New Beginnings (The Warning)
Published Sep 16, 2011

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Firstly, I have to apologise for my late chapter, was a little busy the past week.
Secondly, I would like to thank Shelley for correcting a mistake I have been making since the first series; Isle is spelt WITHOUT the ‘A’, *facepalm*.
Let’s move on to the recap...

In the Awakening, everyone seems to have memories of Adam’s after-party wiped out.
We also see more power users besides Lee Hui and Asuna Nakamura.
However, their powers seem to be getting out of control.
What happens when their powers get out-of-hand?

Here is the 7th chapter, The Warning.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

Firstly, I have to apologise for my late chapter, was a little busy the past week.
Secondly, I would like to thank Shelley for correcting a mistake I have been making since the first series; Isle is spelt WITHOUT the ‘A’, *facepalm*.
Let’s move on to the recap...

In the Awakening, everyone seems to have memories of Adam’s after-party wiped out.
We also see more power users besides Lee Hui and Asuna Nakamura.
However, their powers seem to be getting out of control.
What happens when their powers get out-of-hand?

Here is the 7th chapter, The Warning.
Hope you enjoy ;-)
Anton Durgess has survived many ordeals by simply avoiding them. Throughout his life, he has learnt to keep his paws off strange situations, even come to anticipate when such a situation may occur... His gut instinct has saved him once to many times till this day.

This time, his instinct is screaming at him to get out of town as soon as possible and settle in a remote area till the trouble settles down; this would probably earn him a few more years before his instinct is tested again.

However, he recalls the conversation he had with the Twins in the morning...
Anton was just taking out some trash during the morning when he encountered them.

“It is him, Kalinka.” said the girl with blonde hair.

“Yes, Kalisa. This is indeed where he lives.” replied the girl in brown.

“Since when have our predictions failed us?” Kalisa asked with her hands raised in question.

“Almost... Never. Except the time when we can’t remember the occurrence of anything after Adam Johansson’s after-party last week.” Kalinka looks at her sister a little worriedly.

Anton tried to make sense of what these little girls were trying to get at, with little success. After awhile, he gave up.
“Hold on there, young ladies...
Sorry to butt-in on your conversation, but... I have no idea what you are saying or why you are here on my lot...
Are you lost or something? Where are your parents?” Anton asked.
“Hi there, Anton. My name is Kalinka.” she gestured to herself.
“And this is my twin sister, Kalisa. We came to you for help...”

“What can I do for... Wait-a-sec...
How is it that when I didn’t introduce myself, you know my name?
Did you check the phone directory?” Anton was curious.
Kalisa took over, “We know cause we do, Anton.
It is part of our gift... and our curse.
We can... see things.”

Anton coughed.
“We also know that you may find it hard to believe,
But we can actually see and predict to the near future.
Most of the time, some blurry images just appear in our minds...” Kalisa trailed off.

“Lately, however, we have been getting clear images and we are worried.
We see a lot of trouble... and maybe... pain.” Kalinka added.
“Woah. Hold your horses.” Anton held up his hands,
“Do you know what I actually think?
I think that you two should just go home and play with your dollies,
go out with your parents or just head for the playground for some fun.
Relax, it was probably just some day dreams and fantasies...”
“Ah ha! Now I get it! You two want me to play along?”,
pointing his fingers at them, Anton continued.
“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”
Looking around, “I wouldn’t mind as long as you get your parents’ permission!
So what do you say?”
Both sisters sighed at the same time,
“You should not take our words lightly, Anton.
We are not normal girls and we are not here to play around.
We have seen the coming of... great chaos.
We see Adam Johansson, we see Juan Scott Jr., we see a simborg Ariel...
and we see you, Anton Durgess.
You have a role to play; you have to keep Asuna Nakamura safe.
If not...” Kalinka trailed off.

“You have a choice Mind-Bender. What happens when you cannot hide anymore?” Kalisa left him a question and the twins left.
The Twins knew what he was capable of! Anton was shocked as he knew he kept his powers well in check and in secrecy. They also spoke of ominous comings in the future...

He could disregard their warning and just leave.
He could just run and hope to salvage from the remnants of the chaos...
His could just save all the trouble by just leaving.
But what if he was wrong? And the Twins were right?
What if the chaos that came consumed everything in its path, where will he go then?

