Bubbles - Chapter 7
Published Jun 26, 2011

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I have been so very busy my friends. With my guests in the first place, but also with myself. Nothing wrong with that, I know. I will update you in short.
Jeremy Captain is my latest guest. He had business to take care of. He went into town and found out about his past. He is taking care of it as we speak. As for the rest... I am still unaware of that at this point... Have a seat and sit back to enjoy this next chapter.

My gratitude goes to April, without her expertise I wouldn't have that special voice for Vince. And of course to Margo for lending me her Jeremy Captain.

I have been so very busy my friends. With my guests in the first place, but also with myself. Nothing wrong with that, I know. I will update you in short.
Jeremy Captain is my latest guest. He had business to take care of. He went into town and found out about his past. He is taking care of it as we speak. As for the rest... I am still unaware of that at this point... Have a seat and sit back to enjoy this next chapter.

My gratitude goes to April, without her expertise I wouldn't have that special voice for Vince. And of course to Margo for lending me her Jeremy Captain.
Barry didn’t know what to think of this. The crates had been sitting on their doorstep that afternoon…Special delivery for Mr. Barry Bluewater… There was a note. “ You are the music that soothes my soul.” It said. “I am really worried Dutch. What’s all that noise coming from upstairs? I have seen a glimpse of Barry, working himself into a sweat, dragging some boxes upstairs.”
“Really? He was sweating Bubbles? Working that hard?”
“OH… Wow…. I… I don’t know what to say.”
“It’s very well done Bubbles. If you would look at it as being art, and not focus on the subject, It is really good!”
"Who is that with Barry?”
“Kenny Steel… with a new hairdo…Love the framework…but...” Bubbles looked sad for a moment. "Barry..."
“You mean, they are an item? If I look at painting number two, I would say they are… Are they?”
“Dutch… Really. I don’t know what to say. He.. he looks happy in the pictures.”
“Well, Bubbles, maybe he IS happy.”
Jeremy was staring. Looking at nothing in particular. Just thinking about the phone call he got that had changed his life forever. His lawyer, Mrs. Noall, had told him that he had two children… not three as he thought he did. He didn’t know what to think. First there was one, then three… now two. There was absolutely no logic in that. He had never given his lifestyle any thought, never thought of the girls again after the night ended. And now what a mess his life turned out to be. He felt like a bad guy.
The visit to Light House Island had begun to help him turn around. Now he was determined to set the record straight, and he was taking care of business. But he hadn't counted on the emotional impact of being responsible. He was very tired. The idea that he was a father would not leave him alone and kept him awake for most of the night.
Very early morning he must have dozed off somehow and all of a sudden zillions of girls were clinging to him and they were all pregnant… OH NO!!!! He sat up straight… That was just a dream. Just a dream. The minute he got up, his phone rang. “Mrs. Noall? …
No that’s OK, I was up already. Yes? Are you serious? …What? Oh, no, of course I know you are Mrs. Noall… of course I am.
No… Not a problem at all …They really would?... When?”
“This weekend … In Riverview?
Are you sure THEY want to and it is not their mothers’ wish?
Oh… No… OK… Yes…
Oh, absolutely! …
Thank you very much!”
It took him just a few seconds to grasp this . His children wanted to meet with him. They actually wanted to know their father. OK… That was cool.
Jeremy really needed someone to confide in.
When he walked outside, that very early morning, Bubbles was out there basking in the first rays of sunshine.
“Good morning Bubbles, mind if I sit with you for a bit?”
“No… of course not Jeremy. Did you sleep well?”
“Yes… And, …No, actually. It was not because of… Well… I had this phone call. My lawyer called me yesterday afternoon and as a matter of fact … she called me again just now.”
