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No Angels Here- Chapter 2
Published Sep 24, 2011

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Later that day, Ava, upon checking if Joshua was ok with it, met up with Kelly and Lauren at a private beach of a hotel. It was a beautiful day and the girls were glad to have the stretch of beach mostly to themselves.
As they relaxed on the loungers and watched the bright sails in the distance, Ava couldn't help but sigh.
"We should do this every day" she said, closing her eyes and soaking up the sun.
"If our schedules didn't conflict we would" replied Lauren turning her head to smile at her.
"Yes well… that and the fact that we might have to pack up and leave at any given moment..." said Ava, frowning slightly.
"It's too soon to change states. The most Josh would do at this point is change office buildings" Kelly interjected.
"Let's not say his name. I just want to enjoy a Josh-free day" Ava replied.
Sensing the bitterness in her voice, Lauren looked over at her once again before standing up. "We need to talk" she told Ava.
Ava sighed heavily and stood up. They walked over to the cocktail bar a few steps away and sat down.
After ordering some drinks, Lauren turned her attention to a clearly annoyed Ava.
"What's wrong with you? Kelly told me about what you said when you guys met last night… you can't be talking like that Ava" began Lauren.
She waited until the waiter left before continuing "when you say things like that it makes me feel like you're about to lose it and blow our whole cover. You have to think about us as well you know"

Ava listened quietly before blurting out "I'm just sick of this Lauren. How long do we have to keep doing it? It was fun at first but now… I just want a normal life. I don't care about the money anymore, the houses, the clothes and cars. I just…" she trailed off.
Lauren sighed in turn. "Don't you think I know that? I think about that all the time as well, but we're in too deep now. So many cities we can't return to for fear of being recognized. We'd have to leave the country"

Ava didn't reply, instead staring out at the ocean.
They sat in silence for a while, sipping on their drinks before Kelly joined them.
"Let's go for a walk" said Kelly to Ava who got up and followed her.

They stood in silence after walking for a while.
"We should meet up with Joshua and have a talk. All of us" said Kelly.

Ava nodded absent-mindedly. The water was so beautiful and she yearned to go wading through it. The sand was burning her feet.
"I love this city. I wish I could stay forever" she said after a while.
"Me too" replied Kelly.
Later that day, when Ava got home, her conversation with Lauren was still fresh in her mind. She would never blow their cover but now realized why it would seem that way to Lauren. Leaving wasn't as easy as walking away, Lauren was right; they were all in too deep now.
This depressing thought made her feel slightly nauseous and she desperately sought a way to clear her mind. There was nothing worth watching on TV so she decided to take a quick dip in the pool.
As soon as she jumped in, immersing herself in the cold water, she instantly felt better. Lately jogging and swimming were the only two activities that temporarily calmed her racing thoughts. After casually swimming a few laps she emerged from the water only to sense the chilling feeling of being watched. All the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she gripped the cold steel of the ladder and pulled herself up and out of the pool. The feeling intensified and she nervously scanned the premises, half-expecting to see someone emerge from the shadows. After a few minutes, she dismissed the feeling as paranoia and headed inside as it was quickly growing dark. As she passed by her kitchen a reminder on her phone went off, reminding her that she had another date with Max in the morning. Groaning, she tossed her phone back on the kitchen counter and grabbed a boxed salad from the fridge. After pouring the contents on a plate, she headed to the table where she sat and ate quietly while thinking of a hundred things she'd rather do than see Max again. After cleaning up, Ava glanced at the clock and figured she might as well shower and get to bed.
Humming to herself she grabbed her towel and headed upstairs to the bathroom but as soon as she flicked on the lights she remembered that she had forgotten to pick up the bathroom curtains from the dry cleaners.

"Great" she muttered to herself, "time to give the whole world a show".

She walked over to the window and squinted, peering outside and struggling to see if anyone was around. After a few seconds, her eyes adjusted and she was shocked to see her next door neighbor, "the jogger" as she had come to know him, standing in front of his house and staring straight up at her.

"What the-" she said to herself.
After he realized that he had been noticed, he quickly drew out his phone and pretended to talk on it.

Ava rolled her eyes and smiled bemusedly.
"Yea right" she muttered "I'll teach you to be nosey"

With a mischievous smile, she leaned over to fill the tub with water and quickly let down her hair and undressed. Giggling, she slid into the bathtub and laughed, imagining his reaction.
From across the street Theo's eyes widened and he immediately blushed. Slipping his phone back in his pocket, he struggled to look away but eventually did, nervously scratching his head and still blushing, he turned around and went inside. He had been caught watching her and suddenly felt very unprofessional. Usually her bathroom curtains were drawn shut and being the only room in the house which faced his, he knew he could openly monitor that angle without fear of being caught. He would have to watch his steps and be more careful from now on he decided. The mischievous smile was still on Ava's face as she fell asleep that night.

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CrazygamerkarinNov 17, 2011

i love this series \:\)

xhaiiOct 24, 2011

another great chapter \:D

isarpgistaOct 23, 2011

Theo getting blushed was funny! xD Great story! \:D

-kalisa-Oct 11, 2011

Great screenshots and very well written! \:D I loved screenshots 13 and 14 \:D

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