Eyes Open - Part 8
Published Aug 23, 2011

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So now I'm telling you the reason I'm all messed up
Just have to look me in the eyes and I fall apart
Please let me hold you 'till I know we are both through this
I couldn't lead another day without you here in my arms

Snow Patrol, “In my arms”

So now I'm telling you the reason I'm all messed up
Just have to look me in the eyes and I fall apart
Please let me hold you 'till I know we are both through this
I couldn't lead another day without you here in my arms

Snow Patrol, “In my arms”
Laura grimaced as she reached the door. The whole journey back, she’d been a wreck of nerves. She hadn’t been back to the home for any of the holidays; choosing to stay on with courses. Her mother hadn’t seemed to have minded though; she’d had Sonny to keep her company over the seasonal holidays.

She squared her shoulders, plastered her fake smile over her face and opened the door.
“Hello, anybody home?” She called, her voice echoing around the cavernous hallway.

She heard the click-clack of her mother’s shoes across the slates and froze, hoping that her mother wouldn’t punish her for her actions.
“Darling,” Claire purred, accentuating the ‘r’, “how are you my precious girl? How was school? I missed you!”

She hugged Laura tightly, who rather rigidly returned the hug.
“MOTHER!” Sonny’s voice rang through the house, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

He entered the hallway and stopped dead when he saw Laura.

“Sister”, he nodded coldly in her direction and walked over to his mother, purposefully placing himself in-between them.

“Mother, I’ve collated all the files that you wanted on that theatre company, I sent the file to your email.”
“Oh, you’re my little super star!” She crooned, smiling happily upon her son.

“I’d better get going to work now. I’ll see you later in the office.” He said rather aloofly, haughtily walking past his sister.
“Now then,” Claire began, “I need to take you with me on some important business. But you cannot go out dressed like that!” She said, looking her daughter up and down. “Go and change; there should be a few decent items in your wardrobe. And sort out your hair too. I’ll see you down here in twenty minutes.”

Her mother turned on her heel and walked off into another room.
Hair sleeked into submission, dress neat and stylish, she walked down the stairs in her ornate heels.

“Perfect.” Her mother said with an approving nod.
They climbed into her mother’s snow white Requiescence and the car glided away from the mansion. As they began to leave the town, and peak the next hill across, Laura quickly realised where they were going. The Goth Manor.

The Goth’s were notoriously wealthy; it had all come from the farmland they owned which was somewhere near Riverview. They had a manor there and several farmhouses had been built to sustain the farmers who cared for the Goth’s extensive amount of land. Gunther Goth ran the trade of the produce from the business office in Sunset Valley; it had far better commercial links then their own valley. Apparently the farming valley had a rather “Pleasant View”.
Claire and Laura exited the car gracefully, both women stretching their legs. Laura wasn’t entirely sure why she’d been brought with her mother to the house, but she didn’t want to query it when her mother seemed so determined for the deal to go through.

Laura was left standing to one side as Claire was greeted by the two Goth elders and led away to the main house. A figure emerged from the garage, wearing a rather greasy mechanics jumpsuit. He was tall and slim, with hooded eyes and dark black hair. He walked over to Laura, a smile on his face.
“Hello, you must be Laura. I’m Mortimer, Mortimer Goth.” He stranger said, smiling his pleasant smile at her, his bushy eyebrows knitting together.

Laura shook his outstretched hand and they walked to the house together.
“I think a union between our two children would be perfect.” Cornelia said happiness in her voice. “Your daughter is a very pretty woman Ms. McGraw, and as you put it, a wonderful merge between our two businesses, ours benefiting in particular from your transportation service.”

Gunther nodded in agreement.
Mortimer and Laura sat in the living room, the ticking clock echoing around the room as the silence continued. They could hear the mummers of their parents sealing whatever the deal entailed. Laura had spent the past five minutes inspecting the room; she’d looked at the little damp patch in the bottom right corner about sixteen times.

“The deal seems to be going well.” Laura commented quietly, breaking the awful silence.

Mortimer fidgeted in his chair and nodded jerkily.

His mother had come to his room one night and informed him that they’d found him a suitable bride; Laura McGraw and that when she returned from LeFromage they would be introduced and a courtship could begin.

Mortimer wasn’t too fond of the idea; he was in love with Bella Bachelor and wanted to marry her. But he knew that in the eyes of his parents that wouldn’t be suitable so he’d grudgingly agreed to the deal. He sensed though that Laura knew nothing of her fate.
“So, my mother tells me that you graduated from LeFromage with honours?” He said, swinging the conversation away from the deal.

