The Woodland Chronicles ~ The Party
Published Jun 18, 2011

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Yeah, yeah, hopefully the covers will get a bit better further down the line. Welcome to my new series, the Woodland Chronicles! Big thank you to all the CC creators out there whose fabulous work has made my sets and characters better!

Hope you enjoy Part 1- The Party! (Sorry about the picture quality in the first few slides, I've just changed to a new computer and forgot to turn it to High until I'd shot the first scene! It does get better, bear with me!)

Yeah, yeah, hopefully the covers will get a bit better further down the line. Welcome to my new series, the Woodland Chronicles! Big thank you to all the CC creators out there whose fabulous work has made my sets and characters better!

Hope you enjoy Part 1- The Party! (Sorry about the picture quality in the first few slides, I've just changed to a new computer and forgot to turn it to High until I'd shot the first scene! It does get better, bear with me!)
"Josephine, that child is so anti-social. One would expect her to at least enjoy a party of this calibre."
Josephine sighed.
"She always has been a little distant. Hopefully this new boarding school she's heading to in a few weeks will stamp it out of her!"
Her friend laughed.
"I would expect so! With the amount you are paying for her to attend!"
Rowan ignored them and kept her eyes fixed on the portrait of her grandmother. She didn't even like it, it was just something to take her mind off the party. She'd been to so many throughout the summer, paraded in front of her grandmother's many friends like a prize poodle. Josephine sidled over to her.
"At least try and look happy, Rowan. I don't know how many more comments I can take!" she snapped at her grandaughter.
Rowan shot her her best sarcastic simper. Josephine's eyes narrowed but she didn't say anything. "If only the Valkandors were here," she mused. "But unfortuately-"
"They never attend parties which is a shame as you are dying to introduce me to them as they have a son my age and a simply FABULOUS estate in the mountains and we would make an excellent match!" Rowan recited in a perfect mimic of her grandmother. She'd heard it all before about the wonderful Valkandors.
Josephine would have been shocked to know that in fact there was a Valkandor standing right outside her home. However he had no intention of going to the party, it was his friend who would be going in.
"Can we run through it one more time please?" Kyra said, her brow furrowing.
"You go in, tell Mrs C you are my sister, search for it, get it upstairs, we talk to it, we take it to Zack. That easy for you to remember?" Caleb said, grinning broadly. "Why don't you go in for once Caleb! I'm sick of scuttling round stupid parties full of Breathers! And it's your flipping title I'm using!" "Kyra, I've spent my whole life avoiding being a Valkandor. I'm not about to start now!" Caleb grinned. "Now get in there and do what you do best!" Kyra made her way through the house, following her Sense. She stopped at the doorway and glanced around the room. No sign of it. "Mrs Carrington?" she said tentatively to the regal woman standing at the edge of the party. "My name is Victoria Valkandor, I believe you sent an invitation to my family?" "My goodness! A Valkandor at my party!" Josephine shrieked. "You must meet my grandaughter Rowan, she will be thrilled to meet you! Rowan!" she called looking around the room. "Oh, the naughty girl must have run off!" she spluttered, her face colouring slightly.
"I'm sure I can find her Mrs C, don't worry!" Kyra simpered.
~You make me do that ever again and you can find yourself a new partner. It's not in the room, will search the rest of the house~

