Welcome to the Childhood (10)
Published Oct 20, 2011

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Welcome to the Childhood (10: Luck Like Hers)

((Author’s Note: You’ve seen her in the symposium programs, you’ve seen her in the tabloids, now prepare to see her where you’ve never seen her before—ladies and gentlemen, it’s Gwen Glover (of spladoum’s Occasionally Yours & Luck Like Hers) in her very first non-fantasized appearance in Valley, America!))

Welcome to the Childhood (10: Luck Like Hers)

((Author’s Note: You’ve seen her in the symposium programs, you’ve seen her in the tabloids, now prepare to see her where you’ve never seen her before—ladies and gentlemen, it’s Gwen Glover (of spladoum’s Occasionally Yours & Luck Like Hers) in her very first non-fantasized appearance in Valley, America!))
The Simanski house (Friday, July 8, 7:00 PM)

Fifteen minutes ago, Gwen Glover finally called the Simanski house via internet. Jono was the one to catch the call. He turned his computer over to Jesse and, after assuring him the webcam was working (and directing him to sit still in front of it), Jono left the living room.
He’s regretting that decision now. He doesn’t trust this girl not to emotionally bludgeon his brother. Jono can’t effectively do anything to stop that, but hearing what she said, and how she said it, would give him a better idea how to run damage control around whatever new disaster she caused. [Dani:]: “Relax, Jono. We wanted her to call him, remember? He needs to talk to her, and however it turns out, we’ll—” [Jesse:] “She’s coming here! Gwen’s coming to Valley!” [Dani:]: “To visit?”
[Jesse:] “To live! With me!”
[Dani:]: “She… she said that?”
[Jesse:] “She said that! She said she wants to be with me! She said she wants me to be the dad!”
[Jules:] “Huzzah, Uncle Jesse!”
[Dani:] “Jesse, when is she—”
[Jules & Jesse:] “For Pony!”
[Dani:] “Jesse?”
[Jono:] “JESSE.”
[Jesse:] “Huh? What?”
[Jono & Dani:] “When is she coming to Valley?”
[Jesse:] “Now! On a bus! I pick her up at the bus station in the morning—is that totally awesome or what?!”
Jono and Dani are initially speechless for a variety of reasons, but Jesse doesn’t notice. He’s way over the rainbow and not looking to be returning anytime soon. Dani gives Jono a meaningful look and gestures at Jules, indicating she has things to say that she doesn’t want Jules to overhear. Jono sighs. [Jono:] “Time to get ready for bed, Jules. Brush your teeth and get your PJs on, and we’ll read another chapter in Warlock of Palladia.”
[Jules:] “Aw, do I have to? It’s still early!”
[Jono:] “We’ll read two chapters then.”
[Jules:] “Cool!”
Jules has no sooner left the room than Dani is speaking with some urgency to her brother-in-law.
[Dani:] “Jesse. There are a few things we should talk about before Gwen gets here.”
[Jesse:] “Like what?”
[Dani:] “Like where is she going to sleep?”
[Jesse:] “With me. Duh.”
[Dani:] “Jesse, you don’t know she’s going to be comfortable with that right away—”
[Jesse:] “Why wouldn’t she be? We made a baby already, didn’t we? What is the point of not sleeping with me?”
[Dani:] “Because… well, because she… she might…”
[Jesse:] “Dude. What is wrong with your wife?”
[Jono:] “Projection.”
[Jesse:] “Well she better start projecting pictures because I can’t understand a word she’s saying.”
[Dani:] “Oh, fine. Fine then. She’ll just sleep with you. In your trailer.”
[Jesse:] “Well, yeah, in my trailer.”
[Dani:] “Glad you have that all figured out. By the way, when was the last time you cleaned that trailer, Jesse?”
He can’t remember the last time he cleaned it. Maybe when Jules was like, three or something? Which was… three years ago.
[Jesse:] “I’ll uh, I’ll just go clean it.”
The following morning…

