Trail of Broken Hearts ch.3
Published Oct 23, 2011

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hey guys sorry for the delay. if you read my recant blog from my page you'll know why its a little late and kind of missing some screenies =/ but thats why we have imagenatioooon :D <---spongebob refrence xD LOL

well anyways heres chapter 3 :) hope you enjoy

hey guys sorry for the delay. if you read my recant blog from my page you'll know why its a little late and kind of missing some screenies =/ but thats why we have imagenatioooon :D <---spongebob refrence xD LOL

well anyways heres chapter 3 :) hope you enjoy
Ah stared in the lake, lost in thought. thinking of all the things that happened, and thinking of things to come..

I've decided ah wasen't going back home, but can ah make it on mah own? will ah survive in the wild? so lost in mah thoughts and worries ah didn't hear what was coming, and anothing was gunna stop it.

"AHH!!" ah yelled out

by the sound it was a voice of a child.

"don't scare me like that! you meanie!" ah said as ah was turning to face only to see a young boy with a glare of a killer
My body frozed ah couldn't look away, the eyes of this boy had me on locked down. eyes that ah have never seen in mah life.
light grey colored with dark shadings, staring back at me, he had the stare that could kill ah belive they say...all this from a little boy? how can it be?!

"ah can scare whoevah ah choose to scare," he said " and rite now i'm looking at an intruder that invaded mah home"
The boy rested his right hand on his waist, he had something hanging from his belt, a weapon it looked like and we was getting ready to pull it out if ah made a move

Ah tried to say something but mah words would get stuck in mah throat. ah was terrified, all that was running im mah head was 'run! why can't ah run? i'm gunna die! i'm gunna get killed by a kid!'
"ah-ah-i'm sor-'
was all the words that came out, than tears starting to come out mah eyes from the fear.
suddenly the boys cheeks started to get red, and he smiled at me.He started laughing at me!
"Pfft, hahaha! i'm sorry, ah can't do this with a straight face" he said. "mah names Johnny, whats yours" Johnny extened his hand to me waiting for me to shake it.
only thing is ah fell on mah knees and started to cry.
"WOAH! youre really crying?! i'm sorry i'm sorry! ah didn't mean to scare ya!" he said in a panic tone Johnny looked around and grabed his bag.
"why would you even play like that in the first place?" ah said wiping mah tears away,

Johnny stoped digging threw his bag and looked at me. "i'm sorry, it just happened that way" he said, "here you can keep this. now don't cry please" Johnny grabed mah hand from mah face and placed a blue clear stone.

Ah stared at it in amaze, "woah..its so pretty" ah said

he smiled at me "it is isn't it, put it in the light and it shines blue. look, it even matches your eye color" he said. "come on up i'm about to serve some fish ah cooked earlier"
"Wait wheres the fish?"
"Its already in the house" he replied poping his head out the window
"How did you even get in? ah was here the whole time!"
"youre not so bright are ya, ah sneaked in"
"its not that! ah was just thinking is all!" ah started to blush of embarresment "mah names Amy btw"
"Amy huh, youre not from the forest arn't you?"
"How can you tell?"
"well for one, you didn't even noticed me at all. theres no way you can live in the forest if youre not on your toes"He replied while passing me a plate
"oh but you are?" ah asked
"yep, 24/7. i'm a hunter"
"A hunter? really?"
"you learn how to use all youre senses living in the wild"he said as he scarfs down his food
"wow, so you really do live out here huh." ah said "so you build this house by yourself?"
"no, mah brother helped also.its our home away from home when we go out"
"you have a brother?"
"Yep, the only one ah got,mah brother told me our father died before ah was born, than mah mother died giving birth to me. so in a way, hes mah mother, father, AND brother all in one" Johnny laughed while picking up the plates
Johnny than got quiet and came back to the porch. he stared at me again "Amy.." he started "where are you from?"
"Does it matter?" ah replied "i'm not going back evah again"

"I'm only asking because of last nite.." he paused still staring at me, then changed his gaze to the forest "The wolves were going crazy last nite" he continued "a new smell caught their attention, the smell came from you Amy."

