Life's Like That... Fates.
Published Jul 15, 2011

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In Wishes, we saw into a little history of Adam and the choice he has to make.
Decima, the last sister, finally steps out of the shadows and seems to have plans for Adam.
We also realise that the Fates are the ones watching him and for an important purpose.
Lastly, Aisa mentions a gathering of the 3 sisters...
What will happen at this meeting? What will they talk about?
What course of action should Adam take?
Does he even have a choice?

With the recap out of the way, let’s move on with the 4th chapter, Fates.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

In Wishes, we saw into a little history of Adam and the choice he has to make.
Decima, the last sister, finally steps out of the shadows and seems to have plans for Adam.
We also realise that the Fates are the ones watching him and for an important purpose.
Lastly, Aisa mentions a gathering of the 3 sisters...
What will happen at this meeting? What will they talk about?
What course of action should Adam take?
Does he even have a choice?

With the recap out of the way, let’s move on with the 4th chapter, Fates.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

Once upon a time, there were 3 sisters that shared many names.
They were called the Moirae, the Norns, the Grey Witches...
Most people today, just simply acknowledged them as the Fates.

They pull the strings of fate for each man and woman that were ever born.
Clotho; as known as Nona (the Ninth) unrolls each string from her spindle.
Lachesis; which is Decima (the Tenth) uses her rod to measure the length of the string.
Atropos; she is called Aisa or Morta (Death), then cuts the string.

Although each sister serves a unique purpose, they co-exist as one; they cannot exist without the other.
This is their fate...
On an island far from civilization, a lone figure is working mindlessly over the scribe desk.
Softly mumbling words that were either strange and unknown, or words that could be from ancient civilizations of forgotten eras...

It does not matter, what she says is not important.
She scans tirelessly through her book and has been at it since morning, looking for the one thing that she missed out.

Wondering how was it possible that someone managed to slip pass their judgement?
This should not happen!
For centuries, the sisters were present at every birth to judge the fate of the newborn...
Nona gives the child life, Decima gives the child direction, Aisa then waits for the second meeting with this child.

Decima always consulted her tools to decide directions, they were infalliable.
Until now.

Decima closes the book and gave herself a moment’s rest,
recalling the events that happened in the morning...
“I know, Aisa has contacted me about the gathering. It is at the Aisle of Seirenes.
This is the reason for me changing my attire.” Nona said.
After a quick scan of Decima’s outlook, she continued,
“Apparently, you got the message too.”

Decima was a little surprised to receive word from her older sister, Aisa.
They meet often to perform their duties, but hardly for anything else.
Though, just like Nona, she knew straight-away that this is not just a simple family get-together...
It is about the irritating Old One, Adam Johansson.
He’s also the reason for her increasing tension with Nona.

Lately, she noticed that Nona seemed far away whenever the topic of the Old One is brought up.
Sometimes... Nona slips a smile for a brief moment and no doubt, Decima knows who she is thinking about.

Not only did Decima thinks it’s ridiculous for her sister to fall for a man,
she believes that there is no hope in such a relationship; especially with the Old One.
Decima knows a relationship cannot be based on lies, so will Nona going to reveal herself and her sisters?
No, even Nona knows, that the Fates are bound by old rules. Rules more ancient than gods...
Many a time, Decima tries to make her younger sister see this inevitable fact...
But all she got was a cold shoulder and a cold war that would last for a few days.

Eventually, Decima just gave up.
She notices the icy stares that Nonna gives her and ignores them.
If her sister wants to move down this path, maybe it is her fate. Who is she to stop her?

In the end, all that matters, is that the Fates serve their responsibilities. Sibling relationships are inconsequential.
Decima opens her eyes and looks at the island.
The Aisle of Seirenes, a place where the sisters sing about events that were, that are and that will happen.
This island is beyond the jurisdiction of time where time flows differently, a place specially created for the sisters to converse freely.

