The Veronaville Chronicles (Part 1)
Published Aug 23, 2011

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I know it's been forever and I've ran out of excuses so I won't say what took me so long. I will just admit that I lost interest and say what brought me back! A movie "Letters to Juliet". There was just something so cute about it that made me remember my Veronaville sims and come back to them. If you haven't read the intro, I strongly suggest you do, because it explains my point of view and idea for the story. If you have, don't worry that it's been a while, I made it so that the beginning of this part will refresh your memory a little. Thanks for stopping by, on to the story...

I know it's been forever and I've ran out of excuses so I won't say what took me so long. I will just admit that I lost interest and say what brought me back! A movie "Letters to Juliet". There was just something so cute about it that made me remember my Veronaville sims and come back to them. If you haven't read the intro, I strongly suggest you do, because it explains my point of view and idea for the story. If you have, don't worry that it's been a while, I made it so that the beginning of this part will refresh your memory a little. Thanks for stopping by, on to the story... So there we have it. Consort Capp, the main figure standing against peace between the families. The person that cares the most about the fighting going on. Simply because he's not willing to give up and admit being wrong. While in the younger generations not everyone concerns themselves with the matter. Goneril Capp and her husband have enough problems within their huge family... So much that they barely notice what their children do on their free time, what their social lives are and that Miranda has fallen in love with the "enemy". Regan and her husband are busy trying to make money and be truly independent, they have no time to engage in useless and destructive arguements. But Cornwall would say he's definitely against the Montys if you asked him, because he supports whatever Consort says. But the youngest Capps never really cared about the situation between the families, just like many new generations don't bother themselves with any "traditions" running in the family. Hermia and Juliette just want to be happy. And one of them sees her happiness in a forbidden territory. Tybalt is the only one who follows the "enemy" idea religiously. He is ready to be the one grown up and manly to stand up for the family values and never let Montys near his family. He has to go away now, because it's time for college, but he will be back and take the best care of his sisters. Kent has completely "ran off" to the "enemy" side and moved in with Bianca Monty. He was always an outcast in the family, so he didn't feel like he belonged with them anyway... And Bianca wasn't too concerned with the family's ideals... She just wanted to be happy and now was her chance. After Patrizio's death only Antonio kept thinking of revenge... His wife died and it was unfair. But deep inside he knew he has to be safe and with his children. He didn't want them to lose a father too. Isabella always supported Patrizio, but now that he was gone all this fighting seemed so meaningless... Romeo seemed to really like that Capp girl and Mercutio was acting weird lately... If it makes them happy, let them be. All these misunderstandings in the past shouldn't ruin her grandchildren's lives. Mercutio was about to go to college and meet Tybalt... Will they be able to live through the four years without starting a fight or will it make the next generation continue what the elders have started? And along with that the Summerdreams had to wake up every single day to put a mask on their faces and continue keeping their secrets... And noone knew how much of an impact are they making on the future of these families. But as you can see there's more families in Veronaville than just these three... Or at least more are about to move in. Now that the first sims go to college, it's time to meet the students of Académie Le Tour. First we meet the Sharpe household. At the top - Edwin Sharpe, a knowledge sim, at the bottom - his sister Roxie on the right and Roxie's boyfriend Jonah Powers on the left. Jonah is a romance sim. The "bad boy" all the girls are mad about... But his heart belongs to Roxie. The only problem is Roxie's brother, who Jonah would gladly kick out of the house. Roxie is also a romance sim, dreaming to become a Rock God one day. She doesn't like her brother living with them either, but she says she's very tolerant of him (it's in her description). Lets leave those two alone for a while, shall we? Edwin of course doesn't feel comfortable living here either... But he can't afford a house alone and doesn't want to go to the dorms. So there he is... His room shows an interest in aliens and video games. And he has a secret crush on Delilah... Delilah O'Feefe, lives alone, it is said she loves painting more than people... She does consider Edwin her friend, but has no idea of his feelings towards her. On the left - Mitch Indie, on the right - Max Flexor. It is said that their names could be made as an idea of "Mix and Match". Which seems a logical idea, since their personalities are not as "one-sided" like many pre-made sims. They live on one lot, but it's built like two different houses on one lot. Mitch Indie (on the right) is a family sim, studying drama. And Max Flexor is a popularity sim, studying physics. See what I mean by the personalities? Drama matches popularity sim a lot more than physics. Besides, it is said that Max is "trying to catch some of Mitch's "cool" vibes". Popularity sims are supposed to be "cool"! So it's quite an interesting couple of friends... Mercutio Monty had enough scolarships money to get himself a decent two-story house. He chose to study Arts, which was what he really wanted. And it didn't conflict with the family traditions of studying some cooking. Tybalt also got himself a house. It was only a one-story house, but with more rooms, which gave an impression of it being "bigger", if you viewed from inside. He chose economics, as in the Capp family, everyone had to be abuot business. One thing he didn't think of while choosing a house was that he can't cook... He was so used to someone else doing it - first his mother, then Juliette or the butler... But luckily free food was served at the local gym, which he visited quite often to keep in shape. Didn't take long before he met a cheerleader Suzie. She impressed him with beating up a rude cow mascot. A woman strong enough both mentally and physically to stand up for herself! Was he falling in love? So caught up in their casualties both boys didn't notice that they were being constantly watched by the higher powers...

