No Angels Here- Chapter 4
Published Oct 3, 2011

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The next day passed by in a blur. Ava had stayed in all day following Joshua's advice to lay low for a while. It was Tuesday, the one day a week when Joshua met with Max and normally she would have spent the day at the office playing her role as a secretary but he had called to tell her not to come in that day. So she had ordered pizza, dished up some ice cream and spent the day lounging around watching old black and white movies to pass time. By nightfall she had grown increasingly agitated and decided she needed some fresh air. Since she had slept in, she had missed her usual morning jog so she decided to go for a night run to make up for it. The crisp cool air was a welcome relief from the stuffiness of her house and the bright neon lights of the city shrouded the streets in an almost mystical glow. Feeling newly energized, she started at a steady pace which then grew to a full on sprint. Meanwhile, Theo stopped to tie his shoe laces. His line of work meant that he had to stay as fit as possible, jogging sometimes twice a day and strength training in his spare time. He preferred his night jogs, not only because Ava was usually back at her house for the night but because the streets were calmer, especially on weeknights. He was therefore startled to turn the corner just as none other than Ava whizzed by, running a few more feet before stopping. Theo froze in his tracks, unsure what to do next. Ava, panting slightly, stopped to catch her breath. She looked up at the Miami skyline and smiled as sweat dripped down the side of her face. *I should do this more often* she thought.

She had been sprinting for a good 45 minutes and decided it was time to return home for the night but as she swung around to jog back she came face to face with Theo who had finally decided to approach her.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed with a jump "Theo! You scared me!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I was jogging and saw you run past... thought I'd come say hi"

Although her heart was still pounding, Ava's expression slowly changed to a smile. She had immediately assumed the worst, a mugger perhaps or the guy who had been following Joshua. It was therefore a relief to see Theo's now familiar face.
"Off on your famous nightly jogs?" she asked teasingly.

Theo smiled and nodded, "it's the best time of the day for it"

"Yea, I see that now" Ava agreed, "It's so calming"

Theo smiled again, unsure what to say next. He decided on "thank you again for last night, really appreciate it"

"No problem, happens to the best of us. I had an apartment with the same problem in Los Angeles. Each day was like playing Russian roulette, am I going to get locked out? Am I not going to get locked out?"

Theo laughed and Ava smiled at his reaction.

"Yea" she continued "I couldn't change the locks on the place without contacting the landlord first but he was always too busy to return my calls. So by the time I moved out I had become the locksmith down the street's best customer. He even gave me discounts and sometimes, depending on how sorry he felt for me that day, the service was free"

They both grinned at the same time.
Theo was slightly surprised at how at ease he was starting to feel in her company. She was funny, lively, friendly… *and a suspect in a multi-state scam artist scheme* he had to remind himself. The grin on his face slowly began to fade.

"Hey, you know what I could use?" Ava said suddenly, "A good cup of chai latte, and I think you should join me"

Theo blinked several times "oh?"

"Yea, do you know any good café's?"

Theo knew all the ones in the area since he often stopped by one for coffee after a jog.

"Yes, I know a couple" he reluctantly replied while trying to find an excuse not to go. However his mind remained blank.

Shoving his hands deep in his pockets, he smiled and listened to her go on about how she was still finding it hard to get around town but he was only half listening. He was too busy silently cursing himself for deciding to approach her.
Before he knew it however, they were walking into a café and looking around at the selection.

"Oh wow, it smells so delicious in here. Look at that cake!" cooed Ava over the display. "I'll just stick with the latte though" she added, thinking about the pizza, ice cream and other junk she had scoffed down during her depressing day inside the house.

She looked around, wondering how she had missed such a charming café but then again she hadn't had much time to explore the area as she had been busy with "work".
After paying, they made their way over to the self-service hot beverage machine where Ava helped herself to some fresh chai latte and Theo went for regular black coffee. They sat down to enjoy their drinks, surrounded by the sweet aroma of pastries mixed with freshly brewed coffee.

Once again, it was Ava who initiated conversation.

"So, how long have you been living in Miami again?"

"A little over a month or so…"

"Ah, same as me then… but you seem to know the area much better. Where did you live before?"

"Arizona" replied Theo.

He had only moved to Miami to work on this case after being hired by Elias Golding, one of the men who had been conned by them two years ago. Elias had received a tip off regarding Joshua's whereabouts and needed someone to investigate.

Theo and his best friend Cairo, both former marines and former bodyguards had decided to start and run their own private investigator business and had just finished their second case when Elias got in touch with them. They had split the work, Cairo focusing on Joshua while he monitored the girls.

However, since Theo couldn't be three places at once he had decided to narrow it down to just Ava as she had been specifically involved with their client.

