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Life's Like That... Wishes.
Published Jul 11, 2011

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After a meeting at the junkyard, Adam found out that the strange lady is named Aisa.
Aisa, a self-proclaimed fortune teller, knew about the coming of Adam and maybe knows even more.
She gives him a cryptic warning before disappearing, leaving him confused and a little distraught.
Also, it seems that Aisa was not the only one that has an interest in Adam…
Who is Decima?
What the heck are these ladies talking about? ARRGH! *pulls hair*

This is the 3rd chapter, Wishes. Hope you enjoy ;-)

After a meeting at the junkyard, Adam found out that the strange lady is named Aisa.
Aisa, a self-proclaimed fortune teller, knew about the coming of Adam and maybe knows even more.
She gives him a cryptic warning before disappearing, leaving him confused and a little distraught.
Also, it seems that Aisa was not the only one that has an interest in Adam…
Who is Decima?
What the heck are these ladies talking about? ARRGH! *pulls hair*

This is the 3rd chapter, Wishes. Hope you enjoy ;-)
Adam woke up with a start, sweating profusely and panting heavily…
“Oh, it was just a nightmare…”, he said between gasps.
He had forgotten most of it, but it seemed important. Something about the number 36…
Heh. It reminded him of the movie, The Number 23, acted by Jim Carrey. A psycho thriller.

He stared out the window and realized it was still dark, his clock showed 2 a.m.
Great. He’s gonna be messed up at practice later…

“No point sittin’ around, I’ll never sleep being this worked up.”, Adam got up and had a change of clothes.
“Maybe doing some laundry would help”, he thought.

Hopefully, doing some chores would distract his mind from troubling thoughts, perhaps even bring him sleep.
But he couldn’t help it, his mind kept replaying the words Aisa said yesterday.

He was 90% sure that she knows who he is; not Adam Johansson the pro-athlete, but Adam Johansson the Old One.
Was it that obvious? Does this mean he has to move… again?
Is this what Aisa meant?

He had grown a little fond of this town and it’s people.
Frank has always been there for Adam, Joe was very generous with him, the interesting families he has met so far…

If he was to move again, will they still be here when he comes back? Will things remain the same?

Probably not.

Adam had learnt that such hopes are purely delusional.
Last time he went back to his hometown, years had passed…
There was nothing left; remaining were piles of rubble and derelict buildings, an echo of his once beautiful village.

He found out later that his village was destroyed because of him, because he was the-one-that-never-age.
He remembered his leaving of the village like it was just yesterday…
He can smell the burning…
He hears the cries of neighbours…

He remembered his parents hurrying him out of town and handing him a travelling sack stuffed with clothes and food…
He remembered he was on a horse, fast riding out of the village and into thickets of the forest while his parents ran back to delay his pursuers…
He remembered hearing screams and shouting behind him… the clashing of metal and the smell of kerosene…
He also remembered as he has reached the harbor and turned back once more to look, all he saw was his village being set ablaze in a fiery crimson red with thick tendrils of smoke trailing into the night sky…

…The Witch Hunt… that was centuries ago…

Adam frowned upon the resurfacing of memories… They hurt.
He stopped himself then, realizing his memories were threatening to overwhelm him.

“Alright… This is too depressing, time for a change of scenery,” Adam steadied himself and left the house.
He flagged a cab and headed straight for the junkyard to retrieve his car.
Also paid a ridiculous tip due to some midnight-surcharge the cabby kept hinting at.

With his car, Adam drove to the suburbs just outside of town.
He needs a quiet place to think and star-gazing seemed like a good idea; unconsciously wishing that the stars would provide him answers.

However, deep in his heart, Adam knew that if he truly thinks for the better of this town, he has to leave before trouble finds him.
But where to?
At this point, Adam has no idea that someone else had interest in the stars too.

“The sky is pretty clear tonight, Mistress.”

“The stars… they are telling me something… they are saying…”

“What is it, Mistress?”

“Don’t rush me, Juan.”

Moments went by until the woman finally answered.
“The Old One is moving.
We need to watch his actions more carefully from now on,”
she brought her glasses lower to see the stars more clearly, revealing a set of deep almond eyes.
While taking her glasses off, a man sat down and leaned against her beach chair.

