The Not So Ugly Duckling - One
Published Oct 23, 2011

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"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more." - Anthony Robbins

"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more." - Anthony Robbins It was 8:00 AM on Monday morning and Mabel had just had her double expresso coffee; everything was good to go.

She anxiously awaited for her small class of seven fourth graders to arrive so she could begin to further increase their knowledge of the growing and changing world.

Although she could be shy at times, Mabel was definitely what you would call an enthusiastic person, especially when she was teaching. This was due to the fact that she had an avid passion for learning and that she felt most comfortable around children. She wasn't your typical boring teacher who gladly dismissed the children at the end of the day. No, Mabel treasured every minute with her fourth graders and frowned upon those teachers who didn't.
By 8:15 the children started arriving and Mabel eagerly went to the front of the class.

"Good morning class! Happy Monday!" she said cheerfully.

Seeing that her class was not too excited, she reminded them of the special day ahead of them.

"As you all know, we have Drama today and you all get to be in a play! I'm glad to see you all participated-" she paused, "except you Landon," she said.
Getting ready to start the day, Mabel went back to her desk to grab her beloved lesson plans. She grabbed them and placed them up at the board and began to announce the work for the day.

"Miss Mabel, this is boring. We should do something more funner!" exclaimed Alex, who had already gotten up on his chair.

"Yeah!" added Damion, who also stood up on his chair.

Before Mabel could calm down the class, each of her students had already joined the riot.

"Class! Settle down! Guys, take a seat!" she said as she pondered what exactly had gone through her mind to ever make her want to be a teacher.
"Alex, you know those type of things aren't acceptable in my class," she said as she pulled him aside.

The little boy stayed quite.

"Alex, what do you have to say?"

"I'm sorry.." he whispered.

"Are you going to do that again?" asked the teacher.

"No..." replied Alex.

"Good. Back to your seat."
"That... Was... Awesome! I got the entire class to rebel! Oh...What a thrill!" cheered Alex.

"Yeah, dude, that was pretty awesome!" added Damion, Alex's best friend.

Alex and Damion were partners in crime. They were the bad boys of the class, and almost all the other children were scared of them. They "ruled" the classroom, and they loved it.
Seeing that her class had calmed down, Miss Mabel began to teach again.

"Now guys, before I move on, what you all did was unacceptable and it will not happen again, understood?"

The class muttered a simultaneous "Yeah.."

"OK then, get out your note books, time for Math."
"And that is how you work out a division problem. Remember to add 'R' for the remainder, OK?" said Mabel.

With her lesson done for the hour, she decided it was that "dreaded time" of the day again... Homework Assignment time.
She walked over to the "dreaded board" and thought long and hard on what to assign the little monsters for the night.

"Well... You guys did disrespect me today. And you guys took up almost 20 minutes of our valuable learning time with your outbreak. To me, that's pretty deserving of extra assignments tonight..."
Mabel sighed, "But what makes me Miss Mabel is my love and forgiveness. No homework tonight guys, but that better not happen again! Now it's 11:30, so go out for recess. When you come in we'll have lunch and finish up our lecture."

The whole class -all seven of them- cheered.

"Yay, Miss M!" cheered Greg.

"I love you, Miss Mabel!" cooed Schatze.

"Thanks, Miss M!" chanted Damion.

Mabel smiled, "Now hurry up and go play, you're wasting your own time! Remember not to get too dirty today guys, Drama is at 1:00 and you want to look your best! Now go!"
The children happily played outside and enjoyed the fresh, beachy air.

One of the things that made Miss Mabel's Center of Learning so special, aside from Miss Mabel of course, was its beautiful location. It wasn't your typical, boring, red-bricked school building. Miss Mabel's Center of Learning was actually right in front of the beach and it's location made school much more appealing to young kids.

For these seven children, school wasn't really a hassle. They didn't have to drag themselves out of bed each morning and pray for some sort of excitement to accompany their day. They gladly woke up and went to school; some were even sad to leave at the end of the day. Besides, it beat going to that far away boarding school, right?
Anyways, back to our story:

Inside the air-conditioned classroom, Miss Mabel sat at her wooden desk staring at the pixelated computer screen.

An automated voice spoke: "MM118, it is your turn to make a move."

"I'm going computer, I'm going!" replied Mabel.

She could not help it: Miss Mabel was a nerd. She loved chess -which currently happens to have her attention- , she loved every type of science, she had a deep passion for reading, and she was pretty much attracted to every thing we'd deem "nerdy" or "studious".
While Mabel tried desperately to beat the computer that whipped her so many times before, Krysta came in.

If there's something you should know about Krysta it's that she, in certain ways, is very much like Miss Mabel. Krysta had come in early to take another good look at the chalkboard and to analyze the day's work.

"Miss Mabel, I understand how to divide and all that stuff. But, like, what happens if, like, the number doesn't perfectly divide?! I'm extremely puzzled."

