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The Woodland Chronicles- The Court of The Willow
Published Aug 7, 2011

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Hi guys. Welcome to The Woodland Chronicles Part 2! Part 1 and the prologue type-thing are on my simpage. Sorry this has taken so long to get up! I've been away for a month and then I decided I needed to rebuild a set and all sorts. Enjoy and please comment!

Hi guys. Welcome to The Woodland Chronicles Part 2! Part 1 and the prologue type-thing are on my simpage. Sorry this has taken so long to get up! I've been away for a month and then I decided I needed to rebuild a set and all sorts. Enjoy and please comment! "Come on Breather, keep up!" Kyra yelled over her shoulder. Rowan plodded dejectedly behind her and Caleb, unable to keep the pace the other two had set. They had walked all night and most of the morning. She stumbled and fell, crying out in pain and shock as the ground rushed up to meet her. "Why, I do detect the sound of a Breather falling," Kyra said in sing-song voice. Rowan scrambled to her feet, gripped Kyra's arm and whirled her around to face her.
"I told you, my name is Rowan. Stop calling me Breather! Can we please stop for a rest!" she snapped.
"Hey! You knew it was going to be difficult!" Kyra said accusingly. Rowan's lip jutted out and wobbled. Kyra sighed.
"We are nearly there. It's not far to go."
Soon they reached a plain stone wall. Some length along there was a wrought iron gate set in the stone. They stepped through the gate and Rowan gasped. She did not expect the magnificant bulidings clustered together amongst the greenery. She stopped and gaped. Kyra and Caleb carried on towards the figure by the pond. "Caleb, Kyra! What are you doing back here! You aren't due in to report for another three months!"

Caleb and Kyra looked at each other.
"We found an anomoly," Caleb said jerking his head at the gob-smacked Rowan goggling at the great willow tree in the middle of the courtyard.
"Aaah," the man sighed, suddenly appearing next to Rowan, snapping her out of her reverie. He waved his fingers menacingly in front of her face. "New blood."
"Christian, knock it off," Kyra said quietly. "She isn't used to your freakish ways."
Christian turned back to them.
"Find some better clothes before you see the Queen. You know how she despises the Breathers' garments."
Kyra led Rowan to a large and comfortable bedroom. Rowan threw herself on the four-poster bed.
"This place is so beautiful," she sighed happily. Kyra laughed and opened the warderobe.
"There's lots of dresses in here that you can wear," she said thoughtfully, pulling out a light blue one encrusted with crystals.
She put it on and stood in front of the mirror, pushing her copper hair into a bun and adding a white pointy hat. She tried to surpress the nerves fluttering crazily in her stomach. She turned round and gaped at Rowan.
"What is it? Is something wrong?" Rowan asked tenatively.
"It's just- that dress suits you so much better than the other clothes. Like you're supposed to wear it," Kyra stammered.
"And now I've got to see the Queen," she moaned, slouching forward.
"Is she that bad?" Rowan laughed. A shadow passed over Kyra's face.
"You have no idea," she muttered.
She met Caleb outside the foreboding double door.
"You ready?" she asked shakily.
"No, as usual," he said gingerly.
They jumped as an impatient voice called from the otherside of the door "Are you going to stand out there all day or come in and tell me what you are doing here..." Rowan stood by the pond and gazed into the azure waters. She had never felt so peaceful. Her grandparent' party seemed a million years ago. "Excuse me," said a voice behind her, making her startle. "Oh hello," she said to the blonde man, eyeing his pointy ears with interest.
"Are you new here? I don't think I've seen you before," he smiled.
"No, I just got here. I'm Rowan, I'm with Kyra and Caleb."
"I'm Gariad. I'm an elf, hence the pointy ears. Have you seen the Great Hall yet?"
Rowan shook her head.
"Well, come on. I'll take you to it!"
She stared in wonder at the magnificant marble structure. Gariad however was watching the figure in front of the throne. "Well, well. Isn't this one a bit young for you Gariad?" the man at the throne said, just loud enough to be heard. "Joren! If you want to fight me you just have to say!" Gariad yelled at him. Joren chuckled darkly.
"You? Fight me? Oh, that amuses me, little brother."
He turned and swept out the hall. Rowan looked curiously at the cruel face with its down-turned mouth.
"Soon..." she thought she heard him mutter.
"Sorry about him, that's just my obnoxious older brother Joren," Gariad apologised sheepishly. They were talking amicably when the door opened and Kyra walked in.
"Here you are Rowan, the Queen wants to see-"
"Oh, Prince Gariad! I didn't realise you were home!" she spluttered. Rowan raised an eyebrow.
"An unfortunate birth, I'm afraid. It's not my fault if my mother just happens to be queen. You better run along. My mother has many virtues but unfortunately patience isn't always one of them."
Kyra quickly led Rowan through the cloisters to the Queen's chambers, babbling a long list of do's and don'ts.
"Just make sure you are always polite and don't try and interrupt her and REALLY don't try to show her up, she hates that..."
Rowan rolled her eyes and followed as quickly as she could.
They arrived outside a pair of white double doors.
"Well, this is where I leave you, bye!" Kyra gabbled and spun round, leaving Rowan alone in front of the door. She knocked and quietly slid into the room.
"Don't skulk in the shadows, child. Sit down where I can see you," the figure in the chair commanded. Rowan quickly crossed the room and sat down.
"Your majesty, I..." she tried to say.
The single syllable silenced her immediately.
"We have many hours left in the day, child. You, no doubt have questions but at this point in time mine are more important than yours."
"That's not fair. I need some answers. You took me away from my home and a load of freaky things have happened to me and I haven't had a single explanation!" Rowan blurted angrily. The Queen slammed her book shut.
"You came of your own free will," she said, leaning forward. Rowan shrank back from the terrible anger playing across the Queen's beautiful features.
"I don't have to give you any answers. I can get the information I need without you even telling me yourself. As it is, I'm feeling reasonable, and I will let you tell me yourself."
Rowan tried to say something but the Queen rode straight over her.
"You are able to intercept telepathic thoughts, that gives you some magical ability. Now child, magic is hereditary usually, although it can manifest by itself under rare circumstances. Tell me about your family."
Rowan told her about her dead mother, her snobby grandparents and her unkown father. The Queen listened attentively, occasionally tapping her chair arms with her fingernails. When Rowan finished she smiled.
"Thank you, child. Now you may ask questions of your own."
Rowan thought carefully.
"Your majesty, why do Kyra and Caleb call me a Breather?"
The Queen chuckled.
"It is just a silly little nickname for humans who are unaware of the magical world. Pointless really, as everyone needs to breathe, vampires, werewolves, even zombies. I have no idea where it came from.
"Your majesty, aren't vampires and werewolves just stories?" Rowan laughed. "Child, you saw a werewolf last night. The young man known as Trent ran afoul of werewolf known as Theresa, an old friend of Caleb and Kyra's. And as for vampires, well you met one earlier." "Would you believe that my bodguard is in fact older than me? And at 93, he is still incredibly young for a vampire. Christian was born a human, and made into a vampire by the transfusion of a vampire's blood and his. Dreadfully painful experience. He wreaked havoc for a number of years before I was able to get to him and teach him to control his lust for human blood. His sister Ella runs a safe-house for my people on the oher side of the forest." "And your friend Caleb is not what he seems." "Now I know Caleb isn't a vampire..." Rowan began.
"Maybe, maybe not. What do you know of the Valkandor family?"
"They are just a reclusive family that live up in the mountains... aren't they?" stammered Rowan.
"They are all vampires. Except for Caleb. He has a birth defect, which means he is part human, part vampire. He has the strength and agility of a vampire, but the body of a human. While his siblings bodies will mature and then cease to age, his will grow old. He's stuck, neither vampire or human and an outcast of both species. Not even the transfusion of vampire blood into his own will Change him." "And of course Kyra is a witch."

