Eyes Open - Part 7
Published Aug 11, 2011

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I want something
That's purer than the water
Like we were

It's not there now
Ineloquence and anger
Are all we have

Like Saturn's rings
An icy loop around me
Too hard to hold

Lash out first
At all the things we don't like
Or understand

And it's beginning to get to me
That I know more of the stars and sea
Than I do of what's in your head
Barely touching in our cold bed

Snow Patrol, “It’s beginning to get to me”

I want something
That's purer than the water
Like we were

It's not there now
Ineloquence and anger
Are all we have

Like Saturn's rings
An icy loop around me
Too hard to hold

Lash out first
At all the things we don't like
Or understand

And it's beginning to get to me
That I know more of the stars and sea
Than I do of what's in your head
Barely touching in our cold bed

Snow Patrol, “It’s beginning to get to me”
Claire preened herself in the mirror, straightening her newly shortened hair and picking lint from her midnight blue dress. The few pesky grey hairs that lined her roots had receded back so they barely showed. She looked young and fresh. The life fruit she was ‘investing’ in was defiantly doing its job. Stiles on the other hand was beginning to look older. Grey hair sliced through his mousey brown hair and lines were appearing on his face. His bones were creaking more and more; the lavish life he’d lived, keeping the years off, had finally started to catch up with him. The gates, for the first time since they moved in, had been flung open. It was Sonny’s birthday today and his parents where throwing a huge party. The guests began to arrive and Claire made her way down to begin greeting them. Celebrities and figures from society where invited; along with her work colleges who where in awe at their bosses huge home, much to Claire’s twisted delight.
The party quickly grew and everybody was having an amazing time. But Claire was seething. Her daughter was hiding away, not mingling at all. She’d invited her two friends, the Manning and Kinman boys, much to both Claire and Stile’s disgust. Soon, an elated Stiles was calling everybody around the cake. He laughed happily with the guests, proud to show off his son who was smiling with his daddy. When everybody was gathered, Stiles leaned over the cake and let Sonny blow out the candles. The little boy let out a gleeful little giggle and Stiles set him on the floor. Claire watched her little boy begin to transition. She was proud of both of her children; she had big plans for them both and they would go far. He twisted and with a glittering of light he transitioned up into a child. Sonny took the first slice of cake and sat, by himself, at the other end of the table to the rest of the party. Claire smiled; her son seemed to be taking after her with his flame red hair and quiet cunning; he’d been the one to take the first slice of cake, bullying his way to the front, distracting everybody else to ensure he could grab the biggest slice. The party began to calm down and people began to filter out the door. David took Laura’s hand and pulled her to one side.

“Let’s get out of here, I want to take you to somewhere you’ve never been before.” He whispered to her.

After Jason had left, Laura had begun to get uncomfortable around her parents, keeping out the way of them and the guests. He didn’t blame her; he’d seen the disapproving looks Claire had shot their way and the way Stiles glared at them every time they so much as inched towards another way.

Laura nodded and took his hand.

Stiles saw his son’s face fall when his sister rudely left; sneaking out the door when she thought nobody was looking.

He felt anger building within him; all they asked was that the spoilt brat stay for a few hours but no, she had to ‘get out’ because they weren’t good enough for her majesty!
“Come on kid” He said to his son, who’d changed out of his ‘dorkish’ transition clothes, “let’s play computer games.” He led his son into the games room and kept his mind off his stupid sibling, his anger building the more he thought about her actions towards his son. David had indeed taken her somewhere that she’d never been before; the art gallery. David wasn’t too bothered by the art, but he showed an interest for Laura’s sake as he knew how much she adored art. They left when the security guard finally kicked them out. David took her hand and looked at the floor, shy like he was when he’d asked her on a date.

“Laura,” he began, “I have the most amazing time with you and I love being around you. Your one of the most amazing people who I’ve ever met and I don’t want to let you go. Will you be my girlfriend?”
She kissed him in response. Stiles watched from the upstairs window as Laura said goodbye to the boy who walked her to the door. He didn’t have anything against the boy, unlike Claire, but he didn’t appreciate Laura running away the whole time. Laura crept up the stairs, keeping her steps light and gentle so as to not disturb her sleeping family. She was in ten minutes before curfew, but she still didn’t want to be intercepted by a sleepy Sonny or even worse; her mother. “Laura.”

