New Beginnings (Introductions)
Published Aug 15, 2011

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Previously, in Waiting, we see characters that are waiting for events to happen.
We have met Susanoo, the mastermind behind “the Hunter” and he seems to want Adam to help him.
Decima finally reveals that she loves Juan, and will wait for the day that their relationship will be possible.
Adam has made a public announcement to have a meet-the-fans session in attempt to answer their doubts.
Who will be coming?
What will happen in this meeting?

This is the 4th chapter of New Beginnings, called Introductions.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

Previously, in Waiting, we see characters that are waiting for events to happen.
We have met Susanoo, the mastermind behind “the Hunter” and he seems to want Adam to help him.
Decima finally reveals that she loves Juan, and will wait for the day that their relationship will be possible.
Adam has made a public announcement to have a meet-the-fans session in attempt to answer their doubts.
Who will be coming?
What will happen in this meeting?

This is the 4th chapter of New Beginnings, called Introductions.
Hope you enjoy ;-)
It is a quiet evening, Adam Johansson immersed himself slowly into the hot tub.
He sits back and welcomes the warm that relaxes his senses.

He tilts his head backwards and thinks about the session that is scheduled tomorrow, where he needs to “explain” his disappearance.
He closes his eyes and tries to anticipate the questions that may be shot during the session...
However, a certain dark-haired woman kept clouding his thoughts.
He sighs, “Jeez, I really do miss her...”

For the rest of the night, Adam spent the night recalling fond memories of Mei; silently hoping that they would meet again.
Early afternoon, Adam suits up and heads for Plasma One to survey the place.
Tom Wordy did the booking of the venue and chose Plasma One for its location and “posh-ness”, Tom called it.
After a quick glance, Adam notices a dance floor, a band area, a lounge upstairs, a bar on each level...

“Industry to impress... I guess this is what Tom meant...”
Adam was about to start strumming the guitar when Tom came in.

“Yo, Adam. You are really early! Been waiting long?”

“Hey Tom, how’s it goin’? I have been here just a short while before you, no worries.”

Tom grinned, “So... Are you ready to face them?”
“...” Adam started playing the guitar.

“Look, just stay chill alright? If you can’t answer some of the questions, push them to me. I’ll think of something...”
Seeing the guests coming in, “And looks like the party has started, good luck.”

Letting out a shuddered breath, “Thanks Tom, see you in a while.”
Adam meets the first of the people coming for the session, she is very beautiful and has a pair of deep, calculating eyes.
“Err...”, just realising that he was staring at her, “I’m Adam Johansson, thank you for coming, Miss..?”

“I know who you are,” the lady replied shortly, “call me Decima.”
“I’m sure you know about me and would probably want to know why I was missing?” Adam asked.

“... No. I know why you left Barnacle Bay, Adam.”

Taken by surprise, Adam asked again, “Have we met before? Cause I don’t think I know you from before...”
Decima left half-way during the conversation and headed for a bar.

“What a foolish dolt this Old One is. He’s hiding from “the Hunter” and yet he just announced his location on national television yesterday?!
Do we really have to depend on this buffoon to stop the prophecy?
Maybe Eldest has gotten some facts mixed up, Adam cannot be the one to save the World...” she sighs and ordered a double-shot Tequila.
Meanwhile, Tom got a little drunk and started squabbling with the pianist.

“Lady, you are too old for this! When we hired a professional, I was hoping for someone much younger...
I’ll just pay your fee and can you beat it?”

“MR. WORDY!! That was awfully rude and even if you did take me off my job, I’m still here to see Adam Johansson...
And there is nothing you can do about that.”
Tom storms off for another drink.

Seeing Adam, the pianist immediately forgot about her face-off with Tom and gasped in excitement.
After some brief introductions, she mustered her courage and asked,
“Mr... Mr. Johansson, would you be so kind to attend my performance this coming Friday?” She holds out a ticket to Adam.

“I’d love to, thank you.” Adam smiled.
More guests started coming in.

Adam felt relieved seeing a familiar face among them.
Asuna Nakamura smiled at him as she came in, leading her friend behind her.
Asuna spared a quick glance at Decima and thought,
“Looks like the people here are more than they seem...
I can’t see or sense anything from this lady.
How fascinating... Adam seems to be attracting very interesting characters even without knowing...”
Breaking from her thoughts, she greeted Adam.
“Hi Adam, I didn’t expect you to appear on television so soon.”

“Believe me Asuna, neither did I.” Adam said in a mock serious expression.

They laughed.
“So what have you been up to, Asuna?”

“I just came from the modelling agency,” Asuna twirls around in her kimono.
“Like it?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m not too into the Japanese culture, but you sure make me want to know more.
You look fantastic.” Adam complimented.

Giggling, Asuna pulled her friend over for introductions.
“I think you have a very shy fan that would like to say hi,” Asuna smiled.
“Hey there, I’m Adam Johansson. What’s you name, Miss..?”

