Nikki's Story...CH. 4
Published Aug 9, 2011

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Chapter 4...Lets see what happens next...

Chapter 4...Lets see what happens next... WATCHING HARRISON CARRY GABE toward the stairs, Nikki wanted to go in with him to make sure Gabe was alright. Instead, she went in search of Eric. As she turned toward the basement door, she finally got a good look at the place they would call home for the next few days It was a complete dump. Several paintings were on the floor, there were stains on the carpet, and the wall paper was coming apart on the walls. Nikki sighed. It was always the same. Why couldn’t they stay at a nice clean house for once? *Because it’s cheaper and less obvious.* At least that’s what Jared would always say when she asked him.

At least there was furniture, old ripped furniture, but furniture none the less. There was a kitchen entrance, but not wanting to see how that looked she went through the basement door. At least, when it came to that, it was always high tech and cleaned.
But as she descended the stairs she found it in shambles with papers all over the floor, broken equipment, amongst other things. She spotted Eric looking at something on a near by table trying to fix what seemed like a broken computer, “Wow…What happened here?” She asked looking at the mess around them.

Looking up, he said “I don’t know. You ok?”

“Yeah it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.” She said receiving a smile from her brother.
After several minutes of not saying anything, Eric focused his attention on his sister. He knew that when she was quite, she was worried about something and he knew what that something, or someone, was. “He’s going to fine. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not. It’s just seeing him…after so many years…what if…” she couldn’t finish the sentence. She looked at anything in the room except Eric.

“Hey, you know the deal. It’s not the first time we’ve dealt with a mummy. Harrison knows what he’s doing.” He said looking at her with concern.
She knew. Hopefully she brought him here in time for Gabe to be saved. Apparently, because mummies are dead and buried for thousands if not millions of years, their wraps developed some kind of poisonous fungus. If it gets through the skin and into the blood stream, their victims would be come paralyzed and turn into mummies themselves. Sort of like a vampires bite.

She knew first hand that being touched by a mummy was never an easy thing to deal with. Bones, flesh, organs, everything in the body felt like it was burning from the inside out. What was worse was that the person could feel everything and not move a muscle or cry out for help. Even the recovery was painful. After their encounter with Thutmose, four years earlier, she had felt that, and it was something that she avoided at all times. It was one of the reasons she had ran today.
Concerned, Nikki looked at the ceiling, wishing that she could see through walls. She prayed that Gabe wasn’t going through that, but she knew he probably was.

“Don’t worry sis, he’ll be ok.” Eric said bringing her back from her thoughts.

“Yeah. Let’s hope.” Turning back to her brother she noticed a table full of equipment. “So have you guys found anything that might tell us where Eli and his team went?”
“Nope. Most of the house, like the basement, is in shambles, if you didn’t notice it coming in. It seems like someone broke in and was looking for something. All the computer drivers are missing or broken; most likely the intruder took them.” Eric said.

“Not the other team?” she asked looking at him.

“Nope, they said the left everything as it was since their was nothing here to examine.”

“So they come in to investigate and just look at the surface? Did they do any work?”

“Apparently not,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders.
Rolling her eyes she looked back at the table. “Any fingerprints?”

“Harrison was doing that before you called, but I doubt there are any. Whoever did this knows what he’s doing.” Eric said, distracted.

Looking up, Nikki noticed that he was staring at a painting on the wall. Curious, she went to stand next to Eric. It wasn’t a painting, but a photo of her biological parents; the same photo that she took from the picture frame in their shed six years ago. Maybe it was a clue from Eli.
“You thinking what I’m thinking.” But he already knew she was.

“Only one way to find out,” she replied.

Grabbing the photo from the wall she expected to find a hidden vault against the wall. But when she looked, there was nothing there. Giving the picture to Eric, she leaned forward and tapped the wall. But it didn’t sound hallow. Knocking on several other places where the picture was close to, she concluded that the wall was a regular solid one with no hidden secrets.
Confused she looked at Eric. He was looking at her with the same confused eyes. Looking at the picture in his hands, he turned it around and took the back covering from the picture frame. When he did something dropped to the floor.

“Well, well. I guess who ever was here didn’t take everything.” Nikki said picking up the disk case that had fallen from the frame. “I wonder what’s in it.”