She froze at the top of the stairs.

Stiles quiet but angry voice reverberated around the corridor.

“My office. Now.”

He waited for her to come to the bottom of his stairs before turning away into his office.
He sat down behind his desk. The door opened gently and Laura meekly sat in the furthest chair away.

“How dare you. How very dare you.” Hissed Stiles. “It was your brother’s birthday and he wanted to get to know you and you RAN AWAY! YOU’VE KILLED YOUR RELASIONSHIP WITH HIM!!”
Stiles got up and stormed over to her. He raised his finger at her.


Laura raised her hands in defence and stepped back.

Stiles went icily quiet.

“I’m glad that I’m not your father, I’d be ashamed to create something like you.”

Confusion passed over her face.

“That’s right. I’m not your father. Your father is an old neighbour of your mother’s. You’re so much like him it’s unbelievable. Lazy, no ambitions, sponging off your parents, arrogant! Get out of my face.”

Laura ran to her room in shock.
Stiles stood still, in the middle of the room. His head was pounding and there was a painful constriction around his chest. He sat down and breathed deeply. The weeks began to pass and soon the end of the summer was looming. David and Laura spent every waking moment together and Claire spent time with Sonny, teaching him logical thinking and explaining the way that their world worked; they talked to nobody about mummy’s real job and the police were not to be trusted. Sonny took this information as a childish secret, he giggled at the information, Claire joining in, putting her son at ease. One evening, a week or so before term began; Laura snuck into the music room and began to play the piano. Laura and Sonny were strictly banned from the room; it was Stile’s room for song writing and band practice and everything needed to be kept in good condition.

But Laura couldn’t resist; she loved the old baby grand piano and had always wanted to play it.

She didn’t hear the door open over her gentle tinkling of the keys.
Stiles walked up to the head of the piano, angrily staring at his step daughter.

She noticed him looming over her, fear etched across her young face.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” He hissed, a vein popping in his temple.
“Stiles please don’t be mad I just wanted to play...”

“I just wanted to play” mimicked Stiles, “YOU DON’T PLAY WITH MY INSTRIMENTS!” He roared at her.

“DON’T SHOUT AT ME, I WASN’T DOING ANYTHING TO IT!” She responded back, angry at him. He was being really stupid, like he had a vendetta against her.


“IT’S A PIANO, IT’S MEANT TO BE PLAYED!” She screamed at him.
“Not by the likes of you.” He hissed at her.

“OH?! And if it was Sonny this would be the same argument?” She pointed out to him.

“No, it wouldn’t, because Sonny is mine and you are not. I don’t know why your mother even kept you, your worthless, and a waste of good space!” He venomously spat at her, looking at her coolly.
Distraught by his horrific words, Laura ran from the room, keeping her tears at bay until she got away from him. Angry at the child, Stiles moved to run after her, but his legs wouldn’t let him. The constricting pain in his chest was there again and his vision was spinning. He began to fall, down, down, deeper into the darkness. Claire McGraw stood at the grave of her late husband, her eyes hidden behind oversized glasses. She hadn’t shed a tear for her husband; he’d been a horrid man to her daughter and they hadn’t properly spoken in years. She knew that he’d felt neglected by her, but he’d always been jealous of her daughter and the way that she treated her and loved her more than him. He’d taken his anger out on Laura and eventually it had gotten the better of him.

Some people claimed that he’d even rekindled his old relationship with his fellow band mate Cleo, who’d been distraught at the funeral, her banker husband looking away, embarrassed by his wife’s public display of emotion for another woman’s husband.
And now only Claire, Sonny and Laura stood in the empty graveyard, the midday summer sun beating down on the trio of mourners.

Stiles death had been ruled as a stress induced heart attack; his lap of luxury lifestyle had caught up with him and death had come and claimed him.
Sonny was deeply affected by his father’s demise. He;d been incredibly close to Stiles and was shaken by his death. But what he felt was that it was all his sisters fault; if she hadn’t have been in the music room his daddy would be alive, still playing games with him and taking him fishing!

