Under The Same Moon - 16 Final Chapter
Published Aug 7, 2011

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Jeremy was somewhat nervous now that he knew he would see his children. Mrs. Noall had told him that they wouldn’t hold it against him for showing his former lack of interest in them.
It had been ages since he last had been in his parent’s house, and during some moments he felt sad to come back to it without his relatives. Mrs. Noall had seen to it that the house was taken care of very regularly. With a lump in his throat he went through the rooms and remembered all the happy moments he shared there.

Jeremy was somewhat nervous now that he knew he would see his children. Mrs. Noall had told him that they wouldn’t hold it against him for showing his former lack of interest in them.
It had been ages since he last had been in his parent’s house, and during some moments he felt sad to come back to it without his relatives. Mrs. Noall had seen to it that the house was taken care of very regularly. With a lump in his throat he went through the rooms and remembered all the happy moments he shared there.
Then he went to bed. The children would come in the morning. He couldn’t sleep at once and was thinking of the quiet and relaxed moments he spent at the Bluewater Inn. What a kind woman this Bubbles was! How patiently had she listened to him while he was telling her about that part of his life he always wanted to forget about, but had been haunting him ever since. He surely felt better after talking to her… His thoughts wandered off to Cynthia. What would she think of him? And with Cynthia on his mind he fell asleep. Next morning he got up early, took a shower and was prepared to look his children in the eyes. Would they stay with him the entire day? Would they like to spend the whole weekend? He supposed that it all depended on the ‘feeling’ between them. He heard something on the porch… Voices! There they were… He noticed their hesitation, so he opened the door before they even rang the door bell. They just stood there..., looking at each other. Then the girl broke the ice by saying: “Hi dad, I’m Caprice” and she put her arms around his neck to kiss him. Then the boy did the same… An array of feelings ran through Jeremy’s heart and mind. He invited them in and asked if they had breakfast already. They told him that their moms would not let them leave the house without having breakfast first. “Alright then”, he scratched behind his ear and asked them “How about a ride and a visit to the park? We could drink something there and go for hamburgers afterwards.” They thought it was a good idea. He took them in his car and noticed the interest in Jerry’s eyes. The boy was kind of shy. He had opened his mouth to say something, but shut it again right away. Once in the park, Jeremy looked at Jerry and asked him if he would be interested in learning how to drive a car… The boy nodded and shyly said…. “I would love that, and I was going to ask you to teach me”.
“We need a bit more time for that Jerry…”
Caprice said quickly: “Oh but we have loads of time… well..., we have the whole weekend” Then she lowered her voice and continued “that is…. if you have a place for us to sleep”. Jeremy felt the warmth and as his heart grew lighter he told them that he had enough place for them. He felt confused finding out that he was capable of feeling these strong emotions. He got up and walked around a bit while the children were still exchanging opinions about their recently discovered father.
They spent a wonderful morning in the park and got to know each other a bit better. After having the hamburgers he had promised them, they went home and Jeremy showed them where they could sleep that night. He told them to call their mothers to tell them that they were alright.
During the evening he told them about his boat…, about Lighthouse Island and about his life in Sunset Valley. The children hung on his every word. “If it’s alright with your mothers, you could spend some time with me during the next holidays…” They told him that they would talk to their moms about that. The children went to bed. They were tired but didn’t miss their first pillow fight with each other. Jeremy was still sitting there in the living room trying to analyze his recently discovered feelings for his children. Then he turned in as well. He woke up during the night. He wanted to make sure his children were alright, so he went to the guestroom. It was then he really became aware of everything he had missed for all of those years. He tried to fight back the tears that welled up in his eyes… The next morning, on Sunday, Jeremy began to teach Jerry to drive. The boy was very pleased with that but he surely needed some more lessons. Later that day, afternoon it was, they had to go home again and just when they were about to leave the house, Caprice turned around and said: “Dad, I have dreamed a lot about you looking at me through a window when I was a little girl…; I don’t know why…” Jeremy caressed her hair and didn’t say anything because he couldn’t utter a word… Before, he had only been aware of having just one child… this girl…, and one day his curiosity brought him to that little house in the outskirts of town; he had looked through the window, and the intensity of his look had scared the girl. He felt ashamed then, and he had run away… as fast as he could… He would drive to Sunset Valley the next day. He did promise Bubbles to tell her about the meeting with the children, but he would call her instead and send her some pictures… Thinking of her, he wondered why such a nice and understanding woman was still single. Loads of men would like her to be their wife. The telephone ringing drew him out of his deep thoughts. It was Caprice: “Dad…? I’m home and I’m very pleased to have met you. The taxi brought Jerry home first and I promised him to call you and tell you that he had a wonderful time as well. ”
“Thank you very much… my little girl. I’m glad to know that you got home safe. Give my regards to your mother and tell her that she did a wonderful job raising you.” He also wanted to say to her to tell her mom that he was ‘sorry’, but that was something he ought to do himself.
There he sat, all by himself wondering how it was possible he missed the children already. He lifted up his knees, put his arms around them, laid his head on them and stayed for a while in this fetal position.

