chapter 1 - Just a silly story.
Chapter 2 - Tracie's secret.
Chapter 3 - Ignorance.

Hello and welcome to my story, Before The Aftermath!
This chapter is actually three chapters, but they aren't that long, especially chapter 3, so... they're together. I could do them as one, long chapter, but they have definitive starts and endings, so I think it's better like this.
Chapter 1 - Just a silly story.
Chapter 2 - Tracie's secret.
Chapter 3 - Ignorance.
If you just happened to be walking by their house, you would see nothing unusual. Yes, it's rather tall, but they have three children. Yes, it's got a small orchard and a large greenhouse, but they own a profitable juice company.
But if you look deeper, you will see the cracks in the perfect facade, the secrets that they try to hide.
Chapter 1...
It was a hot day, as usual, even in the early hours, as it was. Nothing could be heard, except the uneven rythmn of fertiliser hitting soil. Everyone was in bed. Everyone, except Tillie, doing the housework, or rather gardenwork.
She sighed and continued with her work. The sooner it was done, the sooner she could go back to bed.
After finishing her jobs, she walked into the kitchen, smelling her mother's infamous pancakes. She started to smile until she came face to face with her mother.
"Um... Tillie... dear. You know that they are pyjamas, don't you? Please go and get changed before breakfast."
Tillie stomped up the stairs without answering.
Fiona was in despair. What was she going to do about that girl? It wasn't that Tillie was naughty, quite the opposite in fact. She just didn't want to part of the family. She was hardly ever home and when she was, she just painted. All the time.
Well, apart from when she was with her little brother and sister, the twins, Tracie and Tim. They all got on so well. Maybe she was being silly, but to Fiona, it felt like the only person who Tillie didn't want to be with was her. Maybe it was to do with... no... that was silly story. It wasn't true. Was it? Tillie changed and walked straight out the door. She wasn't sure where she was going to go, just that she had to get out of the house for a while, maybe an hour or two. She had to get away from her mother. She watched her all the time, like she was worried that if she left her alone, she would change, or even just grow up. She WAS sixteen. It was time for her to grow up. Tillie's eyes widened. Sixteen. Her mother didn't believe in... that, did she? Her mother didn't realise that Tillie knew, but Tillie had been doing some research and she did. It wasn't true though. Just a silly story. She walked. And ended up back where she started. At the house, under the tree. Her little hideaway. She was trying to forget, but it just kept coming back to her. The old family story. When her grandmother had told her, all those years ago, she made it sound true. Then she looked it up in that book... what did it say again? She couldn't quite recall the words. But she had it somewhere. Somewhere hidden. Somewhere mysterious. She smiled. She went to the doorway of her room and looked around. Satisfied that nobody was around, she slipped inside and went over to the bookshelf. Pulling out a book, the bookcase opened to allow passage to one person. Her. She almost laughed. A secret moving bookcase. What a cliche. It came with the house and nobody else knew about it. Tillie had discovered it by accident. She had seen a book on it that she hadn't put on it. Pulling it out to see what it was, she had activated the door. The room had barely changed since Tillie found it, at least eight years ago. All that had changed was that there were now some candles and a torch. There was no other form of light in there. She found the book and flipped to the page she wanted. She read... "A story that has been passed down through generations is..."
"TILLIE!" A voice broke into her hearing.
"This is just great." She muttered.
Tracie was going to sit on that bed until she came out. She knew where Tillie was. She was where she always was. Behind the bookcase she thought Tracie didn't know about. The only thing Tracie didn't know was how to open it. So she was waiting. Tillie had to come out. She knew her sister. She was stubborn. She would wait forever. Any anyway, what's the worst a nine year old can do? "Why didn't you tell me?" were the first words out Tracie's mouth.
"I... I wanted to keep it a secret. I mean... umm... it's my secret place."
"Not about the bookcase. I've known about that for years."
"Really? Then why didn't you say anything?" Tillie was suprised. Shocked even. Not about the knowing, but about how wise her sister sounded. Almost like an adult.
"What didn't I tell you, then?" Tillie didn't know what she was supposed to have told her.
"About Grandma's story." That was not the reaction she was expecting.
"Grandma's... story..."
"Well, it's not a story at all. It's true. All of it. And it's happening."
"What on Earth are you on about?"
"Take me shopping."
"Uh... ok."
They climbed in the car and were off. Chapter 2...
"Ok. Why are we shopping and why are you making me buy clothes and electronics?" " Tillie was so confused. Tracie wasn't making any sense. She was just babbling.
"I've already said, but, for you, I'll say it again. You'll probably need to go somewhere soon, so you'll need clothes and stuff to occupy you."
"Go where?"
"I don't know!" Tracie sounded agitated and... stressed? What did she have to stress over?
They encountered each other again in the hallway that night. Tracie was scared. She knew she had to give up her big secret if her sister was ever going to believe her. And so that was why she waited.
"...Tillie... Um... I have to... I need to..." She couldn't get the words out. Her brain was screaming at her to keep it a secret, but she couldn't. Not any longer.
"Yes?" Tillie asked, confused for what felt like the hundredth time that day.
"Come into my room."
"This is how I know." Tracie said the words quickly and then was silent, like she was waiting to be told off.
"Uh, honey, why do you have a model of a crystal ball in your room?"