“Most likely a CD or something. I don’t know, maybe something from Eli.” He added when she gave him an annoyed looked. He took the disk case from her and opened it. Inside was a red disk with ‘Orion’ written on it with Eli’s handwriting. “But we’re gonna have to wait to find out.” He closed the case and handed it back to her.

“Because there are no working computers. The monitors are broken and the computer drives are missing.” Reading her thoughts he added, “And no lab tops either. If there were, they’re gone now.”

“Alrighty then. Let’s get one over here ASAP,” she said grabbing her cell to call Jared. After explaining to Jared what they found, and not mentioning anything about Gabe, she told them that they needed a computer, quick. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. After all, he hadn’t told them about Eli’s disappearance or about the pharaoh, and she was still pissed about it. So, before he could say anything else, she hung up on him.
While she was on the phone, she could feel Eric’s eyes on her, so she turned her back on him. When she finally hung up she asked a bit to forcefully, “What?”

He looked at her for a few seconds before replying, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t know, your mind seems cloudy.”

Rubbing her temples she said, “It’s just a small headache.”
“You sure?”

Ignoring him, she studied the disk in her hands, like she could will it to play right there and then. Frustrated that they had to wait till morning to get a working lab top, she gave the disk back to Eric. “Yeah. I’ll take some Advil. I’m going to check on Gabe.” She told him and headed upstairs.
Walking up the stairs, again she wondered about Gabe. Was he in pain? Was he blaming her for it? Most likely she told herself. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t pay attention where she was going and hit Harrison with the door she was going through.

“Oww. Watch where you’re going, Nikki.”

“Oh, sorry. My mind was wandering.” She explained sympathetically. “How is he?”
“He’ll be fine. I stitched him up and gave him the antidote along with some antibiotics so there won’t be any infection. He should be as good as new tomorrow. He just needs to rest. You know how it is” Harrison said. He waited until she looked at him before he asked her. “So what happen out there?”

Itching to go see for herself that he was really ok, she shifted from foot to foot. She had two choices, either go to Gabe and irritate Harrison, or recount what had happen and not have him breathing down her neck all night. She picked the latter. Taking a deep breath she told Harrison what had happen from the time she got out of the car to the final detail when she drove up to the drive way.
“So he just disappeared? That’s odd, I never heard a mummy doing that before.”

“Yeah me either…anyway,” she said looking towards the staircase, “Is he awake?”

Looking at where her gaze was going Harrison replied, “He goes in and out. Has a bit of a fever, but that’s due to the antidote fighting whatever’s in his system.” He saw the concern in her expression.

“Can I see him?” she asked turning towards him.
Seeing that look in her eyes, he felt a protective feeling come over him. He didn’t want her to get hurt, and he knew in this life style that would probably happen. But instead of refusing and lying, he simply said, “Yeah, go ahead.”

“Thanks.” She said and turned toward the staircase.
When she reached the door she pushed it in slowly, hoping not to wake him if he was asleep. Going in, she saw that he was staring at the ceiling. “Hey,” she said softly closing the door behind her.

He didn’t say anything. Concerned she walked farther into the room. “You ok?”
He turned angry eyes toward her, and then went back to staring at the ceiling. He was still pale and his lips were tightly pressed together, like he was trying to keep the pain away. Sighing, she grabbed the nearest chair and pulled it towards the bed and sat down. He, in turn just continued looking at the ceiling, ignoring her.

“Want some water?” she asked carefully, “It might help.” But he still ignored her, and closed his eyes, rejecting her offer. Not knowing what to say, she just sat there, looking at him. After a few minutes, his breathing evened out and she knew he had fallen asleep.
She didn’t know what to do. Was he angry at her, the situation, or both? She knew he wanted answers, she read it in his eyes when they were in the forest. But now, he was probably more confused then ever. She couldn’t tell him the truth. She had taken an oath to keep Orion a secret. She knew that once he was better he would ask all those questions and probably more. But she wouldn’t be able to tell him anything. She could apologize for what she had done six years ago, but he would probably reject it. If she was lucky he would walk away without asking anything from her. But could she let him walk away? Could she herself walk away from him? More confused than ever, she fell asleep in the chair going over questions that didn’t have answers.

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#1otto-moe-billAug 10, 2011

this story getts more and more interesting. great job keeping it going.

#2urm0mAug 16, 2011

I hope he ends up back to normal!

#3fabrizioammolloSep 17, 2011

The story is well written. \:rah\:

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