He stormed over to her, anger splashed across his tiny face.
“Sonny come here.” Laura said softly, opening her arms to him.

He pushed them away.

“You made my daddy go away! You made him go to heaven and I won't ever see him again!” He hissed, sounding like his father.

“What? No Sonny, it was an accident, your dad was ill...”

“NO! You made him go away, only cus you don't have a daddy so you took mine away!”
“Sonny please.”

“Go away! You’re no sister to me!”

Laura put her arms down and Sonny turned and cried in his mothers open arms, distraught.
Laura looked at the huge pile of her brother’s and her own belongings. She felt sad, David had gone back to Fort Starch with Jason last week and they hadn’t had much time to say goodbye. Her mother was sending them both off to boarding school; Laura back to LeFromage, Sonny to Smuggsworth Prep. Laura knew that she didn’t want to come home any time soon though. Claire watched as both of her children got in the cars.

She needed them away, she had plans she needed to get on with and with no Stiles around, her children’s lives were putty in her manipulative hands.
With thanks to everybody for reading and to all the custom content artists at TSR and people at MTS :)

Claire’s Dress, Images 1, 4, 8, 9, 22, 36, 37- Alice Cullen Inspired Dress With Bolero by simseviyo

Laura’s Top, Images 5, 8, 9, 13-20 – ASC_TFTieTop by Shakeshaft

Cleo’s Dress, Image 9 – High Waisted Skirt with Belt by dunkicka

Stiles pose, Image 21 - 'Depression' Sims 3 Custom Animations/Poses’ by Simul8rReviews at MTS

Laura’s Dress, Images 23 – 27 - Denim Skirt With Cardigan for Teen by Ekky_Sims

Laura’s Dress Image 22 - Asymmetric Dress for Teen by Ekky_Sims

Claire’s Dress, Images 30 and 31 - Embellished Gown - New Year Gifts by BluElla

Laura’s Dress, Images 31 – 35 - Inspired by Alberta Ferretti-1 by hasel

Boxes outside of house, Image 36 - Big box closed by lilliebou

Laura’s Dress, Images 36 and 37 - Teen female dress with cardigan by super_niin

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#1HellsaintAug 11, 2011

You know, I really can't help but feel sorry for Stiles \:\( He kinda died alone? That's pretty tragic. As for Sonny, uh oh, some how... if the children were to succeed Claire when she leaves, will there be a civil war among the siblings?! \:eek\: Man... getting ahead of myself here. \:o Great chapter and congrats on the feature Milii \:D 

#2martoeleAug 11, 2011

Incredibly well written this sad, sad chapter...! How people's life can turn out to be completely different as what they expected it to be. I don't like Clair and I didn't like Stiles because of the anger he always felt for the girl. And now it seems that the boy has inherited this hate from his dad.... \:\(  It's a sad family but, as I said, very well written. Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#3ShelleyBAug 11, 2011

Oh, such sadness. \:\(  Stiles may not have been a good man, and definitely not good to Laura, but the only one to grieve him is Sonny.. Awful Clair sending her children off to boarding school so soon after Stiles died, and with plans off her own? \:eek\:  Gives me the willies.... Great chapter and congrats on the feature. \:D

#4spladoumAug 11, 2011

I know that Laura pretty much walked into the storm this time around, but the writing on the wall is pretty clear. If I were her, I wouldn't bother coming back. Let Mama do whatever she's planning to do with Sonny, he seems like he's inherently selfish enough to go right along with it.

#5urm0mAug 16, 2011

Wow Laura is ruthless!

#6spitzmagicAug 19, 2011

Oh my dear Laura...yep when schools over she won't have to come back..I hope Clair gets her just rewards as Stiles did...serves him right. Excellent chapter \:rah\:

#7orlovVIPJan 14, 2012

\:\( And so ends Stiles. . .not that I'm going to miss him or anything, he was a cruel, selfish man. . .perfect in his own way for Claire. . .. . and of course no tears from her. . .even though you say she hated him for how he treated Laura, she's no better; I suppose she might think herself to be. . .boarding school for both of them. . .a person can run away from boarding school if she had a mind to. . .

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