"Ah" said Ava, deciding whether or not to tell him that she had lived in Arizona as well. She decided not to, afraid he would get curious and ask too many questions upon knowing the number of states she had lived in.
There was once again a moment of silence as they simultaneously took a sip of their drinks. Theo racked his brain for something to say to avoid her asking anymore questions and finally settled for "How do you like Miami so far?"

Ava looked down sadly at her drink, swirling the liquid around and watching it froth up.

"In the short time that I've lived here, it's really grown on me" she paused and chose her words carefully before continuing "I've had a rough life… and I've never felt at home anywhere until I moved here… I might be leaving soon though… its work related"
Theo watched her speak; sensing the sadness in her voice. He instinctively wanted to reach out and touch her hand to comfort her but refrained from doing so. Part of him felt sorry for her, knowing exactly how rough her childhood had been and part of him, the investigator side, couldn't help but make a mental note of what she had just said.

*So they plan on leaving soon?* he thought, *that must mean Joshua has already made the transactions… But it's too soon… They never move this fast, what changed?* He wondered if Cairo was aware of this.

As she continued speaking, his gaze slowly lowered to her lips but he quickly snapped out of his trance. He was undeniably attracted to her but it wasn't something he was willing to admit to himself just yet.

*It's unprofessional... and wrong... and...* his thoughts trailed on as he thought of other adjectives to describe it.

Ava looked up at him and smiled, "Sorry, I have a tendency to spill my sorrows on people"

Theo half-smiled back, "its ok"
Nearly an hour passed by before they finally got up to leave. As Ava reached out to pull the door handle, she suddenly realized that she didn't want to return home, not yet at least. She was enjoying Theo's company and wanted to delay returning to her lonely house as long as possible. When she turned back around smiling, Theo knew what she was going to say before she even said it.

"Do you want to go for a walk?"

He agreed without hesitation, ignoring the voice in his head.
They ended up walking down to the beach and upon coming across an empty playground, sat on the swings to enjoy the view. The waves crashing on the shore a short distance away emitted a thick and salty spray which the wind lifted, dousing them in a fine mist.

"Tell me something about yourself" Ava suddenly said out of the blue.

Theo laughed, "Like what?"

"I don't know, anything"

"Well that's not much to go by… what do you want to know?"

"Ok, what are your hobbies for example? " she asked, playfully swinging forward and dragging her feet in the sand on the way back.

Theo thought about it for a while before answering "Well, I like martial arts… I draw… I like photography… that's it really… what about you?"

"I don't really have any hobbies. Unless jogging counts… Definitely not artistic either. Nope… no hobbies"

She smiled, enjoying their little Q&A session. "Ok… second question... let's see... what's the most romantic thing you've ever done?"
Theo laughed again; "That's a good one".

He quickly went through his past relationships in his mind. They had been few and far between and two of them had been long term. After a while he finally decided on a story involving his college girlfriend Alejandra.

"In college I dated an Argentinian girl… we lived in the same dorm, on the same floor. Her English was poor and try as I might she wouldn't give me the time of day. So when I found out that she was a member of the South American Student Association I signed up for it as well and attended even though I had no idea what they were saying half the time. I even added Spanish to my classes in an attempt to learn the language… I basically tried everything to impress her. When the association announced their first formal event I jumped at the opportunity to ask her and she said yes. I knew there was going to be dancing involved so I secretly took Tango lessons each weekend leading up to the event. On the night of the formal I showed up in full gear, armed with my new moves. I thought I was so smooth back then" he laughed "anyways, she was very impressed with me and we even ended up winning the award for best dance"

By the time he finished his story Ava had completely twisted around in her swing to face him with her jaw dropped.

"What?" he asked, greatly amused by her expression.

"I thought guys like you were a myth, that you didn't exist... I'm shocked"

Theo grinned.

"That was so incredibly romantic of you…" continued Ava, "I'm sure it meant a lot to her..."

There was a few short seconds of silence before Ava gasped and excitedly leaped to her feet, clapping her hands.
"No" said Theo smiling. He knew exactly what she was thinking.

"Oh come on" pleaded Ava grabbing his arm and trying to pull him off the swing "please, just teach me one move. You can't tell me you know how to Tango and not show me"

She continued yanking his arm but he didn't budge. She then began pouting and he threw his head back and laughed before finally getting up.
"Ok fine fine, but it's been years, I don't know if I still remember all the moves" he said, running his hand through his hair.