"It's not a model! It's real!"
She didn't believe her! Tracie thought that she would, but Tillie just thought she was playing games. She wasn't. At times she wished she was, but she wasn't. She had to prove it, to show that she wasn't a liar. She stared into it's cloudy depths and gasped as they started to clear. She then grabbed Tillie's hand and squeezed it. Tillie tried to gasp, but the sound wouldn't reach her lips. She tried to move, but couldn't. She felt so numb, like she was out of her body. But she wasn't. She could still see herself if she looked down. At least she still could look down! But it was strange. Like she was seeing something different out of each eye. Her eyes were drawn up, onto the crystal ball. And the fog inside it cleared, revealing abstract shapes. That one could be a circle, and that one a treardrop and... but it was already fading. For one second, she clearly saw things from Tracie's perspective. Her sister's perspective? What was going on there? Then it ended and they were both themselves again. Tracie swayed a bit and looked up at Tillie. Everything was a bit fuzzy and she felt a bit dizzy. Tillie looked... confused. But as she watched, her expression changed from confusion to anger.
"What was that?"
"Um... I don't think it has a name, and... I've got to go and sit down..." Tracie stumbled over to her bed.
"What's wrong with you?" Tillie asked, concerned, anger forgotten, at least for now.
"Umm... never done that before. It's rather... tiring."
Tillie repeated her first question. "What was that?"
"Well, basically, you saw what I saw."
"That doesn't even make sense."
Tracie just shrugged.
Tillie had one more question.
Tracie's answer was simple.
"You didn't believe me."
"So... what is it? You can see the future?"
"Not clearly, but, yeah."
"So that's how you know..."
"That you're going away, but I can't see when or where or how."
"What about what is going to happen to you?"
"Nope... I can't see anything about me. Ever. You can't see what will happen in your own future, or you'll try to prevent it. It's not allowed. It's not possible."
"Who says you can't?"
"Um... bedtime for little old me. Goodnight." She lay down and wouldn't answer any further questions.
Chapter 3...
Tillie lay on her bed. It was a day of revelations. Her little sister was basically a fortune teller. At nine. And she was going to go somewhere, but the where and when wasn't known. She couldn't believe that this morning, she had been worried about plants and passing chemistry. The world had turned on it's head and that wasn't always a good thing. She thought she wouldn't be able to sleep, but she was wrong. She needed all her energy for the next day. Day two of revelations.
The next morning, Tillie stood in front of the mirror after doing her hair and just stared at herself. Did she look paler? Taller? Was her hair shinier? Longer? Something looked different, but it may have just been her perception of herself. She felt different, but how different, she could not say.
The clock struck eight o'clock and she started to go downstairs. It was time for school.
Tim always felt a bit left out. The only son, he wasn't interested in playing with the girls. Dolls? Make-up? Not his thing. Even his so-called power wasn't really that interesting. He could move things. With his mind. It might sound cool in a comic book, but this was real life and it wasn't even useful. Sure, he could lift up the TV remote, but it had to stay hidden. And he could talk to Tracie telepathically, but only her, and they were twins, so always together. There was no need. "Have you ever thought about just telling her?" Tim asked, gently, in fear of annoying Tracie.
"We can't." Tracie replied, just as softly.
Their parents appeared.
"Tell who what?" Their father, Fred asked.
"Tracie's best friend." Tim lied.
"Molly?" Fred asked. "What can't you tell her?"
"Lie. Say it's a new girl or he'll ring Molly's parents and it's not even her we're talking about!" Tim yelled, silently, in his thoughts, projecting them towards Tracie.
"Don't you yell at me. And duh, that's what I was going to do." Tracie replied, also in her thoughts.
"Guys?" Fred asked.
"No, it's a new girl. She's not my best friend." Tracie replied, out loud this time. "Tim fancies her." She grinned wickedly.
"I do not!"
"Uh, yeah, you do! I've seen the way you look at her."
Fred looked from his son to his daughter and decided to leave them be.
"Uh... I wonder where Tillie is... Tim... you're too young for girlfriends. Tracie... don't tease your brother."
"Yes, Daddy!" Tracie smiled innocently as her father backed away and up the stairs, then turned to her brother.
"Why did you yell at me?"
"Because you have a habit of telling the truth. Back on topic, that's what you did with Tillie, told her the truth."
"Not the whole truth. Not about who she is or about what she can do. I know she has to work that out for herself. I just said about me, not even about you!"
"At least you did that."
They both sighed and then a cheeky smile emerged on Tim's face. He leaned over. "Tig!"

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#1fabrizioammolloJun 14, 2011

Interesting little family. Their father hasn't any clue about how special his children are, does he?

#2CloudwalkerNZJun 15, 2011

interesting \:wub\:

#3makomewJun 15, 2011

Nice, to see what happens in the second chapter \:\)

#4asmodelJun 30, 2011

This is a really interesting story. I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

#5pumpkingoblin86VIPJul 7, 2011

\:wub\: Excellent!

#6eviSep 9, 2011

Adorable story\:\)

#7tcancelSep 14, 2011

great story \:wub\:

#8martoeleJan 8, 2012

This story started very well. Thanks to your last chapter that's on the Sims2 index, I discovered it. I never want to jump into a story without knowing the beginning. That's why I came directly to your minisite. \:D it draws my attention that there's a long lapsus of time between this part and the ones to follow... That's a pity. Okay, I'll continue with the next part. \:rah\:

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