Eyes Open - Part 5
Published Jul 24, 2011

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I need your grace to remind me,
To find my own

Snow Patrol, “Chasing Cars”

I need your grace to remind me,
To find my own

Snow Patrol, “Chasing Cars”
Early the next Monday morning, Laura rose and got herself ready for her first day of work. She knew some of what her mother did, but the real information was a bit... shady and hazy.

She dressed in a smart dress and let her hair down loose.

She breathed deeply, calming her nerves and anticipation. With one last check in the mirror she turned on her heel and walked out of her room in search of her mother.
She found her shouting down the phone at some unknown colleague.


There was a quiet but desperate muffling on the other line.

There was more muffling. Claire suddenly looked up and saw her daughter, gesturing her to stay at the door.

The muffling continued and Claire growled menacingly at the handset.

“Find it. Or else.” Her quiet threat was scarier than her shouting.
They drove to the office in silence, Laura unsure of what to say, her mother seeming to be fuming.

They parked up outside the office, a building that reminded her suspiciously of their new home. It was made from a dark red brick with grey stone detailing. Black paned windows sat at even intervals along the building and the edges jutted out, creating the looked of a modern day castle, a fortress of security.

There were only two parking slots on the narrow space between the pavement and double doors. There was an intercom sat next to the doors, the tiny box standing between them and entry.

Her mother walked up to the doors, took out an identity card and swiped it. There was the sound of whirring and multiple heavy duty locks unbolting.

Claire pulled open the door and held it open for her daughter with her foot.

“Well come on then!” She snapped.
They entered into the building. It was deathly quiet, except from the quiet tapping of keyboards echoing down the stairs.

Laura flinched at the noise of her and her mother’s heels clicking against the metal floor. It seemed harsh and split the quiet into millions of little pieces.

Claire glared at the man sat behind a sleek black desk. He was a well built, stocky, dark skinned man with very short hair. He glanced up at the sudden stop of the clanking and his face visibly paled.

“Good morning Jeffery. Any more news?” She asked, her voice hard and deadly.

“Mrs McGraw! Yes, Yes, it seems the finance department are to blame, they gave us the wrong address and it was distributed to...” he broke off, visibly looking frightened.

“TO?” She practically roared.

“Twinbrook.” He whispered.

Claire’s eyes bulged; she breathed deeply and turned away from the desk. As she walked up the stairs she called back in the deadly and hard voice.

“Divert my calls to Lucia, she can deal with the minor calls, I have to tell Ayesha and do some damage control! People’s heads are going to roll for this!”

Out the corner of her eye, Laura saw Jeffery shudder.
Her mother walked her past booths of workstations where people were already hard at work. She stopped at an empty one around the rear side of the stairs.

“This will be your desk over the summer. Tia,” she gestured to an Asian woman with died purple hair on the opposite side of the partition wall, “is in charge of IT in our department, but she is going to assign you work with Richard,” she indicated to a blonde man on the opposite side of the room, “who’s our chief of art. He verifies whether the work is genuine of not.”

She smiled her cat like smile that never reached her eyes, and turned and walked into a room with a frosted door, which she assumed was her office.

It was deadly quiet once again, and she felt abandoned in a strange place.

Nothing new there then, she thought to herself.
There were 6 main employees within the office, two security guards (one for day and one for night) and a host of night staff including drivers and warehouse staff.

And Laura had learnt that every single one of them feared her mother.

But nobody feared her. They treated her like one of the team, the rookie, the new girl. It was nice to finally feel... accepted. It was a strange feeling and she wasn’t used to it. Yes she had friends at school, but they were mostly people whom she hung out with, she didn’t have any feelings about them one way or the other. But at work, everybody said hello, they sent each other messages, communicating in a silent way so that Claire would not detect them.

They all teased her as she was the “intern”, so she was given all the annoying jobs, endless printing, running from one department building to another, fetching lunch. But she was rewarded with friendship from the main employees and tutorship in art valuations and validations from Richard.
One lunch time, she left the grocery store laden with lunches for everybody and cut through the park. She loved the park; it was a vast, green open space with a sunken fountain in the centre. Swings and picnic areas littered the grass and families played in the afternoon summer sun shine.

She breathed deeply, enjoying the smells and sights it had to offer.

She set down the groceries that she’d put in her large satchel bag and just stood there, enjoying the quiet and stillness.

That was until she was knocked over by two boys tossing a football about.

“JASON!” one of the boys called out, running backwards, “CATCH!”

And one of them ran straight into Laura, knocking her flat on her face, pushing over her bag and spilling everybody’s lunches over the ground.
The boy jumped straight to his feet and began apologising profusely to her, lending her a hand up and picking up her groceries.

