Insanity Isn't Everything - Chapter 1
Published Jul 18, 2011

Written By

Audrey May


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This is the story of one young sim who struggled to maintain her individuality in a world where people were, all too often, judged only by their inborn traits.

This is the story of one young sim who struggled to maintain her individuality in a world where people were, all too often, judged only by their inborn traits. Julia Plate had always been "unique" as her parents liked to refer to their daughter's personality. As a baby she screamed at the top of her lungs only to giggle with delight the next instant and as she grew older Julia began randomly talking and shouting to herself until her terrified parents took her to the family doctor. After giving Julia a thorough examination, he joined the girl's parents in his office to give them the results.

"Please, doctor, tell us what's wrong with our child!" cried her mother.

"Well, Mrs. Plate," began the doctor solemnly. "I'm afraid your daughter is insane with a strong proclivity toward inappropriateness and is likely to develop kleptomania in the near future."

"Oh no!"

"Oh, don't worry! She will be fine! "

"Fine??!! Doctor, you tell us our child is an insane, kleptomaniac and you expect us to act as if nothing is wrong??"

"No, I don't. I expect you to love her for who she is, encourage her strengths, downplay her weakness and she should turn out fine! You could have a child with much worse traits than Julia has, you know! Why yesterday I treated an unlucky, neurotic, mean-spirited boy who is a loser with an intense fear of being nude! Can you imagine how hard life is going to be for him??"

"Yes, you're right, doctor." said Mr. Plate with a sigh. "And we want you to know that we love Julia and will do the best we can to help her adjust."

And Mr. and Mrs. Plate did just that. With the love and guidance of her parents, Julia had a relatively uneventful childhood and, for the most part, learned how to curb her inappropriate behavior.
The years passed and Julia entered school where she became a good student and quick learner. Her teachers recognized Julia's need for self-expression and suggested she join the after school theater group. Julia took to acting immediately and found that playing eccentric characters in school plays was the perfect outlet for her active imagination. However, by the time she reached high school Julia developed another disconcerting habit which neither her parents nor her teachers were able to change.

Every morning Julia climbed out of bed, showered and dressed herself in whatever suited her mood. One day it was a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and another day it was a bathing suit. While this might be acceptable during the summer or during vacation when she had no particular place to go it was frowned upon during school days. More often than not Julia entered her homeroom only to be told by her teacher to turn around and head home to change. Julia would trudge off muttering loudly about how boring it was "to be forced to wear the same thing every single day!"
When Julia turned twenty-one she decided it was time to strike out on her own and in spite of her parents' misgivings she purchased a house in Sunset Valley with money left to her by a long-lost relative.

"But you've never even been away from home before! Riverview is at least a hundred miles from Sunset Valley!" exclaimed Mrs. Plate. "And a house is a big responsibility!"

"And you don't think I can handle life on my own, do you?" Julia hung her head and sighed.

"Oh no, dear! That's not it we..."

"I found a job and the house is all paid for! Oh, Mom, Dad, this is a great opportunity for me and..."

"And we are very happy for you, Julia. Don't worry! We know you will do well." said her father. "Don't we, Amy?"

"Yes, yes, of course we do." she replied. "It's just so hard to see my girl grown up and out on her own! "

"Don't worry, Mom! Sunset Valley is only a couple of hours away by car and I will phone you every day. And when I get settled in you can both come to visit for a few days!"

Three weeks later, after kissing her parents goodbye, Julia moved in to her new house on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Sunset Valley.
During the first week in her new home, Julia didn't have enough time to feel lonely or homesick. She rose early and headed for her job in the office at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital where she worked in admissions. After work she stopped at Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner for a bite to eat and then went home to tend to her new garden. Julia had created a pleasant routine for herself but, unfortunately, this wasn't to last long.

On Friday Julia was called in to her boss's office.

"I'm afraid we are going to have to let you go, Miss Plate." said Mrs. Maledon.

"What?!" Poor Julia stood there in shock. "Why?! I've done a good job!."

"Yes, Miss Plate, we have no complaints about your job performance but I'm afraid," Mrs. Maledon paused a moment and looked Julia straight in the eye. "It's your behavior which is the problem."

Julia averted her gaze.

"We just can't have an employee who talks to themselves in a loud voice and dresses in such an odd manner!"

Julia looked down at the exercise outfit she was wearing. "But what's wrong with these clothes?"

"Well, they are somewhat better than the pajamas you wore yesterday," replied her boss with a smirk. "But I would hardly call it appropriate attire for the office."

"OH! So you are saying my behavior is inappropriate, are you?" said Julia, raising her voice. "That I am inappropriate!?"

"I am saying that there is a certain behavior we expect from our employees and yours doesn't meet with the company's standards."

"Oh I'm so sorry!" snapped Julia. "I'm sorry my manners aren't good enough for you! See you later!" And she stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her.

It wasn't until she was safely outside that Julia let her emotions go. Standing alone on the sidewalk in front of the hospital she sobbed, ranted and raved causing passersby to cross over to the other side of the street and a police officer to stop and ask if she needed help.

"Oh, thank you but I'm fine. Really!" she replied, wiping her eyes with the backs of her hands. "I'm heading home now." The puzzled officer watched her walk across the street and climb into a cab.

The last thing Julia intended to do was look for comfort and help from her family and Riverview friends.

"I do not want any sympathy!" she said to herself as she rode home. "I won't call any of them tonight so I can figure out what I want to do next."

At home the first things she did were to change into her bathing suit and then feed her clown fish, Marcel. Then she ran on her treadmill until she was tired out and sweating profusely. Feeling more relaxed, Julia sat down on her couch and looked at the breathtaking view from the bay window in her living room. Finally, she consumed a pint of double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and went to bed, intending to forget the bad news of the day in a restful night's sleep.

But sleep seemed to elude Julia and she tossed and turned all night, her dreams permeated with the odd feeling that there was something brewing close by which needed her attention.

~~To Be Continued~~

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eviDec 19, 2012

I have not decided yet how I feel for the story but DEFINITELY I am going to read the second part!\:rah\:

wolfspryteSep 17, 2011

He heeee... what will Julia do next?? Great story! Can't wait to see what she does! \:rah\:

MangioSep 6, 2011

Interesting story and concept \:rah\: Had me laughing all the way especially the last page \:D Congrats on the feature \:wub\: Off to read more

hollyevansAug 14, 2011

\:P so funny 

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