“Mistress, how do you want to approach this Old One?”

“I have done my research on him. He came to this town alone and depressed, funny now that he is such a popular idol with the town's folk. I wonder how he feels...
He is not really keeping a low profile either; considering that he had appeared all over the news just recently with a victory against the Red Tigers….
And stop calling me ‘Mistress’, Juan. It bugs me, makes me feel old,” the woman sulked.

“But Mistr…”

The woman shot him a look that could freeze mountains.
“Juan, you will see this Adam. Be-friend him. Gain his trust. He will be much more malleable then.”

Juan betrayed his words with the briefest of frowns, “As you wish, my lady Decima…”
There was little that Decima didn’t already know.
After all, she is the calculative one among her sisters.

She thought she knew everything, until the Old One showed up...
Causing a dent to her pride.
She had already foreseen the meeting with Juan; Juan Scott Jr.
She knew she needed him and began her plan.
It started with afternoon lunches at her place…
Then he started spending more and more time with her enjoying hobbies, spending time together.

Slowly, Decima worked her way into his heart.
She was patient, she could wait.
Juan was completely enamored of her.
He thought she's perfect; the other half of him that was fated to be together with…

He was partly right.
The fact is, HE is a part of HER.
He is her tool, the Lachesis’s Rod.
He is the tool that helps Lachesis to decide a person’s fate in the world; Decima is her Romanian title.

He realized his role shortly after living together with Decima; recalling memories that were not his, recalling ancient memories...
He fought through a period of identity crisis, there were just too many memories flooding into his head and was dangerously close to losing himself.
However, she was there to guide and help him comprehend his true purpose.

It was pure irony.
Since young he had always been lead to believe that life is molded by one’s hands, to pave one’s own path…
When, in fact, his fate had already been decided since birth.

Because of this, he feels a little for Adam Johansson.
Now, he is hers. Always and forever will be faithfully by her side.
Even if he is to disappear, he is sure someone else would take his place as her tool.

Still, Juan often wondered if that was what his owner thinks of him too; just a tool.

Looking at Decima sleeping soundly by his side, he saw an innocent side of hers that will be gone by day,
reminding him that this was the reason he was so mesmerized by Decima in the first place.
He smiled, silently wishing that one day she would see him for who he really is…
He reached for the bedside lamp and switched it off.
Within hours, a new day has dawned upon the quiet town.
Decima got up, headed for the bathroom and screamed, “Juan!!! Get my bath ready!”

“Yes, my lady…” Juan had already prepared her breakfast then.

The morning seemed like any other morning, but she couldn’t suppress a feeling of uncertainty with what today will bring.
Her body felt tensed and she needed a good stretch… and a hairdo.
“Well, whatever…”, she started brushing her teeth.

No use worrying about something intangible, she needs to concentrate on planning Adam’s path.

“This one’s fate has yet to been seen, even I cannot foresee where he will go.
If a path has not been decided for him, I will make him one...”

At times, Decima wished that she could have a lesser burden and be relieved of her duty.
But she knows that there is no use crying over spilt milk, she had accepted her place in the world a long time ago.
After breakfast, Decima reminded Juan of what he has to do.

“Be his trusted friend, Juan. I’m counting on you.”

“Yes, my lady. With him being so confused, I’m sure he could use a listening ear…”

Decima threw him a sharp look, “Do not put too much feeling into this relationship, Juan. I need you to be objective.”
For the first time, he asked, “Why?”

Decima was surprised by his question, even more surprised when she noticed his unwavering eyes.
She took his hand into hers and led him outside.

Softening her features, she said,
“Juan, I understand that you feel some sort of kinship with the Old One.
But you two are entirely different; he is a person that out-lived your predecessors multiple times and is also an anomaly since I can’t see his fate.
Your fate and mine have been planned since a long time ago...”

She pulled him closer and whispered, “… so you are the only one I can trust. I do not want you to get hurt.”

Juan was not sure if it was her words having an effect on him, or was it the strange bond they have together that compels him to listen.
He ran a hand through her hair and stared into her eyes... Her eyes were ever so beautiful, hypnotic and almost unearthly…

With a sigh, he pulled away and bowed. “I will do my best, my lady.”
It wasn’t too difficult to find Adam, he usually hangs out at the gym after work to give training tips.
The first time Juan saw him, he noticed Adam’s tired eyes and an air of depression around him.

