New Beginnings (The Awakening)
Published Aug 29, 2011

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In Truths, Adam wakes up and finds himself in the Isle of Seirenes.
He finally met the sisters of Fate and learnt of Mei’s true identity.
He also learns about his heritage and about the supernatural.
However, what are the other people doing?
What happened to the others after the fight in Introductions?

Here is the 6th chapter, The Awakening.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

In Truths, Adam wakes up and finds himself in the Isle of Seirenes.
He finally met the sisters of Fate and learnt of Mei’s true identity.
He also learns about his heritage and about the supernatural.
However, what are the other people doing?
What happened to the others after the fight in Introductions?

Here is the 6th chapter, The Awakening.
Hope you enjoy ;-)
Asuna Nakamura stares at the unconscious person on her bed.

She remembered there was supposed to be some after-party at Adam Johansson’s place and couldn’t get herself to go.
After that... Strangely, she couldn’t remember much, except seeing this person just outside Adam’s place and his estate empty.
After some thought, she decided to take him back to her apartment.

Just what happened after the party?
She asked her friend, Jun Xu, and got a similar reply, she doesn’t know either.
She felt 3 powerful auras together; one must be Adam’s, the other two... She wasn’t sure.

“Looks like I have to wait till he awakes before I can get some answers...” Asuna sighed.
Changing into something more comfortable, Asuna starts to prepare dinner; autumn salad.
It helps to keep her in figure, which is essential for the modelling career...

Lee Hui gets up and stares at the unfamiliar surroundings with unfocused eyes...
“Just where am I?...”

“Ah, you are finally awake!” Asuna calls out happily. “Please get yourself changed, dinner is almost ready!”
Lee Hui changed his clothes and stretched his arms.
“Dinner?! Just... Just how long was I... I...”

“Unconscious?” Asuna offered.

“Y-yeah... Unconscious...”

“About a week.”
A WEEK?!... Oh my goodness...” No wonder his body felt sore. “Wh-why?...”

“I was hoping you would tell me... By the way, how should I address you?” Asuna pours the salad on a plate.

“I’m... Lee Hui...” Lee was still in a state of shock.

“You really should eat, Lee Hui, come on and help yourself.
I’m Asuna Nakamura, Asuna would do just fine though.”
With his stomach growling, Lee did not object and grabbed a plate.
“Wow, this is pretty good!”

He never realised that vegetables could taste so good.
Maybe it was because he was famished.
“Thanks, but considering that I dripped you with glucose for a week...
I think you body will think anything else would taste good.” Asuna replied.
“So, do you remember what happened last week?”

“... Why do you ask?” Lee asked uncertainly.

“Because, everyone seemed to have forgotten what happened then.”
“... I don’t understand, what do mean by ‘forgotten’?” Lee questioned.

Getting up from the table, Asuna answered,
“Apparently, everyone has forgotten whatever happened 2 hours after Adam’s public session.
I remembered until the part when he announced that there will be an after-party at his place...
But everything after went blank. I didn’t even recall how I got back to my apartment...”
“...” Lee tried hard to recall the memory from a week ago, only to see fuzzy images and a huge flash.
“I... I... don’t recall anything either.”

“Guess I can’t blame you, I found you just outside Adam’s place with some burn marks...
However...” She glances at Lee, “you seem to be making rapid recovery... It almost seems abnormal...”
Lee kept quiet, thinking to himself,
“Asuna must be suspecting something about me... I have to leave fast...”

“Erm... Thanks for your hospitality, Asuna. But I really have to be going. My room mate must be worried about me...”

“Sure, Lee Hui. Just leave your plate on the table and...” tucking her number in his shirt pocket, “If you need or find out anything, just let me know.”

Lee was feeling a little guilty for leaving so suddenly, after all, Asuna did take care of him...
But his secret was his priority.

Lee left with a bow and shut the door hastily behind him.
Asuna cleared up the kitchen and sat down to collect her thoughts.

Suddenly, she was assaulted by torrents of information.
Her power started to get out-of-control; she started seeing more auras and deaths, just like her childhood days.
She started to feel giddy and out of breath... and hopeless.

“Please... please, stop... I don’t want to see so much anymore...” Asuna started sobbing.
“Lee! You are back! Where have you been?! It has been a week and no call, no message...?” Toji Yamatomo was clearly worried about Lee.

“Sorry Toji, I was... at a friend’s place and...” Lee tried to explain.
“A friend?! You? That’s wonderful, Lee!!” Toji beamed.