Before Mabel could even respond, Krysta continued, "Like, 6 goes into 42 perfectly. It goes in 7 times. But, like, 8 doesn't go into 42 perfectly. So what do you do?"

"Krysta, that's why we use remainders. Look, take a seat, I'll put it up on the board."
"Well, that went well," Mabel said to herself, thinking about the last hour the class spent reenacting William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet".

The clock hit 5 o'clock and by now Mabel should have already gotten home, but a teachers hours weren't clearly defined.

Mabel grabbed her bags and the local newspaper, locked up, and got into her run down car. Teachers didn't make much either.
After her car ride back, Mabel got home, showered, and changed into her night gown.

Upon walking into the living room, Mabel ran into Andrea, who had just gotten back from a jog around the neighborhood.

"Hey Andrea, what's this stuff?" questioned Mabel.

"Hey May.. Uhh this is the new furniture I ordered, you know, the one I told you about the other day..." murmured Andrea.

"Where's my grandma's stuff?" replied Mabel.
"I moved it over there.." said Andrea, pointing to the corner of the room.

"Oh.." whispered Mabel.

"Look, May, don't worry, we're not just gonna throw out your grandma's jun- I mean stuff. We'll sell it! I think that's what she'd want us to do, don't you?"

Mabel sighed, "I guess you're right... Besides I need some extra money to pay for this rent, you know? Teacher's pay just doesn't cut it."
"Exactly! I mean, being a nurse doesn't bring in a lot of money either, so I know where you're coming from. And hey, you can go get yourself something nice! Like a makeover, or a new outfit, or something of that nature!" exclaimed Andrea.

"Hey! What are you trying to imply, Andrea?!" questioned Mabel.

"Nothing, nothing, you know I think you're stunning, but-" paused Andrea, searching for an explanation.
"Let me phrase it like this: You're like an onion! Just peel away the top layers, add some make up, some sexy clothes, and bam! You'd be drop dead gorgeous. It's as easy as that."

"Outward beauty is overrated, Andrea. I could care less about all that stuff. But, I do care about staying awake to grade tests, make me some coffee?"

"Of course!" added Andrea with a smile.
Andrea was a pro at making coffee. It was one of her many unknown skills, sort of like her mastered skill of computer hacking. Andrea was a character; she wasn't someone you met everyday. Ask her, and she'd tell you she was a part-time nurse, model, and an aspiring computer hacker. See? Not your Average Jane. She didn't have many friends, mostly due to the fact that people didn't spend time to get to know her. That's probably why she treasured being with Mabel, and why she even moved into this run down shack in the first place.

"Caramel or vanilla?"

"Vanilla," responded Mabel.
"Here you go," Andrea said cheerfully as she passed Mabel her Vanilla Coffee.

"So today, I had to check this old dude's heart and I got to use my very first stethoscope! It was kind of awesome. But it was really cold. Anyway, how was your day?" asked Andrea in between taking sips of coffee.
"I think the most exciting part of my day was watching all the kids get on the school bus," joked Mabel.

Andrea laughed, "I thought you loved your job?!"

"I do, I do, but it's stressful! I mean, today, for example, the kids just went ballistic on me! I couldn't even control them! I swear, they get meaner every day!"
"Dude, get a less stressful job! I probably would have just gotten in my car and left the monsters alone!" Andrea couldn't help but laugh at her cruel joke.

Mabel almost choked on her coffee, "Andrea! I would never do such a thing. That's horrendous. I love my job, I do. I mean, every day is an adventure. And tomorrow's Tuesday, which means it's Show & Tell. God knows that's pure excitement!" joked Mabel.

"Well, you never know! What if one of your little students brings their extremely hot older brother to show!" said the extremely irrational Andrea.

Mabel laughed. Now she was off to grade the science tests and Andrea went to the computer to play SuperSim Mania 3. By ten, both girls had fallen asleep and had entered a world of deep imagination and endless possibilties

Tomorrow was a new day, and who knows, maybe Andrea was right...

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#1MangioOct 23, 2011

Congrats on the feature \:wub\: Mabel sure makes an awesome primary school teacher.. I wonder what happens during show & tell. Andrea really shouldn't have thrown the old furniture away... can't wait for more \;\)

#2martoeleOct 23, 2011

Very nice start. Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#3eviOct 23, 2011

Very good start!\:wub\:

#4kgkkkghkOct 23, 2011

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#5ShokkyOct 23, 2011

\:rah\: I like it 

#6mordvegiOct 23, 2011

that was awesome. I like it a lot.

#7Nemesis_3050Oct 23, 2011

really so nice story ^^

#8urm0mOct 24, 2011

Great start, I swear Mabel is me as a Sim \:P I'm a teacher too

#9ShokkyOct 24, 2011

Very interesting.!

#10mewlightkittenNov 16, 2011

i love it~

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