[Dani:] “Jono? What time is it?”
[Jono:] “Don’t worry about it. Go back to sleep.”
Dani realizes Jono’s side of the bed hasn’t been slept in at all… and it’s five in the morning.
[Dani:] “You’ve been up with Jesse all night?!”
[Jono:] “Don’t sound so surprised. He’s completely spaz, no way he was going to sleep. We did get the trailer cleaned, though. Mostly.”
Jono is yawning, but he’s not headed for the bed. He’s dressed for the day and headed for the door.
[Dani:] “Wait—you’re going with him? Now? To the bus station?”
[Jono:] “You think I’m going to let him go by himself? He can’t keep his mind on task more than 15 seconds. He could end up in Lake Eerie. Or worse. Port City.”
[Dani:] “Well, maybe we should all go then…”
Dani doesn’t want Jono around Gwen unsupervised for any significant amount of time. Dani knows her husband is not happy with Gwen and she doesn’t trust him to keep his smart mouth shut.
[Jono:] “Not going to happen, Dani. Three is max capacity for that truck. Unless we put Gwen in the back… are you suggesting we do that? Might suit her, actually.”
[Dani:] “That is not funny, Jono. Promise you won’t say anything like that. Promise you’ll at least be polite.”
[Jono:] “I’ll be on my best behavior. See you at breakfast.”
Skyborough Street Bus Station (Saturday, July 9, 5:45 AM)

Gwen Glover has arrived in the Valley. Her bus was unusually early. Luckily, Jesse and Jono also arrived early, and Gwen is very easy to spot. They’d have to be blind to miss her in fact, because she nearly runs right into them. Gwen is talking on the phone with her former agent and paying no attention to where she’s going.
[Gwen:] “—well, yes, I KNOW how much it cost—oh, I didn’t know it cost THAT much. But Viv! I’m not coming back to Foxgrove. I’m not even THERE anymore, I’ve moved... well, of COURSE I know I can use the site anywhere I go, but I don’t need the site if I’m not going to be a professional musician, do I?” [Gwen:] “So what if it makes my mother mad? Give her the money back!”
[Jesse:] “Gwen!”
Gwen turns, sees Jesse, and ends the call with a breathless “call-you-later-bye.” The next moment they are lip-locked in each other’s arms. Which might’ve continued indefinitely, if Jono hadn’t decided he’d had about enough of it.
[Jono:] “JESSE.”
[Jesse:] “Huh…? Uh… Gwen… this is my brother. Jono.”
Gwen blinks nervously at Jono and the unpleasant look on his face.
[Gwen:] “Uh, hi?”
Jesse blurts out the first thing that comes to mind before his brother can say… whatever it is he’s about to say.
[Jesse:] “Gwen, you want your website down? Jono can do that for you, like snap. In his sleep.”
[Gwen:] “Can you?! Oh... you’re the best!”
[Jono:] “…!!!”
She follows this up with a hug and a burst of giddy giggles, unsettling Jono enough that the entire ten minute drive home, his smart mouth stays shut. Back at the Simanski house, Gwen is introduced to Dani, which is an instant cause for extra excitement.