As night approaches, the island pulses with life, knowing that the Fates are coming.
The 3 statues that appear on the island seem to present other aspects of the sisters...
But what they represent...
The stories they hold...
The mysteries surrounding their existence...

Will be left as a tale for another day, this is because the island is waiting not for them...
But for the Fates.

And it looks like they have begun to start the gathering...

“We are finally together, sisters.”, looking at Aisa,
Decima asked, “Is the situation in the World that grave, Eldest?”

“Let me get to my seat, dear. My bones are cracking from the journey to this place...”

“From what I know, the past is slowly catching up with the Old One. He will not be able the hide from ‘the Hunter’ much longer,” Nona started.
“Indeed, ‘the Hunter’ is getting ever close to him.” Aisa sighed.
“I tried to warn him in our first meeting, in hopes that he will leave town immediately.
The problem facing the Old One now is that he is still fighting with his inner demons; his past...”

“It was... tragic, Eldest.” Nona said softly.

“He has experienced more pain than anyone in this world; seen horrible things that most people have not, experienced lost of love ones, tormented for his existence...”
Nona thought Aisa had a look of pity on her face, but it was gone in a flash and Aisa resumed speaking.
“He has to decide; if he does not want to involve the lives of innocents, he will have to move. Or face ‘the Hunter’...”

“But he cannot overcome 'the Hunter'! Its too strong!” Nona blurted out with concern evident in her face.
Eyeing Nona, Aisa lectured,
“And you, Nona of the Fates, what are you doing to ease the situation? Nothing! You are just making it worse!”

Nona stared at her eldest sister angrily, but couldn’t say anything.

Aisa continued, “You are supposed to watch him, not fall for him or him to you. His existence in this world is crucial for the balance.”

Decima perked up her ears when she heard this. “What to you mean, Eldest?”

Aisa turned her head to Decima, “Decima, do you know of the Tzardikim Nistarim?”

Hearing this, Decima got up and left the table.
“Eldest, why is Decima... so surprised? What is the Tzardikim Nistarim?” Nona asked. She knew Adam was important to saving the world, but was unsure why this is so.

“I’m not surprised that you do not know of them, their history is... very well hidden.”
Aisa looked at her youngest sibling,
“Tzadikim Nistarim are the hidden heroes of the world, Nona, they are the ones that keep the World going.
It is said they are made of ‘36 righteous ones’ that justify the role of humankind to Him, the Creator. In a sense, they balance the World's existence on their backs.”

Nona stares at Aisa, speechless.

“I think Adam is one of them.”
Aisa takes a breath and watches Decima,
“Your sister is shocked, because she cannot believe that the Old One is a part of the Tzardikim Nistarim.
Also, she has great pride. She finds that she is not performing her role as the decider of fates when she knew about Adam.
His existence and the thought of having 35 others that are like him has made her questioned her very being.
If she can’t see fates, then why does she exist?”
Nona stood up without saying a word, still trying to digest what Aisa just told her.

After a while, Nona turned to Aisa and asked, “Why are they kept hidden from us?”
“They are here to protect the world, because they are blessed with powers to help to avert disasters.
However, the people of this World may not appreciate their existence and label them ‘mutants’ or ‘freaks’.
Your sister has to realise that the Tzardikim Nistarim cannot know of their fates, no one can.
This helps to protect them from other powers besides ourselves, to use them for misdeeds or for another purpose...
If anyone of them went missing...” Aisa lets her sentence trail off.

Nona gulps nervously, she didn’t need Aisa to tell her, she knows... the balance of the Tzardikim Nistarim will be upset and the World will fall into deep trouble...
Now she understands that Adam cannot stay in town any more, it is too dangerous with ‘the Hunter’ arriving soon.
Knowing what Decima is going through, Nona walks up to her while thinking how she should apologise for her actions.
Aisa watches approvingly at her youngest sister, and makes a move for them as well.
“Sis, I’m... sorry. You were right about my affections for Adam.
I should have known you were thinking for the best, instead of being the bubbled headed person I was...”

