Eyes Open - Part 11
Published Oct 10, 2011

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For once I want to be the car crash
Not always just the traffic jam
Hit me hard enough to wake me
And lead me wild to your dark roads

Headlights before me
So beautiful, so clear
Reach out and take it
'Cause I'm so tired of all this fear

Snow Patrol, ‘Headlights on dark roads’

For once I want to be the car crash
Not always just the traffic jam
Hit me hard enough to wake me
And lead me wild to your dark roads

Headlights before me
So beautiful, so clear
Reach out and take it
'Cause I'm so tired of all this fear

Snow Patrol, ‘Headlights on dark roads’
Laura gazed out the window, the stars whizzing overhead as the black car zoomed along the motorway away from her home.

She’d been forewarned the day before that she was moving on to another secure location. In the winter, she’d spent her time in the glittering heights of Bridgeport. In spring, she’d lived in the eclectic muddle of the marshes of Twinbrook with the artist colony who’d built up the town. And now that summer was beginning, she was being moved again.
Witness protection was incredibly boring and lonely she’d learnt. She wasn’t allowed to go out the majority of the time, she couldn’t contact Natalie or anybody from Sunset Valley and her hair was constantly changing colour. She’d been brunette and blonde, and now her hair was dyed black, so as to throw off anybody who knew of her. It was amazing how much of a difference it made to her appearance. She wondered where she was going now. The coast of Barnacle bay, where rumour had it everybody thought they were a pirate? Or the luxurious spa town of Hidden Springs?

She fell asleep wondering and awoke once again as the sun began to rise, turning the lower half of the sky sky a brilliant pink orange.

She sighed when she saw where she appeared to be.
Hillbilly country. The driver ignored her questions as to where exactly she was and carried on driving. They appeared to be driving up a hill, away from the rolling fields and river that glittered in the sun, the shadows of a small town retreating as the sun rose higher in the night sky.

The driver pulled into a side street filled with large houses. A random mix they appeared to be; a whitewashed cottage, modern sharp cornered home, a brown townhouse, a sandstone U shape manor and a blue stone mansion.
The driver pulled into the drive of the blue stone mansion. A singular light was lit in the downstairs room, and even in the dawn light it looked huge and impressive. He told Laura to get out and ring the bell whilst he unloaded her bags into the garage. A blonde woman stood at the window of the mansion, waiting for her guest to arrive. She was nervous; worried about the trouble this newcomer could bring to her quiet little family.

As an ex police woman, the woman had received information about Laura when she’d directly been sent her file. She’d signed up to be a witness protector very early on in her career and had completely forgotten until the file had landed in her inbox.

She’d declined first time as her son had just been born, but the second time the file had come around she’d accepted, a wave of guilt overcoming her as she saw that the woman was still circulating the system.
Laura rung the doorbell and the blonde woman opened it. She was very pretty, with a round, tanned face, delicate mouth, sharp nose and caring teal coloured eyes.

“Welcome to my home.” She smiled at her, a slight country twang in her voice. “You must be ‘Anna’.”

Laura did a double take at the name, and then remembered that this was another new identity. Anna was the fourth name she’d had in her life. Laura, Melissa, Emma and now Anna. All plain names, so that she would not stick out within the communities.

“My name is Macy. Macy Lance-Der Blutegel-McDermott.”

Anna raised an eyebrow, but Macy simply laughed at her.

“What can I say? I couldn’t decide on a surname!”
Anna smiled, and Macy touched her arm gently.

“Let me show you to your room; it was a long journey for you and you must be very tired.”

Anna turned to walk up the stairs behind her, but Macy turned away and disappeared behind the stairs.
Anna followed her, through the dark kitchen and into the dimly lit utility room, where Macy began to climb the tight spiral staircase. Anna followed her, noting all the doors and the other staircase off the small landing they arrived on.

Macy stood at the door directly behind the stairs. She smiled her gentle smile and swung the door open.
The room was incredibly spacious. A huge bed stood against the back wall, with a seating area and desk by the door. Two doors lead off the room, presumably one into a bathroom.