“She... ah... well... She wasn’t exactly a friend...” Lee stammered.
“SHE?!” Toji was really shocked this time and put his hands to his head.
“Wow! When you make progress, you sure jump Lee!”
Thinking to himself, Toji nodded and continued.
“Now I understand, you wanted a week with this girl huh? I’m happy for you, Lee.” Toji winked.

Lee sighed, there was no getting into Toji. He just keeps jumping into conclusions.
“Though, I do wish you could let me know that you were taking a break.
Your teachers gave me hell when I told them I didn’t know your whereabouts...”
Sighing, Toji went for the sofa.

Lee smiled, “It’s good to be back, Toji. Sorry to keep you worried...”
Toji turned on the television to the Sports Channel.
Only to see 2 reporters seemly in a discussion... About Adam Johansson.

“... He is missing again?”, asked the reporter in brown.

“Apparently so!” said the reporter in black.
“For the past week, there was no news about him and Tom Wordy refused to comment.
Coincidently, his disappearance seemed to be straight after his meet-the-fans session at Plasma One last week.
And no one has a clue of what happened after that...”

Toji tightened his eyes...
Lee noticed Toji was very quiet and minded his own business.
While trying to overclock his laptop, Lee seemed to remember something about Adam.

He remembered going to Adam’s after-party, that was when everything started getting blurry.
He remembered a dark shape and he tried to protect Adam from it, that was as much as he could make out of the blurred images...
But... Why is it that he can remember some things when others can’t? This puzzled Lee.
The reporter in brown continued with the next piece of news.

“Next, we have a received a photo of a young woman being held hostage in Bridge Town.
She seems to be the missing Blondie Betsie from Barnacle Bay.
A note was attached, stating that the captors want to negotiate with and only with Adam Johansson.
Authorities are now looking frantically for Adam...”


Toji breathed out and he switched off the television,
“Just what is going on? Why is everybody looking for Adam?”
“What do think Adam has to do with this, Lee?” Toji asked.

When he didn’t get an answer, Toji turned around and asked again, “Lee?”

“To.. Toji... G-get away from me... I can’t control th-this... much longer...”
Lee struggled as both his hands flared up with fire.

However, one of them was not the flame he was accustomed to...
It flared in bluish colour with an unnatural coldness...
In the Isle of Seirenes, two women are engaged in a serious discussion...
“Eldest, what you told me to do... Was too much...” Decima protested.

“We have no choice, Decima. We are trying to maintain order and this is the only way.”

“But... To erase memories?” Decima looks away from Aisa, “That is going a little too far, don’t you think?”

“Decima, as the Decider of Fates, you can alter peoples’ fates and memories to certain extent.
If we don’t remove the memory of the fight between Susanoo and Lee Hui from witnesses, there would be much chaos.
What would happen if the World found out about power users?”
Decima sighs and closes her eyes, “Eldest, we are watchers. Whatever we do would bring about great consequences...”

“I know, my dear. I am ready to take that risk to save this World. Do you?” Aisa asks.
“I do, Eldest” Decima replies.

“Then its settled then, we should move on to our next step of preparation...
Remember Decima, sometimes we need to take a gamble and hope that our decision is the lesser of the two evils.”

“...” Decima did not reply this time.
Aisa looks at the World and sees her predictions are coming true, as she feared.

“It does not matter how many battles are lost, we just have to win the war...
Or all is lost...”
“Nona... Take a look at this..” Adam stared at his hand in wonder.
“Your power... It is finally manifesting...”

“But... It seems to be weakening...” Adam notices the glow seems to be getting weaker.

“You need to learn how to control it; what it means and what it can do.”
Turning away, Nona contemplates.

Adam moved closer to her, “What is it?”

“I see... I see why your power has finally shown itself...”

“Huh? What do mean?” Adam asked.

“The Tzardikim Nistarim... They are awakening... The World is calling to them, which means that she feels great danger...” Nona said softly.
“This looks worse than I thought, Adam...”
Pulling Nona around to face him,
“Nona, we are in this together. I will defeat Susanoo, and ‘the Hunter’...
Or any other evil dude that stands in my way.
So please, believe in me.”

Nona nodded and hugged Adam, trying to dispel her fears.
Just outside of Bridge Town, a pair of twins prophesize the future...

“A forgotten power, a lost sword...
Will unite under an un-named Lord...