Caleb smiled as Kyra's thought ran through his mind as clearly as if she had been standing next to him. He perched on the roof tiles, waiting for her signal. He was unaware that the one they were looking for was right beneath him.
"DId you hear something?" Rowan asked, her hands faltering on the keys.
"Hear what?" Trent asked curiously.
"I thought I heard someone say something about searching for something,"
"It was probably your imagination, Ro. Play it again, you're so good," he said, smiling lazily at her.
"Well this is cosy," Kyra remarked sweetly from the doorway. She stared at Rowan in disbelief, she had expected a snivelling child, not this willowy blonde creature her own age. Rowan stood up.
"Excuse me but who are you and what are you doing in my grandparents house?"
"Oh, nobody. Just looking for a certain somebody," Kyra said mysteriously, her eyes glimmering.
Outside on the balcony, Caleb slipped off the roof with a bump. He wasn't usually so clumsy but the tiles were wet and he'd lost his footing. He staggered into the small room, rubbing his backside.
"Ouch! Those tiles were killer!" he moaned.
"Smooth Caleb, real smooth," Kyra muttered rolling her eyes.
"And who are you?" shrieked Rowan.
Caleb walked round the piano to join his friend.
"We want to talk to you," he said.
"Me? Why?" spluttered Rowan.
"Not you!" snapped Kyra. "Him!" she said, jerking her head towards Trent standing unusually quiet in the corner.
"It always amuses me, the way they think the world revolves around them. You know having her as a witness will only make things more difficult, Kyra?" Caleb said. "Uh, Caleb..." Kyra moaned. Trent had turned away and was wimpering slightly under his breath.
"Trent, babe, are you ok?" Rowan asked cautiously.
Trent's body jerked into a half-crouch. His fingers became crooked and he growled threateningly as orange light engulfed his entire body. Hair sprouted from every pore and within half a minute Trent was gone. "Ah," said the werewolf, formally known as Trent, "this is a bit embarrassing."
"Yeah, well, if we'd caught you earlier, you wouldn't be in this situation. God, do you know how many parties I've been following you around for! I'm sick of pretending to be a Valkandor and being told how wonderful it is for me to attend!" Kyra said irritably.
Rowan stared in shock over Kyra's shoulder at Trent's face.
"You don't happen to remember who Changed you, do you?" Kyra asked him. "It would be really helpful."
Trent's cocky airs vanished immediately.
"I'd, rather not talk about it in front of Rowan," he muttered.
Rowan glared at him and folded her arms. I'm not moving, her expression said. "Well, I was at a party. And there was this gorgeous girl there and well, one thing led to another. But I don't understand. She said it was just a lovebite..." Rowan and Caleb shrieked with anger at the same time.
"What happened to me being special, and the only girl you would ever love!" Rowan yelled.
"That sounds like Theresa," Caleb snarled. "When I get my hands on her..."
"Oh for goodness sake, I'm outta here!" Trent shouted and ran for the stairs.
"Wait! We know people who can help you!" Kyra called at his retreating back. But he didn't stop. He kept running.
Caleb was still muttering furiously under his breath.
"We'll deal with Theresa later! We need to deal with this Breather right now Caleb!" Kyra told him gently.
"Hey, my name is Rowan! And I think you owe me an apology."
Kyra and Caleb exchanged looks.
"Why?" Caleb asked her curiously.
"You just got rid of the only good thing in my life. My grandparents don't care about me, they just shove me off to boarding schools."
"What about your parents?" Kyra asked.
"My mum's dead and I never knew my dad. Look, I don't know who you are, but maybe..."
"Yes...?" Caleb prompted.
"When you leave you take me with you," Rowan said quickly.
They both started to laugh.
"Hahahahaha! Imagine us dragging a Breather after us everywhere we went!" Kyra laughed.
"Oh come on! What is so special about you two anyway? Why can't I come?"
"Our lives are dangerous and you don't have the knowledge or experience needed to survive with us," Caleb told her darkly.
~I'll just blank her memory and we'll go quietly~ Kyra sent the thought to Caleb.

"Uh, if you mean hypnosis, I don't believe in that stuff," Rowan sneered. "And how can your lives be dangerous? You are my age, what are you, vigilantes or something?"
They both stared at her.
"You heard that?" Kyra said in a small voice. Rowan looked at them as if they were mad.
"Uh, yes. You just said it out loud."
"No I didn't." Kyra said quietly.
"Oh perfect. She's Gifted. Now we have to take her with us." Caleb moaned. "Could this day get any worse?" "Right you, you have to come with us and meet our boss," Kyra told her.
"Really? You'll take me with you?" Rowan smiled.
Kyra changed back into her street clothes in Rowan's bedroom and let her hair down. She shook its copper waves down over her back and admired her reflection. Next door in the bathroom, Rowan tugged her fingers through her golden locks. Trent had always told her that her long hair was his favourite part of her. Suddenly she didn't like it as much as she used to. 10 minutes later she turned the taps off, the damp curls bouncing against her neck and face. "Wow, it's short." was all Kyra had to say when Rowan emerged from the bathroom. She crossed to the warderobe and started pulling clothes out, stuffing them carelessly into a holdall at her feet. When she was changed and ready, Kyra approached her.
"Look are you really sure you want to come."
Rowan smiled nervously.
"I'm positive. I want to meet your boss, whoever they are."
"Ok," said Kyra, but I should warn you....."
"The Queen isn't always a patient woman."


Coming soon - The Court of the Willow Tree.

"You want me to do what?!"

The version you just read was Version 3! I originally shot the Transformation outside but first the scenery wasn't too good so I deleted the pics and did the place up a bit and then the lighting and camera angles weren't that great so I moved the scene inside! So here's a gem from the first shoot, Kyra yelling while Caleb (in full Valkandor dress, he can't always escape his birth! :) More about them in future episodes) looks on worriedly. I love Kyra, I think she's one of my prettiest sims and she always provides me with brilliant faces! Anyway, enough babble from me! Part 2 coming soon! Happy Simming!

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#1fabrizioammolloJun 19, 2011

Interesting beginning!

#2QueenOfWolvesJun 21, 2011

Well that's a cool start, keep up the good work

#3urm0mJun 21, 2011

I love thisssssss

#4Jay ArmstrongJun 22, 2011

I will stay tuned, love where this is going!

#5martoeleJun 22, 2011

A very promissing start of this new story of yours. I like it very much. Congratulations on having it featured on the Sims2 index page.... \:cool\:

#6Jan 8, 2012

Love it
Post more!

#7Liz MFeb 27, 2012

Good beginning, can't wait to read more.

#8seymonnaVIPApr 8, 2012

a very touching story ! I love it

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