Medieval : Forbidden Friend Ch 2
Published Sep 24, 2011

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This is the second chapter to Medieval : Forbidden Friend where a girl meets an unusual friend and has to go to extreme limits. She will experience fun, tragedy, and love ;)

Go to my page if you have not read the first chapter. Ask me about any of the custom content that I got and how to download them such as Esta's cloak and her bag and her hairstyle(which I LUV!).

This is the second chapter to Medieval : Forbidden Friend where a girl meets an unusual friend and has to go to extreme limits. She will experience fun, tragedy, and love ;)

Go to my page if you have not read the first chapter. Ask me about any of the custom content that I got and how to download them such as Esta's cloak and her bag and her hairstyle(which I LUV!).
Esta's POV

Mother and I were gardening out front in Ms. Meri's shop. "Mother, remind me again why we are doing this?" I asked as I took a shovel and began making a hole for roses.

It's been six months since Blaze got into the flower shop. My hair turned darker and I began to get a new hairstyle, removing my bangs. Sadly, it had no improvement on my beauty.
"This is the way to pay and say thank you to Ms. Meri for letting us stay at her house, Esta." mother explained. The dark blue cloaks were already out of stock. It is late in fall and winter is approaching. I love the cloak, but I see no reason to hide our faces in the hoods attached to the cloak. A drop of water fell on my head. "It's all ready about to rain? What happened to snow?" I asked myself as I held out my hands. The sky began to become a light gray. "It's still fall, Esta. Put your hood on so you won't get drenched." mother commanded. I groaned and pulled my hood on. "Mother, I hate hoods! They make our heads look bigger!" I complained.

"I'd rather have your head bigger than you getting a cold." Mother replied, placing in fertilizer.

"Alright, let's stop for now. Staying out here too long will make get sick, even with our hoods on." Mother commanded. We both headed inside.
Mother and I went upstairs, where Blaze was sitting in his new chair. Ms. Meri didn't like the idea of him sitting in human chairs, even though it was our floor. Mother lit the fireplace, warming our heads. I took of the ridiculous hood, allowing my face to consume it's warmth. "Esta, go ask Urla if she needs some services from you." Mother commanded, taking off her cloak as she walked to her room. Do you think it's fair that Urla doesn't work at all yet she gets the prize of my services? I walked down the spiral stairs, Blaze following close behind me. Urla walked out of her room, her hair straight. I was shocked when I saw her!

"Hey, Esta! Thanks for letting me borrow your dress!" Urla exclaimed. I never gave her permission to borrow my dress! She must've came into my room and stole my dress! Doesn't she have enough silk-like dresses in her wardrobe?! This is outrageous!
If I accused Urla of a crime(she did), mother would be furious, along with Ms. Meri. I must be the bigger person.

"You're welcome," I said, hiding my anger.
Urla stuck out her leg, looking at MY dress that was draping over it.

"I see why you wear it all the time! The gold looks real. Boys in the market place asked me if I was a princess! They are so in love with me! I even bet the prince from Sevalind would want to marry me!" she exclaimed.
Prince from Sevalind? Who is that? Oh, I forgot. That's our neighboring kingdom. I didn't know they had a prince.

I wasn't really making this face at her. This is just what I felt inside. Who gave her permission to come upstairs?! I strictly remember that Ms. Meri said Urla was not to come up! But, revenge isn't the answer, so I shall not apply it upon her.
Blaze then came up to Urla. He has his ears down. Wait... he's asking Urla for food? I can't believe it! The girl who wanted to get him banned is the girl he picked for food!

"Aww!" Urla said as she bent down and stroked him. Hah, take that, Blaze. Blaze is so silly but I still love him.
"Hey, Esta, Blaze isn't as bad as I thought." Urla told me. "W-what? You actually like him?" I asked her.

"My mother says foreign animals give off diseases, but in this case, I guess not. I got to go, see you later, Blaze!" Urla said skipping back to her room. Who was she showing off MY dress to?
Night has come, and mother is lighting the fireplace again as Blaze relaxes on his bed.
I lounge on the couch, getting comfortable my silky night dress, still thinking about the compliment Urla gave to me about Blaze. I hear mother blow on the fire so she can get it spreading.
I sit up, seeing mother making her way to the couch. I move a piece of hair out my eyes. "I went to see Urla. She gave Blaze a stroke and came up with the conclusion that Blaze is nice after all these years." I explained to mom. "Hmm... it appears so," Mother said looking at Blaze, who was looking back at her.

Maybe I was wrong about Urla. I thought she was spoiled, conceited, and a slave to her desires, but maybe just because of Blaze, we might become friends...
"How dare you!" Mother and I heard a harsh voice say. We both jumped up, Blaze tucking his tail between his legs. Mother ran close to Ms. Meri, as I stood with a terrified face. When I'm scared, it's hard to get the shivers traveling up my body to stop.

"Ms. Meri, what's wrong?!" Mother asked.
"My Urla is sick with the flu because of your filth monster!" Ms. Meri yelled at my mother face. A tear came down my cheek.

My friend is sick?

