New Beginnings (Truths)
Published Aug 22, 2011

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Previously, in the 4th chapter of New Beginnings (Introductions),
Adam had a session with the public, inviting all sorts of people into the mix.
He met many different people and the session ended up to be success.
In his after-party, Susanoo’s plan to get Adam to cooperate was twarted by Lee.
There was a huge burst of power and Adam woke up in the arms of Mei (Nona).
What happened?
Where is he?

We have reached the 5th chapter, Truths.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

Previously, in the 4th chapter of New Beginnings (Introductions),
Adam had a session with the public, inviting all sorts of people into the mix.
He met many different people and the session ended up to be success.
In his after-party, Susanoo’s plan to get Adam to cooperate was twarted by Lee.
There was a huge burst of power and Adam woke up in the arms of Mei (Nona).
What happened?
Where is he?

We have reached the 5th chapter, Truths.
Hope you enjoy ;-)
Adam Johansson propped himself against a rock and tried hard to collect his thoughts amidst his confusion.

What the hell happened? Who were those two guys, Susanoo and Lee Hui? They have powers?
Where am I? Where are they now? ...

The questions kept coming and he started to get dizzy.
“Hey Adam, are you alright?” Mei asked worriedly.

“Mei... I.. I never thought I will see you under such circumstances...” Adam sighed.

“Neither did I...” Mei squat down next to him and looked in his eyes, “But I’m really glad that you are ok...”
Adam got up,
“Yeah, I’m surprised that I am still alive too.
I remembered seeing a huge explosion and waking up to find myself...”
“... to find myself here....
Just where are we, Mei?
I have never seen anything like this place...
And yet, there is a strange familiarity about it.”
Adam, there are some things I need to tell you...
And they may seem unbelievable, but they are truths that you should know.” Mei started.

Adam looked at her in the eye and knew she wasn’t kidding around.
Besides, after what he has just been through, just what is unbelievable anymore?

“In this World, there exist gods and goddesses...”
“They may not show themselves to people, but they touch human lives through nature.
Posiedon still watches the sea, his son; Astraeus owns the four winds, Pan Gu and Gaia protect the earth etc..
.. And Susanoo; my brother you just met, is the ruler of darkness and the underworld...”

Adam listened calmly till he heard the last sentence.
“What?! You GOT to be pulling my leg. That strange dude in black is some dark god?!
And he’s your BROTHER?!?!
Then who might you be, Mei? Some sun goddess?” Adam joked.

Mei kept quiet.

“No way... Y-you must be joking...” Adam stammered as he sees her serious expression.
“She was known as Amaterasu, Adam. But now, she has another title as well.
She is Nona of the Fates, the Life Giver.”

Adam turned his head sideways to the source of the familiar voice.
“Aisa... I should have known...” Adam muttered.

“It has been awhile, Adam.” Aisa greeted.
“So Mei is actually 2 goddesses in 1? How is that possible? What is the Fates?” Adam was clearly confused.

“Nothing is impossible, Adam.
Just imagine a person multi-tasking; if he is a principal of a school, why can’t he be a CEO of a major firm too?
This concept is the same as the duality of gods and goddesses, though, there can be some grey areas...” Aisa explained.

“Ok... I think I can accept that. But to believe in the supernatural, I’m still a little hazy about that...
Then who might you be, Aisa? You are not just some fortune teller, I know that much at least.
You seem to know what I am, is that right?” Adam asked.
Smiling, Aisa answered,
“I believe the centuries of experiences have made you very observant and cautious...
Indeed, I am not just a fortune teller. I am Aisa; also Morta of the Fates.
Some people know me as Death.”

Adam suddenly felt cold.
Although he has problems believing what he is hearing so far, there was no doubt in the words brought forth by Aisa.
Right now, he’s staring at the face of Death.

Aisa continued,
“Nona and I are part of the tripartite, the Fates. We govern the fates of man; from their birth to their deaths.
Though...” she studied Adam for a moment, “... there could be exceptions in which certain fates cannot be seen or controlled.
You are one of them, Adam.”
Adam took a moment to let the words sink in and finally spoke again,
“Right. Let me get this straight.
Firstly, the supernatural exists in many forms, especially in nature...”
“Secondly, you and Mei... I mean Nona, are goddesses and Susanoo, is a god...
In fact, I get the impression that the titles are from different cultures...
Not just Greek mythos, but... something else...”
“.... And then you two are part of some watcher group that overseers the lives of man?” Adam wraps up what he heard.

“It was a rather crude way of putting it, but yes, you are right.” Aisa was entertained by Adam’s perspective.
Nona had a worried look through out the conversation and kept very quiet.
“I find all that really hard to believe, ladies...
But given the current circumstance, I don’t think I have much of a choice.” Adam concluded.