Cynthia had called all the people she had invited, to tell them that the party would be postponed to Saturday next week. Jeremy had called her to say that he was sorry and could not make it this Saturday. He would be back home in Sunset on Monday and tell her all about it. So she was curious to know what happened, and she herself had some gossip to tell as well. During the party preparations, Dawn had come to see her. The woman seemed to be very nervous and wanted to know if Cynthia or the children had seen her second cousin, Rosalind.
“No… well… I see her come and go regularly but I haven’t seen her since yesterday… What’s the matter? Did something happen?”
Dawn sighed and said: “I hope not, after all… she is an adult and is supposed to be able to take care of herself… but I sense that something is wrong. Her room was a terrible mess this morning and her suitcase isn’t there anymore. I’ve asked Carmen if she knew about it but that girl usually lives in her own fantasy world and when she’s not doing her homework, she’s playing outside, especially since I had that playground installed in my backyard.”
Dawn looked unhappy when she said: “Now I will have to call my cousin, Rosalind’s mom, to tell her that her daughter isn’t here anymore… I don’t know how she will take that. When Rosalind came here, she told me that her mother knew about it, but a couple of days ago I called her mother and she said that she didn’t know that her daughter was with me and that someone was desperately looking for her.”
“Didn’t you speak with Rosalind about this?”
“That’s the strange thing about it all. Rosalind’s mom told me not to tell her anything. I asked her why not… but she didn’t give me a clear answer. You know Cynthia, that I have been taking care of some children in their own houses, and I haven’t seen Rosalind lately… This morning I started wondering about her and went to her room to talk to her… only to find all that mess around. Your son Raph might know more.
I have seen him near the house often and even seen him peaking through the window. I think he has a crush on Rosalind. My intuition says that he possibly can give us some more information. Could you ask him about it, please?” “As soon as he arrives from school, I will talk to him. I’m sorry Auntie Dawn”. She hugged Dawn goodbye, feeling that the woman seemed much inflicted on the matter. When Raph arrived from school, Cynthia told him that Aunt Dawn was worried and asked him if he knew something. Raph became very nervous. Dawn had been right, and Cynthia as his mother knew that her boy was in love with Rosalind. Always when he saw her, he would run outside and talk to her, he had even invited her on a date. When he thought about that, he still blushed because she had looked at him with those eyes…. Oh God, like she could look through him…. She had been very nice to him and told him that perhaps they could date after his next birthday….
From that time on, he often was around Dawn’s house to be aware of each and every single move Rosalind made.
Yes, Raph could give some information but he hesitated… Then Cynthia told him that she had disappeared.
Raph forgot about his own embarrassment and told Cynthia what he knew and what he had seen.
“Some days ago, a man came to Aunt Dawn’s house. I saw Rosalind open the door and apparently she didn’t like what she saw. The man seemed very pushy to me and I thought that he perhaps wanted to harm her, so I came closer when they went inside the house. I looked through the window and I saw and heard them talking… I couldn’t hear everything, but what I heard was that the man wanted her to come with him and she kept saying that he should leave… He didn’t… and then Rosalind ran out of the house. The man went after her. She started running up to the lake, he followed her and I followed both…. I hid behind a nearby tree and heard him saying ‘Rosalind, look in my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me anymore… I swear that I will go away and will not bother you ever again’. Oh mom…, it took Rosalind forever to decide… but then I heard her say: ’I don’t love you anymore… now… go away…!’ The man turned around and left… Honestly mom… I felt very relieved! Since then I’ve seen Rosalind going outside and inside the house, but she was always crying. I even went to her and asked her if I could help her… but she looked very sad and absent minded…” Then Raph said with a broken voice: “I suppose that she went after him… after all!” Cynthia embraced her son and remembered how a first and impossible love can hurt…
She called Dawn and told her what the boy had told her. Dawn was sad and thought that she understood now why Rosalind didn’t leave her a message. She also understood that she had been a ‘busybody’ trying to fix something she didn’t know anything about…