Shuffling her feet, she started tweaking her ear and spoke softly,
“I...I’m... J-Jun Xu. Nice to meet you, Mr Johansson...”

“Well, thanks for coming, Miss Xu. Please, everyone calls me Adam.”
Blushing, Jun Xu spoke again, “T-Then, please call me Jun Xu...”
Looking at the floor, she asked, “A-Adam, could I have a hug?”

“Sure, Jun Xu.” Adam smiled and hugged the nervous girl.

After a rather awkward moment, Jun Xu left in a hurry to join Asuna at the dance floor.

Adam looked at the group dancing wildly to the music and laughed, at least he knows they are having fun.
He started heading for the bar upstairs to meet the other people.
He was greeted (pounced upon) by Toji Yamatomo and Adam extended a hand.

“Adam Johansson!!! I have always hoped for your return!!” Toji shook his hand vigorously and unleashed a torrent of questions.
“Will you be heading back to sports? How about the Green Llamas? What are you doing now??”

“Woah now, Toji.” Adam tried to calm him down,
“Well, I don’t think I will be heading back to sports currently, however there may be possibilities in the future.
I had a great experience with the Green Llamas, they taught me alot about teamwork and... relationships,”
Adam trailed off and he started reminiscing the crew and the experiences he had with the Green Llamas...
Until Betsie popped into his mind, then he remembered her recent disappearance in Barnacle Bay.
With great difficulty, he managed to suppress the surge of worry from reaching his face.
Adam looked at Toji and found him still waiting expectedly for more answers.
“I would really like to see them again, Toji.
And I guarantee I will meet them soon.”

“Ooooh... That’s sooo awesome.” Toji shook in excitement.
Urging Toji to take a seat, Adam continued after ordering some shrimp cocktail,
“As for the last bit, well, I’m going to try acting and see how it goes.”

“Wh-why acting?” Toji asked with a nervous smile.

“... I was offered the opportunity and I took it, Toji.”
With a sigh, “You think that may not be a great idea?”
Toji turned his head away, not answering the question and said,
“I believe in you, Adam.”

Adam was stunned by Toji’s answer and wondered why Toji would put so much faith in him.

A lady suddenly walked up between them and spoke in a sultry voice, “Can I get you boys something?”
Adam knew this lady to be Lola Belle, one of the superstars of Bridge Town.
He met her in a house party that was organised by Tom Wordy, she seemed friendly at first...

Until Adam realised she was after more than just a social gathering...
The way she looked at him... scared him a little.

He also recalled that she doesn’t take rejection lightly.
Though, that night, Adam somehow managed to summon enough courage to refuse her advances.
And since then, he never really wanted to mix with Lola and kept his gatherings private.
He was surprised to see her here. “Must be that Tom...”, Adam thought.
“No thanks, Lola. The drinks are on me tonight.”

“Y-you are... THE Lola Belle?! Oh jeez, I’ve listened to all your records!!” Toji exclaimed. “Could I please take a picture of you?”

Lola made a brief frown and it vanished in a second, “Sure, sonny.”
And both of them left the bar.
Adam took a sip of his drink and tried to relax.
He scanned the area and looked at the guests.

When his eyes fell on Lee Hui, he dropped his glass.
Adam knew there were differences, but there was no mistaking it.
This person looks in some manner like Mei.
And the resemblance shocked him.
Keeping his composure, he turned away for this stranger.

The stranger sat beside him, ignored the spilled drink and asked, “You are Adam Johansson?”

“Err... Yes, I am. And you are?”

“I am Lee Hui, sir. My room mate, Toji, you met just a while ago is a huge fan of yours.”

“Aha, so you heard about me through him?”

“Yes. Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you have to leave Barnacle Bay?”

“I... I had problems coming, Lee Hui.
Problems that would be easily avoided if I left, as I do not want the town to be affected by me...” Adam replied.
Lee kept quiet and got up after awhile, “I have to use the bathroom, it has been a pleasure meeting you, sir.”

Before Lee went too far, Adam asked,
“Lee Hui, you really remind me of a person I knew before...
Do you think you could come to my after-party?
I have many questions to ask you and please ask Toji if he could make it too.”

Lee shrugged a reply and left.
Finally, the session was over and seemed like it was a success.
The people who came had a blast and was looking forward to see Adam on screens once again.
Tom was really glad that it went by without a hitch.

Adam announced an after-party will take place at his place and invited anyone still interested to follow him.
Most wanted to go, but the party had pooped them out.
In the end, only 3 people came along.

Adam started announcing his plans to go into the Film career.
Looking at the people present, Adam only remembered 2 of them...
Decima, the beautiful brunette that he first met in Plasma One.
Lee Hui, a person who shared a strange resemblance to Mei.

The last person is a guy that Adam has never met before.
Lee Hui was feeling a little out-of-place.
This was a really big estate, beautifully decorated with a swimming pool and a hot tub.
He was not used to seeing such extravagance; he always believed in “only-buying-what-you-need” and such display of wealth made him uncomfortable.
He had never seen anything quite like this and would not have bothered if Toji hadn’t “insisted”.