Note: I didn't do anything. Tybalt visited the gym to get some food and I saw one of the townie witches landing. But it was just perfect for the story! Same with Suzie. She came, the cow came, they had a fight, Suzie won... And since she's also quite pretty and Tybalt has no girlfriend, maybe I could make him meet one here...
And they were really watched by the different powers... Both choosing a side to influence, both having a different impact. Mercutio's friendly personality and great looks really helped him to start feeling at home very quickly. He made friends everywhere he went and word spread around that he's a really nice guy. He even met Suzie and became friends with her. Tybalt was the complete opposite... He kept criticising everything around him. Apparently he didn't like this guy's shirt. That didn't do any good to his popularity, but Tybalt didn't really care. He was becoming overwhelmed by his evil side. The only person he was nice to was Suzie. He really liked her. But he didn't like the fact she was befriending an enemy... Yet he couldn't get angry with her. Instead he just knew he would do anything so that Suzie stays with him. If for no other reason, then because she was a great cook! It didn't take long for them to fall in love. Yet they still slept in separate beds. Tybalt was so strict about following the family "rules" and "traditions" and all that. That's why one day he decided to make it official. Suzie said yes. They were now officially engaged. While with Roxie and her boyfriend it was who needs engagement, when you can have fun without an "official" commitment. Edwin spents most of his time in his room reading, studying, researching... Basically just trying to stay out of the way. Yet unpleasant encounters still happen. Mitch is Edwin's only friend, except for Delilah. He never understood how it happened that one of the popular guys actually likes spending time with him, but it's nice and helps Edwin get away from the casual discomfort of being around Jonah. What he doesn't know is that Mitch, his best friend, is slowly becoming very good friends with Delilah, his secret love. She even helps Mitch with some of his art classes. He's studying drama, but he needs some creativity in here and Delilah, being a good student in arts, is always happy to help. Mitch and Delilah soon became very good friends who could talk about anything and be themselves around one another. And speaking of Mitch's popularity, he's going to become even more popular... Together with Max, of course. With this new basketball installment in between their houses, people should start flowing from all over the campus. Here's a great start! Max met Jaiden Cox while catching up on his logic skill. They have the same intersts (obviuosly), could this become something? Delilah and Edwin often meet at the library. Edwin comes here for peace and quiet (and for Delilah, of course!), Delilah comes to change the scenery. But recent changes and friendship with Mitch got her thinking... Edwin is nice, but a little boring. While Mitch is just as nice, polite and respectful, but has a colourful personality. Soon they became a threesome of best friends. Delilah, Mitch and Mercutio. Mercutio and Delilah are both studying arts, so they met at classes and eventually became friends. Suzie felt a little left out... Tybalt was constantly jealous and eventually she started spending most of the time at home. But she missed her friends. But she did love Tybalt. He seemed nice otherwise. All she wanted after college was a family. She wanted a man that made her feel safe and secure. And Tybalt seemed to match all those requirements... However it was a good thing she studied history. The Capp and Monty families lived in Veronaville for many generations now, so she began to learn more and more about her future husband and understand what is it between him and Mercutio. While not in books they met again. Not on purpose, but they couldn't avoid each other forever. Tybalt really wanted to start a fight, but Mercutio just walked away. He wasn't going to let that hot-headed Capp boy ruin his reputation. It was just not worth it. With the new threesome of best friends formed Edwin found himself alone at the library more and more often. He did visit Delilah once at her house. And he called her very often because he missed her so much. Really, really often... He didn't know what was going on between his only friend and her. After spending so much time together Mitch finally realised how much he likes her. And Delilah also had feelings for him all this time... They were a perfect match, both creaitve, colourful, fun to be around. Max had also developed a relationship with Jaiden. Not a romantic one yet. But they were very good friends and spent a lot of time together. They even agreed to move in together after college, to share expenses at least at first. Jonah and Roxie were one year older than Edwin so it was time for them to graduate already. First Jonah. Then Roxie, so excited to see the real Veronaville. (That clothing will need changing for sure) Now Edwin had one year of peace and quiet alone. He had enough money from scolarships to pay the rest of the rent. This last year passed quite uneventfully for him, so he just packed his bags and moved home. He did find out about Delilah of course, but kept his broken heart to himself. Mitch never knew how Edwin felt about Delilah, so it's no time to start complaining and applying to some kind of unrwitten best friend code. It's his own problem that he kept quiet for so long. So he just moved on quietly, without even saying a proper goodbye. The final year was the year of commitments to some. Mitch and Delilah became officially engaged. (That cow mascot ruined my picture, sorry...) Mercutio was the only one to come and congratulate both of them. He had no romantic feelings towards Delilah, so he could be truly happy for his two best friends. Apparently even the arts proffesor was into Delilah! Now I know why he kept coming to "visit" her, or should I say why he was stalking her all those four years? Seeing his friend happy Max felt that something is missing in his life too... He finally realised how he feels about Jaiden and that she is not just a friend to him. Jaiden was so happy that Max brought this up, they were planning to try and live together anyway, so the engagement was just a nice formality. Later their mutual friends would say it was obvious all the time they were falling in love, and everyone saw it except for Max and Jaiden themselves. Time to move on to the real life... Max even managed to graduate Cum Laude, even thuogh he wasn't trying too hard. Mitch... ...graduated without honors, just like most of the sims you've met so far. Delilah was the only one who took her studies really really seriously. She was the best student in generation, the only one to graduate Summa Cum Laude. But some had other achievements. Mercutio was lucky to become so popular and build such a high reputation, that college years were enough for him to achieve his lifetime want - having 20 best friends. With that time came to go back home. He would have gladly thrown a graduation party for all those friends, but everyone was so anxious to get to Veronaville that no one stayed long enough. But Mercutio was still happy, life was going well. Tybalt also packed his bags in a hurry. He felt responsible for his family, especially his younger sisters. He had to go home and help grandpa Consort keep the order in the house. Suzie came with him. She also graduated Cum Laude, she studied even better than Tybalt. A slight off-topic: and decided to wear a dress suitable for an antique princess. Suzie, dear, if you studied history, doesn't mean you have to become one right away...