"Just try"

Theo sighed playfully, "Ok, but it's not an easy dance to learn"
"Well, just start with the basi-" began Ava but before she had a chance to finish her sentence Theo reached out and in one quick movement grabbed her leg and wrapped it around his. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, his other hand firmly circling her waist as he peered down at her face. Ava was completely speechless as she looked up at him. They were so close she could feel his breath on her cheek and she wondered if he could feel how fast her heart was beating. His face remained serious and her heart began beating even faster. He then leaned slightly closer and for a brief moment she thought he was going to kiss her but his lips slowly curled into a smile. Theo laughed and released his grip, twirling her around before letting go of her hand.
Ava laughed as well, but it was more of a nervous laughter as she realized that she had wanted him to kiss her.
She was therefore greatly relieved when from the corner of her eye she spotted a sea turtle that had gotten itself stuck under the slides.

"Aww poor thing" she whispered, rushing over and dropping down on her knees before gently pulling it out.

Theo walked over and as he watched her gently stroking the turtle's shell he smiled. *Beautiful, funny AND kindhearted* he thought to himself.
It was starting to get late so they decided to head back. As they walked in silence, Theo wondered if he had perhaps made her uncomfortable. He had no idea what had possessed him earlier but the mood had felt right and it was only done in an attempt to make her laugh.

When they finally reached their street, he was immensely relieved when she turned to him with a warm smile and hugged him goodnight before thanking him for the wonderful evening.

...Meanwhile, from afar and unbeknownst to them, a figure stood watching… Theo waved goodbye and waited until she had disappeared inside her house before crossing over to his side of the street. Once inside and following a quick shower, he flicked on his living room lights and slumped down onto the sofa, needing a moment to reflect.

*What am I doing?*

He knew he couldn't continue having contact with Ava because it was far too risky.

*If she finds out the truth about me, she'll tell Joshua and they'll all skip town in a heartbeat* he thought to himself, aware of what a major blow it would be to their investigation.

However, it was slowly dawning on him that staying away from Ava was easier said than done; he simply couldn't get her out of his mind lately. Perhaps it was the fact that he had been spying on her for weeks, compiling photo evidence and jotting down notes in his surveillance journal. He knew her daily routine by heart, had spent countless hours admiring the grace with which she walked, the way her eyes crinkled up when she smiled, how cute she looked when she yawned…
Head in hand he sighed, replaying the night's events over and over in his mind and hoping he hadn't said anything that could potentially jeopardize the case. A few moments later he got up and walked over to his window, peering across the street at her house. All the lights were off so he knew she was already in bed.

His mind slowly began to wander and he imagined her curled up under the sheets, asleep, her chest rising and falling with each breath she took, her lips slightly parted. Those lips… the ones he had so badly wanted to kiss earlier…

Cursing silently he slid down to the floor, his back against the cool wooden frame of the desk as he pulled at his hair in frustration.

He was falling for the woman he was hired to catch.

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#6Nemesis_3050Oct 4, 2011

wahhhhhhhh I wanna know .... I wanna know ...... more!!!

#7jmi-lu9999Oct 4, 2011

aww such a lovely episode very sweet

#8fabrizioammolloOct 5, 2011

I'm afraid that things are going to be a bit complicate for our friends. Job relatesd kind of complications... Again ones very good chapter!

#9MangioOct 7, 2011

Congrats on another well deserved feature \:rah\: Seems to me that Theo is falling hard and fast for Ava. I wonder who was the figure.. i hope their mission is successful \;\) Also thanks for sharing the link \:wub\:

#10urm0mOct 7, 2011

Aww poor Theo!

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#12-kalisa-Oct 11, 2011

Great screenshots! And the story is so interesting! I wonder who was the man watching them? Josh? Or Cairo? Or somebody else? Can't wait to find out! \:rah\:

#13xhaiiOct 24, 2011

so another forbidden love, this is great \:rah\:

#14PaulasoulNov 29, 2011

Awesome!!! \:rah\:

#15orlovVIPDec 5, 2011

\:D \:wub\: \;\) Well, I finally have my answer to who Theo is ! Very nicely put together Chapter; there is a naturalness to the simple conversations Ava and Theo had at the "playground" on the beach, the little tensions of attraction between the two. . .can't say his decision to get close to her is a good thing ; professionally it <em>would</em> work out very well for him to get very very close to her, but that is clearly not his motivation. . .so, perhaps not a good thing for either of them, I worry a bit more for Ava than for Theo;&nbsp; he <em><strong>is </strong></em>the only one of them who has all the information about what is <em><strong>really</strong></em> going on, so if he falls for her, at least he's fully aware of the situation, Ava just out in the "fog" of it. . . .okay, now a stupid question about screen 20. . .how did you get that shot? Is that an oridnary interaction betweens sims?. . .or pose maker? I like it, no matter what it is, but I have never seen my sims DO that!

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