Star Crossed
Published Sep 5, 2011

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Lisan and Yukin sat on the bench at the park. The two had been dating for almost a year and were very much in love with each other. They watched the other kids play on the playground and talking about what life would be like after college. This was their last semester together and they were making plans for the future.

Lisan and Yukin sat on the bench at the park. The two had been dating for almost a year and were very much in love with each other. They watched the other kids play on the playground and talking about what life would be like after college. This was their last semester together and they were making plans for the future. The two of the them "met" at the Campus Laundry Mat. It was not the best encounter between two people. She was sitting at the juice bar getting a drink when he walked in. At first the two of them never noticed each other. But the moment he saw her, he had to talk to her. He stood there staring at her for a while before he realized he was being a little creepy. But he knew he had to say something to her. He thought for a moment before making his approach. Sitting next to her, he made a little cough to get her attention. But she barely looked at him. Finally he decided to speak.
Yukin: Hello. My name is
Lisan: I know your name Yukin.

Yukin: Oh. I didn't know I had a fan.
Lisan laughed sarcastically.
Lisan: We've only been in about 10 classes together all of college.
Yuking: Really, I didn't notice
Lisan: Typical. I've only just been #2 in the class because of you. We've debated on opposite sides....with you usually winning. You messed the curve up in our labs. And that is just to name a few. But yet you still have no idea who I am. Yukin's smile dropped.
Yukin: Well no.
Lisan got up and walked away.
Lisan: Typical.
Yukin: Well that doesn't mean I don't want to know who you are. In fact, that's why I came over, to get to know you.
Lisan: Not interested.
Yukin: Not even for some latte, everyone loves latte.
Lisan: Not me.
Yukin: Then what is it you like, cappicino, expresso.
Lisan: What do you want from me Yukin?
Yukin: We can start with a nice smile. Then maybe dinner.
Lisan: It's too late at night.
Yukin: Then know I've never tried so hard to talk to someone before.
Yukin: I am beginning to think you don't like me.
Lisan: I'm just not interested in dating. I have a master plan for my life, and there is no time for dating.
Yukin: Who said dating? I asked for a meal. You can pay for yourself if you like. Unless you want to date me.
Yukin smiled nicely at her.
Lisan: One lunch. And that's it.
Yukin: Great pick me up at noon.
Lisan: Pick you up?
Yukin: If it was a date I would pick you up, but since it's not. You can pick me up.
He smiled again.
By the time their 1st month together came and went, the two had spent almost every day together. To most people on campus, it was as if they were made for each other. They both had come from two different backgrounds. Lisan was the eldest of four, raised by her grandparents when her mother died when she was 16. Yukin was an only child. His parents both lived back in China and he rarely went home to visit. When asked about his family in China.
YuKin: Why worry about across the country when I feel at home with you.
Lisan: Nice try King.
Like most couples they went on dates and snuggled and kissed at every chance they had together. They were madly in love. So in love that after 8 months of dating, they decided to get a place together. Nothing extravagant. They rented a simple two bedroom house just a few blocks from campus.
Lisan enjoyed playing housewife to their new home, cooking, and cleaning. She had been helping to care for her younger siblings since she was 13.
And on some nights, they would go out to their backyard and look up at the stars.
Yukin: I'm making plans for you and I.
Lisan: Plans?
Yukin: For the future.
Lisan smiled backed and began watching the sky again.
But just within the past weeks, things began to change with Yukin.
Lisan: And then my professor said, maybe if you try a little harder on your thesis then you will make a better chemist. I'm telling you Yu, I was going to scream so hard at him. I'm just happy this is the last year, the last lab.
Lisan: So do you think I was wrong.....
Lisan: Yu......YU!
Yukin: Huh? Oh yeah.
Lisan: Yeah?
Yukin: I mean no.
Lisan: Were you even listening to me?