[Gwen:] “You’re having a baby, too?!”
[Dani:] “Well, yes, I—”
[Gwen:] “Ohmygod, it’s like everyone I know is having a baby!”
[Dani:] “Jono—?”
[Jono:] “She already got me. Your turn.”
[Dani:] “But—wait—where are you going now?”
[Jono:] “To kill Gwen’s website. At her request, no less.”
[Gwen:] “Yay! You want me to help?!”
[Jono:] “No, no, I got this—you just stay there. Way over there.”
Jono is saved from another shower of Gwen’s appreciation by the arrival of Jules (awakened by the volume of all this enthusiasm).
[Jules:] “Hey! Hi, Miss Glover!”
[Gwen:] “Hello there, Jules! Thank you sooo much for the video!”
[Jesse:] “What video?”
[Dani:] “Jules can tell you all about that later, Jesse. Why don’t you, ah… show Gwen the trailer while I make breakfast?”
[Gwen:] “Trailer…?”
[Jesse:] “Sure! Come on, I’ll show you.”
Jesse takes Gwen by the hand, out the front door and around to the side yard. [Gwen:] “That’s ... that’s a ... you live here?! This is ... where you live?!”
[Jesse:] “Aw, come on. It’s not that bad. It’s clean.”
[Gwen:] *blink blink*
[Jesse:] “The inside is clean, I mean. Mostly.”
The ongoing look on Gwen’s face prompts Jesse to add the thought, even as he comes up with it:
[Jesse:] “We can uh… we can paint it… yellow?”
Gwen Glover, as far as she knows, has never even seen a residential trailer. As of today, she still hasn’t seen one. Jesse’s trailer was a repossession that formerly served as an office at a construction site, not a residence. Since Terry Whistler gave it to Jesse five years ago, very little has been done to improve it. It has a bedroom, a bathroom, and an entry room best described by Jules Simanski as a “playroom.” For a guy. Gwen stares around at this limited interior with bewildered alarm.
[Gwen:] “There’s ... there’s ... no kitchen…? But ... but ... how do you eat—WHAT do you eat?”
[Jesse:] “Well, there’s a mini-fridge, but—”
Gwen immediately checks out this small appliance.
[Gwen:] “Beer?! Jesse! I-I-can’t... ohmygod...”
The pitch of her voice is rising with panic. She can’t live on beer. She’s PREGNANT.
Jesse leads her away from the small refrigerator and gently turns her to face him. He’s calm. How can he be so damn calm when he lives in this tiny “trailer” with no food and not even a microwave?
[Jesse:] “Gwen, listen. Unless I was sleeping or working out or playing games online, I was in the house, not in here. Because before it was just me in here. My family was in the house.”
[Jesse:] “If I have family in here now, you and a baby… I’ll make it better. I’ll fix it.”
Gwen thinks about this for a moment, then brightens.
[Gwen:] “We can paint it yellow? Really?”
[Jesse:] “Yeah. Really. It’s going to be okay, Gwen. I promise.”
He holds her and she believes him. The panic fades away as though it was never there at all. Parting brings on a mutual sigh. [Gwen:] “You know, these past few weeks have been so crazy for me. I mean, I never really believed it when girls said ‘It just happened!’ during their date. And here I am pregnant and it didn’t even really happen!” [Gwen:] “I mean...”
Gwen trails off, eyes wandering to the bed. She swallows hard, her eyes go wide. She’s shivering.
[Gwen:] “W-we didn’t even... really... well...”
[Jesse:] “Finish?”
Blushing, she nods.
[Jesse:] “You’re right. It isn’t fair. It’s also the easiest thing in here to fix…”
They kiss. The attraction between them hasn’t lessened since their disastrous parting in Foxgrove. If anything, it has intensified. One long minute later, when the kiss finally breaks, he lifts her effortlessly off the floor and carries her to the bed. She’s giggling the whole way there… but those giggles soon come to an end. Meanwhile, in the Simanski kitchen…

[Jono:] “It’s been thirty minutes and that trailer only has three rooms. Guess that solves the mystery of where Gwen will be sleeping?”
Dani sighs and rolls her eyes. She’s not sure who is more exasperating when she’s proven wrong. Her brother-in-law, or her husband.
[Jules:] “Should I go tell Uncle Jesse and his Gwen that breakfast is ready?”
[Jono:] “Hang on, Jules. I’m sure they’ll be in when they get hungry enough.”
[Dani:] “Why don’t you… call your friends instead, Jules? Tell them the good news?”
Jesse and Gwen miss breakfast, but they don’t miss lunch. By then Jules’ friends have arrived. While Gwen meets Leo, Henry, and Holly, Jesse takes Jules aside to tell him that Gwen told him about the video Jules made for her.
[Jesse:] “Thanks for that, Jules. I owe you big time.”
[Jules:] “Nah, Uncle Jesse. I owed you big time first.”
* * * One week later, in the Simanski backyard…

