No Angels Here- Chapter 5
Published Oct 11, 2011

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Ava sat staring into the distance, lost deep in thought. It had been over two weeks since she had last seen Theo and he hadn't left her thoughts since. At first she had continued jogging at night, hoping to bump into him again but to no avail. Eventually she had given up and tried to focus on work instead; going to the office as usual on Tuesdays and reluctantly going out with Max twice a week. However, Theo was still never far from her mind. More than once she had toyed with the idea of crossing the street and knocking on his door but had no idea what she would say when he opened the door. It wasn't long before she grew tired of her thoughts and decided to call up Lauren and Kelly for a much needed night out. Although Kelly was unavailable for the night, Lauren was free and arranged to pick her up in an hour. Meanwhile, down at one of the local bars, Theo sat staring blankly at his drink before slowly rubbing his prickly chin. He was waiting for Cairo to show up so they could discuss the case but as usual he was late. After taking a quick sip of his drink, he stared up at the clock once again. *30 minutes, where the heck is he?*

As was the case lately whenever he wasn't occupied, his thoughts quickly turned to Ava. It hadn't been easy but he had managed to stay away from her and refocus on the task at hand.

Theo jumped in his seat and quickly made a fist as a hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder.
He looked up, squinting slightly as his eyes adjusted to the figure grinning down at him. Cairo squeezed his shoulder, "Sorry I'm late buddy, you know how it is… What's wrong? You look a bit rough" Theo sighed "Almost punched you man... You know I hate being grabbed" He signaled for another drink before adding "Thought you wouldn't show up" Cairo shook his head at the waiter to cancel the order before leaning on the counter, "Not staying long, have some documents I need to sort through. I'm close to locating Joshua's offshore account, just need two maybe three more weeks… Any big breakthroughs on your side?" "Not really… Just been monitoring Ava as usual. She's still dating Maxmillian Baker, I have some info on him as well. Turns out he's a very successful real estate agent, married but separated, two kids- they live in Maryland. Other than that, not much really... She meets him twice a week, office on Tuesday, 9 to 5, you know the deal" Cairo nodded, listening but not surprised that Theo had left out the fact that he had been monitoring Ava a little TOO closely. He had been shocked a few weeks back when he saw them together on his way to Theo's house. At first he had assumed that Theo had simply bumped into her while returning from a jog but it had quickly become evident that something was going on between them when he saw them hugging.

"You sure that's it? Nothing else?" he asked, giving Theo the opportunity to come clean.

Theo slowly shook his head no before taking a big gulp from his drink and slamming the glass down on the counter.
"That's it". Then he suddenly remembered something "Actually, a few weeks ago, I followed Ava to an unknown location. Some abandoned building down by the bay, took some pictures but couldn't go inside"
Suddenly Cairo's phone began to ring. "It's Elias" he said after quickly glancing at the screen "Hello?"

Theo slid out of his seat and nervously kneaded his neck muscles; calls from their client always made his nervous. They were after all being paid to do the job and here he was falling in love with one of the suspects.
Cairo, still on the phone, paced back and forth for a few minutes before turning back to Theo.

"He just wants more updates. Listen, I have to run but meet me at the office tomorrow, 7 AM sharp, and bring the pictures with you. We'll just toss everything we have so far together and email it to Elias, he's starting to get antsy. Later buddy"
As soon as Cairo left Theo downed the rest of his drink before grabbing the bottle and making his way to the back of the bar away from the dizzying lights. His head was starting to feel slightly fuzzy. Meanwhile, Ava and Lauren entered the building and headed straight for the bar. "Drinks on me" said Lauren eyeing the selection. They sat down and started discussing work while waiting for their drink. As soon as it arrived, Ava was all too eager to start drinking. She had secretly hoped that Kelly would be available as well since they got along much better. Lauren had only joined the scheme a little over two years ago and since she wasn't part of the original group, part of Ava never truly felt comfortable around her. "Slow down there" joked Lauren as Ava finished her drink and requested another It wasn't long before Ava began responding to every comment with a huge grin. Lauren couldn't help but laugh, "You are so gone, didn't I tell you to slow down?" Ava started spinning around on the bar stool, almost falling off. "What do you mean? I'm f-fine. You worry too much" "Ok, maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all. Let's get you home" said Lauren grabbing her arm but Ava pulled away.

"No, don't touch me. You can leave, I'm staying"

Lauren, no longer amused, crossed her arms "I'm serious Ava, let's go. I have a date in the morning; I need to get some sleep. I shouldn't even have agreed to this"

"Then go!" yelled Ava "I didn't even want you here, I wanted Kelly. Just invited you as well so you wouldn't feel left out"

"Grr, you're so-" began Lauren, "whatever, suit yourself", she then grabbed her bag and headed for the door.
Midway there she paused, wondering if perhaps she was overreacting but then Ava's hurtful comment echoed in her mind and she left. Ava tried to steady herself as the room began spinning. Her head was throbbing and she felt sick to the stomach. Meanwhile, Theo, who had fallen asleep without realizing it, awoke with a jolt. His back was slightly sore from sleeping hunched over and his throat was very dry. As his eyes readjusted to reality he stood up and made his way back to the bar for a glass of water. One of Ava's favorite songs came on and she suddenly felt much better. Grinning, she stumbled over to an empty counter. She carefully slid onto the surface… Then she slowly swayed from side to side before finally steadying herself. *What the-?* thought Theo looking up at the woman. He had to blink a few times before realizing who it was then his expression quickly went from shock to confusion to amusement. "I love this song!" yelled Ava, closing her eyes and swinging her hips in time to the beat.