The living, the un-living, the two shall twine...
The fates of all are bound by time...”
“What is good, what is evil...
What is right, what is just...

The truth will come, it does not lie.
For the dawn of the reckoning, it’s time is nigh.”
Kalinka and Kalisa jumped off the bed and stared towards town.
Shivering not from the weather, but from the far-sight they just received.
They had not received such a strong vision in a very long time...

They held on to each other’s hand for comfort, bracing themselves for the future they saw.

Anton Durgess gets up from the floor after feeling extremely nauseous.
He sees his household items are floating, without his supervision.
He knows he can move things with his mind, but he could never move his books too far, much less to lift a chair...

Now he could lift not only his book, but the broken chair and broom as well.
He felt that this sudden awakening of his skill was very unnatural...
Almost as if someone... Or something unlocked his potential.

He had a gut feeling that something sinister was afoot... And he does not want to be a part of it.
He will start packing and he will start running.
“Boss, can you feel it?”

“I’m an enemy of the land, Hunter. I know not of what the World has done... yet.” Susanoo smiled.

“I feel the power users... They are awakening.” the Hunter replied.

“Hmph... A hopeless attempt to stall me.” Susanoo muttered.
“Yeah... But we could use them, boss.
We did lose the Old One and for a week, nothing was heard about him.
I didn’t think he would be that heartless not to save Betsie...”

“I’m sure the sisters have him, I remember seeing Decima for a brief moment...”
Susanoo pondered for a minute, “We need a ‘snooper’; to sense for Adam when he does appear again.”

The Hunter grinned,
“Heh, now you are talking. Hunting for a ‘snooper’ is more like my kind of job...
And I think I smell one at a modelling agency... I think some model named Asuna Nakamura...”
There you go!
This wraps up The Awakening, hope you like it. ;)

A BIG HUG to the cc creators and their amazing effort to make the Sims so much more enjoyable :D
As to the readers, thank you once again for sparing your time to read my babbling of myths and the supernatural.
Unfortunately, this series is coming to a close soon... (Probably another 2 more chapters or so... More info in the next chapter :P )
And then I will branching off to another series, this time I’m planning to elaborate about Juan Scott Jr’s adventures.
Do let me know what you think about it ;)

Take care and stay chill ;-)

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#9Nemesis_3050Aug 30, 2011

such intense new chapter ... ohhhhh I can't really wait to know more & more :3

#10urm0mSep 1, 2011

Yay another great installement!

#11Milii454Sep 2, 2011

LEE \:wub\:
Toji is such a numpty! But! \:o Lee showed his powers! And Adam, and Anton (his
power is epic) and the new Twins. Poor Betsie \:\( . Susanoo, oh you evil man.
At least the sisters know about your powers and have Adam to stop you. And the
Hunter using Asuna, you leave her be! Great chapter and amazing screenies! \:rah\:

#12eviSep 3, 2011


#13orlovVIPSep 4, 2011

\:rah\: FRANK!!! \:wub\:  love how you keep pulling multiple strings together in a masterly way! The tension is incredible. . .LOVE the addition of the spooky new twins. . .and Anton; where is there to run to? The forces are gathering, I doubt there's anywhere they won't have an impact on! THANKS HEAPS, Frank for this great read. . .and even though you say it is coming to an end, I keep reading all of this as ONE GIANT STORY!    \:rah\: for you!

#14aetaylorSep 5, 2011

Can't wait for a new chapter!!

#15AyuSep 8, 2011

ohh, i was late!again! lol~!  amazing chapter!i love how the power users started to seems like im watching a movie!heee~~ anyway, bravo frank! as always! \:wub\:

#16weirdlingSep 11, 2011

Excellent as always! \:rah\:

#17RatRaceRobSep 16, 2011

Aisa, you meddling old woman \:mad\: ... now how will anyone but Adam be warned about the Big Bad, if you go around deleting memories?!  Poor Asuna, The Hunter is coming for her...  love the style of your shots, and the thickening plot \:cool\: ... and those little girls... can I say creepy?  I'm gonna say creepy... I probably watched The Shining one too many times \:eek\: \:ph34r\:

#18isarpgistaOct 22, 2011

Ooooh, my!!! Oo The two powers with Lee!!! What's happening??? And the twins Kalinka and Kalisa scared me a lot! I loved the power users awakening! And poor Asuna! She's in danger now! Another awesome chapter, Frank!!! You're great! \:\)

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