Eyes Open - Part 10
Published Sep 21, 2011

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Most of what I remember makes me sure
I should have stopped you from walking out the door

You could be happy, I hope you are
You made me happier than I'd been by far

Somehow everything I own smells of you
And for the tiniest moment it's all not true

“You could be happy”, Snow Patrol

Most of what I remember makes me sure
I should have stopped you from walking out the door

You could be happy, I hope you are
You made me happier than I'd been by far

Somehow everything I own smells of you
And for the tiniest moment it's all not true

“You could be happy”, Snow Patrol
David hung up the phone and looked at the clock. It was just gone 3am and the firehouse had just called. A vicious fire had broken out at the hospital and every fire-fighter needed to go to the scene immediately. Laura rubbed her eyes and swung her legs out the bed.

“What’s going on?” she asked sleepily, stifling a yawn.

“There’s a massive blaze at the hospital. They need me.” He looked pleadingly at her.
“Go.” She said quietly.

“I’ll be back in time for the rehearsal of the ceremony. I promise.” he assured her.
She held him tight and kissed him gently. He walked out the door, dressed in his uniform.

She smiled gently.

He was her hero, her saviour, taking her away from her mom.
She loved him.
“So. What do you think?”

Natalie gasped at Laura’s dress. Natalie had come over after dawn to keep her company whilst David was battling the fire. The two of them had grown ridiculously close since the engagement party and hadn’t spent much time apart. They acted as a mother and a daughter should, going out together, gossiping, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company.

“It’s so gorgeous Laura; it’s perfect.”

They talked for a while, mostly about the wedding.

“I’m worried though,” Natalie said quietly, “Nathan has been looking for ways to make a quick buck recently. I think he’s in financial trouble again, in with the loan sharks. I’m worried that he’s going to take Jason down with him, as we cannot support them both anymore.”

Laura comforted her, reassuring her, but not entirely reassured herself.
It was a week before the wedding, and the rehearsal at the beach was later. Jason, Natalie, Turner, Nathan, David and Laura were going to work out the logistics of having the wedding at sunset on the shore outside the house. An arch had been erected and seats set up ready for the ceremony. The five of them stood on the beach, waiting for David. They practised the ceremony without him, assuming paperwork from the fire was keeping him. Laura had left him messages throughout the day, as had Natalie. The five of them waited at the house for David to come back. Night fell, and Natalie and Laura began to panic. Turner took Natalie and Nathan home, Jason keeping Laura company. He left after midnight, reassuring her, reminding her how scatter brained David was. Then the doorbell rung, but she already knew. They buried him on the day that they should have been married. She couldn’t cry, she was just numb.

A huge part of her wished that she'd stopped him walking out the door that day. But the little part left knew that he'd saved many lives that morning, and she knew that he'd died doing something he loved.

And she was proud of him. Proud to have known him, even prouder to have been has fiancé.
But Natalie had lost it, completely lost it. She was catatonic, lost in herself. Tears flowed like a waterfall down her pale face, her mascara running free and staining her ivory cheeks.

She blamed the world for losing her son, her precious beautiful boy. Even Turner couldn’t get her out of her mind set.
Claire came to the funeral, stood at the back and pretended to mourn. She would have dragged Sonny along too, but he’d returned back to school some time ago. She needed Laura back at home; her daughter should be at work with her. Her son was going to take over her role, but Laura, Laura was going to remain naive and Claire was going to help her sell her work through their current clients, paying far more than the consignment customers ever could. It would make her an established artist, and then Claire could set her up with another suitable candidate for Laura’s partnership.

Somebody who would be nothing like that wretched David. It was a shame that he had had to die in such a tragic way, but her daughter was better off without him, like she was better off without Stiles.

And what did her young daughter know of love? Nobody loved her like she did, her daughter was hers only and Claire was protecting her, giving her the best life possible with her plans.
The ceremony ended and the Kinman’s and Manning’s retreated away, Jason fleetingly hugging Laura tight before his father touched his shoulder gently and led him away.

And then only Claire and Laura were left in the silent cemetery.

The wind whistled through the trees and a crow circled above, cawing to its mate in the tree. Claire’s steps were muffled by the grass as she strode over to her daughter. It was colder up here than on the coast and Laura shivered, but she wasn’t sure if it was from the chilly wind.
“It’s such a shame darling.” Claire said gently.