"Hey wait are you saying ah smell bad?!" ah said
"no i'm saying the oppisite of that, ah was actually GLAD you found shelter in mah treehouse when ah found out the sent was you..ah don't think the wolves would even leave your bones if they found you"
Ah went quiet, a shiver went down to mah spine by the very words

"youre a farmer girl arnt you? you have the sweet smell of apples on you and the smell of sheep. do you take care of lambs or something?"

"Yes! yes ah do! wow, youre so amazing!" ah said with excitement. "thats it! i'm convinced, i'm gunna train to be a hunter like you"
Ah got up and started to climb down the steps.
"Hey wait were are you going?" Johnny asked
"ah told you, i'm gunna train to be a hunter. thank you so much for your help Johnny i'll see you around!"
"Oh no you don't" Johnny replied And in that instant Johnny threw a bucket of water on me as ah was leaving
"Ah!, hey!!. thats very cold!"

"You silly girl" he said " didn't ah just say wolves are attracted by your sent? you wanna get killed?

"no" ah replied with a pout "but the water was too much though"

"C'mon Amy, youre coming with me"
"Where are we going?" ah asked
"the suns going down and we have a longs ways walk to mah house. it would be trouble if we stay longer"
"ok then..."
"Here, you can dry yourself with this" he said while covering me with a blanket like towel. Johnny started to dry mah hair and face, he then pulled mah head towards him and smelled mah hair "lets hope some of your sent faded away with the water."
The Day quickly became nite, and the moon started to show his face in the sky when we arrived at Johnnys house, his house was nothing more but a little cabin hiding in the trees and the foot of a mountain, but it looked very nice and cozy.

"Nick!" he called "oh Nick!"

Ah started to get nervous and wondered how Johnnys brother Nick was like. "is he mean? will he point a knife at me too?" thoughts in mah head were running wild.
The front door opened and Nick came out.

"Johnny, where have you been?"
"ah spent the nite in the tree house brother, no need to worry" He lied "what did you get?"
"oh i'm glad you asked that, i'm making youre favriote. Rabbit soup with pota-" Nick paused and looked at me in surprised while ah was hiding behind Johnny.
"whos your friend?" he asked
"Nick this is Amy. ah found her lost in the woods."
"well its nice to meet you Amy, please come inside."

The light coming from the cabin showed his face, he looked like a regular kid..ah imagened him as a mean man with scars. he looked like he was around Jacobs age (16)

"have a seat Amy," he said while pouring soup in a bowl

we sat down and said grace than began eating our food.

"ah be rite back" johnny said picking up the plates "i'm gunna go get the blanket out back"

Nick waited for Johnny to leave the cabin "What are you doing all alone out their Amy?" he asked me "its very dangerous for a little girl to be out alone."
"Ah know that" ah replied
"than you'd best be going back home in the morning. your family are probally worried sick"
"no. i'm not going back! ah ran away for a reason"
"you ran away? why"
Ah stood quiet for a momment, thinking of the things i've said when ah left home "eversince mah daddy died, my older brother Henry took charge of watching over mah 3 brothers and momma, ah hate it..hes trying to be just like daddy," ah stoped and looked away "and i've been replaced mah new baby sister..i've said awful things to Henry before ah left though, ah don't think ah can go back to face him

"see, that proves you still love your brother though, and ah bet they all love you back, despite the situation"
"ah can't stand him taking over daddys place in the farm, but nobody deserves to take daddys place in his coffin....and thats what ah said to mah brother, how can he love me after that"
Nick got up from his seat and looked out the window "Johnnys not mah real brother" he said "hes only mah half brother...hes the lovechild of a woman mah father used to see"
Ah looked at Nick in surprise "and you still take care of Johnny knowing this?"
"Ah know, ah was surprised mahself at first, hes what drove mah mother away. but dispite all of that Amy, ah still love him and will protect mah little brother no matter what. ah imagen Henrys the same."
"Henrys not the same as you Nick" ah said "he only thinks of himself"
"oh ah don't belive that, he sacrificed himself to support 5 silblings and his broken hearted mother, and took all the hard labor of the farm on himself to support them. a man like that must have had a nice lady friend"

