Star Crossed II
Published Sep 6, 2011

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Lisan woke to the smell of breakfast that morning. At first she laid in the bed thinking that everything that happened was a dream, but the puffiness of her eyes reminded her the crying she did.
She walked into the living room to find Yukin humming to the radio as he made breakfast. He looked at her and smiled.

Lisan woke to the smell of breakfast that morning. At first she laid in the bed thinking that everything that happened was a dream, but the puffiness of her eyes reminded her the crying she did.
She walked into the living room to find Yukin humming to the radio as he made breakfast. He looked at her and smiled.
Yukin: I made your favorite. Come and eat it. It was a long night. He walked over to her to kiss her. But her body stiffened to his touch.
Yukin: What's wrong?
He looked at her eyes to see the redness in them.
Lisan: Your bride is coming.
Yukin: My talked to my parents.
Lisan: They came by.
Yukin: They're HERE!
Lisan: Oh they're here and ready to marry you to your wife in a few months.
Yukin: Lisan I can explain.
Lisan: EXPLAIN? Explain what? That you are supposed to get married after you graduate. That your parents think I'm some maid. Or that this entire time our relationship is some way of killing time until your wife comes.
Yukin: No Lisan. It's not like that.
Yukin: Yes, yes I was supposed to marry Kima after my 21st birthday. But I didn't want to. I didn't want my life planned out for me. I wanted to make my own future. So I left home for the states. I convinced my parents that I was going to the states to see the outside world.
Lisan: And what about your bride?
Yukin: I really don't know her.
Lisan: You mean, you are going to marry someone you never met.
Yukin: I haven't seen her since I was 10 and then we were not allowed to speak to each other. It was arranged by my parents with his old business partner. But I never wanted to do it.
Lisan: Then how come you just didn't tell them?
Yukin: It's not that simple. It's tradition.
Lisan: It's not my tradition.
Yukin: I've been trying to tell them for the past weeks when they told me it was time to plan the wedding. I never told them about you because it would wreck them. It's dishonorable for a child to displease their parents. To go against tradition. It would make a mockery of my family. I couldn't just tell them I found someone else. I was trying to tell them. Tell them I didn't want to marry her. Lisan: But you didn't. You said nothing to them. So now they are here and are ready to plan this wedding to you and this woman.
Yukin tried to hold her hand.
Lisan: Don't. I don't even know you.
Yukin: Yes you do Lisan. I am the same guy who loves you. Who has been sleeping next to you for the past nights.
Lisan: I don't know who you are.
Yukin: Let me fix this. Let me talk to my parents. Explain to them what is going on. I promise this will all be okay.
Lisan: Yukin
Yukin: Let me do this. Let me make things okay Lisan.
Later that day, Yukin arrive to his parents home in town.
Ginsu: Yukin, my son. It has been long.
Yukin: It has father.
Ginsu: We've missed you. Come. Your mother has been waiting for you since your call.
Liyu came from the back of the home.
Liyu: Kinkin! Oh my little boy.
Yukin: Mama.
Liyu: You have grown so much since we last seen you.
Liyu stood back to get another look at her son.
Liyu: So american. With your hair, clothes, and what is this? An earring?
Yukin: It's nothing mother.
Liyu: Come come sit. We have so much to discuss. Kima will be here in a few days.
Liyu and Yukin sat on the couch as his mother went on and on about the wedding.
She began to speak to her son in Chinese.
Liyu: Since you didn't want to get married in China we decided to bring the wedding here to the states. It's not the first time someone in our family wed in another country. We have hundreds of guests to come and celebrate this wonderful union. It will be so wonderful.
Liyu: Your father and I met that girl you have been staying with in that tiny place. It was shocking to know that you were living with another woman before your marriage. But after talking, it would only be fitting that you sow your oats before taking on your bride. You know, get out the urges before the wedding. Yukin: But that is what I wanted to talk to you two about. About the wedding. When I said I didn't want to get married in China. I meant I didn't want to get married at all. I wanted to stay here in the states. Make a career and live with Lisan.
Both Ginsu and Liyu looked at each other.
Liyu: But that is impossible. This marriage has been arranged. It is tradition. We picked the best bride to tend to your needs and give you many children. She has never been touched, she is pure. Only the best for my son. You're just nervous son.
Yukin: But she is not who I want to be with.
Ginsu arose immediately. His voice deeper and more harsh in Chinese.
Ginsu: That is ENOUGH. How can you sit here and disgrace our family? You WILL marry Kima. You will honor your mother and your father. You will not bring shame to this family.
Yukin: I do not mean to shame you father. It's just.....I want to make my own future. I want to do things for me.
Ginsu: How can you sit there and upset us? You have been here too long. Your values are all messed up and I will not stand for you to defy us. You will marry Kima.
Yukin looked away.
Yukin: If only you could understand.
Ginsu took a pause. He took a deep breath before speaking.
Ginsu: Bring this Lisan here.
Yukin and Liyu both looked up at him.
Yukin: You mean it.
Ginsu voice was still stern.
Ginsu: Bring her here. Tomorrow.
Yukin got up from the couch quickly.
Yukin: Thank you father. I really want you to get to know her. The way I do.
Ginsu: We will see.
Yukin hurriedly left the house.
The next day Yukin brought Lisan to meet his family. At first it was an eerie quiet between the two couples. Finally Lisan broke the silence.
Lisan: I do appreciate you meeting me. I've heard so much about you both. Yukin really respects you both.