“Erm, Mr. Johansson?”


“Could you spare me a little of your time? I need help with my gym work.”

“Aye, that’s no problem.
As long as you quit with that “Mr. Johansson” bit, I will be glad to help out.
Please, call me Adam!”

Despite himself, Juan grinned.
“I’m Juan, Juan Scott Jr.”

“Yuan? You mean the currency or the Chinese character representing a circle?”

“That is Juan, with a J. J-U-A-N.” Juan laughed.

“AH! Juan! Heh, pardon me, I’m kinda deaf.” Adam smiled.

And with that, the two men started getting acquainted and a bond between them is formed.
After Adam left, Juan was convinced that they can really become good friends, despite the fates plotting against Adam.
He has decided, he will help Adam.

Juan took a quick shower and changed into his regular clothes, preparing to leave the gym.
As he was about to descend the stairs, he heard her, “You belong to Lachesis, don’t forget that.”

He stiffened immediately and only then, did he notice the woman to his left.
“My lady Clotho; Nona of the fates, you bring me honor with your presence,” Juan said with a curt bow.

“Don't be so defensive, I like Adam too.
But he cannot know of us… at least not yet.”
Nona went for the bathroom and turned her head to Juan before entering.
“Whether you believe me or not, we are trying to save the world Juan…
And Adam is our only hope.”

Nona left the surprised and very confused Juan alone at the stairs.

It is Thursday afternoon, 1700.
Far away, in another continent, a young model falls into a coma that she never wakes from...

Before crumpling to the floor,
she remembered some her wishes she had before;
she wished that she could be a model, that was 5 years ago and she got it,
she wished she could live a life of luxuries and she did.

Now, she wished she could see her parents and say goodbye for the last time… ...which never happened.
She cried.

She saw an old lady before darkness engulfed her and realize this lady is very familiar… like she has known her for her whole life…
“Hush, young one. It will be over soon,” the old lady said soothingly as she bent down to hold her, trying to comfort the terrified girl.

By her next breath, the model stopped moving.
Aisa sighs as she seals the fate of another young girl.

Aisa, is also known as Atropos. She ends fates and is often associated with Death.
Aisa stared into the vast night sky of this foreign land, “Time to call my sisters together, the stars have spoken...”
And muttered softly, “ …the Moirae will finally be united.”

“Hey granny, are you ok? You’re talking to yourself.” A poor girl in netted clothes approached her, concerned.

“I am fine, my dear. Thank you. Please take care of yourself, life is short.”

“Yeah, that’s what ma gramps tell me too.. I wish it was true! Then I could stop living so miserably.” and she walked off.

“Its shorter than you think…” staring at the girl’s back as she walks to a nearby bistro.
Aisa knows that she will be seeing this girl soon, Decima has already foretold this one’s fate…

Staring into space, Aisa reflected,
“Life’s like that… We always wish for things we never had.
We usually wish for more than what we have…
Wish for what we perceive as a better tomorrow...
When we do get what we wished for, it is often not exactly what we wanted.

So beware of what you wish for, because you might actually get it.”
This chapter has been pretty challenging for me, playing around with characters and adding new ones.
Please let me hear what you would like to see in my guestbook, complaints and feedback are welcomed too :D
I believe this chapter is pretty confusing, so feel free to rant and berate it as you will :P

I couldn’t have done this chapter without the cc creators of TSR and MTS; especially peggy, newsea and tum tum.

Having you bearing with me for so long, I bow to your patience and support.
You guys are the ones that keep me going :)

Stay chill ;-)

-- Frank signing off.

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isarpgistaOct 11, 2011

It's a very intelligent story! Very interesting! I'm also another mythology fan and I'm loving your story! It's really amazing! \:\)

KilhianOct 5, 2011

Ah those sisters... I will have to come back for more very soon! It's getting 'complex' but I really like it, and good job on the screenshots fitting the story \;\)

weirdlingJul 20, 2011

Well done.\:wub\:

urm0mJul 14, 2011

Brilliant \:D

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