Nona was not done with her apology when Decima interjected,
“You still are bubble headed, Nona...”

“HEY! I’m trying to apologise here...” Nona was getting furious again.

“... and that is why I will always look out for you, you are my only younger sister.” Decima finished her say in a matter-of-fact manner.

Nona kept quiet, silently appreciating her elder sister's words as Aisa grouped with them.

“I see you two have made amends?”

“It was always like this, Eldest” Decima replied.
Silently, the Fates watched the stars, leaving each other to their own thoughts.

But one thought that they had in common was,
“We are the Moirae, the Norns, the Grey Witches...
Gods and mortals fear us.
We bring judgement relentlessly and without mercy...

Then why is it that we still feel so small?”
As the sisters were not looking, a figure quickly rushes off...
How long was he there? How much does he know? Where is he running to?

Juan ran as fast as his legs could take him, out of the Aisle of Seirenes.
“I think your tool heard us, Decima.” Aisa puts a hand to her cheek, faking concern.

“Don’t look at me, he is not mine.” Nona turned away to fix her earring.

Decima stares into the sea, she doesn’t know what to believe anymore.
But she knows one thing for certain, she can read him like a book and knows where he’s heading...
... to the Old One. Maybe this is fated.
Finally, Juan managed to hit the familiar streets and was very used up from his journey to town.
Luckily he managed to board a bus... that was really trippy.
It had leopard spots all over the interior and was driven by a teen that listens to R&B for the whole trip.
There was only so much Juan could take...
“Please, captain. Could you change the radio station or switch it off? I’ll pay you for that.”

“No-can-do, compańero. You are either with it or leave it.” and the teen continues to sing along, out-of-tune.

Juan sighs.

However, the bus was the least of his concerns.

He needs to get to Adam and tell him about ‘the Hunter’.
He doesn’t know who or what ‘the Hunter’ is, but from the way Nona reacted, it is dangerous.

He still tries to figure out why he held this sense of loyalty to Adam,
was it because he is of the Tzardikim Nistarim Aisa was talking about?
Whatever the cause, this loyalty is enough for him to disobey Decima, which has him worried.
Without realizing, Juan was already at Adam’s door.
Juan took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down before ringing the doorbell.

“Ah, you are... Juan, with a J.” Adam greeted with a smile.

“That’s me alright, flattered that you remember, Adam.”

“Please come on in. We can talk inside.”
“ I don’t see you wearing your jersey, Adam.”

“That’s because I just got promoted to being a Sports Legend! Can you imagine that?!”

“Wow! I guess congratulations are in order?”

“Well, Betsie wants the party to be at her place and I rejected her previous invite...
Looks like I can’t talk myself out of this one...” Both men laughed.

Juan took a chance, “Adam, I need to tell you something.”

“Yeah okay, what’s up?” Adam was just turning to his fridge for some refreshments.
“You are in danger, someone is coming after you and you need to leave town.”

Adam blinks.
“Erm... There is this... person... called ‘the Hunter’, he is after you and wants to... mess you up really bad... Please, you have to go now.” Juan tried to explain.

Adam took a step back, “This is a really bad joke, Juan.
Why would somebody want to mess with me?
I haven’t done anything wrong (at least not illegally...)
Not even slept with Betsie, so it couldn't be her father sending someone after me!”

Adam continues,
“Besides, I’m a Sports Legend now.
The town adores me; I am treated really well and get free stuff now-and-then for being a celebrity...
Why should I leave?”
“You are Sports Legend...?! SO WHAT?! Will it matter if you were in DANGER?!” Juan was a little exasperated, tired and finally blew his head off.
“Do you have ANY inkling of what I had to do to give you this warning?!
I DISOBEYED my mistress and ran here with all my strength...
LISTENED to R&B for 2 hours in a trippy bus with a teen bus captain who wouldn’t turn it off...
And now, you are telling me you are NOT listening?!
I said that you are GOING-TO-BE-DANGER with a capital D, if you don’t get out of town NOW!” Juan raised his hands in frustration.

