When nothing is left.. (Intro)
Published Oct 17, 2011

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Hi TSR community! :)
I'm IeHeLi and this is my first story in English.
Please point out my mistakes because I want to get better at writing. Or just comment.

Hi TSR community! :)
I'm IeHeLi and this is my first story in English.
Please point out my mistakes because I want to get better at writing. Or just comment.
Sharlotte's POV:

-Really? You are going out with my brother?- Anne looked shocked.
-He just asked me on one date. Itís not a big deal.- I tried tu assure her.
-Not for now! I know you, Sharlotte! You will fall in love with him and he will rip your heart out.- She was annoyed.
-Anne, you are talking about your brother.- I just didnít know why she was so angry about this.
She rolled her eyes and took a sip of coffe.
-Honey, I have lived with him for 18 years now. I think I know him the best. He is a real heartbreaker and you are .. just you.- Anne spoke looking right into my eyes. ĖRemember when Jimmy broke up with you last year? You were devestated and you were together for only two month.
I blushed lightly.
-But this time itís different. Iím all grown up.- I tried to defend myself.
-Ok, do what you want. I just donít like to see you getting hurt.- She looked at the clock and gasped. ĖOh no! Iím late for my interview!
Anne quickly stood up and smiled at me.
-You know I love you!- She hugged me tightly.
I loved her too! She was my best friend for quiet some time. Dating her brother seemed weird, but he was so cute. I just melted whenever I saw him.
-Oh, before I forgot! Matthew is back in town.- She said letting me go from our hug.
-Really? How do you know it?- I was super excited.
-Mom saw him at the supermarket. She said he looks different, if you know what I mean.- Anne winked at me.
I softly punched her in shoulder.
-Now go! Youíre going to be late!- I tried to get her to her interview faster.
I closed door behind her and she turned to me last time.
-Be good and remember that my big brother ir bad news!- She was serious.
I gave her The Look and she started to laugh. After that she waved and ran to her car.
What was so bad about her brother Peter? Yes, he has had a lot of girlfriends, but he is so nice and hot. Every girl would want to be with him and he asked out me!
My stomach started to make strange sounds so I went to kitchen to make salads. They were my favourite. I started to hum some happy melody while cutting the cabbage. Thinking about Peter made my knees feel weak and palms sweaty. If Anne would assure him to cancel our date I would be devastated.
Sudenly I heard a doorbell ring. It could be Anne. She always forgets something at my house. I rushed to the door, but was taken aback when saw that it wasnít Anne.
Matthew was standing at my door and waving at me. No, he wasnít my boyfriend, but very good friend of mine. I , Anne and Matthew used to hang out every day after school. We were the inseperable trio. But then he looked different. He had glasses and braces. Now a grown man stood in front of me. I didnít think much longer and ran to hug him.
-Hi!- I screamed while hugging him tight.
-Hey, havenít seen you for a while.- He tried to breath.
-Thatís your fault. I wasnít the one who left the town after the school for two months!- I sadly bit my lip.
Matthewís POV:

-Iím sorry. I had to do something, but now I am back.- I smiled and gave her white flowers. ĖStill your favourite?
-Yes.- She smiled from joy and brought them to my nose to smell the sweet aroma. ĖCome in! I have so much to tell you!
-I have something important to tell you too.-
Sharlotte hugged me again before she sat on the sofa.
-So how are you doing? Still living in your grandmaís house?- I asked her casually.
-Yeah, I love this place. Iím doing great! Today is my lucky day! At first Peter now you! So tell me that important thing!- She beamed from joy.
-I.. um.. First tell me about Peter. What did he do?- I tried to get some time.
-You wouldnít believe it. Remember Anneís big brother? He asked me out!- Sharlotte smiled while placing her head on my lap.
I was devasted. My Sharlotte was going out with someone.
-Iím so happy, Matthew! Arenít you happy for me?- She asked.
-Yes, Iím.- I answered quietly.
-Iím so happy you are here. Everythingís going to be like before.- She smiled closing her eyes. ĖSo what was your news?
-Uhm.. nothing. Iím just happy to see you.- I replied.
-Me too..- Sharlotte said getting more comfortable to my unexpected presence.
I rubbed her hand softly. How I wanted to take her closer and plan a kiss on her lips, but I couldnít afford it. She was happy and I had to live with it. I was stupid to think I could just march in her house after all this time and tell her how much I loved her. Oh, if only she knewÖ

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megumiRikazukieSep 25, 2013

whau~ nice start and Matthew is very cute too~ \:D

MajuchanOct 26, 2011

Interesting. xD btw, when I read the description of matthew, I was imagining Harry Potter, xD I know Harry don't have barces. but still... hahaha. I think I'm having too much HP. (currently running a HP marathon, from stone to hallows). and back to the topic. I will surely follow this story. two thumbs up for the story! You are brilliant! =3

Lavender690Oct 23, 2011

Loved this chapt! \:rah\:

chazminOct 22, 2011

Sharlotte is pretty! the shots are awesome and the story as well \:\)

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