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Nikki's Story...CH. 3
Published Aug 8, 2011

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HE WAS COMING, FAST. Before Nikki knew it, he knocked her over and was on top of her. Going with her instincts, she punched him, hard.

“Ufffff.” He rolled over, glaring at her. “Dam it. Why’d you do that for!?!” Without giving her chance to answer, he was on his feet, pulling her up. “Come on. We have to get out of here.” Grabbing Nikki’s hand he began to run again.

“Wait? What?” Standing her ground, she pulled her hand away from his.

“What are you doing? We need to leave before—”
His eyes went wide, looking behind her. She looked at him, confused. Somehow those eyes were very familiar. But before she could place him, she heard a noise behind her. Turning around she saw what he was running from. A mummy. She hated mummies. They were tricky creatures to defeat, especially because touching their wrapping could do great damage. Remembering the last time, she shuddered, willing the feelings to go away. But that didn’t help because as the mummy approached she stood there, frozen, her mind blank and not sure what to do. It wasn’t until the stranger grabbed her arm that she snapped out of it. Feeling the tingle go up her arm, she turned to him again, and again her instincts told her that she knew him. Shaking it off, she turned to the mummy again. Maybe she should call Eric for help, but by the time he got here, god only knew what had happened. Not to mention she had an innocent to protect.

Dam it, why did she get out of the car. As she continued to hesitate, she could see that the mummy was intent on capturing the man still trying to get her to run. But suddenly it noticed her. Its beady eyes from within the old linen wrapped around his face looked directly at her. Suddenly it was more interested in her than the stranger it had been changing.
Only one word came from him. It registered plain, simple, and in English in her mind. *YOU!* This was not good. Usually she could block the supernatural beings out, but this one kept repeating that one word within her mind no mattered what she tried to do. It was then that she realized that if she didn’t get out of there, they were doomed.

Turing she said, “We have to get out of here!”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to do,” he said running besides her.
Ignoring him, she kept running in search of some place that they could hide. But that would never work, he would find them anywhere. They kept running until they came to a clearing were the river ran. Perfect, mummies hated water. Running in, she checked back to see if he was still following, but all she saw was the man standing at the waters edge. “Come on, what are you waiting for.”

“Do we have to go in the water?”
It’s the only way we’ll lose him.” When he still didn’t move, she took a few steps towards him, grabbed his had and pushed him, “Mummies don’t like water, they wont even go near it.” She added when he didn’t budge.

“How do you know?” he asked looking behind him.

She pushed again, seeing the mummy appear behind them. “I just do, trust me.” At her words he gave her a curious look, but as it appeared it disappeared. Then they made their way across the river.
Just as she predicted, the mummy stopped at the waters edge and glared at them from the other side. Then in a blink of an eye, it disappeared.

“What the hell was that?” he asked.

For the first time, she took a good look at him and was shocked. Her instincts were right, she defiantly knew him.
“Hi, Gabriel.” She said taking off her sunglasses.

“How…” Confusion registered first, then surprise. “Nikki?” he gasped. After the shock of realizing that Nikki Davis was standing in front of him, old feelings and memories came rushing forward. Angry with himself he scowled at her. “What are you doing here?” he asked
“Why should that matter?” He was feeling really dizzy. When she didn’t say anything, he looked at her, focusing on her eyes. “I’m an archeologist.”

“An archeologist? What are you doing in Twinbrook, shouldn’t you be in the dessert somewhere digging something?” she asked, feeling a little proud that at least one of them got to follow their dreams.

He wasn’t sure how much information he should tell her. He didn’t know Nikki anymore. He didn’t even know if he could trust her. She had said she was working, but what type of work required someone to jump into battle with a mummy. “What are you into, Nikki? How did you defeat that thing?” he asked in concern.

“It’s my job,” was all she said still looking at her hands.
Feeling light headed, he stumbled a little on his feet, but not enough to make her notice since she was still looking at her hands. The more he stood there the more he felt the effects of his injury. He reached for his abdomen to rub the pain away. When he touched it it was sensitive, causing a mild pain. Looking down, he pulled up his shirt to reveal some redness where the mummy had touched him. “What the...” From the sound of his voice, Nikki’s head came up and that’s when she saw that he was hurt. She had see that before and it wasn't good.

Any question she was going to ask him next disappeared in a rush of panic and concern. “Come on we have to get out of here and get you some help. Please tell me you have a car near by?”
“Yeah, it’s a mile towards that way.” He said pointing across the river. He was starting to feel dizzier and weaker, but he would never admit that to her.

“Ok, let’s start walking.” When they were on the other side again, she grabbed her cell and called Eric.

“Bring him here,” Eric said after she explained what happened.

“Did we bring…”

“Yeah it’s in the car. I packed it myself. Just get here as soon as you can.”
“Alright, just make sure you have everything ready by the time we get there.” Hanging up, she put her cell back in her pocket. “Let’s go. We need to get you help…quickly,” she told Gabe avoiding his eyes.

Gabe new she was hiding something. Even after all these years she wasn’t a very good liar. “What aren’t you telling me?” he asked her.

“I’ll explain later. It’s a long story. We need to move.” She said pulling at him so he would start moving.

Gabe just stared at her for a few seconds. When she continued to pull at him, he started walking keeping pace with him.
Looking at Gabe, Nikki noticed he was getting paler and slowing down in pace. She knew that if he didn’t get help fast he wasn’t going to make it. But he would, she would make sure of it.

After five minutes of walking, Nikki had to help Gabe by supporting him. He hadn’t been happy about it, but he didn’t pull back either. She could tell he was starting to feel the effects by the fever he was developing.
Trying to distract him, she talked about anything that came to her mind. When he started to slow down even more, she encouraged him to keep walking. He was getting weaker, and leaning more of his weight on her. If they didn’t reach his car soon she wouldn’t be able to carry him. But she would drag him if she had too.

Finally, she was in the parking lot. With a weak, heavy arm he pointed out his car and they headed towards it. Taking the keys from him she opened the back seat door and helped him in. As soon as he was in, he passed out. Getting behind the wheel, she stepped on the gas peddle, hoping that it wasn’t too late for Gabe.

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spladoumApr 3, 2012

testing ...

fabrizioammolloSep 17, 2011

Great plotting! \:rah\:

urm0mAug 16, 2011

Aww I hope Gabe is ok \:\(

ShelleyBAug 14, 2011

\:\( Oh, poor Gabe! He lost Nikki all those years ago without knowing why, but now she is his best chance for survival.... from what? Makes me wonder. Good cliffhanger! \:D

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