He sighs, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? More importantly, what do you know about me?
Even I do not know much about myself...”
Aisa walks past Adam and appreciates the evening sky,
“Adam, we know you are an Old One; the last descendant of the Old Kingdom.
Man’s history do not have any accounts of the Old Kingdom, but the gods know; we were worshipped by the Old Kingdom.
It was a very small, neutral, but extremely powerful and gifted civilisation.
So gifted were the people, that some believed to have found a way to cheated Death...” Aisa glanced at Adam.

“They were also powerful because of the inventions that they create; it was said that they even mastered the control of time...”
Sighing, “However, like all great civilisations, there will be a fall.
People started warring with the Old Kingdom, to gain the secrets and power that they kept.
Now... There are hardly any remnants of the Kingdom left.”
Adam was shocked and surprised at the same time, “How did you find out, Aisa?”

“I was there, Adam. I’m always at every war, watching the chaos and destruction reigned upon the opposing forces...
I have to be at every war, because with every battle, I need to do my duty...” Aisa did not turn around when she replied him.

“We couldn’t tell you about us previously, because we know that you were not ready...
However, we did not anticipate you to meet Susanoo so soon.
Maybe it is your Fate, Adam.” Nona answered his other question.
“Heh, whatever. I actually feel better knowing what is going on... “Adam grinned.

Surprise showed in Nona’s face, “You are not upset?”

“Hey, I’m still alive right? My roots may not be all rosy and joyful, but I’m glad to know something about my heritage.
And that Susanoo... When I see him again, I will definitely kick his butt...
And boot him to where he belongs.”

Hearing this Asia, smiled.
Nona started giggling uncontrollably,
“Oh Adam... You are so unpredictable..
You will need work much harder if you want to beat my brother...”
“Hey, that’s what you girls brought me here for, right?
To prepare me for some sort of mumbo-jumbo training or something?”

“We will do what we can, Adam.” Nona smiled.

“And what of Lee Hui? I remembered him pushing me away from Susanoo’s attack, is he alright?!?!”

“He’s fine Adam, he’s my descendant and has a strong resistance to fire, especially my brother’s.
I will tell you more another time...”

“That’s good to hear, he is my saviour after all...”
Looking at Nona closely, Adam smiled, “I’m glad to see you again... Nona.”

“So am I, Adam..”, Nona gazed longingly into his eyes.
Aisa keeps to herself.
“Even when we have tried putting them apart, the World still pulls them together... Is this Fate?
Maybe I am getting old, my thoughts are like a stick in the mud.
Maybe I am not the one to decide what is best for them...”

Aisa sighs, it is not easy for her to come to terms with these new ideas, but it is a new beginning for her.
And she believes that for every new beginning will bring about new hope.
As night falls upon the island, Nona sits in the calming waters that rejuvenates her a little; she was a little tired from healing Adam.
Healing Adam was no easy task as he suffered multiple wounds, some could be even rated as 3rd degree burns by people of this era...

However, the dog tag that Adam wears; the roite bindele had served its wearer well and protected Adam from further danger.
The roite bindele is a Yiddish name for the red string that is usually worn on the left wrist as a Kabbalah tradition.
It is believed to ward evil and protect the wearer from negative energies, bringing good luck...
Maybe it is because of its good luck, that brought Lee Hui and saved Adam from Susanoo’s clutches...

Thinking about Susanoo, Nona sighed and leaned back.
She saw him through Lee’s eyes when Lee summoned her power to fight against Susanoo.
She knew they were lucky this time; Susanoo was not even at a tenth of his power during the confrontation because he was still bound by old rules.
But... for him to be able to walk during the day at almost no hassle, and to even use his powers...
He was definitely getting stronger.
Nona was still deep in her thoughts when she heard a deep voice,
“Mind if I join you?”
“Adam... You should not be here...” Nona tried not to look at him.

“Hey, I wasn’t the one who came here on my own free will y’know...” Adam looked innocently at her.
“Besides, you owe me more answers; you still haven’t told me where the hell I am yet.”
“This is the Isle of Seirenes, Adam.” Nona answers,
“...And it exist for the Fates to converse freely about the events of the World.”

“... Not another supernatural thingy again...” He sighed. “But it is really beautiful...
Wouldn’t mind coming here for a vacation once awhile.”

“Adam! This is not a place to... to use as a vacation spot! It is sacred!” Nona was appalled at the idea.
“Heh... You are still as jumpy as usual.” Adam smirked.

“... And you still tease me as if nothing happened...” Nona looked at Adam this time.
“You have to understand, Adam, that we...”
Adam didn’t let her finish and pulled Nona towards him, pressing his lips firmly against hers, touching her soft lips.
When she didn’t resist, he gathered her closer in his arms and kissed her more fervently, with greater urgency.
This was unlike any other times they had spent together, they had longed for each other since Adam left.
Somehow, they both knew that they need to treasure the time together.
Who knows when will they get a chance to meet again after another separation...