And that's it for now. If I begin telling of how they settled in Veronaville, it would take too much and this story is quite long already, so lets leave it at the college. Besides, it would make a more logical beginning for the next chapter. Thank you all for reading, I hope my readers are still there :) And I'm planning a surprise extra-part for my Veronaville characters, it may take a while, but I hope it will be worth the wait. Thank you again and please comment :)

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#1Foxi_iveyAug 24, 2011

good story, although it seems a bit like a plotless hodgepodge lump of different people's semi-soap-opera lives.  Nice work, but try to have more of a plot next time \:D

#2tristen_love23Aug 24, 2011

it was good =) waitin for the next one

#3martoeleAug 24, 2011

It's always great to remember the popular characters of the Sims 2. \:wub\:

#4-kalisa-Aug 24, 2011

Now why would you want to change Roxie's clothing? \:D This angry red face on her t-shirt matches the trousers so well, LOL. I enjoyed reading about the students of Academie Le Tour because I have NEVER played with them and they're so to say strangers to me. It was great to get to know them a bit, thank you \:\) I'll be waiting for the next part! Oh, and congrats on the feature! \:rah\:

#5DungeonaireAug 30, 2011

Huzzah!  So glad to see you back.  I have missed all the chronicles. 

#6MangioSep 6, 2011

I absolutely loved it \:wub\: Such a great memorabilia and great reminiscence of sims 2 characters \;\) Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Hope we don't have to wait too long for the next one 

#7jubeauty2003Sep 6, 2011


#8RVSavJan 4, 2012

This story is awesome \:D

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