“David you’re so clumsy!” scolded the boy whom she could only assume was Jason. Jason gave her a hand up from her position on the floor and glared at the other boy who was still packing away the lunches into her bag.
“Are you ok?” Jason asked, concern crossing his face as he watched her rub the lump that was rapidly forming on her forehead.

“I’m fine, honestly!” she assured him, as he looked at her disbelievingly.

Jason nudged David with his foot, making him stand up.
Laura felt her heart constrict. David was gorgeous. He had black hair that flopped effortlessly into his eyes and deep green eyes. He was very well built, strong and muscular and his voice when he’d been apologising to her had been deep and rumbling. “I’m really sorry about knocking you over....” He paused, waiting for her to fill in the gap of her name.

“Laura,” She managed to squeak out “Laura McGraw.” She stuck out her hand and he juggled the groceries to shake it.

“David Kinman. And this is my cousin Jason Manning.”

“Nice to meet you both. I’d better be going, I’m late for work and everybody will be waiting.”

She picked up the groceries and walked away from the two boys, both deep in thought for different reasons.
Laura found herself walking through the park every day at lunch time, volunteering to go and get everybody’s lunches and errands, just so that she could spend some extra time in the park. She didn’t know what it was, but David had caught her attention and she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Her patience paid off a week after their first encounter, David bumped into her again.


She was walking past the book store on her way to the grocery store when David, paying attention to something across the road, walked straight into her.
Fortunately he caught her around the waist this time just before she fell. He grinned, helping her stand back up straight.

“I really sorry, I’m so clumsy, but I just can’t help but keep bumping into you like this!”

“It’s alright, I’m getting used to getting my balance back now and leaving home with a crash helmet.” She teased.

He laughed a deep rumble like his voice.

“Maybe we should meet up one time where I don’t knock you to your feet as an excuse to talk to you?” He asked, suddenly seeming shy.

“Sure”, she responded back, her cheeks flaming as red as her hair, “I’d like that.”

“Awesome!” He was practically bouncing. He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from his pocket and jotted down his number.

“Give me a call when you’re free!”

He turned and walked away, a cute spring in his step.

Laura smiled to herself, barely containing her excitement.
Claire stood outside the grocery store, watching the boy walk away from her daughter.

She pulled out her phone and called the head of the intelligence department.

“Drew, Claire McGraw here, could you do me a favour?” She asked sweetly, “Could you do a background check on the boy currently on CCTV walking past the library and bistro crossing, and sent the results to my e-mail? Thanks.”

Without waiting for a response, she hung up and went to her car, driving back to the office to await the email about the boy who’d stolen her daughter’s heart.
Thanks to all the CC artists whom I’ve used in this post and you guys for reading :)

I’m away for two weeks now, so there will be a gap in the story.

Happy Simming!

Laura’s Dress Images 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 - ~Lace & little bow dress for Teens~ by Icia23

Claire’s Dress Images 2, 3, 4, 14 - Military Button Front Dress by Ekky_Sims

Laura’s Bag Images 7, 8 – Deco Bags by Aisa

Laura’s Outfit Images 12, 13, 14 - High Waisted Pants with Necklace for Teen by Ekky_Sims

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#4HellsaintJul 25, 2011

woo! congrats Milii! \:D I agree with Barb, Claire has some serious issues man... hope Laura can handle her meddling \:eek\: Great job with setting up the office scene too \;\)

#5ShelleyBJul 25, 2011

\:rah\: Yay!! Congrats on the feature, and still lovin' the story. I never knew Claire Ursine had it in her to be so EVIL. If Laura makes it through her summer internship, she's one strong gal. \:D

#6urm0mJul 25, 2011

Love it \:\)

#7dpsharpJul 25, 2011

Wow,I thought that was amazing!!! Good job my friend\:\)

#8Simply.InformalJul 25, 2011

Awesome story can't wait thill the next. \:\)

#9fruitopiaVIPJul 25, 2011

Great chapter 

#10martoeleJul 26, 2011

Wow... Claire is not a real sweet, loving mom...! What a horrible thing to spy on her child and even on the people she meet with.... \:\(  A great chapter and congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#11spladoumJul 26, 2011

I don't even know what to say here. Facepalm for everyone. Geez! \:wacko\:

#12taxa08Aug 3, 2011


#13orlovVIPDec 20, 2011

Oooh. . .Claire's a bit of a Miranda Priestly. . .poor, poor Laura. . .I wonder if buried deep inside her is a little bit of her mother. . .hopefully a little bit; she's going to need something if she ever hopes to have a happy life. . .you have to feel for a girl so left out that she grasps at friendships just to feel as though she matters to someone. . .like I said. . .poor, poor Laura. . .oh. . .and David. . .wake up!!! you might have fewere accidents. . .great morning read, Milii. . .(4/5). . .THANK YOU!. . .are you all ready for the Holidays?. . .

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