For the rest of the night, the couple lost themselves in throes of passion.
For the moment, troubles of the world melted before pure bliss.
Next morning...

“Wake up, sleepy head.”

“Huh... Woah, where did the night go?” Adam groaned. “Ugh...”

“Having a tumour again?” Nona teased. “Time for you to meet our last sister. She was the one who brought you to the Isles.”
Turning aside, “Meet Decima, Adam. I believe this is not the first time you two have met...”

“Dec... Decima?! That brunette at my party?!...”

“It is I, Adam.” Decima stepped forth and re-introduced herself.
“Juan has talked highly of you, though I’m still not sure how much I should believe in...”

“Juan?! Juan Scott Jr.? How is he involved-”

“He does not concern you right now, Adam.
We brought you here to help you comprehend the truth and your purpose.” Decima continued.
Nona explained her relation with Susanoo and about Lee Hui’s heritage.
Decima mentions about Juan and his mission to seek help with other gods.
Aisa came and told Adam about the Tzardikim Nistarim and about “the Hunter”.

Although Aisa is uncertain of Adam’s true power, she speculated that Adam could be The Oath-Breaker.
In the forgotten annals of histories, The Oath-Breaker was known as the hidden ruler of bonds and promises.
It may be the reason why Juan could disobey Decima, or Nona being so attached to Adam despite her role.
It is almost certain that Susanoo plans to use Adam’s power to break his bonds from the underworld and wreck havoc on the surface.

Adam was only listening half-heartedly... This is still too much for him to absorb.
“So the main point is... I need to be careful... Right?”

“More than careful, you need to have a means of defending yourself, Adam.” Nona replied.
While Nona explained to Adam what they are planning to, Decima approached Aisa with some worry in her face.
“Are you sure this is wise, Eldest? Playing with time...?”
“I’m not sure, Decima. There are many things which happened recently that did not go according to my predications.
But, I’d rather do something about it than to sit around and wait...” Aisa spoke softly.
“One thing I do know, is that we can not just depend on Adam alone to stop the prophecy.
We need more help...”

“Is that why you let that human, Grace Anne, live? I thought you didn’t like death flowers, Eldest...”

Aisa cackled, “Does it matter? What is important is that she has to live and her friend has to finish the Machine.”

“I see, that was why we kept sending out knowledge of the Old Kingdom to her friend, so that she can make the Machine that controls time...”
Decima finally sees the picture. Moving away, “I hope this will work out, Eldest.”
“So do I, Decima...."Aisa sighs, "So do I.”
Susanoo stands at his balcony, fuming with anger and contempt.
“I almost had the Old One within my grasp!
How DARE that meddlesome kid come to stand in MY way?!” Susanoo clenched his fist tightly.
“That power... Must be my sister’s... Amaterastu, are you still trying to stop me?”
“Relax Boss, don’t get so edgy over that alright?... You are down right scary now.
I can feel the girl whimpering.”, ‘the Hunter’ spoke out.
“Besides, we still have her as a hostage.
I'm sure Adam can’t bear to see his friend like this and will come for her.
By then, we will be ready for him...

Right, Betsie?”, ‘the Hunter’ sniggered.

Betsie cried.
Hope it was a good addition to the plot. :D

Thank you to the cc creators once again for helping me to make this possible.
And the readers... Well... Only a few more chapters to go!!! Thank you for being with me.
Truly appreciate your comments ;)

If you are wondering about screen 35 and haven’t seen The Machine by ShelleyB, I’d suggest to have a look cause our plots are gonna coincide.
It is an excellent series and very entertaining, with much more humour than mine :P

Take care and stay chill ;-)

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mn.95Apr 6, 2012

I read the whole story! Nice (:

ShokkyOct 23, 2011

I love the story! \:rah\:

isarpgistaOct 22, 2011

Oooooooh!!! Adam is so cute! He has attitudes! I loved the way he kissed Nona in the water. It was so lovely! The screenshot 29 is sooooo perfect! S2 And I kneeeeeeeeeew Betsie was in Susanoo's hands! He's a monster!!! In fact, if I were a vilain, I'd do the same! xD  As a vilain, he's great! \:D I'm very curious about the time machine! And your story, as always, is very, very, very PERFECT!!!! AWESOME!!! \:\)

orlov VIPSep 2, 2011

\:eek\: \:rah\: continuing on. . .and a double&nbsp; \:eek\:. . .I am<em><strong> SO</strong></em> behind in my reading. . .love the idea of mingling the stories. . .but&nbsp; \:eek\:. . .I am so behind. . .

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