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Published Aug 16, 2011

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hi just wanted to say thanks for the comments, and to all the creative CC on TSR thank you so much for sharing!!!

now if only pose player would work....

anyway on with the story, ope you like it (o:

hi just wanted to say thanks for the comments, and to all the creative CC on TSR thank you so much for sharing!!!

now if only pose player would work....

anyway on with the story, ope you like it (o:
GABE WOKE UP to an empty room. Turing around to face the ceiling, he winced at the pain that came from his abdomen. Putting his hand to it, he felt bandages. At that moment he remembered everything that had happened the day before; the mummy attack, Nikki, and the horrible pain. He remembered getting in his car and Nikki driving like a crazy person down the street. He thought she was taking him to the hospital, but apparently she didn’t, since this room didn’t look noting like a hospital room. In fact, the room looked like it hadn’t been used, or cleaned, in years. Getting up slowly, wincing a couple of times while he did so, he sat on the bed. When he didn’t feel dizzy, he stood up and slowly made his way to the window. Outside, he didn’t see much. It was deserted with only trees around the property. Maybe they were in the middle of nowhere. Wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible, Gabe made his way to the dresser in hopes of finding his clothes. Finding them neatly on top of the dresser he got dressed. Once dressed, he sat on the chair, exhausted from task of putting on his cloths. He wasn’t sure if he should go out looking for whoever lived here or just leave without saying a word. Before he could make up his mind, a knock came at the door. Without waiting for his response, the door opened and Nikki poked her head in.

“Hey you’re up!” she said walking in the room. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I got hit by a ton of bricks.” He mumbled
“Still sore? Well, you’re healing and your going to be fine.” She said cheerfully, happy to see him up and his color back. She had been so worried last night when his fever started to rise. Luckily he was able to break through it. “Want some breakfast? Eric made pancakes.” Eric? So Eric was with her. He had disappeared when Nikki did 6 years ago. Ignoring her question he got up, and made his way to the door. She tried to help him, but he stepped away from her. Disappointment at his rejection passed through her features, but as fast as it had come it had gone. He walked in front of her, not wanting to see the hurt in her eyes.

When he got to the living room the smell of breakfast made his stomach growl. He wanted to leave, but he knew it was stupid to go anywhere as weak and as hungry as he was. Making up his mind, he headed towards the sweet smell of pancakes.
Stepping foot into the kitchen he saw something he would never thought he would see in a million years, Eric…in an apron…cooking. The rebel had turned into a cook. He smiled at that, but as fast as the smile came it faded when Nikki walked past him to grab them some plates.

Turning around, Eric spotted Gabe and gave him a grin. “Hey man, feeling better? Pancakes? It’s my specialty.”
“Sure,” Gabe mumbled and took a seat at the stained kitchen table. That’s when he noticed another person was there reading the morning paper.

“That’s Harrison. He stitched you up and….stuff.” Nikki said avoiding his eyes, not really sure what, or how much to say.

Harrison continued reading the paper but nodded towards Gabe in acknowledgement.

When Eric set the plate in front of him, he mumbled a thank you and started eating. The sooner he ate, the sooner he could leave.

“When’d you learn to cook? These are pretty good.” Gabe told Eric surprised at what he was tasting.

“Part of the job. We take turns. Lucky for you today was my turn. Nikki can’t cook to save her life.” He teased. Nikki just rolled her eyes and sat next to Harrison.
Looking at Nikki, he asked the question that’s been bugging him yesterday. “And what job would that be?” With that one question everything went silent.

Folding his paper, Harrison looked at Gabe. “That’s a discussion for another time.” He said casually. “Can you tell us why a mummy was after you?”

Looking at his half eaten pancakes he shrugged. “I don’t know. I was jogging like I usually do and...BOOM! Mummy attacking me.”

“You don’t know why?”
“No clue.” He said pushing his plate away not hungry anymore. He had an idea of why, but he wasn’t about to tell them. If they weren’t offering answers why should he? “Do you?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at him.

“No, wish I did. It would make our jobs a lot easier.” Harrison replied. He had a feeling Gabe knew more then he was saying. At this stage, though, it was better not to push and come back to asking questions later.

“And what job would that be?” Gabe asked again.
“Maybe another time,” Harrison replied getting up from his chair. He went towards the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.

Gabe followed his every move. When no one said anything Gabe looked at Eric who was busying himself with breakfast. “Right,” Gabe said getting up and avoiding Nikki’s gaze. “Love to stay and chat but I have things to do.”
He started toward the door. With some food in his stomach he felt a little better. When he reached outside he made his way toward his car. Going over to it he remembered he had forgotten his keys inside. He didn’t even know where or who had them. Considering Nikki had driven them here, he could make a good guess on whom though. He didn’t want to go back and face them again, but he needed to get his keys. “Forgot something,” Nikki asked from behind him. Turning around, she jiggled the keys in front of him with a quite smile.

Grabbing them, he turned towards his car again without saying anything.

“Gabe…” she said taking a step toward him.
Before she could finish, he turned toward her with anger he hadn’t know he felt. “What are you doing Nikki? What is this?” he asked pointing towards the house.

She knew what he meant. He wanted to know what kind of job they kept referring to, but she couldn’t tell him. “I…I can’t tell you.” She said without meeting his eyes.

“Can’t or won’t?” She didn’t say anything. He looked at her, studied her. She didn’t trust him. It’s why she wouldn’t tell him he assumed. “Can you at least tell me what happened yesterday? Why did you bring me here?”
“The mummy poisoned you. If I had taken you to the hospital you would have…I know it sounds ridiculous, but you would have turned into one if I didn’t bring you here to give you the antidote.”

“Turned into a mummy? Are you kidding me? That’s a myth, everyone knows that.”

“I know it sounds absurd, but it’s true.”

“Yeah, ok, sure,” he said looking at her with doubt.
“Fine, don’t believe me, but can u explain your symptoms from a small cut?” When he didn’t say nothing she continued, “I’ve been there it’s not an easy thing to go through.”

“This happened to you?” he asked with sympathy in his eyes.

“Yes,” she said in relief that at least he believed her.

“Because of your job?” He added with relevance.

Nikki sighed and nodded, aware that he wanted an explanation to the one question he had asked more then once already.
He waited for several minutes and when she didn’t offer an explanation, he said, “Right.” In an emotionless tone and made his way towards the car. Reaching the driver’s side door he opened it with more force then he intended and got in. He could smell the stink from his own blood that had fallen on the back seat, but at the moment he didn’t care. Putting his car in reverse, he backed out of the drive way and left her standing there. This time, he would be the one walking away.

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#1hilaldilaraAug 17, 2011


#2ShelleyBAug 17, 2011

\:\( Again I say, poor Gabe. This was a good chapter, I liked it. It's just a sad situation for everyone. I'm looking forward to more chapters and more explanations! \:D

#3martoeleAug 17, 2011

Yes...., I liked this chapter as well. Very nice and it makes me curious to read the next one. Congratulations for having the story on the index page! \:cool\:

#4urm0mAug 19, 2011

I hope Gabe is actually ok and healed!

#5fabrizioammolloSep 17, 2011

What a drama! Great job!

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