[Holly:] “Will Uncle Jesse be here, Jules?”
[Jules:] “Yes.”
[Henry:] “So where is he, Jules?”
[Jules:] “He’s coming.”
[Leo:] “You sure about that, Jules? Now that his Gwen is around, Uncle Jesse might want to play with her instead of us.”
[Jules:] “He’ll be here.”
[Jesse:] “Arrr! What’s all this now? I better hear less squawkin and more swabbin, or it’ll be a long walk down a short plank for you scurvy dogs!” [Jesse:] “What say you, Captain Jesse’s wench?”
[Gwen:] “I say that’s CAPTAIN Wench to you, bucko! Let’s get this boat shipshape! Weigh the anchor and hoist the mittens!”
[Jesse:] “I’m in mad love with you, you know that?”
[Gwen:] “Mmhmm… mad love you back.”
[Gwen:] “Yo ho, me hearties! You heard Captain Jesse! All hands on deck!” [Leo, Jules, Henry & Holly:] “Aye aye, Captains!” [Jules:] “Told you he’d be here.” [Director’s Commentary:] That’s a series wrap, folks. But don’t worry. The expanding Simanski family and friends will continue to be seen in the RatRaceRob Screenshots, Gallery, and in all likelihood, another series. Because that’s the way we roll over here. ;)

((Special Thanks to:

* Bill posters by Alopex at MTS. Nosy bus station attendant’s jumper (H&M conversion from Sims 2) by Anubis360 at MTS. Jesse’s bed by Riccinumbers at TSR. Gwen Glover posters by Tdyannd at TSR. Firedoors, garbage cans, and garbage in general by Cyclonesue at TSR.

* As always, huge thanks to all custom content creators previously credited in this series (and to those creators I failed to mention, along with my apologies).

* TSR’s spladoum, my extraordinary collaborator… thanks for this. Now multiply that thanks by the appropriate bazillion and you’ve got Jesse Simanski’s sentiment.

> Readers-to-the-end-credits—well, we appear to have finally arrived where we were going. Thank you for riding all this way, and I do hope you’ll be joining me for the next trip. It’s so much more fun with you folks along for the wild ride. :D ))

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FinalFantasyFan23Jun 8, 2013

Tanyella- Talk about people who are really mad...HOW COULD THE SERIES ENDED!!!! HOW!!!

xion roxasJan 16, 2012

I love your storys. \:D

flody888Dec 11, 2011

The ending is so perfect! \:wub\: I think it's so obvious how well Gwen will fit in with Jesse and the Simanski's lives as well as the pirate playtime! \:D My favourite parts are when Gwen hugs Jono and Dani! LOL and also: isn't it wonderful how a hug can solve all sorts of problems and answer all sorts of questions so beautifully? \:\) Followed by Jesse's hug of Gwen in the trailer. \:wub\: Another perfect Christmas gift (for me) two years in a row! Last year, Dani and Jono's baby-to-be and now this year's Jesse and Gwen's baby-to-be! So classic and timeless! \:D Thank you for all your hard work, your eye for detail, your ear for words and pauses, and your heart for touching stories, families, characters who are full of love and innocence and good spirit and simple happiness! For Pony!

Yngven93Nov 7, 2011

Such a lovely ending \:wub\:  , how great isn't it when everything just falls into place\:\) . I've enjoyed every single screenshot and sentence of this story, thank u so much \:rah\:
(Sry I haven't commented the chapters lately, the TSR website hasen't really been working correctly for me.)
Thank u once again\:D and I'm now impatiently looking forward to the beginning of another awesome serie... \;\) \:wub\:

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