“Decisions, decisions...” Anton mutters under his breath.
He got changed and prepared a backpack.
Anton looks at his pride-and-glory; a KIA Sportage in a beautiful red.
He saved up for quite awhile before he could get his hands on this beauty.
“Hmph, when did I start to begin and think that I was some hero?” Anton smirked.

He stares at his car and wonders what he should do.
“I... I must be dreaming...” Toji Yamatomo rubs his eyes.
“Haha, you won’t believe this Lee. I actually dreamt that you were on fire...”
He laughed as he raise his head to stare at his room mate.
However, what greeted Toji’s eyes was not a dream, but a reality...

“Oh my god...” Toji blinked his eyes again and again.
“Lee... Lee... LEE!!!! Can you hear me?! Are you alright?!?”
Toji suddenly was alarmed that his friend was on fire.

Lee Hui did not answer.
All of a sudden, the flames flared outwards and household items started to catch fire.

Lee also seemed to be waking up from his trance-like state.
“RUN TOJI!!! I can't control the fires anymore!!! Please go!!” Lee shouted.

Toji didn’t waste a second and rushed out of the house, he was not really thinking because he was still in a state of shock.
However, his survival trait kicked in and he ran for his life, feeling powerless to help Lee.
“I must contact the Hui family, they must know something of this...
Unless... They are trying to hide something??..” Toji thought.
Toji only knows that Lee’s family is rich and nothing else, maybe it is time to do some homework on them...

“LEE!!! I will get your parents! Please try to stay safe!!!” Toji shouted into the house before catching a cab.
“Toji... It is useless... My parents will not come for me...” Lee sobbed as he sees Toji leaving.

“Thank... Thank you for being a b-brother I never had, Toji... I hope you will remember me...” and Lee fainted among the flames.
A while later, a man faces the flames of the house.

“WOAH!!! This is a burning inferno! What is heck is going on???” he shouted.
The flames were licking at his face and it was getting difficult to breathe.
“I leave for a week and things like this keep happening... Jeez.
Looks like my vacation has to take a rain check...”
Adam Johansson sighs and wipes sweat off his face.
“Ok... Here goes nothing...” Adam focuses on his fist and a strange glow started to form.
“If my power does what I think it should, everything should be fine!!

Otherwise, my goose is cooked.”
Adam strikes at the flames and miraculously, the flames parted before his power.
He swung his hand a few more times and the flames started to die down.

“Whew, I guess that did the trick...”
Adam then notices a familiar figure on the floor.

“Wait... Isn’t that kid, Lee Hui? Kid... KID!! Are you alright?!” Adam shook Lee’s shoulder.

Lee did not reply, however, Adam noticed that he was still breathing... faintly...
“Looks like it is my turn to save you, kid. Please hang on...”, Adam shouldered Lee and left.
“Ok Asuna! That’s a lovely pose!! Hold it for the camera... and... Perfect!” The director clasped his hands in glee.

Asuna Nakamura continues with her daily job at the modelling agency, despite the constant headaches that still plague her.
She does a good job in posing for the pictures, while the pain is wrecking her on the inside.
“Ok... Tilt your face a little to the right and... that’s it! You got it! Hold it there...”


“That’s a wrap folks, let us turn in for the day. Great job, Asuna.”
When the crew left, Asuna crumpled on the floor, clutching her head as her senses went haywire.
She could not stop seeing peoples’ auras and countless information kept washing through her...

As much as Asuna wanted to take a leave of absence, having a break does not pay her bills.
Thus, she tries hard to work while fighting with her powers.
Asuna leans forward while trying to steady her breathing.
The last time when she didn’t regulate her breathing, she fainted and caused her a day of work to be undone.

“Sensei... What... is happening to me?” Asuna asked softly.
*Door opens*

“Oh, excuse me. I hope I wasn’t catching you at a bad time...” said the man who came into her apartment.
“I just needed to know if you could... err... go for a photo taking session later...”
Asuna stood up as gracefully as she could.
“There is something about this man that seems strange...
His aura... I can’t see it too clearly, but...
It seems much stronger than normal people.” she thought.

However, since her senses were going nuts, she couldn’t believe her powers entirely anymore.
It was possible that she could have mistaken this person.
“Its alright... I was just taking a break.
I would love to help but...” stifling a sudden yawn,
“... I’m just too tired to go.”
“I will be taking a nap now, please leave.” Asuna was exhausted from keeping herself composed while information kept washing over her.
Within seconds of touching the bed, she fell into a deep slumber.