The moment that Jane and Alejandro had declared their love for each other, it became clear to them that they wanted to live together as soon as possible. However she had waited until Daisy had found somebody trustful to take care of their son. Now the moment had come for Jane to move to Alejandro’s house. She was fully aware of the important decision she had taken. Alejandro had asked her to marry him and she had said ‘Yes… but not immediately…. I think we should live together for some time because a marriage is supposed to be for the rest of our lives and we better should be completely sure that our feelings are strong enough to last….’
Alejandro’s reaction had been: “Do you doubt your love for me already?”
“No honey, I just want to prepare everything well and I don’t think you would mind living together with me till that moment arrives…. Or would you?”
“Of course I wouldn’t mind, my little honeybee” and he hugged and kissed her until she was short of breath…
The first important event they would have together was the party at Cynthia’s place. They had been invited for last Saturday but, for one reason or another, it had been postponed to next Saturday. Jane knew that she would be very proud to present ‘her’ Alejandro to everybody. She knew that Jeremy Captain would come as well but she couldn’t care less… What a boring man he was compared to Alejandro!

Ilona Hemmingway was unquiet. She knew there would be some important changes in the coming months. Mattie would have his birthday and become a young adult; Marvin and Chessie would become teenagers and the girls, Jenny, Jessica and Joyce would have their birthday next year. She was a bit tired of all those years taking care of so many children. However she had never felt sorry for having them. She even was happy that her first children, Jane and Valdemar, the ones she had given birth to for the benefit of Lord Valdemar and Lady Jane, had come to find her after their parents passed away. She knew now that they were happy and that they were living a life of their own. She sighed…, took her cell phone and called Cynthia: “Hi Cyn…, are you very busy? Would you mind if I come over for a while…? I feel that I have to get out of this house. I love it, but now and again it feels like a prison…” When Cynthia had told her that she was welcome, she prepared lunch. Put it into the fridge and left a note on the kitchen table to say where she was. Then she changed into her jogging outfit and went to see her old friend. Cynthia thought it was a welcoming break and they had a good time. Ilona admired how the garden was prepared already for the party and they spent the afternoon sitting outside in the cool afternoon breeze while sharing confidences. “Cynthia…, have you never met someone you like after Raphael’s death?”
“I don’t know Ilo, if you only could imagine how sweet a man Raphael was…. As he often came to me in my dreams, I felt if though he were still alive…. She sighed and continued “It was he, himself who told me that I should move on…, that the physical needs are important as well and that he would love to see me happy… Yes, I’ve been very close to starting again but then there was something that kept me from trying. I don’t know if it was due to Raphael’s memory or because of noticing that this other man wasn’t very stable… emotionally spoken… I need someone who is sure about himself. I suppose that’s the reason…”
It was late in the evening when Ilona went home. There she found that Mattie had ‘taken over’ her work and had sent his siblings to shower and to bed. Her husband was still working at the Hospital.
She hugged her son, went to bed and felt much better now that she had had a day of her own.

Dawn Nightfall still was sad about Rosalind leaving without a word… She heard the mailbox open and close. What could that be? She didn’t expect anything because the bills had been paid the day before. She went to see and found a parcel. It was a present from Rosalind and an explanatory letter. Rosalind wrote she was married, and after a marital problem she went away hoping that her husband wouldn’t find her. But now she had discovered that she still loved him and went back to her duty being a married woman and a teacher. She ended the letter with ‘Sorry, dear Aunt, I should have told you in the first place. Hugs as well for Carmen. ~ Rosalind’. Now Dawn felt much relieve. She had considered not attending Cynthia’s party, but now that everything was cleared, she felt she could use a party.

Saturday morning….
Cynthia was very busy in the kitchen preparing the meals she would serve that evening. She already had prepared the buffet in the garden and she would only have to put the food on it when the guests were bound to arrive. She went into the house.
Oh… her cell phone! “Cynthia Lightkeeper here…”
“Hi Cynthia, it’s me… Jeremy. I got back some days ago, but I had to arrange a few things. Had to pick up my boat from the wharf…. Well, you know how these things are….! Do you have time to chat a little?”
“Hi Jeremy, as a matter of fact… no… I’m quite busy, but you could come over and help me, meanwhile we talk…”
“Oh hey, that’s a great idea! I’ll bring a pizza so you don’t have to bother about lunch.”
“Thanks Jeremy. See you in a bit.”

