The Inheritance - 2
Published Oct 13, 2011

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In the first chapter we saw how John and Melissa Newman left their hometown because of a fire that destroyed their home and everything they owned. The only thing that was saved was their car and a key they found in the rubble. John remembered that it was the key to the house of a long forgotten heritage. Now this house would be the only possibility to give them a roof over their heads. That’s why had driven all the way to the State of Hidden Springs.

In the first chapter we saw how John and Melissa Newman left their hometown because of a fire that destroyed their home and everything they owned. The only thing that was saved was their car and a key they found in the rubble. John remembered that it was the key to the house of a long forgotten heritage. Now this house would be the only possibility to give them a roof over their heads. That’s why had driven all the way to the State of Hidden Springs. After he heard his wife scream, John ran into the house and found her lying on the floor. He knew that she had fainted at the mere site of the condition of this place. All the stress they had gone through lately… and now this…! It had been too much for her. He gently took her up and wanted to put her on the bed…. He put her down again. No he wouldn’t do her a favor putting her on the dirty sheets of that bed. There were cobwebs all around. John kneeled next to her and by talking sweetly, he tried to bring her to consciousness. He helped her up and they walked outside. The air definitely helped Mel to her senses. She took a deep breath and said: “Now, let me get organized. First of all we have to open all the windows to get some fresh air in. I really think there’s a serious lack of oxygen inside at the moment.” They walked back into the house where Mel opened some windows.
“We have to go to town to buy bed covers and sheets, and wow… I don’t even dare to open that fridge. When it looks that filthy on the outside, what will I find when I open it? I don’t even want to think of it… We need a new fridge.”
“Honey, we don’t have money for that.”
“Then we will have to sell the car.”
“How can you say that? We are not really in the center of the town. You cannot go for groceries walking… and what… if there isn’t the same carpool service as back home?”
Melissa said bitterly: “Back home…; forget about back home. It doesn’t exist anymore. We have this house and we must try to make it our home!”
John felt comforted that his wife had adapted to this new situation so fast. “Well, I suppose we could buy some bikes.”
His wife smiled at him. “That’s a good idea. Let’s go to town to see if we can sell the car, buy a new fridge, some groceries, sheets and 2 bikes. I hope we can get a good deal on the car and at least have some money in our pockets.” Yes… the car was sold for a good price and they ordered a new fridge asking them if they would also remove their old one. They had enough to buy the essentials they would need for the time being. They drove back on their new bikes. When arriving there, Melissa looked at the garden and said out loud… “You still have to wait a bit…; first of all I must clean the house”.
John laughed. “Are you talking to the garden?”
“Yes, I do…. The sooner we get acquainted…, the better.” She smiled and thought that her husband had never noticed before that she talked to plants. Probably because when she was gardening, he always had been working.
John picked up the newspaper, took it inside and said: “I think that the paper delivery is gifted with a 6th sense. They delivered a newspaper already. How the heck do they know we moved in here?”
Mel, who was busy cleaning up, looked over her shoulder and said “Honey, you might as well have a look in it to see if there’s a job for you…. We really should have an income on a regular basis.”
John accepted a job in management. It was what he was used to do back home, but here he had to start at the very beginning.
When he came home, Mel was waiting for him. She looked happy and told him that the new fridge had been installed. “John, I’m really pleased that the essential cleaning is done.” “Don’t you think it’s awfully quiet here John? It looks if though people avoid us.”
“Honey, that’s because we’re new here. We ought to get to know the next door neighbors…; I think I have seen some houses down the road. Now, let’s go to bed… we need to rest. You will have much more cleaning to do tomorrow and I have to go to work.”
“Go to bed John. I’ll be right up. I think I am going to have a bath first.”
When Mel finally went to bed, John was still awake. They talked a bit about the many changes that had taken place in their life in only 24 hours. It was not much later that John fell asleep. Mel was about to fall asleep when she got a strange feeling… It sounded if though the house was breathing. No, that couldn’t be true…; houses don’t breath. It must be the unfamiliar sounds. She cuddled up closer to her husband and fell asleep. That first night in their new house was quiet, although they woke up several times to some of the uncommon sounds that were probably caused by impact of the wind on the old weathered boards of the house. John made a mental note that he had to do something about that as soon as they would have a regular income and some more money to spend.
In spite of the bed being old, it was rather comfortable and they felt rested when they woke up.
They had breakfast together and after that, John took his bike to go to work. After a while, a pool car stopped in front of the house and when Melissa noticed it, she went over to tell the driver that her husband had taken his bike already. They didn’t know there was a pool car service. The driver thanked her for telling him so and then he looked behind her to the house and garden. So… you are the owners of this old house… uh…? You better be careful ma’m, strange stories are told about this house. He drove away. Mel looked puzzled. What did he mean by that? Then she shrugged her shoulders and went back inside to continue her ongoing cleaning task. When John came home after work he complimented his wife on all that she had done. If it weren’t for the garden, it already started to look like a real home. Mel wouldn’t have a problem, she had the green thumb. Oh God…; that gazebo must have looked pretty once, but it surely needed some repairs! John decided to read a book about tinkering because he wasn’t a handy man; never had been! Mel had done many repairs in their former house so she was more skilled. That’s why she easily could repair the sink that broke. She had thought of buying a new bed but it was comfortable and money was scarce so she decided to give it a make-over; she sandpapered and polished it. There was still a lot to be done but they had to wait until they had saved up some money. It was that evening that she noticed that the butterflies in the boxes were still alive. It filled her heart with sorrow. Although it was already late, she took the boxes out and freed the butterflies. No animals should be in cages. That was not their natural habitat. She loved nature in all of its forms but every being in its place. The ivy that grew around the house, making its way up to the roof was pretty and good looking but it almost came through the open window and that would bring insects. She didn’t like that either and decided to trim it a bit. A few days passed and Mel had begun to do some cleaning up in the garden. There were two young plants and she took care of them. She had found a seed of some sort in the house. She didn’t know what it was, but decided to plant it. Later, with more time, she would plant vegetables. To her delight she found out that after having talked to the small tree, it grew much faster and turned out to be a money tree. Very soon she could harvest money. She was so happy with that! It meant that she could do something more in the house; and that was what she did. She didn’t lose one single moment. She painted all the doors and windows. She renewed the bathroom and tiled the walls. Then she went to tend to the garden again…and saw those benches again…; they really needed a bit of paint as well. When John came home he noticed all the work that had been done but he didn’t see his wife. “Mel…, where are you honey…?” He walked outside the house and heard her humming. He approached the bench and saw her sitting on the ground. “What are you doing?”
“I’m painting the bench. It’s very necessary.”
“Oh honey…, relax a moment will you? After all that you’ve done today… you must be exhausted. Besides that…, you make me feel guilty. I would like to help you.”
Mel got up and followed her husband to the gazebo. He said: “This gazebo must have been beautiful. How about repairing it the next weekend?”
“I’d love to see it in its original state but…, to be honest, I think that we should do something to repair the house. Have you seen that many of the wooden sidings have loosened? We could take them away and plaster the walls until there’s more money for better sidings.”
“Good idea; tomorrow after work I will hire a cement mixer and we’ll try to get the job done as soon as possible.”
They went into the house; had something to eat and then Mel caressed her husband’s cheek… “Do you know what I would like to do right now? I feel like doing something we haven’t done lately because of all the stress…; I’d like to relax with you and perhaps… something more….”
John felt very much for that idea and they went to bed.
It was some hours later when John woke up to the sound of something; he didn’t know what, but he saw that his wife wasn’t with him. He jumped out of the bed, got dressed in a spin and ran towards the living room. There he saw Mel who had apparently fainted.