“Yes, my photography and painting skills helped me along...”
“The profits speak for themselves, don’t they?” Claire finished her cat like grin back on her face.

Gunther nodded enthusiastically.

“The union would be a dream come true. Everything would be perfect!” He finished.

The two shook hands and Claire stood to leave.
Laura found herself thinking about Mortimer a fair bit over the next few days. In the years that she’d been away from the Valley, she’d grown apart from David and they’d eventually called it quits, the long distance relationship was just not worked for them.

She’d been devastated that it had ended with David, she’d been genuinely in love with the boy and he’d been so perfect for her.

But Mortimer was here, now, in the flesh. And yes, she was faintly attracted to him, and he was rich and would support her comfortably.

But she just couldn’t forget David.
She’d saw David, from afar a week or so after her first meeting with Mortimer. He’d been walking on the opposite side of the road, towards the gym. She felt a pang of love in her chest at the sight of him all grown up. She’d just been about to call his name when he’d spoke to a beautiful blonde lady. Even from a distance you could tell that they were incredibly close. They walked into the gym with her. He’d evidently moved on.

And so she’d have too as well.
Laura was given her old job back at the warehouse. Sonny wasn’t too pleased, as his sister got to evaluate all the artwork and artefacts’ that were transported through, verifying that they were genuine. Sonny worked in finance, a less glamorous job than his sister, but he had to work twice as hard to be noticed in his mother’s eyes. The Goths were hosting a party, late one evening. The McGraw’s were invited. Sonny declined; he had to work on some accounts, but Claire eagerly accepted the invite for herself and Laura.

And now Laura stood at the side of the road, waiting for her mother to arrive. The night was getting chillier as the sun dipped behind the distant sea and the bright white moon danced over head.
And she had a feeling her mother would never come.

Claire had been pushing Laura to get closer and closer to Mortimer, almost like she wanted them to become an item. Laura wasn’t too interested if she was brutally honest. Sure, those first few days afterwards she’d been mildly interested but she just couldn’t bring herself to force herself to love a man she didn’t.

Not through Mortimer’s lack of trying.
She could hear him approaching now, she turned and greeted him. He wasn’t dressed right for the formal party; but then again Mortimer rarely conformed to the appropriate thing. He said what he said and did what he did.

He invited her to watch the stars with him on the balcony behind the garage. She agreed, what else could she do?
They reached the back of the garage and sat on the table and chairs. They sat in the usual awkard silence for a while until Mortimer broke it, commenting on the music, the beautiful moon, and the boring formalities of upper society. Soon, Laura began to zone out when Mortimer started to talk about stock shares, remembering times that she’d spent with David, walking along the beach, swimming in the pool with Jason, bumping into each other.... “Of course, once were married, all the money will be pooled together and you will have a monthly allowance...”

Laura jerked out of her dream world. MARRIED?!

And it all fell into place, the deal, Mortimer’s constant attempts at affection, her mother’s pushiness. She felt anger rising inside her; she wasn’t a piece of meat for sale!

Mortimer gauged the shock on Laura’s face at the word ‘marriage’. Evidently she didn’t know of the plan. How stupid of Claire not to tell her!

Laura made her excuses, she was tired, it was getting late, she had work the next day and ran away from the house.
She found herself walking around the empty streets of the Valley, eventually winding up at an all too familiar house.

She didn’t know what came over her, but she knocked at the door.
David answered, and seeing his ex girlfriend deeply upset dressed in a formal gown, he let her in. David sat up, watching Laura sleep. He couldn’t believe that somebody would make a deal like that, using her own daughter like that! He felt disgusted at Claire and the Goths, Laura was a person, not some business pawn! After letting her in, he’d held her whilst she cried with shock and anger, old feeling towards her rearing their head.
In a state of emotional shock, she told him that she still loved him and had kissed him, David finding himself kissing her back. She told him about the woman he’d seen. He laughed at the notion of Queenie, the blonde, being his new girlfriend. She was an old school friend he was helping to train, she was practically his sister.

He rested his head next to hers and slept peacefully, Laura’s steady breathing lulling him into a deep slumber.
“Why are you wearing that stupid hat?” Laura laughed at David the next morning.

They were standing on the steps of the city hall, people milling around them. Laura stood in a borrowed dress from David’s mother, her hair down loose and her face washed of make up.

“It’s a joke; the whole class is wearing them, look!” He gestured around himself, laughing with Laura.

The Fort Starch Graduates had gathered with the local high school and Dribbledine Sports Academy for their graduations.