Jeremy began to explain the whole story to Bubbles and with every word he said, he felt more relief. As if someone finally tugged at the last pieces of cotton wool in his head and made everything, his future and his past, crystal clear for him. He felt enlightened. He felt happy, as he had never before. His heart opened up and felt like talking and talking. Bubbles was there to listen to him. She did not interrupt him once. “How do you feel Jeremy?”
“Funny you should ask. I feel reborn… And I should go pack my stuff. I should leave by tomorrow morning… They want to see me Bubbles… They want to know me.”
“I am thrilled for you! You have children!? Do you realize you’ve been given a second chance? You're going to get to meet your children. That is wonderful! Let’s celebrate! Let’s have a barbecue tonight! Your last night here!”
Jeremy felt happy.
It was a full moon. A blue moon actually, and that does not happen that very often.
The evening fell and at the Bluewater Inn they prepared everything for a festive barbecue. Dutch said he had invited a friend… well sure! The more the merrier!
“Barry, about the paintings in your room… I LOVE them, I really do!
Bubbles… I really am appreciating your knowledge of the arts and other tasteful stuff, but it’s not really about that. You say you love those paintings? And it is me loving the guy IN those paintings. You know I am referring to Kenny. I think I will go live with him.
“But Barry… Don’t be ridiculous! You are my baby brother! You are not going anywhere! How long have you known Kenneth anyways?”
“Ahum… Bubbles…” Jeremy tried to bite his tongue, but to no avail.” Sorry, I really think you cannot say that.”
“Well thanks Jeremy” Barry said looking at his marshmallows. “I think I can handle this myself… Listen my dearest sis… whether you like it or not, I have a life too! This B&B was your dream! Not mine. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here and what we do. My dream lies with a guy named Kenneth Steel. I love him. I think that should say it all. I have a right to live my own life and pursue my own dreams.”
The barbecue had just started on a wrong foot. And speaking of the devil, now Barry had to take Kenny’s call… and WHERE were Dutch and this friend he'd invited? Bubbles needed some air. No, not air! She had all the air she needed out here. She needed the space. She felt out of control. It made her light headed and it didn’t feel good. Where was Evan Enqvist when you needed him?
“Excuse me for a minute, will you?” she said to Jeremy.
Vincent knew he was walking into the tiger's cage. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea ...
“…Hey Dutch! You there?”
“You are late Vince… They started already. What kept you?” “… Vincent?” "Well, well, if it isn't Bubbles Bluewater."
“You two know each other? I'll go and get some more burgers on the grill. See you in a bit.” Dutch felt electricity in the air. He wasn’t really sure if it felt good or not, but he thought he'd better get out of the way before he got hit by one of those bolts of lightning.
“Is HE your friend Dutch?”
Bubbles was definitely out of control. She was left alone with HIM. Show down it was. Here and now.
"Hey there. It's been a while." “…A WHILE???” “It has been seven years you twerp! All this time I have been wondering… wondering… ”
"Hey, hey ... I never lied to you darlin’! I said I'd go away, and I said I'd come back."
“don't you call me darlin' ...”
"... fine."
“ I am NOT your darlin'”
"Moody as always ...You were always damn good in bed when you were mad at me."
“You know why they call me Bubbles.... don't cha?”
"Enlighten me ..."
“Why did you come back anyway...”
"I'm a drifter. Here today, gone tomorrow."
“Yes... when you were twenty-something... not tired of it yet?
“WHAT have I been waiting for?”
"Oh, you've been waiting? Is that why you're so frustrated?"
“ I did NOT say that out loud... did I?”
"Take a load off, Bubbles. You work too hard. Watch the stars with me. It'll clear your mind." "Tell me something, Bubbles… You waiting for me to come back to make me be something to you? ... or because you missed me? ... Cuz I can't be a damn thing but what I am."