“I’ll let you sleep now.” Macy said, “The bathroom is on the left, and your dressing room on the right. All your bags are in there for the morning.” She turned and left, just as the ignition in the car on the driveway started.
Anna’s last thought as she placed her head down on the soft pillow and fell into a deep sleep was that once again, she was stranded, in a fresh place, all alone. Macy returned to her bedroom after checking that the children, Kathy and Craig, to find her husband, Travis, awake and alert, thinking on the bed, waiting for her to return.

“Is she settled then?” He asked, turning his head to face her.


And she sighed and moved to her side of the bed.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Macy chewed her bottom lip.

“Do you think it’s a good idea for us to house a complete and utter stranger in the house, with the children living here, with a potentially dangerous organization baying for her blood?” She asked.
“Why are you having second thoughts darling? You, we, we’re doing a good thing. This woman; yes we don’t know much about her, but it’s ok. Nobody here knows anything of the outside world, except from those in the services, but even they don’t pay much attention.”

Macy raised an eyebrow. As both of them were once police officers, it was a slur at themselves.

“Well, it’s true; look at that McGraw vs. Public case a few months ago; only our family’s knew about it, the rest of the hicks in this community haven’t read a national paper in months; look at my latest local case, ‘finding Miss Spenster’s lost ring.’ Her sister borrowed it!”
Macy smiled at him, knowing of Travis’ frustrations. Now a Private Investigator, he barely made enough from his local cases and always had to go to Bridgeport or one of the larger cities to get a decent enough case. He resented the way the small community wouldn’t satisfy his hunger for justice, and felt that it was pulling him away from his children.

Travis’ voice softened.

“But I do believe that you, we, are doing a good thing by letting Anna into our family.”
“Come here you little monkey.” Travis groaned as he picked up his son, who had been making a quick crawl towards the trash can.

Anna had awoken as the sun streamed between the blinds, had quickly risen and changed her clothes. Following the smell of freshly cooked pancakes, she found herself in the kitchen. She smiled as the small child tried to wriggle out of the man’s grasp, poking his little fingers up his father’s nose and reaching with another chubby hand towards the ever elusive shiny bin in the corner.

Travis, extracting Craig’s poggy fingers from his nostrils, dumped him in the high chair, where he giggled away at his big adventure.
“Mom!” a small voice cried, “Why is there a weird lady with strange hair watching dad?”

“Kathy, don’t be rude to our guest, she can hear y’know” Macy scolded, the country twang seeming to soften the scolding.

Kathy, the source of the voice, frowned at Anna, trying to place her from the list of relatives and locals she knew.

“She’s my cousin Anna, grandma’s niece. She’s going to be staying in the guest suite for some time, so I suggest you be nice and courteous to her. Now come and get some breakfast before it gets stone cold.”
The family sat down and Macy handed round the plates. They all casually chatted, Kathy occasionally injecting a child’s perspective. Eventually, the inquisitive young girl grew bored of current affairs and slumped on the table.

“Dad, can you take me to the library today. Please?” She whined.

“I think that would be great, don’t you darling?” Macy said, forcing Travis into a corner.

Travis agreed, nodding whilst rolling his eyes at Anna.

“I’m always being ganged up on.” He murmured to Anna
Anna found herself watching Macy and Craig. Macy kept making faces at the toddler causing him to giggle and kick his little feet with happiness. She remembered a time when her own mother used to do that with her, nostalgia washing over her with flashes of young, innocent memorys. How had it all gone so wrong? Macy waved her family off as the left in the taxi to take them into town, Craig being held tightly by Travis as the cab jittered out of the street. She turned back into the house to find Anna standing at the end of the hallway.

“You can do whatever you want now; but can I suggest that today you stay in this area, you’re new and the town is very nosey.”

Anna nodded gently.

“I’ll be in the study next to the utility room, I have some lab work to analyse; give me a shout if you need anything.”
Anna spent the rest of the day exploring the vast expanse of the house. It had two studies, a games room, gym, reading room and observatory tower. The place was huge! But she soon found the easel in the garden and basked in the sun light, painting the day away. In reality, Macy was doing some research. In the depths of her mind, Travis had stirred something. Using her access code, she searched the national police database. She found what she was looking for pretty quickly the ‘McGraw vs Public’ case. It was an incredibly high profile case, due to the main informant being the daughter Laura, of the criminal empress, Claire McGraw. Newspaper snippets were included in the case file, telling of the trail and the said death of a talented artist when her car had crashed into a rock face late the night after the turn in.

