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The Dove Princess Intro
Published Oct 17, 2011

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Welcome to my new chapter about a boy who falls for a ballerina.

Welcome to my new chapter about a boy who falls for a ballerina. Three boys sat around a campfire, talking about girls, career... girls. Stuff boys usually talk about.

"Oh, you mean Dina? Dude, I'm totally checkin' her out!" The boy in the blue shirt said, whose name is Daniel. Daniel looked up at the sky, thinking about his love.
"No way, man! I was gonna ask her out! That's not fair!" The boy in the white shirt said, his name was Scott. "She talked to me during lunch, even invited me to sit wit' her! But, I turned her down so Lance wouldn't be a social reject." Scott said. Daniel and Scott began laughing as they looked at Lance, who was sitting in between them.

"I'm not a social reject!" Lance shouted in anger. Scott and Daniel continued laughing, acting is if they were being tickled to death.
"Whatever, I gotta get home. Dad wants me to wash the dishes." he said as he stood up, trying to hold back his anger. "Aw, c'mon, dude! We was just playin'!" Scott shouted towards him. It had no effect on Lance. He continued walking, pretending that he was the only person in the forest. Sometimes, Lance even wondered why he hangs out with those guys. Lance is half hispanic, half black. He enjoys sports and is a daddy's boy. His dad met his mom in Mexico and they fell deeply in love. His mom was a ballerina. Sadly, his mother died not too long ago. Scott and Daniel didn't comfort him at all what-so-ever. He tries to avoid music and dancing. He missed his mommy dearly. He didn't even get to say good-bye. _____________________________________________________________________
As Lance was walking, he saw a small brick building. He heard classical violin music, almost fit for ballerina dancing. In these cases, Lance would avoid such hearing, but something lured him closer to the building. He began walking faster. Before he knew it, he was running.
Lance slowed down as he approached one of the windows. He sneaked up to see what was going on. He saw a woman with red hair in a trendy outfit. He predicted she was the director of the class. He decided to stay and see what was going on. "Okay, girls, the recital is in 5 weeks! Let's go over the steps but before we do so," she began. She clapped her hands. "Dove Princess, show us the routine again." she said. When Lance saw the 'Dove Princess', his jaw dropped down and his eyes was focused on someone. A girl in a blue ballerina outfit walked out, her hands in front of her. She had luscious black hair that was up in a tight bun and a gorgeous mask with beautiful patterns and decorations. Her legs were built up with muscles along with her arms. She was beautiful. The ballerina lifted herself up, standing on her left toes as she raised up her right leg, extending it up in in the air. She positioned her arm over her head as she straightened her left arm out. She looked graceful as she had her eyes closed. She then bent over, pretending she was holding something in her hands as she extended her right leg up.

"Grace and poise, very good!" The directed complimented.
The ballerina then bent over lower, letting her hand gracefully drop to the ground, keeping her leg up in the same position as before. The director pitched in, doing the same motions as the Dove Princess. Then to top it off, they leaped up in the air, their legs and arm extending as they flew through the air, landing on the toes. The girls in the class gasped at their finale as the director and the Dove Princess both bowed. Lance smiled at the ballerina. Lance thought this would only make him mourn for his mother, but this brought back good memories of his mother and how she was graceful and poise. He could even feel himself blushing as he stared at the beautiful ballerina. "Very good, my dove. Girls, go ahead and dress. You're dismissed. Come back tomorrow and make sure you remember the dance!" The directer said. Lance ran to the door and patiently waited for the girls to come out. Maybe he would have the guts to talk to the girl that just danced. He stood by the door, having his arms crossed. Back in the locker room, the 'Dove Princess' was tying her hair in a bun, revealing her hidden bangs. "You did great out there, Maya!" Said one of the ballerinas. Maya smiled at the girl. "Thanks, It was hard, but worth it." she said. A girl with dirty blonde hair hung out one of her hands. "Why are we always the last one to be in the locker room?" She asked as she realized they were alone. This girl was named Jasmine and she was one of Maya's best friend. Maya went over to Jasmine. "Because Dina spends all day gussying up in front of the mirror," Maya gossiped. They both began giggling.

"Um... I can hear you!" said Dina as she continued to look in the mirror.
Maya walked over to Dina. "Sorry, Dina. But your already the prettiest girl in the class. Why continue to beautify yourself?" Maya said as she gave her a warm hug.

"I know, but no boy has offered to be my boyfriend! Never the less, ask me out on a date! Oh, I'll never be popular!" complained Dina.

"They'll come around, Dina." replied Maya. Maya reached for her shoulder bag.
Maya then took off her carnival mask, revealing her stunning, radiant, and appealing green eyes. "Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Let's head home." Invited Maya, as she placed her mask in her bag.

"Finally!" exclaimed Jasmine as she headed out the door. Jasmine was a mature girl who always wanted to keep her grades up. She had tons of studying to do plus homework with three assignments. They quietly walked out of the building, thinking about what they are going to do when they arrive home. Maya ran past Jasmine, just to annoy her. "Maya!" Jasmine exclaimed. Maya and Dina laughed. As Maya was approaching the corner of the building, she saw someone. She defined it was a boy. But, what was he doing? She walked closer to the person who was standing there... The person ran, but Maya thought she would catch up with him. When she looked over, the person was gone. Had she imagined him? She waited awhile to see if he would come back, ignoring her friends. "Dina, I think she lost it," stated Jasmine. Dina looked back at her with a puzzled face.

"I didn't even know she had it. Maya, what are you doing?" Dina asked.
"I thought I saw someone... a boy, I think." she replied.

"Oh, you mean the boy watching you while you did the demo?" Dina ran over and asked.

"Huh?" Maya replied.
Jasmine ran to Maya also.

"You didn't see the boy spying on you?" Jasmine asked.

"What boy? What are you guys talking about?!" Maya said, thinking her friends had lost it.
Jasmine closed her eyes, replaying her memories.

"I was standing by Dina, watching you do the routine when I saw a boy. He was watching you with a smile. Oh, and he was GORGEOUS!" Maya exclaimed.
"Maya, you should totally ask him out!" Dina suggested. Dina and Jasmine had a 20/20 eye sight when it came to boys. Dina and Jasmine both had good tastes in boys and most girls envy them. "Hmm... I don't know guys. I didn't see any boy. Maybe he was looking at Mrs. Jenni?" Maya suggested, placing her hand on her hip. Dina and Jasmine gasped.

"Our adopted mom?! Maya, are you crazy?" Dina cried. Mrs. Jenni, the director of ballet, adopted Dina and Jasmine while taking a stroll around Belladona Cove when Maya was just five. But to Dina and Jasmine, Mrs. Jenni was more than their adoptive mom. She was their most beloved possession in all of mankind.
"Oh, well. It could've been anyone. Let's just go home guys." Maya said as she continued walking. Jasmine and Dina shrugged and followed her. Back home, Lance was thinking about the beautiful ballerina he saw.

"Maybe she could like me..." he thought.
Not to far away, Maya was sitting in a chair on the balcony. She had her hand up to her chin.

"Maybe he could like me..." she thought.
Thanks so much for reading my intro, guys! Thanks to all the creators of the custom content I used. Ask me about the objects or clothes I used for this story, but be aware because some stuff came from which is shut down, but still ask me anyway!

Stayed tuned for more!

-Made by EstaDream

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spicyloveOct 22, 2011

very cute story

LilfaeOct 19, 2011

<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">that was awful</span>&nbsp; Im kidding great story \:\) Keep up the good work!

asmodelOct 19, 2011

A lovely intro. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.

melsaOct 18, 2011

<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">wooow&nbsp;</span>

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