“You remember Vince? Seven years ago?”
“We were gazing at those same stars. I had dreams about a life with you. You said you had to go. But you said you would be back. You said you loved me, and that you wanted me…
…You wanted me for what Vince? I woke up with that funny feeling in my belly. That something was not right. We made love. It was perfect. But it felt like something I could not put my finger on then. You had left me already, even while you were there sleeping next to me…” “… I'm not a 'long-term' kind of guy, Bubbles. I didn’t want to hurt you. If I'd stayed, I'd have put you through hell. I couldn't do that. …And that night was a long time ago. We were young and crazy. Not a good foundation, y'know? ... you got that look on your face. What're you thinking about?"
“Are you serious?”
“Open up, Bubbles. Talk to me. I'm not a monster, you know.”
"You're still a beautiful woman, Bubbles. You've taken good care of yourself and you've gotten a lot done. I envy you for that. A lot of people would kill to be in your shoes.” “What is it you don’t have Vince? You seem very comfortable being on your own, not needing anyone. I am doing pretty good, you are right. I sometimes wish I made different choices. I am pushing 35 now Vince… I could have had a family.” "So what's stopping you from having a family?"
“Maybe I haven’t met the right man yet. Or maybe I did, but he just doesn’t know that he is the one.”
"Real cute, Bubbles. You already know I'm no damn good at that. Stand up." “Vince… I…”
“No more talking, darlin'."
*…………* “Now you know I'm leaving in the morning. You know that …” “I know you will have to go again Vince. One day you will stay. I just know.” "If you really want a family, how long are you gonna wait for 'one day,' hmm? I gotta go. I got thinking to do.” “I’ll fix you breakfast…” It had been a small barbecue party. Barry had joined Dutch and Jeremy for the burgers, and when the men went for another round, Barry had called it a night and went to sleep, after gazing at his paintings first of course… Today, Jeremy was leaving for Riverview, meeting his two children for the very first time. He was whistling a tune and preparing PB&J sandwiches. Vincent looked over his shoulder. He did need to think. He was not so sure anymore about the life that he lived. No… Not so sure anymore…

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#13MelanieByrneJun 27, 2011

Two big thumbs and 5.0 for your story!  \:wub\:

#14YrS92Jun 27, 2011

Oh wow, what an amazing chapter! \:rah\: Poor Bubbles, her life is getting very troubled and out-of-control... Where is Evan Enqvist indeed? \:P LOVED all of it, and I can't wait for more \:wub\: Congrats on the feature \:rah\:

#15flody888Jun 27, 2011

*sighsighsigh*!!! Love isn't easy or predictable! But, wow, romance and passion are in the air at Bluewater Inn!!! I really hope it works out for Barry and Bubbles --- however it turns out, whether they all end up happily ever after, or whether they all end up apart... Beautiful pictures... I love how you paired up Jeremy's story with Bubbles too. One who has children he never imagined he wanted and one who might want children she thought she never would have... I hope that makes sense! Love this series so much!

#16fabrizioammolloJun 27, 2011

Poor Bubble, she was left alone. I'm afraid that Vincent is far from being the right guy: up to now he have been the very wrong one. The most annoying thing about him is that he really feels to be honest and to have made her a favour leaving her behind. Great chapter as usual. Congrats on the feature! \:rah\:

#17gissenceJun 28, 2011

Bubbles, just flush him down the commode right now girl.  Easier said than done I know. At best, the poor lad was born without a magnetic north. At worst, he's self consumed and a pretty boy legend in his own mind. People can and do change, but always think...exception or rule.
Freddie, I gotta say...when you can draw this much emotion out of people torward your characters...well, that's the essence of great story telling isn't it. And dang you, you're SOO good you actually make me feel guilty for thinking what I do about Vince in that last shot

#18Jun 28, 2011

<span style="font-size: 11px; font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; line-height: 17px;">Congratulations on having the story featured\:wub\: </span>

#19RatRaceRobJun 28, 2011

I can't help it... I have to say it... dear gods Barry don't go live with Kenny! \:eek\: Have a little fun, ignore most of what he says, but don't go live with him!&nbsp; Stay with your sis --she needs you!-- until you find someone NOT Kenny! ... Okay, I've said it, I feel better now... but oh, Bubbles... I shudder to think of you alone at the BB after Vince the honest jerk rides off into the sunset... well, not entirely alone, myself the rat is still in the cupboard... but I doubt that'll be much comfort to you, you poor dear girl \:\(...&nbsp; ((still such a wonderful story and screens, lovely work, as always!)) \:wub\: \:rah\:

#20urm0mJun 30, 2011

Wow Vince is a player, but a very sexy one!

#21mogan44Jul 2, 2011

Finally getting a glimpse into Bubbles' past.....I love it! &nbsp;Come on Vince, make her an honest woman!

#22JulesLovesYellowMar 1, 2013

....>.> O.o

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