Lisan: I want you to know how much I love your son. How much he means to me. He has been my rock for the past months. And being with him has made me so happy.
Yukin smiled back at her and to his parents.
But his father was not smiling.
Ginsu: I am sorry Ms. Lisan but you've come here under false pretenses. I asked Yukin to bring you here so that we can explain to you our dillemma. To make you understand that we have plans for our son, and they don't include extra persons.
Lisan: What?
Ginsu: My son IS going to marry his bride Kima. This is not negotiable. We have honor and traditions in our family. We will not allow for outsiders to come and ruin that.
Yukin: FATHER!
Ginsu looked coldly at his son who then shut his mouth.
Ginsu: I am sorry that you wasted a year thinking your relationship was more than a fling. He was here only to get an education. And any conquest that occurred would be forgiven once his bride came. It is typical for our men to do such things before we marry. But to fall in love with someone outside of our class is forbidden. Ginsu: As tradition, he can take on a lover to help please the needs if his bride cannot. But our bloodline must be pure. We are of certain class in our country and we must keep that going. I am sorry if you thought your relationship with our son is anything but.
Lisan looked over at Yukin. He wouldn't look at her. He didn't say anything.
She quickly got up and rushed out the door. She was not going to cry. She was not going to give them the satisfaction.
Yukin called after her.
Yukin: LISAN!
He followed her.
Yukin grabbed her arm to stop her.
Lisan: Where were you in there? You didn't say anything. You didn't protect me.
Yukin: It's not that simple.
Lisan: What. To take up for me. To not let me look like a fool in front of your family.
Yukin: I can make things better.
Lisan: I've had enough of you making things better.
Lisan: I'm gone. Let me know when the Yukin I know comes back into town.
Yukin: Lisan, please.
Lisan kept walking. He was getting ready to walk after her when his father called to him.
He stood there for a few seconds and watched as she walked away.
Ginsu: Come inside. We have much to discuss.
The day had come for Yukin to meet Kima. Yukin had tried to call Lisan for the past days but she never returned his calls.Ginsu took his son into the room to talk more.
Ginsu: You have made me so proud. I remember the first time I met your mother. I was so nervous, I felt sick all day.
Before Yukin could say anything the doorbell rang.
The two families hugged each other in greetings. Then Mama Qin presented her daughter to Yukin.
Qin: I present our daughter. Kima Liwing
She had a pretty face. Her eyes, dark and deep. She had long black hair that was pent up for the occassion. But she was not Lisan.
She raised her had to greet him in the traditional form. But Yukin just stared. His mother had to remind him of his manners.
Ginsu: Come come everyone. It is much to discuss.
Kima and Yukin sat together as the two families began to chat. It felt like the two of them were sitting for hours. They never spoke. They barely looked at each other. He could tell Kima was nervous, she kept messing with her dress and playing with her fingers. He too was equally nervous and kept adjusting himself in his seat. Finally Liyu spoke to the couple.
Liyu: Why don't you take Kima out for a walk. Get to know her a bit. You have much to discuss since the wedding is in a month. It's better than sitting around here with a bunch of old people.
Yukin took Kima on a walk around town.
Kima: So this will be my home?
Yukin: Yeah....I guess.
Kima: It's beautiful. I like it, because you like it.
Yukin turned to talked to her. But found himself stuck for words when he saw Lisan.
Yukin: Lisan?
Lisan: I am sorry, but I had to talk to you.
Yukin: I called you several times. Even after graduation. I looked for you.
Lisan: I know, I was upset but now I need to talk to you.
Yukin excused himself from Kima who now was looking confused.
He pulled her to the side.
Yukin: Lisan, I'm just happy you're finally speaking to me again. I've missed you so much.
Lisan: Then come with me.
Yukin: What? Where?
Lisan: I'm leaving tomorrow. I found a job and I am leaving. I want you to come with me.
Yukin: But I can't just leave.
Lisan: Don't you love me.
Yukin: I do but, I........
She looked deep into his eyes, he was not giving her the answer she thought he would. She looked over at Kima.
Lisan: I see (she let go of his hand)
She walked over to Kima who was sitting at the pit.
Lisan: Hello, I just wanted to say congratulations on your wedding.
Kima: Thank you. I'm Kima.
Lisan: I know. My name is Lisan Keyes. I'm a friend.
Kima: I am pleased to meet a friend.
She smiled back at Lisan.
Lisan walked away from both of them. Yukin called to her only for her to begin running.
Yukin stood there in his parents home. How could he have let things come to this. If only he would have told his parents the truth ahead of time. If only he would have been able to tell Lisan about his life when they met. If only...... He thought about his times with her. How she made him feel and how she made him laugh. How he hasn't been the same since they were together. Yukin: What am I doing? Yukin ran into the house, he called out to Lisan. But the house was empty. He went from room to room and saw nothing. He went through the closets to find nothing but a few of his old clothes. Lisan: To the train station please.

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Great update!&nbsp; Can't wait for the next chapter!\:rah\:

MangioSep 10, 2011

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Your stories always have a taste of realism attached \;\) Poor Yukin, i wonder if he will follow the family honour or his heart? It must be difficult to choose.. can't wait for more \:wub\:

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fabrizioammolloSep 8, 2011

IOh Yukin, if you hadn't the gut to say no to your family, you shouldn't become involved with someone else. Lisan have been very civil and patient, and Kima seems a very nice girl. Poor girls, they have both been so oblivious to what was going on!

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