Jeremy had brought her some flowers. She was quite surprised to find him so considerate and he gave her the impression to be very relaxed and happy. When giving her the flowers he said: “It’s not even enough, as you deserve much more for having supported me and putting up with my frequent mood changes at Lighthouse Island.” “You look serene and happy, Jeremy.”
Then he told her everything about his past and about the children. About the decisions he made. Cynthia told him about Rosalind and he said that it wasn’t a surprise to him because he had noticed that she had a personal problem.
Together they set the table outside, as friends started to arrive…

Valdemar told Cynthia that Daisy would be over in a moment. She was waiting for the baby sitter. Ilona was very pleased that Chester, her husband, had accompanied her. For him it was the first time he came to Cynthia’s house. There was Daisy, as beautiful and discrete as always. Some visitors wanted to dance right away. Others prefered talking… Jane was pleased that Penelope had decided to come to the party as well.
It was getting dark already. Ilona Hemmingway was so pleased that her husband didn’t have to go to work…. She was above all happy to see her daughter Jane so happy with this nice looking young man. Auntie Dawn went from Cynthia’s house to her own place every 15 minutes. In her backyard she had a special set up for the children so they could enjoy themselves. Raph was the only one who didn’t feel like a party. He still hadn’t overcome his first big disillusion and tried to find some consolation near his dad’s grave. His friend Mattie missed him but very soon he discovered that Carmen was very nice company and, maybe she could become something more than a good friend. A patrol car stopped at Cynthia’s place for a moment. The officer told them to turn down the music a bit. No… nobody had complained yet, but passing by the house she had heard the music. They turned the music down a bit and had something more to eat. Afterwards they danced again. Nobody felt like leaving. Cynthia had noticed Raph standing near his dad’s grave. She went over to him and told him that he should try to be a bit more sociable. “I understand that you don’t feel like it at the moment but try to smile in front of the guests…. Please Raph, do it for me, will you?” Then the boy went towards the dancing guests. Cynthia turned around and at quite a distance she saw Jeremy. He seemed so sure of himself now…. There was nothing that induced her to feel something that she didn’t want…. So the feelings that were creeping into her body and mind could only be her own feelings. Jeremy turned around. He felt like someone was observing him with intensity. All the emotions he had felt once for Cynthia came back to him, redoubled. Their eyes fixed on each other. All the others became vague and almost invisible to them. This was something unexpected. Their spirits were on a lonesome height looking for each other but both had their feet on the ground. That would be a perfect balance for something special…. …And long after the visitors had left… they were still there. They didn’t find the words to express their recently discovered feelings for each other. For the moment they were freed from the spiritual energy that had brought each of them to the path of self- knowledge and now they were only the prisoners of their own emotions. They tried to hang on desperately to those magical moments where words were not necessary anymore.

The End

My gratitud goes to:
Simsjeanie for 'Penelope'
Mangio for 'Carmen'
Spladoum for 'Rosalind'
Fredbrenny for 'Alejandro Hidalgo Armado', Jeremy's boat and for helping me with the English language throughout this whole story.
All the creators of the Custom Contents I have used.

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#7fabrizioammolloAug 8, 2011

Great chapter indeed! It seems that from now on Cynthia and Jeremy will grow together and thayr paths should be for two people! I'm glad for them. Waiting for the next series, I bet we will meet at least someone of the character we know and love. \;\)

#8mysteryjack1Aug 9, 2011

Beautiful chapter Margo! In fact, this has been a truly magnificent series all the way through! It's such a shame to see the end, but it definitely ended on a high! I love screens 67 and 68 as well, they're just so romantic and sweet! \:wub\: 

#9spitzmagicAug 10, 2011

*standing up* Bravo ((Margo)) clap clap clap. Congratulations on the featured finale. It was wonderfully written and the emoitons made thier way out to grand feelings. The screens were fabulous too. Well done. Cynthia is one of my dearest Sims and I have have grown to love her and everything about her. Now she and Jeremy can be as one together. It was an awesome series from the very beginning. \:wub\:

#10RatRaceRobAug 11, 2011

Wonderful to see Jeremy finally connecting with his children-- and later with Cynthia at last!  This was an excellent series with excellent screens \:D ... I'll miss these folks, but I'm glad for their very happy ending!  Congrats! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#11hilaldilaraAug 11, 2011


#12urm0mAug 16, 2011

What a wonderful nding Margo. I love how all the characters are brought together \:\) yay!

#13YvonAug 18, 2011

Hartstikke goed Mar! Ik zal het beter begrijpen als ik de nederlandse vertaling er van gelezen heb. \:wub\:

#14FikcijaAug 23, 2011

Great ending! \:rah\: And I really loved the 67th picture \:\) I just hope you'll be writing more wonderful stories and this won't be the end of your own creative journey! \:\)

#15MangioSep 6, 2011

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Sorry i haven't had time to comment and read.. been quite busy with school lately \;\) Sad to know its the final chapter.. i'm glad everyone is know happy and the party was the perfect way to finish \:wub\: I'm glad both Cythia and Jeremy found love together, it is definitely special.

#16nessabeeNov 18, 2012

I... LOVE... ITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! I read it like.. a year ago and I remember it! Sorry for not posting sooner. \:\(

Happy simming,

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