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The New Face In Town
Published Jul 20, 2011

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This is a comedic off-shoot of my story "The Machine." It is a stand-alone chapter, but introduces many new characters, some of which belong to "The Machine."

It is longer than I thought it would be, but some of the screenshots made me giggle, so I kept them in....

Comments, suggestions, etc., are all welcome. My intent is to entertain, and if this isn't entertaining, I need to know!!

Enough prologue. Enjoy!

This is a comedic off-shoot of my story "The Machine." It is a stand-alone chapter, but introduces many new characters, some of which belong to "The Machine."

It is longer than I thought it would be, but some of the screenshots made me giggle, so I kept them in....

Comments, suggestions, etc., are all welcome. My intent is to entertain, and if this isn't entertaining, I need to know!!

Enough prologue. Enjoy!
Officer Tia Rose was getting ready to leave home and report in at the Sunset Valley Police Department for the morning shift when her phone rang.

"Tia Rose speaking."
"Officer Rose? This is Lieutenant Goddard. I'm going to need you to change schedules for me. Instead of reporting this morning, I need you on my overnight duty roster." "Of course I can cover the desk on the overnight shift. Um, have I done something wrong?" "No, not at all. I've just had to pull several officers from overnights to assist the CyberCrimes Investigation Unit. Things are starting to heat up there." "The CyberCrimes Unit? Does this mean there has been a break in the case?" "I can't go into any details, but we feel we are getting close. I think something BIG may be going down... maybe even tonight. I'll need you on patrol tonight and ready to respond to ANYTHING." "Lieutenant Goddard! I'm not ready to go out on patrol! Alone... " "Tia, I have total confidence you can handle yourself in ANY situation or I wouldn't be reassigning you. Have some faith in yourself, girl! Just show up half an hour early to check the computer for new developments." "Well if you believe I am ready, I'd be honored to start working out of a patrol car. Thank you Lieutenant!"

Tia hung up the phone hoping she sounded more secure than she felt ...
It was entirely too quiet tonight. The sound of Tia's shoes striking the marble entry to the Police Station seemed unusually loud to her ears. The crickets must even sense how nervous she was and had fallen silent. A sheen of sweat began rising on her skin.... Tia logged onto the department server and checked for any recent activity. Absolutely no reports had been filed. She didn't even have any new emails. Whew! It appeared she was in for a slow night, after all. Just as Tia started to go grab a cup of coffee, a system alert beeped on her computer from Sunset Valley Home Security. Their system indicated at break-in at the Browning home.

Tia had responded to home break-ins before; this should be a piece of cake.
A simple break-in, NOT!

"This perp's scrappy, and there stands Ms. Browning looking on as Sunset Valley's finest was getting her butt kicked," thinks Tia as she takes one to the schnoz'.
Knowing her words must sound like complete gibberish, Tia tried to explain the situation to the young ER doctor:

"Good ebening Dogdor. By nabe iz Dia Roze. I zeem do habe brogen by doze. Gould you dage a guigg loog ad id?"
"Um, my name is Dr. Matthew Kensington. Officer Rose, is it? I think you just suggested you have broken your nose, and want me to take a "quick" look. Is that right?" "Yez Dogdor. I god jumbed by a burglar and zhee whagged me a good one in dhe noze. Do you ding id'z brogen?" "Ooh, I'm sorry to hear about the burglar. She "whacked" you in the nose? Is that right? Yes your nose is most certainly broken, and by the way you sound, there may be additional damage as well." "Juz' do whad eber you need do ged be on by way. I habe baberworg waiding." "Officer! There is no way you are getting out this hospital tonight! Paperwork or not! You may have sustained a serious injury to your head. Tests need to be run, specialists called in!" "I'm going to need you to change into one of the hospital gowns and let me make some phone calls. Just go over to the bed; gowns are in the table beside it. First thing, get that hat off! How on earth did you keep it on your head?" "By glazzez were brogen in the fighd, zo I had do Gurilla Dape by dem on and god zzome id by hair..." "Oh! Gorilla Tape! That stuff's very sticky. I'm afraid I'll have to cut your hat out of your hair. I hope you know a good stylist! Hahaha. ...sorry, I'm still working on my bedside manner skills... Now go get changed, please, and we'll get started." Tia glanced around the ER room in her puke-green hospital gown. It look more like a movie set than a hospital room to her.