To be continued…

My gratitude goes to Wolfspryte for her lot 'The Tumbledowns' and to the creators for the CC used in my story... and a big hug to Fredbrenny for helping me with the English language.

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#18CatiarpOct 15, 2011

Ooooh... This is now getting interesting! I couldn't go to the computer lately, but when I finally came here I was so happy to see another chapter! Hm, Mel fainted on the floor... Something in my head says that someone did that to her... I just wonder who... Awesome chapter (this is now getting usual, uh?)!  (;

#19FikcijaOct 15, 2011

Can't wait until the ghosts show up! \:D Just kidding. Great story! And amazing pictures, I love it. Especially the ones like 3 and 9. \:\) The "dressed in a spin" made me giggle... Knowing sims ALWAYS dress in a "spin". Hope to read more soon \:rah\:

#20urm0mOct 16, 2011

Uh oh is someone possessing her? \:\(

#21orlovVIPOct 17, 2011

\:wub\: Oh, Margo. . .first, I love this couple; they are adorable, warm and afffectionate, the kind of people who would make for very generous and kind neighbors. . .and I love that Mel is a very sensible, matter-of-fact kind of woman who can see the world in front of her and accept it. . .no looking back for her. I was hoping whatever it was that had been watching her (providing it wasn't the house itself) would have been over joyed at all the hard work she had put into bringing the house back to life again, but apparently something is frightening poor Mel to the point of fainting. . .I wonder why she got out of bed? Had she heard something? Sensed something? Very eerie, very wonderfully musterious atmosphere you are providing. . .can not wait to see what happens next. . .Thank you for shring this. . .\:wub\: and congrats on the feature!!!

#22RatRaceRobOct 21, 2011

Mel is doing a fabulous job on the house, and it's good to see John so appreciative.  They do seem a very nice couple just trying to make the best of things ...  Quite unfortunate that someTHING may be watching them... and the fact the house may be breathing... and the fact Mel keeps fainting... \:eek\: \:ph34r\: ... Thank you for another great chapter with lovely screens-- looking forward to the next! \:wub\: \:rah\:

#23eviOct 23, 2011

I like these to people very much and I somehow identify with them probably because after the awful economical crisis in my country (Greece) I may be in their possition and probably without an... inheritence. Anyway, I enjoy the chapter as much as the first one. You shots are well done too.

#24xhaiiOct 26, 2011

Mel is a super housewife! she's a heroine \:rah\: i'm now really curious on what is really going on in that house..hmm..better read the next chapter \:D

#25mrsimulatorOct 30, 2011

Love it, want to read more! \:rah\:

#26isarpgistaOct 30, 2011

Oh, Margo! John and Mel are so cute! They're soooo lovely! \:\) Mel is doing a great work in her new house! But what happened to her? She fainted! I'm very curious about what caused it! Awesome story, Margo! \:\) xoxo

#27Lulu265Nov 6, 2011

I just loved this.. \:wub\:

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