The Struggles of a Wife- Vera Wynn pt5
Published Nov 1, 2011

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Hey folks,
Sorry that it has been a while since my last story... I've been really busy...

On this chapter, I decided to go back to just one Wife at a time, because of my game crashing and not working... So until then I hope this satisfy your appetite

Please remember to Leave any comments and rate high...

Hey folks,
Sorry that it has been a while since my last story... I've been really busy...

On this chapter, I decided to go back to just one Wife at a time, because of my game crashing and not working... So until then I hope this satisfy your appetite

Please remember to Leave any comments and rate high...
After discovering that David was not here, I began to wonder where he could be in the wee hours of the night. I began to worried; maybe he went to the store to get Dawn some diapers and got in an accident. Then I shrugged that off and realized that I was just thinking of the worse.

I went in to Dawnís room to check on her. When I entered she was sound asleep. I smiled as I peeked into her crib; she looked so precious. Looking at her made me calm; she let me know that nothing was wrong with David. I donít know where he is but I know he is okay.
The next morning, I woke up to the smell of breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to find David cooking.

David: Good morning Love Button, did you sleep well.
Vera: Actually noÖ I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself searching for you. Where were you?
David looked puzzledÖ.
David: I was gone to the gym.
Vera: Really? (I said skeptical) Why so late? (I sat down at the table)

David: Well my dear, I never have time to do so during the day. As soon as I wake up I go to work, then after work I come home and spend time with my lovely wife and daughter. I do not have time to myself.

Vera: Well David, Iím not forcing you to give up your ďMe-TimeĒ. I believe Dawn and I will survive if you go to work out at the gym for a while after work.
David smiled, placed my food in front of me and then sat down at the table to join me.
David: I just want to do my part around the house; I donít want you to feel like Iím not helping taking care of Dawn.

Vera: David, babe, you are so sweet, but to be honest with you, I never get a chance to take care of Dawn because you never let me.

David: I just love her so much Vera. It hurts when Iím away from her, so when I finally get home all I want to do is be with her.

Vera: I know Love, but I donít think she will be hurt if you want to go workout after work.
David: Are you sure?

Vera: Positive.

I smiled and kissed my husband because of him being such a great father.Afterward we began finishing out food.
David Version:*Thinking Back*

I hate lying to my wife about my whereabouts, but I know if she knew where I truly was, then she would probably take Dawn and leave me. I know I was wrong for what I did, but IÖ But IÖ I do not truly have a reason for what I did, it just happened.
Last night I left the house to go have some fun with some coworkers.

They have bulled me into going; what I mean by bulled is- they taunted me for being at home so much since Dawn was born. At first I didnít care what they said, but one of the fellows made this rude remark saying that Vera had me on a leash. So to prove him wrong, I went out to the club.
My plan was to stay an hour and then go home, before Vera or Dawn missed me, but an hour turned into another, and then another. Then I met her, Asia Finley. She had bumped into me on the dance floor.

Asia: Oh Iím sorry; I was not watching where I was going.
David: Itís alright.
Asia: Iím Asia Finley. (She said extending her hand out)
David: Iím David Wynn.
Asia: Nice to meet you.
David: No, nice to meet you.
And thatís all it took; I was caught in Miss. Asia Finleyís love spell.
After the club, Asia and I got to know each other at a nearby park.

Asia: Iím not really from around these parts; Iím actually from Hidden Springs.
David: What brings you this way?
Asia: Job opportunity at the local cafť.
David: Well I hope you are enjoying your stay.
Asia: I am nowÖ. (Pause) since Iíve met you.

I knew at that moment I should have left, but something made me stay.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me into her and kissed me. I knew it was wrong, but I kissed back. I forgot about Vera and Dawn and just lived in the moment. After our lips parted, she asked me a question I should have said no to.

Asia: Do you want to go over my house and finish what we started?

I said nothing and lead her to my car.
Once we got to her house, I stood on the porch hesitantly.

Asia: Whatís wrong? You donít have to stay if you donít want.
With that she led me into the house and into her room. Asia: Whatís wrong, you seem tense.

David: Uhhh nothing.

Then she kissed me likeÖI donít know, itís hard to describe, maybe she kissed me like she loved me. I followed her lead and kissed her like I was in love with her; knowing good darn well that I wasnít.
The intensity of her kiss lead to other things. One thing led to another and then another.

Before I knew it, I had deceived my wife again.
Asia: That was amazing Ö. (She said out of breath)

David: YeahÖ. It was

Asia started to yarn.
Asia: I think I could get use to this.

David: To what?

Asia: Having you in my bed. (She said falling asleep)
I start smiling at her as she slept. My smile dropped as I began to jump back to reality and thought about my wife. I eased out the bed slowly, making sure that I did not wake Asia. I gathered my clothes and put on what I could so I could leave as fast as I could.
As I drove home, all I could think of was Damn, I messed up again and Vera will never forgive me, not this time.
I jumped back to reality:

Vera: Thanks for the breakfast babe, you are so great. (She said as she walked to the kitchen sink to wash her dirty dish.)

David: No problem baby.


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starmoonlightJul 13, 2013

daivid is do dispicable i hate him he cheated on vera again wtf is wrong with him he needs 2 stop the lieing tell her the truth and if he gets his bABy and wife taken away from him its his fault sumbody needs 2 beat his ass

fruitopia VIPNov 5, 2011

David is a bad bad boy

Nemesis_3050Nov 3, 2011

what a baaaaaaaaaaaad boy ...... can't wait to read more^^

spladoumNov 2, 2011

This is terrible. I don't believe that cheaters can't change, but it's pretty obvious that David has no self-control. And he can't blame his so-called friends for what he's done. He certainly could have told them to shove off. No wonder he's so obsessed with the baby; she keeps him from having to face himself. Shame on you, David.

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