“We were going to get married today. Months of planning. Our dream. We would be together. And now he’s gone. The only one I ever loved is gone.” She rasped, a single tear trickled down her cheek, the first she’d shed since he’d gone.
“Darling. You didn’t love him.” Claire shook her head, her caring voice gone.

“What would you know?” Laura rounded on her mother, anger flashing in her eyes. “You don’t love anybody, you only love yourself! Everything is a business, you’re an ice queen!”

“Laura, listen to me. I do love, I love you. You’re my only daughter; I just want to protect you. You’ll forget this soon enough,” she gestured to David’s headstone, “and then you can get on with your life, be happy with a suitable partner with your own business, have children whom can carry on our legacy, and their father’s family legacy of course.”

“Forget David! I just buried my husband...”

“You escaped though! He wasn’t your husband, you were never married, and you can put that lapse in your judgement behind you...”

“I was meant to marry him today!” She screamed at her.
“It couldn’t have lasted. It wouldn’t have lasted.” She said steely.

“What, because you would have jeopardised my happiness for whatever your twisted grand plan for me is?” Laura hissed back.

“I jeopardised nothing!”

“You jeopardised everything for me! I had nothing before David, just a shell of the real person I am now!”

“What, a poor shabby artist who lived out of her dead husband’s pocket.”

“Better than a manipulative, cold hearted witch who STILL lives out of her dead husband’s pocket!”
Claire slapped her. And Laura did what she did best. She ran, just as the sun began to set over the coastline. Laura curled herself up by the sofa after her spat with her mother, in a tight little ball and watched the videos of herself and David, walking along the beach, dancing at their engagement party, painting their living room. The videos just deepened the wound that David’s death had caused.

And strengthened the angry fire that burned inside of her from her mother’s comments.
She tried to sleep. She dozed for a while, and when she awoke, she could have sworn that he was there watched over her. But he wasn’t, and disappointed, she bitterly cried for a while, lying still on the bed, waiting for the comfort of David's arms would return around her whilst she slept. Eventually sense shook her out of that feeling, but sleep would not envelope her. She got up and dressed. She packed a bag of important things, hoping that she wouldn’t need it, but she was scared of what she was about to do. She placed it in the back of the car that her mother had given her on first day of work and drove into town, the cover of night hiding her as she parked up and walked towards the police station. When Laura had worked for her mother, many months before, she’d made a shocking discovery. An ancient statue had gone missing from an influential historian’s home months before, and a huge multimillion Simoleon reward had been put in place for it.

Laura had been in the storage area of the office, making an inventory of work when she’d spotted the gaping hole in the wall, hidden behind some old rotting crates that she’d moved.

She placed her hand in the hole and connected her fingertips with a button trigger.

With a loud creak, the opposite wall seemed to part and a room was revelled.
And Laura couldn’t believe her eyes with the hidden objects; including the stolen statue of Anubis, seeping from every pore of the room.

She handed in her resignation the next day, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire when the batch of secrets was found.
She paused briefly outside the station; her mother had brought herself and Sonny up to avoid the police as they weren’t to be trusted. But she knew that she was saving many people future and current grief. With a deep breath, she walked into the station, looking around cautiously for her mother’s spies and snoops. Spotting none, she requested a meeting with the Chief. She had some important information to pass on. “Miss McGraw. It is important that you tell us where the statue of Anubis is.” The Chief of the station said firmly. He was a very large man; his suit was too tight against his frame that had seen a few too many doughnuts in its time. He had thinning mousy hair plastered against his scalp and heat from the stuffy room was turning him a ruddy colour. Laura fidgeted nervously. Her confidence was faltering. Her mother was a very dangerous person; even as her daughter she knew that she was not safe from her wrath. Thinking about her mother’s actions, she was then set upon by a wave of memories. Anger rising, she raised her head.

“It’s at my mother’s shipping warehouse; it’s an illegal ring of stolen and counterfeit goods. I’ve worked there since I was a teenager, I can tell you exactly where it is. It’s next door to a larger warehouse in downtown; adjacent to the salon. The room is hidden though, but there is a trigger disguised on the far wall around the corner from the doorway, just under the stairs. The double doors swing open in the wall and there is a huge amount inside.”