Ah was gunna say something back until something hit me, it was a name, a name i've forgotten until now


Whatever happened to her, Henry was so in love with her mah brothers and ah would make fun of him for it.
((("Lucis, ah dare ya to emabresse Henry in front of Belle" ah said remembering the days of the past
"OK!" he replied giggleing.Lucis jumped in front of them and yelled " EWWWW HENRY HAS COODIES NOW!! I'M TELLING PAPA!!"

"Hey! come here yer little squirt!" Henry yelled
"Hey run the other way Lucis!" ah yelled as he was running towards me
"Nope, if i'm going down youre going down with me" he replied laughing)))

Memroies keep rushing into me..

Henry was so happy with Belle, he belived she was the one
Ah remember he even talked to daddy about her one morning

(((" Pa, Ah wanna marry Belle, ah can't imagen mah life without her"

"i'd feel sorry for your child if he comes out looking like you Henry" Said Jacob jokingly

"Jacob, don't be rude to your brother" daddy said "you wouldn't want him to say the same thing to you when you wanna marry that Dixie girl now do ya"

Jacob started coughing out the apple peice he bit off and looked at daddy with surprise "how did you know?"

Daddy smiled back at him with that warm smile of his, "youre mah son, ah have to know these things"
"Now Jacob how many times did ah tell you don't eat the fruits, what will we have to sell if you eat it all before we make it to town?" daddy said smacking Jacob behind his head. "go on and get Brandy son" Daddy turned back to Henry and gave him a hug "mah boy, thinking about settling down. i'm so proud of you. But remember the rules. no marrage until you are 18 and have the girls fathers blessings"

"ah know pa" henry replied with a smile "i'm making plans on how to ask her fathers blessings"
"Just a few more months son" Daddy replied "just a few more months" ))))

But Henrys momment never happened...His dreams never came true. Daddy died and our whole family was suffering.
Henry nevah had time for a social life..he nevah had time for Belle anymore. it must have been heart breaking for him to let her go for us...the girl of his dreams..the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with...

and here ah was being a terrible sister and running away from home, making him run after me..

HENRY RAN AFTER ME!! and the wolves are running wild because of me!!

"Ah have to go!!" ah said to Nick in a panic "Henry ran after me that nite! he could be killed!
Nick grabed me and held me back from the door "are you insane? anything can kill you at this time of nite. wait till the morning"
Johnny came back in the cabin "whats going on?" he asked
"Ah have to find mah brother! let me go please"
and in that momment a maricle happened

"AMYYYYY!" a loud yell came from the outside
It was Henry stmbling towards the cabin. He was still looking for me!

"AMYYYYYYYY!!!" he yelled out again

"Nick! thats mah brother!"
Nick quickly ran outside to bring him in
But Henry collapes before he could make it to the cabin.
"woah! hang in their buddy" Nick said to Henry "Johnny bring him water!" Nick looked around him, and in the path Henry came from.

The sound of wolves started to come closer and louder to the cabin. Nick sniffed the air around him than grabed Henrys right arm and lifed up his sleeve. Henry had a big gash on his arm, and the smell of blood was all over him.
"this man got wounded and is chased by wolves" Nick said lifting him up "help me with him Johnny"
Nick and Johnny both carried Henry up the steps and into the cabin, and there Henry finally became safe from the cruel nature of the dark woods..

To Be Continued

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MangioOct 29, 2011

I'm glad Amy is beginning to understand her brother's actions... poor Henry, hope he recovers \:wub\: Can't wait for more \;\)

eviOct 27, 2011

Great part!\:rah\:

HellsaintOct 25, 2011

wow. pretty exciting part you have here. At least Amy is reflecting on her actions, good for her \;\)&nbsp;

urm0mOct 24, 2011

Aww poor Henry \:\(

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