Urla has come to love Blaze, and because of that, I consider her my friend. But, my friend is sick! It can't be because of Blaze, though! He's just a fox!
"Urla can't be sick! She-she can't be!" I exclaimed as I headed towards the stairs. I ran down the stairs, almost falling over due to the draping of my nightgown. My hair is flying and life is in slow motion. I'm so terrified for my friend and my fox! It can't be Blaze's fault, though! He's been here for ten years, how could he be giving Urla a disease after all this time?! I ran into Urla's room, and ran up to her. She gasped so hard that she started coughing hard... She tried to talk but the coughs became more harsh. She's motioning her hand back and forth. "Get- get away!" Urla warned, her coughs getting louder. I ran out of the room, tripping, running into the stairs, hurrying up to mother. "Mother, Urla is sick! She's coughing! She might even be choking!" I exclaimed.
"I'm going to get the guards right now and have that stupid monster put to death along with the other foxes inhabiting Lothringia!" Ms. Meri shouted at me. Tears came rolling down my cheeks.
"No... No!" I cried as I to my room, covering my face in my hands. Blaze got out and started following me. I closed the red curtain doors, not giving a care in the world to tie the yellow strings together to keep it locked. "Ms. Meri, I understand you are upset, but this is too far! You don't even know if Blaze is the one who passed the disease to her!" Mother said yelling back to Ms. Meri as she walked off. I heard her footsteps approaching my room. I didn't even have the strength to look up at mom. I continued hiding my face in the palms of my hand. "Oh, Esta, I'm so sorry about Ms. Meri. It's not your fault. Dry your tears." Mother softly consoled. I continued crying, ignoring her suggestions. "It's not fair! Why should my Blaze be punished?! Even if it was him, I allowed Urla to stroke him! It's my fault, not his! How can I live with this? Knowing my friend is about to die because of me?" I explained to her. I could tell mother was sympathetic because of the way she was breathing. Mother than lifted my chin, moving her face close to my ear. "You and Blaze are going to runaway tonight. Get dressed along with your cloak and I'll be right back." Mother left the room, not allowing me to respond to her message. I did what she asked. I slipped on my blue garment and my cloak, placing the hood over me. Even though I hate hoods, placing a hood over your head while you are in a house symbolizes that you are in mourning. I gave a great sigh, not even knowing what mother's plan is. Mother came back in with a dried-up straw bag, placing an apple, a match, and another pair of my clothes in it. "I bought a horse not too long ago today. You will take the horse and go to the city of Vernon and stay with your cousins. If the guards find you there, go to the next city, where your grandfather is. If the guards come again, your grandfather will have an alternate plan and give you direct instructions. I promise you will be safe, Esta." she says as she hands me the bag. "Oh, mother, I-I don't know... I don't want to be alone..." I explained, hanging my head down in rejection. Mother lifted up my chin, then placing her hands on my shoulder. "You won't be alone. You have Blaze." she said looking down at the red fox. I also looked down at Blaze, who was looking straight back up at me. Mother looked at me again. "Come, quickly." she said leaving the room. I picked Blaze, placing the small animal in my cloak pocket, which only showed his head popping out. Mother sneaked past Urla's room, where Ms. Meri was mumbling some words. I assume she was talking about us. Mother quickly grabs my hand, seeing that I have gotten distracted. We run on the bridge, where there is not an animal making a sound. This warns mother and I that we must be very quiet. Mother led us somewhere in the middle of the forest, where there was a horse sign. She got behind a stallion, petting its back. "This is Milo. He is very strong and he will protect you. If guards are behind you, stop Milo and pull up the reigns. He will kick up his back legs, injuring the enemy with his strong hooves." Mother explained.

"He's beautiful." I replied. He had long, black, streaky hair and strong muscles in his legs. His breathing was calm, and he has the most gorgeous black eyes I have ever seen.
"Alright, it is time to go," Mother said as she walked up to me, placing her hands over my shoulder. I held her close to me, letting my tears run down like a waterfall.

"No matter what happens, you'll see me again in time." Mother explains to me.
"I know," I said, though my heart hung in doubt.
After kissing mother on the cheek, she helped me on to the horse, making sure I was sitting on him correctly.

"Goodbye, Esta. For now, not forever." Mother says.

"Goodbye, mother. For now, not forever." I repeated. I took Milo's reigns and with a a shout, I said. "Milo, yip, yip!"
That's the end of "Medieval : Forbidden Friend Ch 2"

Will Esta find the right way or will she get stop by the guards? Will she find true love or tragedy? Will Esta's mother see her daughter again or only her daughter's grave?

Check back soon! Thank you to all the amazing custom content creators!

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Thanks for reading!

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#1-kalisa-Sep 25, 2011

I wonder if running away was the right thing to do? \:confused\:  I guess I'll find out in the next chapter! \:\)

#2FikcijaSep 27, 2011

It's so sad she had to run away... \:\( but I guess it was needed for the story. I wonder what happens next \:\)

#3eviSep 27, 2011

Very interesting story... looking forward to the next chapter...

#4urm0mOct 3, 2011

Aww poor Blaze, always blamed for everything!

#5asmodelOct 7, 2011

I really like your story. You have an interesting plot going there.

#6dana2383Oct 9, 2011

very interesting

#7ShokkyOct 19, 2011

I like the story!

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