“Hmph, this ‘snooper’... She is a pretty one...” the Hunter studied Asuna’s face.
“Well, since the time is so convenient, taking her away would be a piece of cake...” the Hunter reached for the unsuspecting sleeper.
Only to be knocked back by some... some sort of punch.

The funny thing is, there’s no one around that could have punched him.
It was as if... the air had punched him!
“Hey there old man... Bet you didn’t see that coming?” sitting at a corner of the bed was Anton.

“How could I have missed this person? Unless... He is another power user...
Another part of the Tzardikim Nistarim...” the Hunter thought while cursing his luck.

“You are making a serious mistake, buster...” the Hunter growled.
Getting up with a grin on his face,
“Sorry, I cannot and will not let you take her...
Because this is the first time I feel like a hero and I wouldn’t let you ruin the moment...

Anyway, I would like her for myself...”
“Sleeping beauty, you just sleep tight and I will get us out in a jiffy.” Anton spoke as he admired Asuna.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this...” he muttered as he turned to face the Hunter.
Hola guys! That is the end of The Warning. :D
I know it has been a long time and I apologise again for the late submission, however, I’m having more RL commitments lately.
So my submissions will be slower, hope you can bear with me! >.<
Hmmm... From the look of things, I’m not sure when the series would end LOL! But it should not last more than another 3 chapters...

Thank you again for reading and commenting my work, dear readers :D
Your responses really inspire me to continue on despite all other problems that stand in the way.
And I am such an ignorant moron cause I haven’t been crediting certain cc creators enough...
Spladoum’s pose sets really deserves more credit, even saliwa and her amazing clothes, pralin sims for her fantastic makeup and backdrops,
ernhn for his creations, fresh prince for his cars...
And so many more... Thank you cc creators for making the story possible. :P

With that, I wish you well and stay chill ;-)

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#8urm0mSep 17, 2011

Eek another good part \:D

#9spladoumSep 18, 2011

Things grow more and more intriguing ... seems as though we're shaping up for a regular Battle Royale! \:D

#10RatRaceRobSep 18, 2011

Fabulous screens yet again \:cool\: ... Asuna in 27 was just beautiful
\:wub\:... Anton seems an interesting character, looking forward to
learning more about that guy-- where are the parents of those ((creepy))
little girls indeed \:ph34r\:, Anton and myself are on the same page there LOL... and what's up with Lee's parents???  I'm thinking Adam should adopt that kid \;\) :P

#11orlovVIPSep 19, 2011

\:cool\: Well thank goodness Anton came to his senses, ( all of them). . .there was no where to run to anyway. . .so very good to see him stand and deliver! The little spooky twins still scare me, probably frighten their parents as well, but great that they got Anton to do what he needed to do. . .of course, hurray for Adam saving Lee and hopefully he can get Lee retsored on the Isle, I am sure that's where he's taking him. . .and the Hunter. . .still say Adam can kick his butt, just give him a chance. . .Thanks for the terrific read, great shots as always, and very much looking forward to what's to come. . .\:rah\: for you!

#12fredbrennySep 19, 2011

Great installment Frank \:wub\:  I love this series. I don't mind waiting for the next part, it will be good! Worth waiting for \;\) Anton is a cutie, I have to agree \:wub\:

#13weirdlingSep 19, 2011

Another great chapter. \:D

#14ShelleyBSep 22, 2011

\:rah\: Wow! Love the newbie, Anton. Power-punch the Hunter in the jaw? I hope he gets more screen time... \;\)  The character list is growing, so if I'm understanding the message here, something BIG is coming... And I totally agree with (((orlov))). Adam could sooo take that Hunter guy. :P  Sitting on the edge of my seat here...

#15isarpgistaOct 22, 2011

The meeting of Anton and the twins was great! And poor Toji! He was so worried about his friend Lee! At least Adam helped him. And Anton helping Asuna was sooooooooo great!!! I LOVED this chapter!!! \:D

#16starsky524Apr 6, 2012

Another humorous and intriguing story! Keep it up and I hope the next chapter will be just as good or even better!\:\)

#17are-himeApr 13, 2012

omg! i like it... wanna know some more, if you are writing this novel i just want to reading too soon in a book

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