The Chief nodded to the high ranking officer sitting next to him. He left hastily; evidently off arranging a raid on her mother’s complex.
Another officer stepped into the room and passed a dossier to the Chief. He flicked through it and nodded, talking quietly to the officer.

“Well, we’ve arranged to have you put into protective custody. But your mother is a very very dangerous woman. We need to get you far away. And for her not to follow you.”
Laura’s stomach sunk.

“You don’t mean?...”

The Chief nodded sombrely.

She looked at the table. They were going to have to fake her death.

“My mother... She placed a chip in my car to always track me. It’s at the parking lot. Crash it somehow. Make it look like an accident. That would be the best way.”

The Chief nodded, spoke quietly once again to the officer with the dossier and gestured for them to leave.
She rose, and something occurred to her, something Natalie had once said.

“My mom’s company also ran an illegal loan scheme. I found the files in her home computer by accident when I was younger. It’s affected many in our town. I think you should shut it down.”

“We’ll look into it, don’t worry.” The chief assured her, opening the door for her.
If she had been paying attention as she left, Laura would have noticed one of her mother’s snitches, hidden behind the police desk. He tapped his fingers against the desk waiting for the upload to become complete. The bug he’d planted in the interrogation room had finally paid off; he’d get a promotion within the criminal empire off of this.

The upload was complete and the snitch clicked the send button; the audio of the interview between Laura and the Chief with a transcript of it was now whizzing across cyber space and into Claire Ursine’s inbox.
Thanks for reading! So yes, I killed off David. I really did like him, but I needed a major thing to get Laura to open her eyes, stop ignoring the darkness and turn Claire in! I was very sad to see him go though.

With thanks to all the wonderful CC artists, I appreciate all of the work you share with us!

Laura’s wedding dress, Image 7 – “Flower Long Dress” by Ekky_Sims

Natalie’s dress Images 7, 8, 9 – “Gudia11 Mini Dress” by Gudia11

Laura’s dress, Image 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 – “Long Bow Dress” by Ekky_Sims

Natalie’s bleeding mascara, Image 14 – “Bleeding” by IceCreamQueen

Laura’s dress, Image 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 – “Browns and Floral Wrap Dress for Adults” by ILikeMusic640

Laura’s Car, Image 25 – “2009 Audi TT Roadster” by Fresh-prince

Laura’s outfit, Image 26, 27 – “High Waisted Skirt Outfit” by hrekkjavaka

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#5spladoumSep 21, 2011

Oh, Laura \:\( If you already know the police station is full of people on your mother's payroll, the <strong>last</strong> thing you want to do is make a confession there, d'oh! And oh no, David \:\(&nbsp;At least he died bravely, he was a good person. I just wondered, though--with David's passing and Natalie's breakdown, does this mean that Laura's completely isolated? It sure feels like it ...

#6fruitopiaVIPSep 21, 2011

Poor Laura, she lost the love of her life, her mother is just like she said an <strong>ICE QUEEN.&nbsp; </strong>Who can Laura trust???&nbsp; Laura you will find happienss again.&nbsp; \:rah\:

#7martoeleSep 21, 2011

Wow... this was a breathtaking chapter! First David's death and now this. Seems that the plans for her own accident simulation will not have the desired effect! \:eek\:&nbsp; Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#8Audrey MaySep 21, 2011

I wish David didn't have to die to get Laura to open her eyes but it had to be, I guess. \:\)&nbsp;&nbsp; Great update! \:rah\:

#9Sep 21, 2011

poor david \:\(&nbsp;

#10fabrizioammolloSep 21, 2011

You are right some tragedy should occur for Laura to find the courage to stand against her mother. Although Laura is now justly heartbroken, I'm sure she could become in time a strong and confident woman.

#11hilaldilaraSep 21, 2011


#12Nemesis_3050Sep 22, 2011

ohhhh I've read all the chapters in a row WOW wonderful story &lt;3333

#13spitzmagicSep 22, 2011

Congrats on this featured chapter...OMG...Poor david and poor Laura. She's going the right thing too bad it will not work out for her this time. Clair wow yep change the w in witch to a b and that's what's she is LOL...excellent chapter...\:rah\: \:D \:rah\:

#14dana2383Oct 9, 2011

wonderful story

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