Theo, mesmerized, sat staring at her while hoping she wouldn't fall off but prepared to leap out of his seat to catch her if she did.
"Excuse me Miss? That's enough, please step down from the counter before I call security" came the firm voice of the bartender "There is a designated dance area over there" he gestured.

Ava ignored him so he reached up and pulled her off the counter in one move.

"Hey! Get your hands off me! Who do you think you are?" hissed Ava, scowling.
The bartender sighed and shook his head as he finished wiping some glasses.
Ava rolled her eyes and was about to climb back onto the counter when she noticed Theo.

Her eyes slowly widened then lowered as she smiled and leaned over the counter.
"Hey you, where have you been hiding?" she purred, placing a finger beneath his chin and pulling him towards her.

"Uhm… hey" Theo said gingerly, "you ok?"

"Mm-hmm… but I'm mad at you… w-we had a grrreat night and then you disappeared. Are you avoiding me?"

"Ofcourse not"

"I missed you, did you miss me?" she asked leaning in closer.
Before Theo knew what was happening, Ava turned her head to the side and firmly pressed her lips against his. Theo, too shocked to react couldn't believe what was happening but the reflection in the mirror in front of them made him realize it was all very real. " I've wanted to do that for a long time" she temporarily broke the kiss to whisper. Then she smiled and gently bit and tugged at his lower lip before kissing him again. Theo, heart racing, was now at the edge of his seat, struggling not to fall over. The kiss lasted a few more minutes before she finally pulled away and playfully tousled his hair. Then she made her way over to his side and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him towards the dance floor. As she began dancing in circles around him Theo just stood there in bewilderment but eventually he smiled and joined in. They danced for quite a while before Ava suddenly stopped and grinned widely before passing out on the floor. Theo bent down and shook her awake before scooping her up off the floor.

"Let's get you home" he said heading for the exit. She mumbled into his neck, something about forgetting her house keys in Lauren's car and he realized that she hadn't come alone.

"And where is Lauren?" he asked


"Lauren, where is she?"

"She left… I think she hates me"
Once outside, Theo temporarily leaned her against the car as he dug in his pockets for his car keys. After sliding her into the backseat he slammed the door shut before getting in and driving off.

"So much for operation avoid Ava" he mumbled sarcastically to himself, leaning against the window. He had no idea why Lauren had left her in that state nor how to contact her to get Ava's keys back.
It was a short drive back to their street where Theo once again picked her up and carried her inside his house, heading straight for the bedroom. She moaned as he gently dropped her onto the bed, then she curled onto her side and quickly fell asleep. For a moment Theo stood there watching her sleep, smiling at the number of times he had imagined her doing so. Now there she was, lying in his bed as he had so often dreamt about. Sighing, he glanced at the clock. It was already 6 AM and he was due to meet Cairo at their office in an hour. Realizing this meant he would have to leave Ava behind, he headed to the kitchen and quickly looked through the fridge *Might as well make her breakfast in case she wakes up* He pulled out the ingredients he needed and set them on the counter before heading back to the bedroom for a quick change. Back in the kitchen once again, he made her a quick fry up and glanced at the clock on his way to grab a tray. The food would be cold by the time she woke up but it was better than nothing he thought. She would certainly need it. He placed the items on a tray and set it on the side table and then quickly ran back to pour her a cup of tea. Finally, after making sure everything was in order, he opened the bedroom curtains to let light in before rushing off to the meeting. In the car, he turned the radio volume all the way up in an attempt to drown out his thoughts and it worked. The last thing he needed to do at the moment was replay what had just happened. Later, as he approached the office building he and Cairo were renting, he wondered how Cairo would react if he knew Ava was back in his bed, fast asleep.

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#1martoeleOct 11, 2011

That's what I wonder as well.... how Cairo will react... \;\)  O dear. Isn't Theo being a little bit stupid by drowning his sorrows in nectar? The same goes for Ava...; doing her kind of work it's rather dangerous to drink when you know that you loose control... \:\(  A great chapter. Congratulations on the feature and... could you tell me where I find those 'bar-poses'? \:wub\:

#2-kalisa-Oct 11, 2011

Aww\:wub\: Wonderful screenshots! I read all 5 chapters just now and love this story! \:\)

#3anura32Oct 11, 2011

I loved it

#4HellsaintOct 12, 2011

Ouch, I guess this was coming... And Theo! DUDE! \:eek\: You are SO screwed! The screens were great! I like \:\) Honestly, Theo should be lucky if they didn't lay him off the job \:P Good installment and congrats on the feature \:cool\:

#5fabrizioammolloOct 12, 2011

I'm sure that the job partners on both sides wouldn't be really pleased IF they knew. On the other hand these are exactly the kind of information that sooner or later tend to leak :P! In particular when people have too many cocktails or are too absorbed to pay attention... \;\). Well done!

#6Nemesis_3050Oct 12, 2011

eheheh poor Theo^^

#7MangioOct 13, 2011

Congratulations on the magnificent feature, once again \:rah\: Lauren leaving so earllier and not helping Ava with her drinking problem.. something could've slipped.. Theo should've not drowned is his sorrows as well. Glad they had fun though and romance blossomed between them \:wub\: Leaving her alone in the house isn't exactly the best idea but i'm glad to see how caring and thoughtful Theo is of making breakfast.. can't wait for more \;\)

#8ShokkyOct 16, 2011

I like the story so much!

#9xhaiiOct 24, 2011

i guess alcohol brings out the best in you hahaha \:rah\:

#10PaulasoulNov 29, 2011

I adore this story! This was an awesome chapter!

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