Rowan didn't say anything to this, she just let the Queen continue.
"She is the youngest and only daughter of my most powerful allies, the Wyrd family. A very powerful witch, although she can be a bit headstrong. She doesn't speak to her family though, her father and her don't get on." "They both have strengths and weaknesses but the main problem with them is that there are only two. You never know when you could need another pair of hands..." "You see, they are my enforcers. They travel around making sure no-one is disobeying the laws and interacting with the ignorant population of the humans, or Breathers as I told you the slang was." "So, what you are basically saying is that you want me, to work for you," Rowan said slowly. "But, I don't think Caleb and Kyra would want me around. I don't think they like me very much." "I think you are wrong there, child. But if they protest, I will order them to look after you. I am their Queen after all. The quickest way for you to learn is by first-hand experience, and I'm not the one to teach you!" "Thank you, your majesty," Rowan said graciously, bowing. She started to move towards the door when a thought popped into her head.
"Your majesty? If it wouldn't be too rude, would you mind telling me your name?"
The Queen smiled.
"Annelise. It's Annelise Errelion, Rowan."
"Extraordinary," the velvet voice crooned. Elegant fingers flew effortlessly across the ivory keyboard as the voice said, "Tell me more, Lazarus. About the girl." Lazarus bent over the book once more.
"I'm not sure, your grace. The Runes are not clear. She has potential but is unaware of it."
"Yes, your grace, the child was raised as a Breather."
"Extraordinary," the voice repeated.
The vampire on the hearth stirred at the mention of her name.
"Yes, your grace?" she said humbly.
"You know what to do. Do not be seen, I do not what them to think I am meddling. Do you understand?"
"Perfectly, your grace."
Brawling in front of your monarch, so classy. Hope you enjoyed this part folks! Please comment telling me what you think, I love to get comments! Part 3 Suckers and Biters will hopefully be out in a shorter length of time than it took to make this one! Happy Simming!

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Liz MFeb 27, 2012

Very good, interesting plot.

Jan 8, 2012

Great story, I'm Hooked!

tcancelSep 10, 2011

Great story i really enjoyed it \:rah\:

CleotopiaAug 9, 2011

OMG! Great story! Directly addicted! \:rah\:

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