Adam tried to comprehend what Juan just said, while trying to calm him down.
Still fuming, Juan said, “I’ve already done what I can.
I did this only because you seemed like a good guy stuck in a big mess, thought I could help out.
You have to decide Adam, to believe me or...”

Juan didn’t finish the sentence and left the building.
Adam watched Juan leave the premises and wondered,
“How did Juan find out about ‘the Hunter’?
People of this era hardly whisper about this character, why would he know?
There must be something more about this Juan character that he doesn't know about...”
But thanks to Juan, Adam has finally decided what he has to do and smiled to himself.
Juan is indeed a good person, Adam knew it the first time they met.
He wonders if they could still be friends... if they were fated to meet again...
Adam sighed, “Looks like it’s time to say farewell to Barnacle Bay...”
That is the end of the 4th chapter, Fates and also the longest chapter I did so far D:
Had to do quite a bit of research for this chapter but it was all fun :P
Hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think about it. :D

Special thanks to pilar for the Garden Aladin set found here:
Picture of the fates is taken from,_or_The_Three_Fates.jpg
Of course, not forgetting to thank the cc creators who made this chapter possible.

And to the readers, it may be fate that you read to this line and then again, it may not.
Regardless, a BIG THANK YOU for reaching this far with me. You guys rock! :D

Stay chill ;-)

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#9Milii454Jul 17, 2011

Really enjoying this story, I love stories about fates (I know a little of their back stories so I'm really enjoying this portrayal of them). Congrats on the feature and can't wait for the next instalment! \:D

#10urm0mJul 18, 2011

Uh oh Adam is going to be chased!

#11orlovVIPJul 20, 2011

I took the opportunity to read through all the chapters, as I was late to the game. . .being one who believes in fate, but one with a nasty sense of humor, (one that hasn't always played fair), after seeing these three, I believe I will continue with the fate I Know. . .these three seem positively evil to me! \:eek\:  I have a theory about "The Hunter" but will reserve my thoughts. . .very interested in seeing who or what arrives. . .if  "It" hasn't always been there all along. . .

#12weirdlingJul 20, 2011

This was just GREAT! \:wub\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

#13emilymarie0201Jul 21, 2011

You're research was very well worth it! I enjoyed it very much! I love when story writers add a little history now and then \:\) The three sisters remind me of the sisters in Hercules, the witches with the eyeball and cut the string? Is that the same reference? BUT, AMAZING chapter! This is really one of my all time favorite stories \:wub\:

#14fredbrennyJul 22, 2011

Very well documented!I even looked it all up on wikipedia. \;\) .... \:eek\:  Maybe Betsy is the 'Hunter' ... just following up on Orlov's thoughts LOL
I am late too, but luckily I have your new chapter to read! Congrats on the features! Well done!

#15RatRaceRobJul 24, 2011

Very interesting reading \:cool\:... good to see Adam was only playing dumb with Juan's warning, and not actually fool enough to disregard it... still not sold on these three meddling females --and whoa now, glancing at Fred's guess up there-- Betsie as The Hunter?! Now THAT is a disturbing thought \:eek\::P

#16fabrizioammolloAug 3, 2011

It's getting better and better! I loke how you are merging different mythologies.

#17KilhianOct 6, 2011

A lot of research indeed!! I really like how you set it up, the Fate sisters looking up to the starry sky was a great screenshot also \;\) I'm going to find out how this part ends~

#18isarpgistaOct 15, 2011

Awesome! \:\) And now I'm very curious about "The Hunter"! I liked Juan told Adam about someone hunting him. It was very cool. \:\)

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