EEW! Are those the "scans" they took of her head? Looks bad....
"Yes, Dr. Kensington here. Dr. Richmond? I'm going to need the assistance of a plastic surgeon here in the ER. My patient has an injury that could leave permanent damage if not handled properly. Please come in immediately." "Tia, great news! Dr. Richmond is one of the best plastic surgeons in the Tri-State area. You'll be good as new by the time she gets finished with you." "Uh, Dr. Richmond.... I don't know how to put this delicately, but you are going to have your hands full with this reconstruction... " "Just one more call to bring in an ophthalmologist. Since you were already wearing glasses, do you have a regular eye doctor?" [Tia] "Yezz. Dogdor Gollins..."

[Dr. Kensington] "Great! Dr. Collins is on our "call in" sheet. I'll get her in right away."
"Dr. Amelia Richmond, Plastic Surgeon extraordinaire! I'm SO glad to finally meet you. I'm Matthew. Uh, I mean Dr. Matthew Kensington." ***blushing brightly***

"Listen, you little ER Resident Doctor!! I have a very busy practice, and DO NOT appreciate being called in just to get hit on!

Just so you know, I was on my way to the Day Spa. I'm the Guest Speaker at the "From Flabby Arms to Fit Biceps" seminar taking place there. I don't dress like this to come in to the ER!"
"Dr. Richmond, as you can see from these scans, there's clearly a septal hematoma and the collected blood will have to be drained. The cartilage was broken as well, and I believe she may have a deviated septum. Surgery is clearly indicated... " "Ah, I see you've done your homework on noses! Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I get hit on all the time. It's one of the hazards of being a plastic surgeon.

"I'll take a closer look at the test results and get changed into my scrubs."
"I've already asked for an operating room to be prepped. I knew you were the right person to call, Dr. Richmond.

"Officer Rose is going to need a lot of work. I've also called in Dr. Samantha Collins as a consultant for her eyes."
"Good job, Dr. Kensington. Sam is a friend of mine, and a very good doctor. Ophthalmology isn't my area of expertise, and Ms. Rose's vision could easily have been compromised in the altercation." [Kensington] "Excuse me, sir. This is a restricted area of the hospital. Perhaps you should return to the information desk for assistance." "Young man, I'm Captain Angus McDonald of the Sunset Valley Police Department. I know my officer, Tia Rose, is here being treated. It is imperative I debrief her right away." [Richmond] "Unfortunately, Captain, we'll need to get Officer Rose into surgery immediately. I'm afraid you will need to wait until she is out of recovery to speak to her."

[McDonald] "That's inconvenient, but if I must wait, I will."
[Richmond] "Samantha! How good to see you again, but under such circumstances..."

[Collins] "Amelia, good to see you as well. I was already in surgery when the call came in about Tia, so couldn't be here when you got started. I hope all went well."
[Kensington] "Dr. Collins, Dr. Richmond. I'm pleased to report Officer Rose is just coming out of the recovery room. I'll place her back in the same examination room since it has some optical equipment in it already. So far, so good!

"Now I'm off to talk to Captain McDonald about Officer Rose's recuperative needs."
[Richmond] "Sam. This was a real mess. I was able to correct the damage, and after the swelling goes down, I think Tia Rose is going to be VERY pleased with the new nose I've given her.

"One area of concern is the glasses she was wearing. With the reconstruction I've just completed, she simply cannot wear glasses. She'll need contact lenses for her nose to heal."
[Collins] "Amelia, I know BEAUTY is your bread and butter, but Tia Rose simply isn't someone who would ordinarily seek out your services, new nose or not.

"She is a very balanced young lady, focused on her work, and satisfied with her looks. I've been trying to get her into contact lenses for years, but she doesn't want to seem vain."
[Richmond] "OH NO! While Tia was still on the operating table, I gave her a collagen treatment to plump out her lips a little. This is terrible news! It's not like I can "suck it back out." How can I explain this to her?" [Kensington] "Is there a problem? I heard raised voices."