If it wasn’t for his duties as the chairperson of 2 extra-curricular activities, Toji would have definitely been here.
Since he can’t, Toji nagged at Lee to go in his place.

Sighing, Lee studies the people around him.
At last, the mysterious man revealed himself to be named Susanoo.
“Adam, if you are willing to cooperate with me, I will provide you with anything you need...
Women, money, power... Anything.”

“Haha, you sound like some sort of genie... Or devil.”
Joking, Adam asked, “Do I have to give up my soul or something?”

“As a matter of fact...” Susanoo grinned, “You do. A fair deal, don’t you think?”

“I don’t believe in such miracles, Susanoo. I’d rather work for it.” Adam replied.

Susanoo turned his back on Adam and sighed, “It would have been so much easier if you simply agreed...”
“Looks like I have to convince you otherwise...” and Susanoo’s hand started crackling with blue flames.
Lee felt the unnatural energy and instinctively moved forward to stand between Adam and Susanoo, pushing Adam backwards.

“Hey kid, what do you think you are do-”
Adam didn’t finish his sentence when Lee knocked him out of the way.

“I don’t have time to explain, Adam! Get away from here! This man is dangerous!!!” Lee shouted.
As he fell on his back, Adam couldn't believe what he saw next.

He sees Susanoo and Lee shooting at each other with what appears to be... a fire ball?!
They are like a reflection of each other; while one was bright and flaring with red flames, the other was dark and trailed with bluish energy.
Adam lifted himself up on his elbows and saw the 2 flames inter-mingle with each other.
The air around started to sizzle and distort.

Even if he didn’t understand what was going on, Adam knew that the energies are unstable...
As the energies were equally matched and started seeping outwards, Adam couldn’t tear his eyes from the incredible event happening before him.
He knew he should have left when he had the chance, but the sight was just too magnificent to behold.
He saw colours that were not possible in the visible spectrum, he saw...
In the next moment, the energies exploded in a brilliant flash; bathing all characters in its light, the energy outburst consumed them.
The last thing Adam thought before he blanked out was...
“I’m sorry... Mei...”
. . . . . .
“Its bright...”
“Who... Who is there?”
“Why are you crying?”
“Where am I?”
Adam touched the small, frail and familiar hand on his head.

“Am I dead?”
“Are you my angel to come and take me away, Mei?”
Looking up at her, he does not understand her mumblings,
but he sees her mouthing the same sentence over and over again.

“I’m sorry, Adam... I’m so, so sorry...”

That ends the chapter of Introductions.
Hope it was worth the wait :D

Thank you to the cc creators for sharing their work and for helping me to get such awesome screens :D
You readers, of course, deserve a big thank you for reaching this far with me. Mucho gracias

Take care and stay chill ;-)

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#8martoeleAug 17, 2011

It took me long before I could catch up with the stories but it was really worth while to read yours! Introducing more characters always makes twists in the story possible. I like the screenshots with the energy running they are very spectacular. Congratulations on that and congratulations on having had this chapter featured! \:cool\:

#9spitzmagicAug 18, 2011

Oh me oh my...Congrats on this awesome featured chapter. The screens are fantastic and I loved it as I do all the others. I'm left hanging in the air for your next chapter. This story of yours (((Frank))) is  absolutely intriguing. Bravo \:rah\: \:D

#10weirdlingAug 18, 2011

Excellent! I look forward to the next chapter! \:wub\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

#11RatRaceRobAug 19, 2011

Awesome episode, incredible screens-- loved the conflicts in this one, from Decima's take on things ((you know, she isn't exactly wrong about Adam's choices of late LOL)) to drunken Tom's arguing with the pianist ((ROFL)) to all the other guests interacting with Adam and then the final fight scene and conclusion-- great stuff... and cannot say enough about shot 24 ((commented on a version of that in your screens before but had to say it again, iit's just that creeptastic cool \:cool\: \:ph34r\: )) \:rah\:

#12urm0mAug 19, 2011

I hope Adam is ok! Lei is such a hero \:\)

#13Nemesis_3050Aug 22, 2011

this story is one of the best I've ever seen
CONGRATZ your simmie rock (^o^)Y

#14Foxi_iveyAug 31, 2011

I'm loving this story, I can't wait to read more \:D 

#15orlovVIPSep 2, 2011

\:eek\: am continuing on! Oh, your screens!!!!!!!!Bliss!

#16isarpgistaOct 22, 2011

The shot of Lola Belle in page 24 is stunning! And what about that fight? It was incredible!!! The screenshots are all soooooooooo amazing!!! And what a brave guy was Lee!!! Oh, my! The best part ever!!! PERFECT!!! I loved it!!! AWESOME!!! S2

#17theblackrabbitApr 5, 2012

Fantastic!As always!\:rah\:

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