Yukin: I'm sorry Lisan. I was just thinking.
Lisan: You've done a lot of that thinking lately. Sometimes I wonder where you are.
Yukin: I'm right here.
Lisan: Are you? What about the late phone calls at night to your cell phone? The secret emails that turn off when I enter the room. And when we are together, it's like you are somewhere else.
Yukin: You're being silly Lisan.
Lisan: Am I? If there is someone else Yukin? I would like for you to be upfront and tell me.
Yukin: What? No, no, no! Lisan, I am not cheating on you. There is no one else.
Lisan: Then talk to me. Tell me what is going on. You just haven't been yourself in weeks.
Yukin: It's nothing baby.
Lisan looked down. She couldn't believe it.
Lisan: But-
Yukin raised up from his chair and grabbed her by the hand.
Yukin: I promise you baby. I'm not cheating on you. I'm just preoccupied right now. Believe me, once everything is fixed I will tell you all about it.
Lisan: You know I don't like secrets. That's why my parents divorced.
Yukin: I know.
He brushed a strand of hair away from her face.
Yukin: I know.
He kissed her softly.
As they were continuing to watch the kids in the playground, Yukin grabbed her closer.
Yukin: You know I love you.
Lisan: What? Of course.
Yukin: You know I would anything for you?
Lisan: Yeah, what is all this coming from.
Yukin: I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me and that I would never do anything to hurt you. I want to take care of you Lisan.
Lisan: Yu, you're worrying me. Is there something wrong?
Yukin: No....nothing's wrong. I just want you to know how I feel.
He went back to holding her, and watching the park visitors. She was now occupied with thoughts.
Lisan was working late at the beauty shop one night. She worked as a beautician and stylist part time to help Yukin pay bills. She was going to school to be a chemist because she wanted to work in Health and Wellness. Yukin was working late with his internship in Nursing. So when she came home late that evening, she was expecting to have a quiet night of settling down before Yu came home. But who she met, changed her plans. There was knock on the door.
Man: Hello, my name is Ginsu King Yusomoto and this is my wife Liyu. We are looking for our son Yukin. Is this his home?
Lisan: Oh my goodness. Yes it is, come in, come in!
Both Ginsu and Liyu walked slowly into the home. Their faces were slightly cold as they looked over the tiny place.
Ginsu: Our son lives here?
Lisan: Yes.
Liyu: Are you his maid?
Lisan: No, I'm not. (shocked and confused at the question)
Liyu: I'm sorry if I offended. It's just that we never knew our son to live in such a place like this.
Lisan: What do you mean like this?
Liyu: So tiny, so ..... never mind.
Lisan: Well Yuking is working late, he usually doesn't get in until early morning.
Ginsu: You live here with him?
Lisan: Yes I do.
The two exchanged glances and began to speak. Lisan didn't know that much Chinese and so she couldn't understand what they were talking about.
Lisan: Is there something I can do? Did Yukin know you were coming by?
Liyu: We talked to him weeks ago. His time is almost to an end here. And so we've come for him. He knew we were coming but the last time we talked, concerned me.
Lisan: I don't get it.
Liyu: We've come to bring him his bride.
Lisan: His......his what?
Liyu: His bride Kima. He has been arranged to marry her since he was 10. It is tradition. He came here to the states to go to college and when he was done, he would marry his bride.
Lisan: This must be a mistake. Yukin never talked about a bride.
Ginsu: He never talked to us about you. Yukin has been arranged to marry my partners daughter. It is to bring the two greatest families together. He said he could not come back home to China so we brought his bride here to him.
Lisan looked confused.
Ginsu: Please let him know we came. We bought I home for our stay here to prepare for the wedding. Kima will be here shortly.
Lisan was speechless. She couldn't believe what was going on. His parents let themselves out the door and drove away.
Lisan awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast, it was usual for Yukin to make breakfast when he came home from a late shift. Her eyes were still red from crying the entire night before. She didn't know what time she finally went to bed.
Yukin: Good morning........

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