They all wore the same robes; however each school had worn some form of clothing to distinguish themselves. In a rare stint of rebellion, Fort Starch had worn hats turned sideways on their heads. It looked stupid.
David’s face suddenly softened and he took Laura in his arms.

“I’m so glad that it was you with me at my graduation.” He said, looking straight into her eyes.

Laura smiled back at him and kissed him softly in response.
Laura stood in David’s room, dressed in the borrowed dress, phone in hand.

She was going to have to phone Mortimer, there was no way around it.
She dialed the number and waited for the phone to be picked up. David tried not to listen as he lounged on the bed. They were going to the class graduation party thrown by a friend after the call. He was proud of Laura. She was breaking off the deal with Mortimer and didn’t want anything to do with it. They would remain friends, but she couldn’t force herself into an unhappy marriage. She put down the phone. David, telling that she was upset, walked over to her and held her whilst she calmed down. “I know it’s really quick and don’t be afraid to say no to me,” David began, “But I’m moving out into my own home at the end of the week with the financial help of my parents. Did you fancy joining me?” Laura kissed him in response. She knew that she’d love living with David and done the right thing by breaking off with Mortimer, but she just hoped that she hadn’t hurt him. Claire was fuming. She was beyond anger now. Her stupid brat had ruined a very lucrative deal that would have seen the whole family rise to the pinnacle of society and set them up financially for a long time. Stupid David, running back into Laura’s life and stealing her heart!

She smiled her evil smirk, got out her phone and instigated operation Manning.
Thanks for reading guys! As per usual, thanks to all the CC artists I used!

Laura’s Tracksuit bottoms, Images 1–6, 18 - Bottoms 2611 by ES3C

Claire’s Dress, Images 3-8, 12, 15, 37 – Balloon Dress with Necklace by Ekky_Sims

Laura’s Dress, Images 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16 - Herve Leger Strapless Above the Knee Dress by ancsie18

Laura’s Dress, Image 17 - Boston Dress by Ekky_Sims

Queenie’s Outfit, Image 18 - Miyako Two by DT456

Laura’s Dress, Images 29-36 - Gudia11 Mini Dress by gudia11

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#1HellsaintAug 24, 2011

*sigh* as usual, Claire is being a prick to Laura and David's relationship. That Mortimer doesn't seem like a bad guy, just... too boring for Laura \:P interesting episode you have there \:cool\: ; more plots and twists... wonder what is operation Manning? \:eek\: Great stuff and will wait patiently for the next episode \:\)

#2spladoumAug 24, 2011

Ah ah ah, stupid Claire. Not all of your children aren't mindless automatons; they have their own minds! "A monthly allowance," Mortimer? How tasteless. \:rolleyes: Laura still doesn't seem like she really gets what's going on. I hope for her own sake that she and David leave town. And Sonny ... ugh, he's managed to wear out my patience in just two frames! Little brat. \:mad\:

#3ArneroAug 24, 2011

Oh Claire, you *insert words at will* woman, the heart wants what it wants no matter how much money is in the game. By the way, if you intend to manipulate someone (i.e. Laura) it is a good idea to get to know them :. I think that lack of knowledge will be Claire's main mistake and will safe our Laura in the end. I hope anyway\:D. Don't know why but I feel kinda sorry for Mortimer, he needs to grow a spine! Well enough, great read, gratz on the feature\:rah\:and cannot wait to see how this unfolds.\:wub\:

#4martoeleAug 24, 2011

That stupid woman Claire.... doesn't even deserve to be called 'mother'. \:rolleyes:  An interesting chapter and I hope that everything will turn out right for Laura and David. Congratulations on the feature. \:cool\:

#5fabrizioammolloAug 24, 2011

Laura seems to be the only decent person in her family! Afert all maybe the bording school wasn't a bad thing after all... Her family is poisoning!

#6spitzmagicAug 25, 2011

Oh dear oh dear. Good for Laura she should have some insight about what's creeping around the corner. I sure hope it all backfires in Clair's face...congrats on this awesome featured chapter \:rah\:

#7ShelleyBAug 25, 2011

"Operation Manning"? Doesn't sound good. \:\( Sonny sounds like he has grown into a perfect little goon. :P  Claire, Claire, Claire... She's evil down to her soul. Laura seems to be making a good decision, for the right reasons, so I hope something happens to derail Claire's plans. I think Laura pegged her though; Claire's trying to sell her like a piece of meat! Great suspenseful chapter! \:D

#8fruitopiaVIPAug 26, 2011

True Love will win after all

#9jubeauty2003Sep 6, 2011


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