[Collins] "No, nothing I can't handle. Amelia, I'll explain to Tia that there was some kind of medical "need" for the collagen treatment. I've been her doctor for years and she knows me. Personally, I don't think she needed "adjustments," but I'm not a plastic surgeon...

"I better get in there to see her now."
[Tia Rose] "Dr. Collins, it's so good of you to come. I still feel kind-of woozy, but can't see a darned thing! Can you get me back in some glasses right away?"

[Collins] "Tia, we really need to talk about what is best for you "overall" right now. Let's discuss contacts again."
[Tia Rose] "You already know how I feel about contacts. I don't want to look like a Barbie doll."

[Collins] "In this case, I must insist. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Richmond, and I have talked. Your nose is very sensitive now, and glasses could be detrimental to the healing process."
[Collins] "First of all, I want to get you seated and check the state of your vision. If nothing has changed, I have contact lenses fitting your prescription at my office.

"Oh, um, by the way, Dr. Richmond also had to perform a procedure on your lips during surgery. The end effect may alter your appearance a little, but I'm sure you won't even notice... "
After running Tia through an eye chart and scoping her retinas, Dr. Collins completed examining her eyes.

[Tia] "You see? My eyes are just fine. Slap some glasses on my face and I'm out the door."

[Collins] "No arguments this time, Tia. I will send you home with some temporary glasses that don't have nose pads, just a high bridge. But you ARE going to get fitted for those contact lenses. It is the best thing for your vision AND for your nose. I'll see you in my office tomorrow at 10 a.m. sharp! No more discussions!"
[Collins] "Well, I've TOLD Tia what she needed to hear. Amelia, with everything else going on, she didn't even seem to take notice of my news concerning her "lip procedure," and she'll be coming to see me tomorrow about new contact lenses.

"Dr. Kensington, good job at taking care of her initial needs. There's one thing I can't figure out, though; what happened to her hair?"
[Kensington] "Yeah, I wondered when someone was going to ask about that. She taped her hat to her hair when trying to repair her broken glasses. I had to cut the thing off her head. I didn't study cosmetology; I just hacked her hair off. Sorrry...

"Ooops, here come the Captain again. Talk to you later Dr. Collins."
[McDonald] "Thank you for your care of my officer. I will need releases from you both, as her treatment team, before she can return to active duty. ...for the files, and all that... I need to go in and talk to her now." [Tia] "Captain McDonald! What has happened? Why are YOU here?"

[McDonald] "Officer Rose, I need to discuss the case you were working on last night before coming in to the ER. Ms. Summers is being handled by someone else in the force, so you won't need to worry about the case. It is imperative NO ONE else finds out what happened. By that I mean who you arrested, or where."
[McDonald] "All I need is for you to go home, keep your doctor appointments, and take care of yourself. After your doctors release you as fit to return to duty, you can come back to your regular day shift assignment." Tia felt so good walking back into her house. Sure, her head was still pounding and her nose was throbbing; even her lips felt a little numb....

In a few weeks, she'd be released to return to work. In the meantime, she could take out her frustration on this old beach house! It was time make this old place presentable.

A few long weeks have passed. Tia passed the department physical, and no psychiatric evaluation was deemed necessary.

Finally! After sitting through meetings with Lieutenant Goddard AND Captain McDonald, she was cleared to resume duty.

So here comes Officer Tia Rose, THE NEW FACE IN TOWN.
Thanks for sticking with this silly story all the way to the end.

There is too much custom content used, as per usual, to single any one out. I thank you all!! xoxoxo

Tia and company also thank you. If there is any interest in this little ditty, I may drag them back out for an encore...

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chloe_bubbAug 19, 2011

hehe haha that was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fabrizioammolloAug 9, 2011

Hilarious \:D!

RatRaceRobJul 28, 2011

Very entertaining page-turner... all that&nbsp;high 'drama' over a broken nose lol :P... and how could Matthew <em>not</em> hit on Amelia when she shows up to work in her fancy red dress rofl \;\)?&nbsp;Great spin off chapter \:D

Simply.InformalJul 27, 2011

This was really interesting couldnt stop reading!

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