Claire was imprisoned for 20 years, but she could be up for parole in as little as 3. The company was shut down, and several other towns’ branches of the organization were busted and shut down; their members imprisoned as well.
She shut down her PC when she heard the children return. Having seen photos of Laura McGraw, she was certain that Anna was a potentially dangerous witness to have in her house. Night had fallen when the two women went for a walk along the river.

Anna noticed that it was well and truly hillbilly country. Small farms were dotted around the valley, their warm lights glittering like the stars above.

“I need to know something.” Macy said quietly, an owl hooting in the background.

“Are you Laura McGraw?” She asked.

Anna gasped. Worry fled across her face. How did this woman know of her?!

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Macy sighed heavily. This is why she wasn’t too keen to have Laura any more, but she needed to help this woman.

“Your mother is a very dangerous woman, with a lot of dangerous links, yes?” She asked again.

Anna just nodded.

Macy was quiet for a while. Anna’s mind was racing, what was she going to do?!
“Travis and I are both ex police.” Macy admitted “I’m a DNA profiler now, and Travis is a private investigator. Our family stretches to many places, and we have many links.”

Anna nodded, not sure what Macy was getting at.

“We can protect you. We will protect you. But you need to become one of us. A full and proper Der Blutegel. You will be safe.”

Anna sighed, watching the moon rise over the hills.

She was going to be ok.
A dark, muscular figure stood at the gates of the derelict looking mansion, once the house of the legendary McGraw’s. The figure rattled the gate, hoping it would open. It was bolted shut. The figure snuck around the back and squeezed through a gap in the derelict wall. The bushes were severely overgrown, ivy was curling through the brickwork and the windows boarded up. Algae covered the pool and pond and the wind whistled through the tall Cyprus trees. The figure walked over to the back door and turned the corroded door knob. As grandiose the house was, it was evidently poorly built for it to deteriorate this much in a year. The house showed signs of a struggle; Claire had tried to fight her way out and flee with Sonny, but the police were too strong in their numbers. Sonny had been sent back to boarding school and now lived on the beach paid for out of his and his mother’s inheritance from his father. He was getting married next week, and from the garden, you could see the lights of the beach house glittering in the dark, a figure reading on the living room sofa. Sonny had certainly got off lucky.

The shadowy figure snuck up the rotting staircase, taking a sharp turn to the left. He opened the office door and walked up the panelled room the raised platform.
The figure switched on the PC and walked out to the balcony. Claire’s Organization wasn’t going to be dormant for too much longer.

The figure would make sure of that.

And Laura would pay for what she did to Claire.
So, Laura isn’t as safe as she thinks she is! Thanks for reading. If you want to know more about where Macy and co have popped up from, then you can read their story on the forums found here: (copy and paste). It follows Macy’s story from when she was adopted up until she marries Travis.

Laura’s hair, Images 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 20, 23, 25, 29, 30 and 31 – “Battler” by Newsea

Macy’s dress, Images 20, 21, 22, 24, 26-31 - “NataliS casual dress 042 FA” by Natalis

Macy’s home is my own “Cherry Tree Mansion”, link of which can be found on my mini site

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#1HellsaintOct 10, 2011

Ahhh.... Laura!!! You have to be careful! There is this... this... loon after you! \:eek\: Interesting that she would end up in a family of ex-police. I wonder what this figure would do to stir up trouble... Great continuation! I love it! \:D

#2urm0mOct 10, 2011

Run Laura run!

#3fruitopiaVIPOct 10, 2011

Laura, be careful.  But I do believe that Macy has your back.

#4Nemesis_3050Oct 10, 2011

Great new chapter^^

#5spladoumOct 12, 2011

Stiles, izzat you? \:ph34r\:

#6fabrizioammolloOct 13, 2011

Very interesting!

#7martoeleOct 14, 2011

A lot of suspense. I really like the whole set-up of this story. Congratulations! \:rah\:

#8spitzmagicOct 15, 2011

Excellent chapter.....Laura/Anna poor girl just can't get away from it..congrats on the feature...Clair...only 20 years even when she's in the big house she still has contacts oh dear....can't wait till the next chapter \:rah\:

#9ShokkyOct 16, 2011

Congratulations!! A very nice story!

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